Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Clown Circus Is In Full Swing

The Zimmerman/Martin incident is now getting full bore coverage in what passes for the news media these days. Non stop. As everyone figured; it has become an overblown circus.

Whether or not this "white" Hispanic (what?) Zimmerman is guilty of  any legal (or moral) wrongdoing has become moot at this point. He has been convicted in the court of "public" opinion and that is the only thing that matters apparently. He is being "hunted" by a modern day lynch mob that would like nothing more than to see him strung up. This is where we are with this and no mistake.

Some of the players......

By now everyone knows of the reward that these Panthers are offering for the capture of Zimmerman. These demi terrorists are perhaps too dumb to realize that they may be in violation of federal law in doing so. The Panthers are infuriating frankly. I wonder if they know that their para military "uniform" makes them look like so many janitors. (Any insult to custodians not intended). The country would be better off shed of this Panther posse.

It is also known that one Spike Lee (who?) has been "Tweeting" Zimmerman's address. Pretty irresponsible and, at the very least, opens him up to civil liability (should there be an "incident"). It is likely that this Lee is not quite smart enough to grasp this.

As usual His Holiness Al Sharpton is on the warpath. It doesn't matter whether or not he has his facts right, that has been past proven, but what matters is that he stirs the pot (and gets paid in the process). Nothing surprising there.

Same with the Very Reverend Jackson. He doesn't seem to have his edge anymore. Perhaps his marketing acumen is slipping somewhat? He is doing his best to stay "relevant" though. Gotta give him credit for that. He is really trying to matter. Does he still have enough in the tank to go loose women hunting? I suppose that is what we should be asking. That is what allegedly is his real specialty.

Martin's mother, one Sybrina Fulton, is getting in on the act in a rather odious (but frankly quite business like way). Her grief is not to be discounted by any normal human. When one hears however that she has filed a "trademark" application on her son's name.....well, something is rather sickening about that. She wants to get paid obviously and paid she will be. It is rather certain she did not think this little trick up all by herself. That is what lawyers are for after all. As disgusting as this appears (and is), it certainly is smart business.

Now we come to the President of the United States. My God! His remarks the other day have done nothing more than fan the flames. Perhaps it was a calculated statement made for political reasons. Perhaps is was just an off the cuff comment that was stupidly made. Hard to say. Either way, the man has shown for certain that he just does not have what it takes to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. Instead of using his influence to cool this thing down, his ill timed statement has likely made the problem worse. 

A good deal has been made about this Zimmerman being a "white" Hispanic. Of course, technically, those putting out this drivel for consumption are correct. Not in the way they intend though. What they are aiming for is to show that Zimmerman is really "more of a white guy" than a Latino. His last name after all.....That makes it "fit" you see. A minority just doesn't go after another minority with evil intent in their make believe world. But a white man does (and does it for pleasure according to some of these folk). Facts don't matter.
I mention these "journalists" are technically correct though when portraying Zimmerman as "white." Contrary to popular belief there are only three racial groups; Negroid, Caucasian, and Mongoloid. Some add a fourth group that is termed Australoid. No matter. Hispanics (except those who are of mixed (real) race) fall into the Caucasian category. There you have it. Hispanic is not a "race" but rather one of various ethnic groups. This is something that the folk at La Raza and LULAC would likely disagree with but then again many of them are idiots.

One thing that will happen here is that the fedgov will begin to look into these so called "castle or "stand your ground" laws that various states have in place. Here in the Lone Star Republic we are perfectly within our right to shoot a mothafokka that trespasses with evil intent. That won't ever change here no matter which political party happens to control the governing apparatus at any given time.  One can be certain of that. A "castle" law does not mean however than one can pursue a criminal and shoot after the danger is passed. It is possible that this Zimmerman may have done just that (if indeed there was any danger at all). That is what some are accusing him of. I suppose we will find out soon enough.......or not.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan and other useless dung heaps, our service members of all races, ethnic and economic backgrounds, etc. etc. have each others (and our) back and are defending this country.

Are we worth it?

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