Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 14 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

One thing we have learned from this season is that there are quite a few good teams but really no one stands out and can be considered a "great" group. Everyone except for (somehow) FSU and Marshall have at least one stain on the record and one gets the feeling that any team can be beaten on any given day by just about any opponent they schedule. What does this mean? Not much, although it does (or will directly) prove, right out of the gate, that the new "playoff" system for "big time" college ball is just as much garbage as the older system fans had to endure. Just too many squads that are perhaps deserving will be left out of the picture. Sound familiar?

Last week the Bartendercabbie group (me) inadvertently picked 11 games (blame it on a rare hangover?) and went 9-2. Let us throw out the Georgia/Chas Southern game and call it an even 8-2 for a total on the season thus far of  86-44.

On to the predictions........

1. TCU vs Texas: The Frogs are one of those teams that may find themselves on the outside looking in when all is said and done and this "playoff committee" finally has their say. Just not enough quality opponents the pundits are saying. Really? You are telling me that Ohio State (and FSU) face a quality schedule? Of course the one Frog loss came when they let the Bears come roaring back on them and the near loss to a lowly KU squad does not help their case. That being said, the Frogs have to take care of business here or the whole argument will become moot anyway.
This has the potential to be a good game. The Longhorns have improved somewhat and the Frogs are certainly beatable. Toss up perhaps and I will go with the speed of TCU to prevail.

2. LSU vs TAMU: A good game between underachievers in the SEC. Both are in somewhat of a rebuild (or reload) mode this season and the record proves it. Both are also pretty darn good football teams. Toss that coin and go with the Aggies at home.

3. Oregon vs Oregon State: The "Civil War" they call this one. Upset? Doubtful. Go with the Ducks. Don't count the Oregon out of being at the "big game at the end."

4. KSU vs KU: KSU is hands down the better team but their rivals may give them some problems. The Wildcats are far from great but seem to find a way to win consistently. Go with KSU.

5. Ohio State vs Michigan: This rivalry game could be interesting. OSU is much better of course but anything can happen here. Are the Buckeyes ripe for being on the wrong side in the W/L column here? Probably not. Go with Ohio State.

6. Ole Miss vs Mississippi State: This will be a fun one. The Rebs have imploded of late and the Bulldogs have only lost to the Tide. Go with MSU.

7. Auburn vs Alabama: The Tide are certainly beatable and Auburn does have the talent (and good coaching) to do so. This will be a good one and the winner will be a team from Alabama. Which one? Guess I will go with conventional wisdom here and pick the Tide.

8. Notre Dame vs USC: The Irish have imploded. What happened? Loads of talent up that way and a team that (finally) should have been in the top 10. USC is a pretty good PAC 12 team but certainly nothing special. Another toss up? Probably. Go with the Irish.

9. WKU vs Marshall: If the Herd prevail will they finally get some recognition from this newfangled "playoff" committee? At least enough to put them in the Top 25? At least in the ridiculous and now defunct BCS system there was a such thing occasionally as a "BCS buster." Oh the game? Go with the Herd.

10. Rice vs Louisiana Tech: The best of the rest in CUSA square off and both teams have something in common. They have each lost to a moving up from FCS into CUSA Old Dominion squad. This will be another good albeit under the radar game and I will go with the Owls for the win.

Double check the count. No hangover this time.  Yep 10 games (and 10 games only). Have a good and safe Thanksgiving week and enjoy the games.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 13 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

It has been said that the top teams always find themselves with at least one serious challenge on their hands and that often comes from a team that they least suspect capable. Such was the case yesterday when TCU was just plain lucky to eek out a win in Kansas. Sometimes things go horribly wrong and the "good" team finds themselves in the "L" column against lesser competition. Notre Dame and Arizona State come to mind...........

One thing certain, with only two undefeated schools and all the one loss (and possibly two loss) teams that should be in this newfangled "playoff," there are going to be deserving squads on the outside looking in. The new system is directly going to be exposed as garbage and not much (if any) improved over the defunct BCS system.

