Thursday, October 29, 2009

Honor the Troops

Today our illustrious president "honored" those troops slain in Afghanistan by making a photo op appearance at Dover AFB. Meanwhile, he dithers and does not send the appropriate force to crush those that oppose the effort of Western Civilization to avenge countless deaths at the hands of the Mohammedans. Have you ever seen the flippant "salute" that he gives to the Marine standing at the steps of Marine One? That in itself gives us a glimpse into the mindset of this man and probably many others that "serve" this country in his administration. They distrust if not hate the military is my guess. Military service is perhaps beyond their understanding. Contrast that with President Bush stopping, looking the young man in the eye, and rendering a proper military salute. President Obama's demeanor in this regard is probably just part of learned groupthink absorbed during his college years. Nothing wrong with that in itself as many universities in this nation have a leftist agenda which is agressively taught. Most people grow out of that mindset however when they get out and begin to see the world the way it is. Those that do not become what is now known as progressive which is an idealistic, Utopian, and ultimately childish view of the world. It is an indictment of the collective intelligence of the American electorate that Mr. Obama was elected. Perhaps we that love our country are the ones that are "out of touch." That is sad.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post Office Again

Well I have been waiting for a check from a job for over a week that I know was mailed. The issue here is not that the company I do some work for never mailed it. I have been working for them for quite some time with no problem. The issue is the USPS again. Very early in my blogging career I noted that I did not have any real issue with the Postal Service. That was before I sold some books through Amazon.Com and one of them never arrived to the customer. That irritated me to no end as I had to issue a refund. Now I am still waiting for a check that was mailed from a location about 50 miles away. It has been well over a week but I will wait a few more days before asking the company to reissue the check. Lately a letter mailed to me from Arkansas took over two weeks to arrive. Is this an anomaly or is this standard for the USPS?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BCS Controversy

The BCS is of course B.S. and everyone knows it. Mack Brown and others are no fans of the system, though he and others (Florida, Bama, LSU, KSU especially, etc. ) take advantage of it by scheduling weaker non conference opponents that on paper at least, have little chance of winning. That is why it is so wonderful when one of these IAA or weaker teams from say the Sun Belt Conference or MAC bites them on the ass. The ULM victory of BAMA was great a couple of years back and of course Appalachian State embarrassed Michigan not too long ago. This year alone Iowa was scared by IAA Northern Iowa and came within a hair of losing to Sun Belt Arkansas State. KSU was beaten by the Ragun Cajuns and that was fun also. The point being, the BCS pushes these major power football schools into working the schedule this way. The "lessor" team gets a good payday and the "power" team usually comes away with a victory. This runs up the wins for a team with national championship aspirations, but a good many of these games are in reality just meaningless scrimmages. Before the BCS there were a few games like this here and there. Often they were scheduled between coaches that had a friendly history, but it has gotten ridiculously out of hand. I saw and editorial the other day concerning this phenomena. Apparently USC does not schedule down nor does Stoops over at Oklahoma. That is to their credit, but it can most definitely hurt their chances at a shot at a national title. Take Oklahoma's loss to BYU this year. That is factored into the BCS computer when it comes to doling out BCS Bowl Games. USC of course had their loss this year also. A win over a IAA team should not count when factoring points and a loss should count three times more than a loss to a D1 team. That would cut down on some of this particular abuse in the college game.

Senator Hatch of Utah apparently sent a letter to President Obama asking him to look into the BCS system personally. Hatch is under the opinion that the BCS system violates the anti trust laws that this country has in place. He may be quite right.vIt goes without saying that the BCS system is flawed and (hopefully) will eventually go away; but do we really need the government to get involved in this right now? They should have other things on their plate at this time. That reminds me of when John McCain was hounding baseball about steroid use, when our troops were fighting and dying in the war against the Mohammedans. This is still the case of course. Our president and government are bickering about side issues while our economy sinks (don't let them fool you; this nation may be in for a major economic meltdown) and our troops are fighting, without proper support mind you, in Afghanistan and still in harms way in Iraq and the Persian Gulf.

