Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bartender Cabbie on the Upcoming Election

In a few short days there will be an election. Heard anything about it? I for one will vote for the guy in the cult (just kiddin ya buddy) for no real reason other than he is not Obama. South Side Slim has had his chance and has proven to be an utter failure. His successes are the type that America does not need. That being said, I hold no illusions that any thing of any substance will actually change for the better regardless of the victor. None.

It is a shame to feel that way and perhaps I am just a bit pessimistic and jaded. I have to laugh though when I see android like supporters of either candidate prancing around with their signs and slogans. I just can't understand such blind devotion to a candidate that, if elected or reelected, will in no way do what is in the best interest of the United States of America. How can I say that? Easy.

No matter who is the next POTUS the following things will not change. Mark it.

1. We will not secure our southern border militarily. No I am not talking about shutting off legal trade with Mexico, that would be foolish, but I am speaking of completely closing all routes of illegal immigration and other illegal trafficking.

2. Neither candidate will reform marijuana laws. Don't get me wrong, I don't smoke and have not since I was just a kid (well maybe a bit here and there until I reached my thirties). I do understand that domestically grown marijuana can be a source of taxable income for all levels of govt and the savings of law enforcement not wasting vast amount of resources in enforcing the ultimately unenforceable would be tremendous. The overcrowding of our prison systems would be alleviated also. Perhaps it is past time to release all who are in jail/prison for minor marijuana offenses and have their criminal records expunged. Pipe dream (no pun, well maybe) I know. None of this will happen. The alcoholic beverage industry lobby is terrified at the prospect.

3. We will not suspend all aid to Mohammedan nations that are becoming fundamental Islamic in nature. These countries are a danger to their neighbors, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world. Instead I would imagine that we will continue to attempt to buy their cooperation and support.

4. In the inevitable conflicts with Muslim lands, we will not devastate, leave, then devastate again if deemed necessary. Instead we will continue to become involved in long, expensive (in Western lives and treasure), protracted efforts at "nation building" with the foolish notion of promoting democracy in these regions..  It does not work long term. A fool believes otherwise.

5. We will not deal harshly with speculation and speculators in the energy sector. This is a national security issue.

6. The decline and off shoring of our critical manufacturing will continue. So will the decline of the middle class. This also is a national security issue.

7. We will not build and operate an American flagged, American crewed Merchant Marine. Another national security issue.

8. Redundant and superfluous federal agencies will not be closed and/or consolidated.

9. The Orwellian intrusion into our daily lives will not cease or even diminish. On the contrary.

10. We will continue to use vital farmland to the production of corn for ethanol thus lessening engine life for our automobiles and raising the price of food products. Another "green energy" boondoggle? It is indeed with the added bonus, so to speak, of not only being a waste of money but actually being a source of damage. At least wasteful spending on solar and wind power does not do any real harm. Justs wastes taxpayer dollars which I suppose is damage enough though.

Yes it sure is funny when I see people actually believing that their candidate really matters.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Defense of the Aggies

Anyone who reads my little work here knows darn good and well that I am no Texas Agriculture Aggies fan. Not even close. Dislike them rather intensely to be frank. In the interest of fairness and objectivity though credit must be given where credit is due......

I thought, as did many, that Texas A&M did not belong in the SEC. They struggled in the Big Twelve (now with ten teams) and if they couldn't hang there well, they had no business playing big boy football. Yes Yes I know the Big Twelve has some good teams here and there and usually at least one or two that would be able to hang with a top SEC team, but let us be honest, the Big Twelve is not the SEC. That being said however, the Aggies have not only proven themselves to belong on the same field with most SEC teams, they have proven to be better than most.

This season the boys from College Station had every opportunity to beat both LSU and Florida. They did struggle a good bit with Ole Miss granted, but the Rebels are a better team than most people choose to believe. (Something that may become apparent this Saturday). A very talented but young QB with a lot to learn has something to do with the Aggie losses. A rather below par defense is mostly to blame though. With all those handicaps, the Aggies could very well be undefeated at this point. I would look out for them next year.

I would imagine that before all is said and done Kevin Sumlin will be up for college coach of the year. He would be a shoe in if he could just get a defense. He did a wonderful job at the University of Houston, but lack of D kept his last Cougar squad from being a BCS buster. He doesn't have to worry about all that in the SEC. I would look for the Aggies to play in a major second tier bowl this season and sneak into a BCS bowl next. Maybe even compete for all the marbles.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 10 College Football Predictions 2012

Time is short this afternoon so I will just get to the predictions for week 10.

