Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Coming Turkish/Syrian War?

The Turks have alleged that Syrian air defense shot down a Turkish military jet that had "accidentally" strayed into Syrian air space. If the reports are correct, then the Turkish warplane may have been fair game, although it was supposedly downed when outside Syrian air space. The incident however has the potential to be a catalyst that will further ignite the region and there is some peril for the Western world here.

Turkey, a NATO member, has been making some threatening moves after the incident including moving more troops to the border. They are also consulting with their NATO partners. This could prove to be dangerous in more ways than one.

Turkey may well be on the way to some sort of Islamist state as could Syria. Syria is somewhat dangerous to the Western world as the Assad regime is reported to be a sponser of various terror groups. Syrian involvement in Lebanon and her military forces facing the Golan do pose a danger to Israel and by extension the West, which will likely not let Israel fall. The real danger at this time has little to do with the Muslim/Jewish conflict however. The real danger is that this brewing conflict could bring more important powers into the mix.

Syria and Russia (along with China) have a relationship that involve arms sales and a warm water port for Russian warships. Russian naval projetion has long been blocked by the Turks and therefore the Muslim nation has been useful to the Western world. (With Russia now weaker and hated by others in the Black Sea region it more important to the Bear to have access to a friendly Med base).  Russia fears Turkey and for good reason. She has control of the straits and has a competent and rather powerful military force and the Turkish fighting man has a fierce reputation.  Turkey is perhaps not fully capable of any long term adventure on her own but fully capable of defending herself.  She is also (at this time) a member of the NATO alliance.

Does the (possible? probable?) upcoming Turkish/Syrian conflict have the potential to spin out of control and involve NATO and Russia in showdown? Perhaps, but not very likely. Russia is weak and likely does not have the stomach for any conflict outside her borders. There is no reason to anyhow. She can bide her time and wait for Turkey to become an aggressive Islamist state (which will happen at some point) and then "partner" with the West to threaten at least the European portion of Turkey and blunt Turkish ambitions in the region. It is telling that Russians still refer to Istanbul as Constantinople (read Sea Power of the State by Adm. Gorshkov).

Syria's other partners, China and Iran, have no means of projecting power in the region and it is likely that China would not find any advantage to offering Syria any real tangible military aid and Iran, as unpredictable as she might be, would invite the wrath of NATO (and perhaps her destruction) should she try to offer any real military assistance.

The potential upcoming conflict between these Mohammedan nations will be watched carefully by all concerned parties but it is nothing for anyone else to become involved with. Turkey would likely make rather short work of Syria with the aftermath something to be dealt with at a later date. Either way Syria, and likely Turkey (along with Egypt and Yemen) are heading down an Islamist path and then the long term geopolitical danger will become apparent.

A Four Team Playoff? Wow!!

It looks like Division I college football will be going to some sort of four team "playoff" format in the next couple of years. Great. That should fix the whole ridiculous BCS system that is in place now. I can't wait. Now we will be able to really and truly get to see which school is the "real" champion in the ranks of "big time" college football. My money is on a revolving door of  USC, LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame (because they are special), Oklahoma, and maybe even Florida, FSU, Oregon or Texas. Year in and year out.

Yep they really have fixed things over there at the NCAA.

What a bunch of dolts.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bumper Stickers You Won't See - An Exercise in Immaturity

I will apologize right out of the box for my immaturity and I hope it doesn't offend you. I have said before that my immaturity tends to run rather deep. There are a lot of things very important going on  in the nation and world (not the least of which is a possible military conflict between two Mohammedan nations), but right now I just am not all that interested.  I am however interested in bumper stickers that I would like to see (but with one notable exception, never will).

Bumper Stickers

1. Ditch the Kenyan

2. Can you tell me where to get a rub and a tug

3. I would rather be getting wanked by a China woman

4. Smokers for Christ

5. Bugger Off - I'm Muslim

6. Muslims For Christ

7. Whales are yummy

8. Imperialism is Good

9. Sharia: Good for you. Good For your Family

10. I would rather be watching porno

11. We should have picked our own cotton ( I actually saw a car with this bumper sticker about 30 years ago and was so astounded that I remember exactly where I was when I saw it).