Last week the Bartendercabbie System was 5-5 mainly due to some "upsets" predicted that didn't quite pan out. Close though. Miami should have beaten the "Noles and MN did give the Buckeyes a lot to handle.

 Total on the year thus far is 78-42 straight up. That being said, on to the predictions for week 13....

1. Northern Illinois vs Ohio: The Huskies have shown they are the best of the MAC this season but that doesn't mean this won't be a close one. The Bobcats are well coached and never a team to count out by anyone. You can ask some Big Ten schools about the danger the Bobcats can pose on a special day. That being said, this Tuesday night match up will end with the Huskies in the "W" column.

2. Bowling Green vs Toledo: The best of the rest in the MAC face off in a toss up. Go with the Rockets at home.

3. Kansas State vs WVU: KSU, with one conference loss, is still in the  hunt in the Big Twelve. WVU is a dangerous opponent to anyone on the right day. This will be a close game between two squads who are playing (or at least can play) a bit above their talent level. I will toss the coin and go with KSU.

4. North Carolina vs Duke: Duke is having another good year and the Tar Heels were actually picked by the "experts" early to be a pretty good team. This rivalry game should be a good one and I will go with the Blue Devils. So should you.

5. UTEP vs Rice: Rice has the talent to get back on the winning track here when this West Texas bunch comes calling Friday night. Will they? We will see. I am almost tempted to put this one down as an upset of sorts but will stifle that and go with the Owls. Could be close.

6. Air Force vs SDSU: The Aztecs should have had Boise State. It was not to be.  Air Force is the best of the service academies (this season) and may perhaps be one of the best in the Mountain West (of course CSU and BSU fans would have a legitimate argument otherwise).  That being said I will go out on a limb and pick SDSU for the victory.

7. South Alabama vs South Carolina: Could say I was padding the stats again but the Jags are a pretty darn good Sun Belt squad. A decent Sun Belt team can be quite dangerous to a good many teams on any given day. Ask around. I will still go with Spurrier's bunch. It could get ugly. Or not.

8.  BC vs FSU: BC is another dangerous opponent for the Seminoles. At some point Jimbo's squad is going to lose to one of their less than stellar (aren't they all in the ACC?) in conference opponents. BC, like Louisville and Miami before them, have a shot here. The Eagles can be dangerous (ask USC) and should be up for this one. I would still go with the Seminoles but it won't be easy. They have been living on borrowed time this season. That should continue Saturday.

9.  Ole Miss vs Arkansas: This will be a good one. The bloom is off the Rebs somewhat and the Hogs have finally gotten that SEC win. This is a toss up likely. Will the Razorbacks be able to withstand the explosiveness that Ole Miss can bring (will they is another question entirely)? We will see. Go with the Rebs here in a close one.

10. Minnesota vs Nebraska: The Gophers had their chances against the Buckeyes but fell just short and Nebraska was exposed by Wisconsin (actually they were exposed early season by FCS McNeese State). Nebraska has more talent likely but MN is the all around better team. Go with MN.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bartendercabbie Top 25 College Football 11/9/2014

This newfangled college football "playoff" committee group is going to have their hands full. There will be wailing, renting of garments, and gnashing of teeth before too long......When all is said and done this playoff thing will prove to be just about as useless as the now defunct BCS system.

That being said on to the Bartendercabbie system Top 25 for the week.