1. ULL vs ULM: This local rivalry game may be a good match up. ULM is the best of the Sun Belt and ULL is struggling a bit without Gautier behind center. I go with a close game and the Warhawks of Louisiana Monroe to edge the Cajuns.

2. Middle Tn vs WKU: Both are good Sun Belt squads and nipping at the heels of ULM. Both of them have suffered conference losses to those same Warhawks. It will be a heads up game and the winner still is in the running for conference title and a possible bowl berth. The loser will likely sit the post season at home. Not all six win teams go bowling as hard as that is to believe with so many "who cares" type of bowl games. Anyway, I go with WKU in a close one. They just seem like they may be a step above.

3. Temple vs Louisville: Temple can give teams some problems at times. Louisville has been living very dangerously but are the best of the Big East. I would go with Louisville to win this one but, as usual, it will be a close game.

4. Texas A&M vs Mississippi State: This could be a good game or not. It depends on which Aggie team shows up. The Bulldogs may keep it close or they just as easily may get blown out of the stadium. Go with the team from Texas.

5. Oregon vs USC: This is the "big game" of the week. It might also be the week that the Ducks are taken out of the "national championship" conversation. USC is a good, albeit poorly coached, team. The Ducks are a very good team but have faced no opposition this season. They are not going to be used to the offense that the Trojans are capable of bringing. If the Trojans are mad and out to prove something they will win. If they are down at the mouth then it could go the Ducks way. I think they will be out to destroy the season of the team from the Pacific Northwest. Go with USC.

6. Alabama vs LSU: Yet another "big game of the week" here. Really not. LSU has been living very dangerously and it is quite a matter of luck that they don't have three losses at this point. The Tigers do have a very good defense and will make some stops, but they lack any substantial offense and will not be able to come close to matching scores with the Tide. Go with Alabama. It could get ugly.

7. KSU vs Oklahoma State: Is this yet another "big game of the week." It could be. Oklahoma State is a pretty good football team. I would place them on par with a Mississippi State, South Carolina (without Lattimore), Iowa State (who they have beaten), or perhaps Ole Miss on a very good day. They are capable of beating good teams. Also capable of getting blown out. KSU can start slow at times and will need to avoid that here. Go with KSU to win. It may be a close one.

8. SDSU vs Boise State: The Aztecs have improved a good bit but will not be able to hang long with a good, but less than stellar, Bronco team. Go with the team from Idaho here.

9. Texas vs Texas Tech: The Red Raiders always consider this their big rivalry game and go after the Longhorns. The Horns tend to treat Texas Tech as little brothers. They often get bit. They won't be able to keep up with the fast Texas Tech offense and will be surprised at a much improved defense. Something that is rather new in Lubbock. Go with Texas Tech.

10. Ole Miss vs Georgia: Georgia had a huge win last week. Will there be a let down? It is easy for teams to overlook the Rebels, but the group from Oxford actually is a bit dangerous this year. I go with the Bulldogs to win, but it may be very close.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bartender Cabbie College Football Rankings 10/28/2012

The BCR for 10/28/2012. A few changes from last week......Teams that are irrelevant due to NCAA sanctions are not included in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings.

1. Alabama: Probably the best team in the country. MSU did not belong on the same field. The Tigers are up next. They don't belong on the same field either.

2. KSU: A good team that has the balance to play with Alabama and Oregon.

3. Oregon: We will see if they are the real deal in the next three weeks. They will lose a game. They always do.

4. Florida: Yes I know they lost to Georgia but the Gators would take 2 of 3 from the Bulldogs.

5. Georgia: A good team. The win in the Cocktail Party may have saved the coaching staff their jobs.

6. Notre Dame: A good win against a good team. Is it perhaps time to take the Irish somewhat seriously?

7. Florida State: Should continue to roll in the ACC.

8. LSU: They have only one loss at this point. They will have two after next weekend. Great defense keeps them in games. They will make their stops against the Tide, but not enough to match scores. LSU's offense is borderline inept.