12. Fix the Problem: Annex Mexico

13. No second term for South Side Slim

14. Stand Clear - I'm on Viagra

15.  I Smoke - You Be Damned

16. Soccer: Un American Nonsense

17. Golf is Stupid

19. Chris Hayes is a Twit

20. Rachel Maddow? I don't like that guy

I guess that will do for now.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Problem With Quentin Tarantino

Last night I got home from work rather late and decided to wind down with a little television. I was hoping to find High Plains Drifter; The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, The Outlaw Josey Wales, or any one of the old Eastwood films. I suppose I will have to buy them. I passed up Scarface and Goodfellas and went with Pulp Fiction. Hard to go wrong there.  I enjoy watching the allstar cast (some with bit parts) and find it nice that this film put John Revolting back on the map. His stock kind of fizzled after Saturday Night Fever and Urban Cowboy and it was good to see his career resurrected somewhat after having a major role in Tarantino's work. At any rate, Pulp Fiction was an instant classic (although my ex wife said it is "trash"), and therein lies the problem. It is pretty hard to hit a grand slam right out off the bat and ever follow it up with something near as influential in the world of film. It is like batting 390 in the bigs in your rookie season and batting 225 the for the remainder of your career or being the QB of a Super Bowl team as a rookie and never making the playoffs again.

For the casual movie fan, Pulp Fiction may well be the only film that can be readily identified as a Tarantino work. It does not matter that Reservoir Dogs (which predates Pulp Fiction) and Inglorious Basterds, both commerically succesful, are the work of Tarantino. Some of his other films are worth watching also (check out Four Rooms, which is a collaboration with other lesser lights). Again the casual fan may not realize that they are the work of Tarantino.

As interesting (and somewhat disturbing) as Tarantino's films tend to be, none will ever top Pulp Fiction in popularity. There likely will be no film that he makes in the twilight of his career that defines his work. That can be good or bad I suppose depending on your particular perspective.

I like Tarantino films (most of them) and hope he continues to work until he tires of it. What a fun job it must be.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rethinking This Clemens Thing

Yesterday I listened a bit to Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin talk some about the case on talk radio (I think it was on the Matt Patrick Show). After listening I began to think that perhaps Clemens was the innocent victim in a govt push to discredit him (for whatever reason). Hardin is convincing no doubt but then again that is his job. If you are involved in some silly shit and caught with your pants down (so to speak), and have a very healthy bank account then perhaps you should give Rusty a call.

Did Clemens get away with steroid use and perjury? Perhaps. Perhaps not. He did play in an era where steroid use was in vogue. Look at some of the sluggers from the late 90's. You can't tell me that quite a number of them were not on something. Or you could I guess but I wouldn't believe it. As far as I can tell Clemens did not develop the type of body that is associated with steroid use, but again, he did play in that era. Doping was likely accepted and par for the course among a certain set of players.

One thing I did learn from the talk show conversation between Hardin and Patrick was that Clemens got crossways with the esteemed gentlemen of Congress who were "leading the investigation" into steroid use in baseball. That probably had something to do with all the hoopla.

If Clemens is guilty, well then he got away with it. If not, then he was victimized by a govt out of control. His reputation is tarnished either way. His character is suspect and his legacy will always have an asterick beside it. Unfortunately there is very little he can do about it.

Apparently one (handsome) Henry Waxman (D-CA) was one of the busybodies behind this "investigation" into steroid use in baseball. It is not surprising that he (and others) would be influential in going after someone who did not play ball (no pun) with said investigation. Perhaps this Waxman should just keep hanging with the Hollywood crowd and leave the rest of us be. Didn't he have a part as one of the mutant vampire type beings in the Will Smith film I Am Legend?

If I am not mistaken there is a resemblance here. I could be wrong.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Overdue Blabbering and Buffett Babes

I have not had any real time to blabber lately. I have been on the new job almost non stop for near a  a month now and just have not felt like jabbering about this and that. I know the multitudes who read my "work" have been wondering where I went. The new job? Thanks for asking.  Probably the worst job I have ever had (and that says a lot). High turnover, unrealistic expectations along with somewhat below par pay....... I should not have violated my "hold suspect any job that is constantly advertised" policy. Needless to say I have a mission on my days off which is of course to keep looking.

There have been a few things going on lately that are rather interesting and I suppose I will do my part and comment.