Are those damn fools in Washington out of touch with reality? The BCS System, steroids in baseball, thugs in the NBA, Soviets in the NHL (just kidding), the popularity of un American Soccer (not kidding) and so forth will eventually work itself out. Get on with the nation's business.

More dumb verses

I was supposed to work today but the job was cancelled. I am unfortunately in the position of having too much time on my hands and that is not a real good thing. Here are some silly verses that I have thought of that you might (or might not) enjoy. Warning: Some themes might be a bit inappropriate. Reading discretion is advised.

There once was a man named Olbermann
Who came right at folks like a doberman
His mind's a bit numb
He's quite frankly dumb
Yet he thinks he's the Nietzsche Overman

There once was a man named Frank
Who liked to put it where dank
He was kind of silly
But still no hillbilly
Look out! He's eyeing your crank

There once was a woman named Couric
If a man one would call her a big dick
She had liberal bias
But still quite a nice ass
She was in need of a wing wong colonic

There once was a man named Obama
Who surrounded himself with much drama
Rush believed him a commie
Sharpton thought him a Tommy
He once dissed the brave Dalai Lama

There once was a man called Chris Mathews
Who had sensations running up from his shoes
He gets hard as a rock
When hearing Barack
All should duck before his instrument spews


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Death Penalty Study

The Death Penalty Information Center apparently released a report showing that it is quite expensive to actually put criminals to death; much more so than keeping them in the slam for the remainder of their lives. The costs presented by the organization's report are staggering and any sane person would question the reports' accuracy. However there can be no doubt that it is quite expensive to continue to rehear each case on appeal. Of course, most death penalty verdicts are automatically appealed, often ad nauseum. This is perhaps necessary to make darn sure that no innocent person is ever put to death. The whole business is a double edged sword. Do we as a society suffer those among us to live that have been convicted of heinous crimes, or do we automatically sentence such criminals to life without parole? There is undeniably the cost of housing, feeding and otherwise caring for them. Of course the numbers bandied about by the DPIC purport that it is far more costly to follow the process of actually putting someone to death. They are possibly correct to some extent but in the case of extremely violent criminals I say "smoke em if you got em."

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Friend Jeremiah Schlong Is Better Than Olbermann

I just read something very funny concerning the brilliant Keith Olbermann of sports and communist broadcasting fame. He was apparently discussing healthcare on his comedy show over there at MSNBC and sounded foolish. Imagine that. At any rate Bill Heffner, in his excellent blog "On My Mind." wrote that Olbermann "stepped on his instrument." I read it, reread it, and busted out laughing. Instrument? That is a riot. I left the comment that he always is stepping on his instrument. It is not certain though that he is in possession of an "instrument." It seems to me that his plumbing is more likely interior than exterior. Oh well the one thing that is certain concerning Keith, regardless of the type plumbing he has, is that he is indeed an "instrument."The whole thing reminded me of a time gone past when I was in the service. There was a song by someone and one of the lines was "the blood flows through my instrument." I don't recall who the performer was and I don't feel inclined to look it up, but that line was seized on by a shipmate of mine and he sang it all the time. It actually became annoying. I have not thought about this guy for quite a while. He was my leading petty officer at the time and we often had problems getting along, but all in all he was my friend and comrade. For some reason we all had what we called "porn names" during this period and he enjoyed referring to himself "Jeremiah Schlong" which was pretty hilarious. He obviously was first in line when the schlongs were being handed out and someone came up with the theory that the bigger the instrument, the less one can handle liquor. As a result of this observation whenever he sang "the blood flows through my instrument" it was pointed out that there was so much blood in that region that there was not enough left in his brain and that was why he was a lightweight. It was true, two beers and this guy was insane. Three or more beers and he was incoherent. This disturbed him somewhat I believe. With that crowd, manhood was judged on the ability to drink well. There may be something to the instrument/liquor theory incidentally. At another duty station I noticed one Joe "The Horse" could not drink more than one or two without being blasted. Back to Jeremiah; he and I once rode our motorcycles from our duty station in Florida to his home in Toledo. We stopped in Nashville along the way and had a couple of drinks. He then proceeded to urinate in front of the Grand Ole Opry while, at the same time, advised some woman that "he did not give a shit if she was married, she needed to come back to the hotel with him." I just stood back a good distance away and waited for him to be arrested. His luck was in that night as no cops showed up. We proceeded to Toledo without any further insanity. Once there we checked out a couple of Mud Hen games with some of his family members who, quite shockingly, were normal people. We also had some drinks with some of his buddies from high school who I thought were pretty much thugs. After a few days we rode back to Florida. I enjoyed my experience in service at times and still remember fondly some of the people with whom I served. One influence "Mr. Schlong" had on my life is that I developed an intense dislike for Ohio State football. That was all he talked about during the season and it grated on my nerves. I still can not stand the Buckeyes and probably never will. "Jeremiah," like Olbermann, was and probably still is an "instrument," but unlike Olbermann, he was no pussy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Support The Troops And Do It Today