9. Texas A&M: A dangerous team for anyone right now. Should have beaten LSU and had their chances against the Gators.

10. Clemson: Could take the ACC. A much improved team that can play with anyone except perhaps 1 and 2.

11. Oregon State: One knew they would not run the table in the PAC 12, but they still have a shot at the title. They will give Oregon and others all they can handle.

12. Oklahoma: They embarrassed themselves against Notre Dame. The Irish are a good team but should not be in the same class as the Sooners. An off day. One could feel that starting with the Sooner second series.

13. South Carolina: Had to struggle with Tennessee. Lost Lattimore. They may be rolling downhill.

14. Stanford: Keeps winning. Still may have a surprise or two up their sleeve.

15. Boise State: One loss this year has kept them out of most conversations. They should run the table the rest of the way. Offense is improving each week. Still a long way to go before they are as good as the Bronco team of the last few years though.

16. Mississippi State: Tough loss against the Tide. They have other tough ones on the schedule. They have opportunity to stay in the top 25 and ample opportunity to play themselves right out.

17. USC: They will be out to prove something. A very dangerous and angry team right now. Duck beware. They have the talent on this Trojan squad to take Oregon out of the conversation for good. They are hampered by a below par HC. A one loss PAC 12 team will not play in the big game at the end.

18. Louisville: They keep winning somehow. Something to be said for that. Well coached team.

19. Louisiana Tech: Tough games with Utah State and San Jose State coming up.

20. Texas Tech: Let KSU run away in the second half of play. Can be a dangerous opponent for a lot of top teams.

21. Nebraska: Ok. They are doing some winning.

22. Oklahoma State: Like Iowa State and Mississippi State, the Cowboys are a very dangerous team that could beat a lot of top programs on a good day. Could get blown out on a bad one also. May be ranked a bit high.

23. Toledo: They are one touchdown away from being an undefeated team at this point. Lost the opener with Arizona by one touchdown. They were not impressive against a dismal Buffalo team Saturday. Need to step up the play.

24. Northern Illinois: They Huskies only have one loss at this point.

25. Arizona: Very nice win against USC. They have been in all games except against the Ducks. May be better than most give them credit for. UCLA up next and the winner will be in the top 25 certain.

Teams on the bubble in no particular order:

1. West Virginia: They were idle last week and, fairly or unfairly, drop from the BCR rankings. Defense is horrible and the much touted offense has been exposed.
2. Kent State: May be a team that can win the MAC. Exposed Rutgers Saturday. Not a major surprise. The MAC seems to be doing well against ranked teams of late. The only thing keeping them out of the top 25 at this point is the beat down Kentucky gave them early on. That is a lot to overcome.
3. Utah State: All they do is keep winning. Could challenge Louisiana Tech in the WAC.
4. Ohio: Loss Saturday to a conference team knocks them out of the driver seat in the MAC.
5.  San Diego State: Team has improved a lot since the start of the season. Will have their hands full shortly. Boise State is coming up.
6. San Jose State: Way under the radar, but a pretty darn good WAC team.
7. ULM: The Warhawks were the "gee whiz these guys can play football and they're not even in the BCS" team of the early season. Can find themselves in the top 25 if they run the table and win their bowl game.
8. Michigan: Just not as good as predicted early. Underachievers or just a mediocre football team? Hard to say.
9. Michigan State: Pretty good win over the Badgers yesterday.
10. Wisconsin: Fall out of the top 25 this week with loss to MSU. To be frank, it is hard to understand why they are not doing better.
11. UCLA: Perhaps. Perphaps not. Next up is Arizona.
12. Tulsa: A good CUSA team that may just be good period. The Hogs will have to be on their A game if they are to compete with these particular Hurricanes. Of course Tulsa better not field the same team that almost let Rice steal one from them two weeks back.
13. Iowa State: A dangerous and often overlooked opponent.
14. UCF: OK. Perhaps. Doing well in CUSA.
15. Northwestern: Could prove something in a couple of weeks against Michigan. That would be a big win and would certain propel them back into the BCR standings.
16. Rutgers: Exposed. May have shot at the BCR top 25 before all is said and done. Would probably need to run the table.
17. Cincinnati: Ditto.
18. Texas: Probably not. They have talent on this team but are just under achieving. Looks like another QB "controversy" in the works.  A bit too late for all that. There are some problems in Austin cheif.

Have a good week and enjoy the games. Comments, no matter how rude (or stupid), are welcome.

