Saturday, March 31, 2012

Olbermann Loses Another Gig

It appears that Keith Olbermann has lost yet another gig in broadcast "journalism." Of course it is not his fault. It never is. I would suggest Fox News give the guy a try. He would be the perfect "liberal" foil for some "conservative" talk show host or other. Likely Keith could not stand to be playing the role of the resident fruitloop though. His ego would demand that he be taken seriously (by at least someone). At some point in time a "normal" thinking person would look in the mirror and begin to realize that the problem just might be the person looking back at them. It is doubtful that Keith is capable of this type self reflection.

Frankly it doesn't matter where Keith goes as long as he forever is kept out of sports broadcasting. If you think he was/is a bombastic ass as far as political commentary is concerned, you should listen to him bray during a football game.

I hope he finds some non sports related broadcast gig. I like good comedy as much as the next guy.


Jayhawk said...

No thank you. I hat demagougery, no matter which side is doing it, and Olbermann does comedy even worse than he does sports. And I agree entirely with you about his performance on sports. The man is a jackass who should be buried, and I'm not too insistent that he be dead when that happens.

Mike aka Proof said...

I couldn't stand him as a sports commentator, either. He had a gig on an NBC football halftime show last year, I think it was, that he just ruined for me whenever he'd flap his gums.

Jayhawk said...

It was Sunday Night Football, pregame and at halftime. He was absolutely horrible. I would mute the sound until it was gametime.

Bartender Cabbie said...

He was one of the worst. I never liked Craig James doing college ball either.