It appears that there is a janitor strike in progress (or just winding down) in the Houston area. Good. Even though the near Marxist Service Employees International Union is behind it (you know, the folks that Hannity says are tearing our nation apart), the janitors are not unreasonable in their demands and it is a fact of business that they are taken advantage of. It would be nice to see the folk at some of these high dollar fancy offices have to clean up their own dung rather than pissing on the floor and relying on Juanita to clean up after them. It would be good to see a little justice in this arena I suppose. Of course if any of those that are out on strike are found to be illegal aliens I would expect to see them deported forthwith and their employers held accountable for violating law. (Like either will happen).
I have said before that I am neither pro or anti union. They have their place (even some "public sector" organizations perhaps). Some can go too far though and then there is a case of the tail wagging the dog. If I were in a position that actually had workplace representation as an option, and I saw some real monetary benefit of membership, then I would say "Sign me up Fidel." If there was no real benefit well then I would have no interest in paying dues for nothing. Unfortunately many labor organizations are nothing more than political groups who use member dues to campaign for "labor friendly" candidates while union leadership pads their personal bank accounts with member dues.

Did I hear Clemens has been acquitted. Really? If I were a betting man,  I would wager that Roger did indeed use "performance enhancing drugs" and then lied about said use. Personally I don't like the guy. There is an air of entitlement and smarminess about him. That being said however, I certainly have the feeling that the govt case is more about taking down a person of stature rather than really getting to the bottom of the matter. Anyone remember the Martha Stewart thing a few short years back? Same thing. It doesn't really matter though. His legacy is ruined and that is a shame and perhaps even unfair. That being said, I am sure I am not the only person who believes that Clemens is really guilty, but to be honest, I do find it a travesty that this whole case was taken to this high level. It should have been a MLB internal matter at most. Oh and Andy Pettitte? Whether his testimony was accurate or not, he has turned out to be a bit of a rat. At one time I actually felt highly of him.

The Obama administration has accused Russia of aiding the Assad regime with weaponry and whatnot. Typical of the Sovs. Their never ending quest for access to a warm water port to support their "war fleet" is really likely behind the matter. Assad will gladly supply that port in exchange for aid I'm sure. Frankly it would be best to just leave matters as they are. Let the Syrians fight it out. Would it be better for the current regime to stay in power or for an Islamist group to gain control? That is the question that should be asked. What is the best interest of America and the West is the issue. Aspirations of democracy for those in the Arab world be damned. As for the Russians? Other than possessing nuclear weapons they are of little account. Near irrelevant. Russia is surrounded by peoples who hate and fear her and finds herself (again) contained. As it ought to be.

How about just a little rule 5 before I go. A few Buffett groupies perhaps. I have been thinking a bit of the Jimmy B show a couple of weeks back (where my friend was arrested for "public intoxication" or some such). About the only thing worth damn about one of those Buffett get togethers are sights similar to this. Or do you disagree?

Gotta get on that job search. The clock ticks.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue Fist? That Won't Fly In This Country

Did you notice the blue fist that was plastered all over during the Walker recall election in Wisconsin? No wonder he beat the opposition down and then kicked them until they screeched like a queen in a beauty shop.  Even most folk in this country who consider themselves "liberal" are not going to get on board with a "movement" that features such imagery.

It reminds me of the pantywaist version of something that would have been seen in the old Soviet Union. What kind of cocks would think that was a good idea? Has the AFL-CIO (UFO-CIA for us Archie Bunker fans), gone completely off their collective nut? This is communist symbolism; pure and simple and one can't expect any movement using such a "logo" to gain any real traction. They may as well have used a swastika. Some folk are so stupid it is a wonder they remember to breathe.

Democrats Invade Houston

I had rather forgotten about the Texas State Democratic Party convention that is apparently cranking off in Houston this weekend.  I have been busy and just have not paid all that much attention to what passes as news these days. Hope they have fun and spend and spread the wealth around a bit. Stimulate the local economy as it were.

 I fondly remember doing some bartend type work for a major Democratic Party event a few years back. Or rather fondly at least. The job was exceptionally busy as I recall and there just was not enough bartenders to accommodate the drinking crowd what with all the time spent building the foo foo drinks that these folk seem to enjoy. Only the limousine liberals would drink the regular old scotch and water or Crown and Coke. Those concoctions were probably just a bit too Republican and exclusive for most in that crowd. It was at one of these Democrat get together that I learned how to make a Wiki Wacky Woo. (Yes it does sound a bit beauty shop queenish). When everyone wants a Singapore Sling or had crafted margarita it just holds up the line and those in line tend to get antsy. Even the most "tolerant" and "inclusive" among them don't like to wait long for their alcohol. I guarantee that.