Post Week 9 2012 College Football Recap

As usual there were some good games yesterday and their were a few surprises also. The cream is rising, as they say, and some schools that had delusions of grandeur have fallen to the wayside. Others that should be right there at the end have had their chances diminished, if not outright ruined. This week I again went 5-5 for a season total of 67-24.

Did anyone really think that Mississippi State would could hang with the Tide? I know there was a lot of hope, but really..........Barring some sort of unforeseen melt down, or if the Mayan calender thing proves to be correct, the Crimson Tide will play for the national championship. Who will the opponent be would be the question.

The top contender to go against Alabama at this point would probably be KSU. Of all the teams I have watched thus far, they may be the only squad that has the defensive/offensive balance to have a shot at unseating the current (and possible repeat) national champ. KSU handled a pretty good TTU squad with relative ease.

Uninspired play is what Oklahoma is guilty of. Uninspired! There is no real reason that the Sooners should have let an inferior team sneak up and beat them like that. There is no reason that the Sooners can be included in the conversation to play for the BCS "National Championship" at this point also. Unfortunately the door is wide open for Notre Dame to be included in that talk. Also the door is open for the "but wait, they don't play a tough schedule" conversation.  There will be a lot of that talk should the Irish run the table the rest of the way and of course, as usual, Oregon is already being talked about in the same manner. Their detractors have a good and valid point, but undefeated is undefeated at this point in the season. It is hard to win them all. I don't care who you are.. Ask Florida, Oregon State, Ohio, and Rutgers this morning.

I did not watch any of the Ohio State/PSU game. No point. Neither figure in the race this year. If the Buckeyes were not under sanction, they would have their advocates also. I would imagine that should OSU run the table the rest of the way (and there is no reason why they won't), the OSU honks will declare themselves national champs anyway. Much like USC did a few years back. USC fans may have had a valid point the season there was a "split national champion." Any talk of OSU this season would be ridiculous. For the most part, the Big Ten is just not quality competition this year. They may have more in common with the MAC than the SEC. Not taking a shot. Just the way it is.

What can one say about USC? They are out of the conversation for good.. They can play spoiler now at best. They are capable of beating Notre Dame sure and possibly Oregon. Or not.

The Big East has been exposed by the MAC. Nothing real surprising here. Rutgers was living dangerously and finally took a loss to Kent State and Toledo showed up a Cincinnati squad last week. Louisville is the class of the conference but would be lower middle of the pack in the SEC and middle of the pack in the Big Twelve and perhaps the ACC. Well maybe upper middle in the ACC. FSU and Clemson are the only quality teams in that league. I think it is safe to say that the Seminole loss to NC State a while back was a bit of a fluke. As far a Louisville goes, the kid Bridgewater could start behind center for just about any team and Coach Strong will likely be lured away for more money and greener pastures. Arkansas and Auburn come to mind. Perhaps Iowa, but he would probably be smart enough to shy away from the Big Ten. Remember John L Smith (current Arkansas coach), left Louisville for the Big Ten and his career has pretty much gone down hill from there. Petrino also,made the mistake of leaving Louisville but then Bobby is trash and kind of has a tendency to shoot himself in the crotch.

Ohio was "upset" by Miami (OH). The Bobcats have been living on the edge all season and finally got bit. With one conference loss they are out of the driver seat in the MAC, but still have a decent shot at the conference crown. They need someone to falter. Someone will. The Bobcats are a good, but somewhat underachieving football team.

Anything else worth mentioning? I suppose that we will have to wait for someone to derail Oregon. It might not happen this season. They are the best of the PAC 12. Are they national championship contenders? Not so sure. They have played a very very light schedule but three of the next four opponents have an opportunity to take them out of the national conversation.

ULM will win the Sun Belt. That seems pretty obvious at this point. Ditto for Boise State in the MWC. Tulsa was off yesterday, but it is pretty safe to assume that they will win out in CUSA. They meet the Hogs next week and should be able to win that one. They will have to show up and play better than they did against Rice a couple of weeks back though. They will. I am thinking this might be John L Smith's first and last year in Fayetteville. He would get a pass for a bad season (or perhaps two) after taking over a program left in disarray by the scum Petrino, but Smith has some personal issues of his own that are likely to be seen by the administration as a distraction. I would like to see one of the "big fats" (Mangino, Amstutz or Friedgen) get a call, but I am expecting them to make a play for Charlie Strong. They won't be the only schools after Strong rest assured.