1. Mississippi State: Major test coming up.

2. FSU: Schedule is slightly suspect.

3. Alabama: One loss team that will have a shot at number one directly.

4. TCU: Quick, quick and quick.

5. Oregon: As above

6. Baylor: Pummeled a decent Sooner squad.

7. Arizona State: Time to give credit where credit due.

8. Auburn: Out of the hunt for the playoff likely but still a contender in the SEC.

9. Ohio State: Getting past the loss to a below average squad early. Major victory last week...

10. Ole Miss: A good SEC team

11. Kansas State: Snyder's team is not finished yet.

12. Michigan State: Bested by the Buckeyes.

13. Nebraska: Don't count them out. A dark horse. Pelini may yet survive the season to fight another year

14. Notre Dame: Not over rated for once. Not under rated either.

15. LSU: Miles is kind of snake bit.

16. Georgia: Jayhawk is right. No defense to speak of.

17. Arizona: One of the best of the rest in the PAC 12.

18. Marshall: Keeps winning. Tough test (possibly) coming up with a good (for CUSA) Rice Owl squad.

19. Clemson: Keeps winning

20. Duke: Another dream season?

21. UCLA: OK

22. Oklahoma: Should be better than they appear. Loads of talent. Still time for redemption in the Big Twelve

23. Wisconsin: Perhaps under rated again.

24. Utah: Dangerous to anyone on the right day perhaps.

25. Colorado State: The best of the MWC?

Almost there in no particular order
Boise State: The best of the MWC?
Minnesota: Certainly better than most seasons
Mizzou: Don't rule them out to be in the SEC Championship Game. With a ( good) bit of luck, they could win the conference. The planets would have to be aligned properly......
West Virginia: Dangerous to anyone on a good day. Looked inept last week against a below average Longhorn squad
Texas A&M: Major victory last week. A rebuild for Sumlin. Would be right there in most conferences.
 Georgia Tech: Perhaps they belong. Some folk believe such.
Louisville: Ditto
Miami: May play their way in

Those with a shot in no particular order
USC: Maybe
Toledo: Good MAC team
Northern Illinois: Ditto
Nevada: Good MWC team
Utah State: And another good MWC team
Memphis: The best of the AAC? Perhaps. Will need to run the table.
Georgia Southern: Believe it. This is a good football team.
East Carolina: Will have to overcome the loss to CT. Will need to run the table.
Rice: Would need to beat Marshall, win CUSA, and win bowl game.
Louisiana Cajuns: Probably not. A good Sun Belt team though.
Stanford: A down year
Cincinnati: Could still make noise in the AAC.
UCF: Ditto
Florida: Perhaps but probably not.
Louisiana Tech: A good CUSA team. The loss to FCS Northwestern State will hurt any chances they may have.
Maryland: Doubtful
Air Force: The best of the service schools this season.
Boston College: Can look pretty good at times.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bartendercabbie System College Football Top 25 11/2/2014

The Bartendercabbie System Top 25 for 11/2/2014.

1. Mississippi State: Survived a scare against a better than their record Razorback squad.

2. FSU: Looked for a while like their undefeated season was going to come to an end.

3. Alabama: I would not count them out to be in the "big game at the end."

4. Auburn: A force in the SEC and nationally.

5. Kansas State: Snyder keeps winning with the crowd he has. Over achievers they may be, but they know how to win.

6. TCU: Exceptionally quick group but defense might be a tad suspect.

7. Oregon: Best of the PAC 12. Don't count them out to be in the final game.

8. Notre Dame: For real this time. May be tripped up before all is said and done.

9. Michigan State: The best of the Big Ten? We will soon see.

10. Baylor: Easy victory against an over matched opponent in their last outing.

11. Arizona State: Keeps winning.

12. Mississippi: A good team that has had some recent set backs. A practice game next on the schedule with an FCS opponent (just a couple years removed from D2) to work out some kinks. Typical of the SEC to schedule a "sure win" in the 2nd third of the season. Doesn't always work as planned......

13. LSU: A bit of a rebuild but a very dangerous team for anyone.

14. Ohio State: Major test coming up.

15. Utah: One of the best of the rest in the PAC 12.

16. Nebraska: Folks are not talking about this one loss team so much. Perhaps they should be.  Maybe the close call with FCS McNeese State is still weighing on folks minds. Could Pelini run the table and make it in? We will see.

17. Oklahoma: Still has a shot in the Big Twelve. A lot of football left to be played

18. Marshall: A good team that will get no consideration from the "college playoff" committee. Reminiscent of the (thankfully) now defunct BCS system?