With all that being said, these Democrats from the far reaches of Texas may get the privilege of a Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee encounter. However they will then be so unfortunate as to be subjected to her delivering a long winded speech. I would imagine that even some of these folk will think to themselves that "this woman is an idiot." I am sure of it. They shouldn't let that bother them though. They should look at her as we in the Houston area have learned to do and consider her high comedy. Almost a gift really.

I will say though that working a Democratic gathering is more fun (and profitable) for a service bartender than working a Republican get together. Democrats are a more diverse crowd and therefore more interesting to watch. Republicans all seem to look (and act) basically the same. (I think some are actually aliens. The space kind). They also do not seem to tip very well for service rendered (as is customary). Democrats can range from the man hating lesbian activist types to those ultra rich limo liberals who show up with "escorts," both male and female, on their arms (oh yes they do).

At any rate, the last Democratic gathering I worked saw me walking away with just under 400 of dollars in tip money. Something to be said there. Not bad for a nights work.

I have never worked a Democratic gathering as a taxi driver. As with any other major gathering it would be profitable sure. The Montrose area is just a few short miles away for both the overtly and covertly happy among them, and Houston is rich in out of the way spots to recommend for the after hours sports among the crowd.

Hopefully it will be somewhat better than this for those Democrats who are inclined to poon gaze. With the convention being held in Houston I am sure of it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Sure About This Occupy Crowd

This "Occupy" crowd invading Wisconsin this week are not really worth your time for the most part. A bunch of neo hippies playing activist most. If there was a true platform I would imagine there would be some things on it that I would agree with. I don't trust this "globalization" myself and I am fully aware that corporate America is willing to sell the American worker out in the pursuit of profit. These things are a given and need to be addressed.

That being said however, this Occupy movement is really not much of a movement at all. No real plan, no real consensus. Just a bunch of losers walking about braying. A good many of them are of Marxist bent and that won't get anywhere in this country. I hear (and I laugh at) some of them referring to some of the original Occupy Wall Street bunch as "old fighters from early days of the movement." Or some such.

Old fighters? Where did that come from?  Just where was that phrase heard before?

I remember now.

I looked for some Rule 5 from some of this Occupy crowd and Sarandon was the best I could come up with. That is sad. I don't know who the other lady is.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jimmy Buffett? Gotta Give The Man Credit

I have never in my life been to a Jimmy Buffett show until Saturday night. I really dislike that Caribbean Cowboy crap. A friend of mine is a "Parrothead" however and has been after me to go with him to a show for quite some time. I did drag him to Rammstein last week so I guess turn about is fair play. As it turned out, it was a somewhat interesting, although not totally enjoyable experience.

For starters I wasn't going at 8am to "tailgate" with the Parrot folk. That would just be a little too much time in the hot sun for me and besides, after years of bartending and taxi driving, I have had more than my fill of drunks. Way more than my fill. I did however, show up around 4pm and found the party in full swing. I was fully prepared to laugh at these Buffet groupies (err Parrot heads) but found them to be a pretty decent group of folk. Dressed a little silly most but then again there was some opportunity for poon gazing. Ample opportunity. Something to be said there. Shortly thereafter things began to go a little south.

As we entered the venue, one of my friends drew the attention of a local yokel. You know the type. A part time  "peace officer" who has a hard on for someone he does not like the looks of. Long and short my friend was arrested for "public intoxication." Really a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I witnessed the event and frankly was flabbergasted that this officious fuck was actually making an arrest for basically nothing. The whole issue was not resolved until approx 5am when my friend was released with nothing more than a ticket.

In Texas unfortunately the police do not have to prove or even test for intoxication to issue a PI. It is not like a DUI. It is used mainly as an excuse to arrest those who draw their ire. Perhaps when they have had enough street and free coffee time that particular night and want something to do to get off the road. Any warm body will do and of course with the average fine being about five hundred bucks (so I hear) with time served, it becomes pretty profitable for the various agencies.

I certainly am no (real) cop hater but as someone who has spent a lifetime around police officers I have come to the conclusion that a substantial minority of them have no business being in that line of work. Or any line of work for that matter.  I have known some, who ran around in public armed, that should have been wards of the state themselves. Or at least not allowed to leave their homes. I have learned to look at police officers with a jaded eye. Many are not to be trusted. It should not be that way but there you have it.

Back to this Buffett. He has made riches off selling the rather silly Caribbean lets just get drunk and screw dream to the masses. Have to give him credit. As for the Parrot folk? Have fun with all that.