Louisiana Tech should win the WAC, but both Utah State and San Jose State are good WAC teams and will be gunning for the Bulldogs. It might get interesting.......

There was another devastating injury on the field of play. If you saw the Lattimore injury yesterday you would have felt your stomach turn. Also let us not forget Tulane's Devon Walker who could well have died on the field of play in an early season game with Tulsa. Donation's for Devon Walker can be made if one is so inclined. I have.

Have a good week.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Games In Progress 10/27/2012

Other than the South Carolina/Tennessee match up there is not much of any real importance going on in the early games. In that match up South Carolina is in the driver seat, but Lattimore is injured, and if you saw it, is safe to assume that he is out for the season. We will see.

The Hogs are having all they can handle with the Rebs at old War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. If the Hogs lose this one it will be because of the odd looking uniforms they showed up in. They are not foofoo uniforms like an Oregon might show up in, but it just isn't SEC to jack with the traditional garb. I think South Carolina learned that the hard way a couple of weeks back.

Texas Agriculture may be successful in the SEC while Mizzou will not. Why? Can you imagine the Aggies coming out in some sort of get up that looks like it was designed by an interior dickorator?Ain't happening. The new fashion scheme in Missouri will ensure they continue to lose until they get back to the big "M" on their helmets instead of the chicken scratch they have on now. I would not be surprised if they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in their in progress contest with Kentucky. It will be the helmets.

Kansas and Texas? I am thinking this might be Mack's last season. He looks tired and his team uninspired. They trail in the third 14-7. I think they will pull a victory out of the hat here, but this Longhorn squad is underachieving at this point. Other than Colorado, Kansas is probably the worst team in a "BCS" D1 conference. They would not be able to compete in CUSA or the Sun Belt.

I thought about going to the Rice/USM game but just decided I didn't want to drive 40 minutes to watch very subpar squads go at it. Sort of regret it now. The Marching Owl Band is fun to watch.
I am still about half considering going to the TSU/Grambling game later this afternoon; mainly to see the new "soccer" stadium that TSU uses for home football games. (No I am not afraid of people of color. How could I be? I used to own a taxicab). I certainly won't be going for the football. The bands might be entertaining. Probably not though. Most likely just sit around and watch the big games kicking off later. Florida/Georgia, KSU/TTU, Alabama/MSU and of course Oklahoma/Notre Dame all have implications in the race to the big game at the end. Oregon/Colorado does also but the outcome to that one is a foregone conclusion.

On a side note; the pink accessories (what else would you call them?) that is in vogue in pro and college football has now descended to the high school ranks. I went to a game last night and, you guessed it, pink socks on the players. I know. I know, breast cancer and all that but, come on.......Enough is enough.

Have a good afternoon and enjoy the games.

Friday, October 26, 2012

You Can't Fix Stupid

Tyrann Mathieu was arrested for possession of marijuana. Nothing real shocking there. Along with Tyrann were former Tigers Jordan Jefferson (remember him?), Karnell Hatcher, and Derrick Bryant. Hatcher and Bryant probably have no real prospects in life, playing for the Tigers was probably the highlight, but Jefferson plays some pro ball in Canada and Mathieu is (was) a sure fire NFL calibre player.  Mathieu and perhaps Jefferson could have a source of good to unbelievable income for a few years. Both are stupid though.

When Mathieu left the Tigers before the season began he could have been an immediate starter at a IAA school. McNeese State expressed interest. I am sure there were others. Perhaps he should have taken that bait. Maybe a lower division program would have made sure he attended drug rehab, stayed in class, and tried to help him get his priorities straight. Playing in the lower divisions would not have hurt his chances in the NFL. It is not like they do not know who he is and anyway, if one can play the game, the NFL will find out. It matters not where a player is playing college ball. The NFL will know. They are funny like that.

What Tyrann should not have done was return to LSU to hang out with his crew. It matters little whether being arrested for possession of marijuana is a ridiculous charge for anyone to have to face, what matters is that it is illegal and that Mathieu has too much to lose to be involved in such nonsense.

He is just stupid. No other explanation.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bartender Cabbie Rankings 10/22/12 College Football

The BCS standings are out for the week and there have been a few changes. A few changes in the BCR too.........Any team under NCAA sanction is not included in the BCR.