WTF? The last few weeks have seen an upsurge in the number of American and Allied troops that have gotten killed and injured in Afghanistan in the war with the Mohammedans. Military leadership has requested an immediate need for more troops on the ground in order to contain a resurgent Taliban. Meanwhile our president jets off to Europe to lobby for Chicago (of all places) to host Olympic games. Something is wrong here. Now they are holding discussions on the Afghanistan matter. Discussions? Troops should be on there way now. Our soldiers are fighting and dying and we are just discussing the matter? Is there something wrong with this? Mr. President I do not think I am alone in saying that if you don't get off the pot and defend this nation then you don't have a hair on your ass! Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, as the President of this nation the most important job, perhaps the only one that really matters, is to defend us with all the assets at our disposal. Do it now! Our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives are depending on it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Saturday we went to see the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Houston Museum of Natural History. I did not schedule myself a bartending gig or lease a taxi because I wanted to stay home and watch college ball all day. Well instead I was informed that the family would be going to see the exhibit. Well so it goes, and without any bitching or further ado got in car and away we went. I knew that this was something that we should see anyway. Sunday would have been a better day as I am not all that interested in NFL ball, but the boss had spoken.
The museum was pretty crowded, as it usually is on weekends, and probably even more so since this I believe is the last weekend for the exhibit. It was a little irritating to wait, I have very little patience for crowds anymore, but it was well worth it. What our family saw was something that we will never forget I am sure. When I was a child, I went with my parents to see some King Tut artifacts in Memphis. I can remember the long lines and wait, but had sense enough to not act a fool. My third grader and her friend that went with us also seemed enthralled and did not clamor to leave, go to McDonalds, or any of those things that are typical at that age. I was happy about that. They did harrass us about buying some junk at the gift ship though, which of course we did. We probably were in the presence of these awe inspiring artifacts for about 1 hour and it was something that I will never forget. I am sure my child will remember this just as I remember seeing King Tut artifacts so may years ago. That is worth missing an afternoon of college ball. Recorded LSU/Georgia and watched the night games anyway.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Little Dumb Verses

Everyone at one time or another has heard of the "There once was a man from Nantucket" thing. Perhaps some of you even recall the old "There once was a man from Kent" ditty. I have thought up a couple myself, but they are pretty tame in comparison to the above.

There once was a man named Rush
From his mouth the words they did gush
He made waters murky
Some thought him a turkey
But he's done pretty well for a lush

There once was a woman named Rachel
She had a talk show on cable
The network did botch
For very few watched
But to fire her they will be unable

There once was a loudmouth named Grace
Who always wore a scowl on her face
She sure liked to screech
She might be beech
I wish someone would spray her with mace

There once was a man named Hannity
He sure suffered greatly from vanity
His show was too long
He was usually wrong
Methinks he's losing his sanity

There once was a man called Olbermann
He is just an idiot

I had a little too much time on my hands this afternoon..