19. Georgia: Things went horribly wrong last Saturday. An anomaly? Perhaps.

20. Arizona: Another dangerous PAC 12 squad.

21. West Virginia: Can play with anyone on a good day.

22. Clemson: A good ACC team.

23.  UCLA: OK. Perhaps. Not totally convinced they belong. Giving them the benefit of the doubt at this time.

24. Duke: Well coached and plays above talent level. Will reach a decent bowl game.

25. Wisconsin: Perhaps ranked a tad low. 

On the Brink in no particular order
Miami: Well coached. May pose FSU some problems. Under rated perhaps.
Georgia Tech: Could move up.
Colorado State: The best of the Mountain West?
Boise State: As above.
Mizzou: Can look good at times.
USC: Maybe
Louisville: Had FSU and could not close the deal.

Teams with a shot and in no particular order
East Carolina: A conference loss could be forgivable but to be embarrassed by a cellar dweller in the league? Not so much. Could have been worse. SMU could have beaten them. Capable of working their way back in however. Would need to run the table.
Memphis: Better than many think. Would need to run the table the rest of the way.
Houston: Ditto. Seemed to have gotten it together after a rocky start.
Minnesota: A dangerous team to any Big Ten opponent. Had a rough outing recently.
Stanford: A down year
Texas A&M: Perhaps. Unlikely
Florida: If they play like the did last Saturday..........Likely won't happen.
Utah State: A good MWC team.
Toledo: Are they the best of the MAC this season?
Georgia Southern: Moving up from the lower division and doing a pretty darn good job.
Louisiana Cajuns: Would have to run the table and still would probably not be enough. Very good Sun Belt team.
Nevada: Another above average MWC team.
Boston College: Can look good. Can look not so good.
Louisiana Tech: Doing well in CUSA
Rice: May be the only team capable of surprising Marshall this season in CUSA.

That should about do it. Have a good week and enjoy the games. 

Week 11 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

Last week there were some pretty good games on tap. FSU survived as an undefeated but was certainly challenged by a decent Louisville squad. Ole Miss has been exposed (sort of) and Mississippi State had their troubles with a pesky Razorback squad. What the heck happened to Georgia? Don't know. One thing is certain though - this newfangled "playoff" system will prove to be just as useless and unfair as the Bowl Championship Series system.

 Last week the Bartendercabbie System was 6-4 with a total this season of 68-32.

Week 11

1. Clemson vs Wake Forest: The Tigers are a pretty good ACC team and will have little trouble here.

2. Georgia State vs Troy: Troy has not been good in the last few seasons and Georgia State is, at this point, over matched in the upper division. Go with Troy in a close one.

3. Georgia Southern vs Texas State: GSU may be the class of the Sun Belt in their first season in the upper division. They certainly keep winning. Go with the team from Georgia here.

4. KSU vs TCU: One of the big games this week. Both of these teams are quite good with TCU perhaps being the faster of the two. KSU has the better defense. This one will be a toss up and I will go with the Wildcats for the win.

5. Ohio State vs Michigan State: The winner here will still be in contention for the college football "playoff." The loser will be on the outside looking in. Go with the team from Michigan. Could be close.

6. Alabama vs LSU: Are the Tigers capable of ruining Bama's chances in the hunt for the "national title?" Yes. Will they? Doubtful. Go with Bama.

7. Oregon vs Utah: A loss for the Ducks will take them out of "playoff contention" likely. Other than perhaps Oregon, there is a good deal of parity with the best of the rest in this conference. Oregon may be ripe for an upset here but I said the same last week and I will say so this. Go with the Utes.

8. Baylor vs Oklahoma: The Bears still have a chance of making the "playoff" Oklahoma with two losses already does not. Still this will be a good game and I will go with the Sooners here.

9. Iowa State vs Kansas: This will determine which team is really the most inept in the Big Twelve. Probably Kansas. A major rebuild at a very very hard place to be successful. Go with ISU.

10. Marshall vs Southern Mississippi: The better team will win here and that team will be the Thundering Herd. They will likely run the table in CUSA and not get so much as a nod from this "playoff committee." It is arguable perhaps that they should - they have a very easy schedule, but undefeated is undefeated. Can't argue with that.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.