1. Florida: Quality wins over quality opponents (LSU, South Carolina) put the Gators in the number one spot.
2. Kansas State: Ditto (although I can't really believe that WVU is quality at this point).
3. Oregon: Has played a rather light schedule thus far but put a beat down on a one loss Graham led club Thursday last. Won't prove anything against Colorado this week; unless of course they lose. That won't happen. The Buffs may well be the worst team in D1 football this season.
4. Alabama: May be the best college team in the country, but they have yet to prove it. They have had a very easy row to hoe at this point. It is hard to justify putting them above other undefeated squads that have decided the issue on the field against tougher competition.
5. Oklahoma: A good team that still has a shot at the "national title" game. Someone above must falter however. Some one will before all is said and done.
6. Oregon State: Might be ranked a bit high here but they are doing something right.
7. LSU: Somehow or other they have only one loss at this point. Will lose at least two more before all is said and done probably. One is near certain. I just don't have confidence in the offense or, more importantly, Les Miles. A quite good defense is what keeps this squad in games.
8. South Carolina: Should have and could have beaten LSU. They are a better team than the one that has shown up two weeks running.
9. Florida State: A one loss ACC team that is good against ACC type and lessor opponents. May run the table the rest of the way. May not.
10. Mississippi State: The easy part of their schedule is done. It gets tougher from here. This may be their last week in the top 10.
11. Georgia: Can be quite good. Can be average. We will really see who they are come Saturday.
12. Notre Dame: Hyped by the national media as usual. Escaped by the hair of their teeth two weeks straight. BYU or even Stanford is not Oklahoma however. The Sooners are next up.
13. USC: The best team in the PAC 12? Not likely. Still a solid bunch and dangerous opponent for anyone. They may be ranked a bit high here.
14. Stanford: Better than their record most likely.
15. TAMU: There are some bugs to work out here. Sumlin will likely have his team in contention for the SEC title next season.
16. Clemson: Looking like they can play some ball after all.
17. Texas Tech: Doing well despite being led by, in my humble opinion, a below par HC.
18. Rutgers: The best of the Big East? Perhaps. Did not show up to play in the first half against Temple. Ran off with it in the second.
19. Boise State: Should run the table the rest of the way.
20. Louisiana Tech: Doing fine. Had their chances against TAMU a bit ago but fell just short. The Bulldogs do have to play under rated and under valued Utah State and a somewhat dangerous SJSU squad before all is said and done.
21. Louisville: Another close victory against inferior competition. Good play at the QB position might be the only thing keeping the Cardinals in these games.
22. Wisconsin: Plodding along. Perhaps ranked a bit low.
23. Toledo: Beats a top 25 opponent. May be the best in the MAC. Maybe not.
24. Michigan: OK
25. West Virginia: How the mighty have fallen. It may be generous to place them in the top 25 at this point.

Teams on the bubble (in no particular order) that may find their way in when all is said and done:

Ohio: Good MAC team. Needs to kick and opponent when down. Perhaps the best of the MAC
Nebraska: Still not quite top 25 material.
Northern Illinois: Good MAC squad that is in contention for the conference title
Tulsa: Easy to forget about this group (as I did last week). They are a good team that survived a scare against lowly Rice last week. Perhaps the only team in CUSA that would be a dangerous opponent for a good may top teams.
TCU: May have a chance to move up. Perhaps not.
Iowa State: Can be dangerous
Oklahoma State: QB is hurt apparently which certainly won't help their chances down the road.
Utah State: Good team that flies way under the radar.
San Jose State: Best team than they have had out that way in many many years. Gave Stanford a scare.
Northwestern: Needs to step it up.
Michigan State: Ditto
Texas: May be able to jump in. Still trying to get around the utter beat down they suffered against the Sooners two weeks back. Inconsistent play.
ULM: Most likely the best of the Sun Belt. Moving into the top 25 is a long shot. Perhaps if they run the table the rest of the way and win a bowl game.
Duke: Good victory over NC last weekend. When was the last time a Duke team was relevant in football?
Arizona State: A very very long shot.
NC State: Ditto.
Kent State: A one loss squad that may be given a dose of reality later in the week.
Fresno State: Might sneak in if they can run the table the rest of the way.
SDSU: Like Fresno State must run the table the rest of the way. Or at least run the table and give Boise State a heck of a game and keep it very close.
Nevada: If they run the table or, like SDSU, run the table and give the Broncos a good close game.
Cincinnati: May be back

The week begins Tuesday with a good Sun Belt match up. Gotta love this game.
Comments/questions welcome. Get rude if you want to. I won't give a rusty.......

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 9 2012 College Football Predictions

As usual this time of year there are some very good games upcoming. Without any further blabber we will jut get right to the juicy.

1. Arkansas State vs ULL: Another Tuesday night television match up and a game that may still be a factor in the hunt for the SBC title, or at the very least, contention for a bowl game. ULL must win this one. Their next three weeks will be brutal with ULM, WKU and a non conference game with Florida on the schedule. ASU is not the team they were last year but still capable. The Cajuns have played well at home this season and should win this one in a close game.

2. Cincinnati vs Louisville: An important Big East match up (as such things go)  between two teams in contention for the conference title. Louisville has a good QB in the Bridgewater kid but they have just not won any games over quality opposition. They do manage to edge bad teams and undefeated is undefeated at this point in the season. Cincinnati was exposed somewhat last week in their road trip to Toledo. Which of these teams is better? Hard to say. It is a toss up and I will go with the Ohio team to pull it out of the hat.

3. South Carolina vs TN: This one may be good. South Carolina just has not shown up the last two weeks and will need to do so this Saturday. The Vols are a long way from being a good team. I think that Spurrier's squad will win this one fairly handily.

4. Ole Miss vs Arkansas: Neither of these teams is real good. The Hogs have shown some improvement and Ole Miss gave the Tide and the Aggies all they wanted a few weeks back. This one is another toss up and I will go with the Razorbacks in a close one.

5. Southern Miss vs Rice: Bad teams both. Which one is worse? The Golden Eagles. Rice had their chances against Tulsa, the best team in CUSA, last week but came up just short. I think the Owls will win here.

6. Texas Tech vs KSU: Another test for both teams. We know KSU is the real deal but the jury is still out a bit on TTU. If the Wildcats have the offensive performance that they did Saturday last then they will win this one. Go with KSU in a fun game to watch. KSU fun to watch? Yes, a bit odd I know.

7. Clemson vs Wake Forest: These Tigers can play the game when, and only when, it seems to suit them. Good job last week demolishing Beamer's squad. It is fun to watch Frank Beamer suffer humiliation, he is such a class guy, although one does feel a bit for the athletes. That being said, Clemson is the hands down better team here and should win. Go with the Tigers.

8. Florida vs Georgia: I am going to place Florida at the top of the Bartender Cabbie Rankings this week. Yes even ahead of the Tide. Florida has just had more quality wins to this point. Georgia is a dangerous team but just probably not quite on the level of the top two teams in conference. Probably not even the best of the second tier (LSU, Mississippi State, South Carolina, TAMU). They may give Florida some problems with this being a major rivalry game for both but they will come up short. Go with the Gators.

9. Notre Dame vs Oklahoma: This is the week where the Irish will be exposed as just not a top ten team. Oklahoma, despite one loss, is still in the conversation for a possible national title bid while Notre Dame is lucky, darn lucky, to not have two losses at this point. They barely escaped BYU and Stanford may have been robbed in OT a couple weeks back. Oklahoma is the better team and should have little problem here.

10. Texas Agriculture vs Auburn: TAMU is by far the better team here and should win. They really should have beaten LSU last week but too many turnovers and a rather inept defense kept the game just out of reach. Auburn is bad. No punches pulled. The Aggies should win even if they don't show up with their A game.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Post Week 8 2012 College Football Recap

Another week of the 2012 college football season is in the books and, as usual this time of year, the cream is rising to the top. I might add that controversy abounds also. We will get to that in a minute. This week I went a less than stellar 5-5 but still running 62-19 for the season. I wonder how one gets a job as a college football analyst. Is that even a real job? Probably not........

The biggest surprise probably would be the rout that was the Gator/Gamecock contest. In an earlier post I mentioned that Florida and LSU were the same team in different uniforms. I think I may retract that statement. At this time Florida could very well be the number one squad in the country. They showed the ability to work with both the passing and running game along with a very stingy defense. South Carolina has been a bit of a disappointment of late. They probably should have beaten LSU but did not even belong on the same field as the Gators.

Speaking of LSU, they had some trouble with a mistake prone Aggie squad. The Aggies jumped out early but turnovers and a lack of quality defense cost them the win. LSU can run on below par defense, but with that one dimensional offense they will lose at least two more before all is said and done. The Aggies have proven in year one that they can play SEC ball. There is really not that much real difference between Big Twelve and SEC anyway. More top to bottom good teams in the SEC usually. Now if the Aggies came out the the Big East or WAC then it would be a real topic of conversation.

The Tide win again. No surprise their. They have not been seriously challenged this season. Of course they have been lucky in the scheduling dept. They have faced very little in the way of power to this point. They may be the best team in the country but others have won games over quality competition and the argument can be made............

My fear is that Notre Dame will somehow find a way to run the table and be considered a legitimate candidate  for the "big game at the end." They are in no way at that level but it seems that the NCAA/television mafia want to push the Irish down our throats every chance they get. This year they have real opportunity to do just that.
Notre Dame is a good team sure. Much better than in the recent past, but a lackluster win over a very very average BYU team along with a controversial (to say the least) call that may have saved them from a Stanford comeback in OT 2 weeks back is just not top 10.
I am sure my fear is groundless. They do have to play an Oklahoma squad team that is not out of the national picture quite yet. It would be surprising if the Irish can hang long......

KSU is perhaps the surprise of the season. The utter beat down they dealt out was pretty surprising. The KSU passing game was also a surprise.  WVU has a poor defense but it has now been shown that the offense can do little against a team with a tough defense. Two weeks in a row. At one time I though that WVU was a top ten squad. I am not so sure they are top 25 right about now. Not sure at all.
If the Wildcats do indeed prove to have a balanced attack they are a team that can play with anybody. Their defense is Florida/LSU good and and their offense may be able to hang with Bama, Florida and Oregon.  A legitimate national challenger the Wildcats. They meet a tougher than expected Texas Tech squad next week and will need to be on their "A" game. A loss by KSU will automatically disqualify them for a shot at the "title" game. However I would expect that a one loss Oklahoma would still "qualify." We already know that a one (or two) loss SEC team can qualify. The politics of the game..........

Is there any other football worth talking about? Certainly not in the Big Ten. The PAC 12 (or whatever) perhaps? Oregon destroyed the Sun Devils last Thursday. One has to feel for the ASU athletes but it was nice to see Todd Graham humiliated a bit. Does a heart good. If Oregon did not call off the dogs in the second half they could possibly have scored 80 points or more.

Oregon State is right there with a nice, but not real convincing, win over a rather pitiful Utah team. If Riley expects to keep his team in the national conversation then they need to issue beat downs. Unsportsman  like to be sure, but in today's BCS environment, it is the only way for a "dark horse" to stay in the conversation. That is just the way it is.

Clemson had a nice win over Beamer's group. Those particular Tigers can play pretty good when it suits them. FSU let Miami hang around way too long before finally making it a semi rout. Al Golden migh wish he had stayed at Temple before all is said and done. It was also nice to see Duke "upset" NC. My good will only extends to the Duke football program BTW....

The MAC made another statement with the Toledo win over Cincinnati. Well maybe not. Cincinnati may have been over rated and Toledo under. Typical of the pollsters (and BCS) to over rate a Big East squad and discount a MAC team.

Tulsa had a scare from Rice (of all teams) but came out on top. Tulsa is probably the only team in CUSA that is any good at all. Well UCF will make some noise in conference yet, but they are not what I would consider a good team.

ULM is in the driver seat in the still up for grabs SBC. They "hold their destiny in their hands" as the television honks love to say......

Rutgers and Lousville keep plodding along. One of these two teams is a top 25 pretender. Probably Louisville. Their QB puts up some good numbers but their close wins over very low quality competition........

About enough for one sitting. Look for the week 9 predictions at some point in the next day or two along with an updated Bartender Cabbie Rankings. Can you guess who won't be in the number one spot?........

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some Thoughts On The Aggie/Tiger Tilt

Kevin Sumlin is blessed it seems. His first year in College Station and he has this Manziel kid behind center and has built a respectable season with the only loss coming from a Gator team in the opener. Sound familiar? Sumlin comes from Houston where he was known for quick strike offense and good QB play. He does however, just like his previous Houston teams, have a defense that is suspect. Beyond suspect. Last week they let a LA. Tech squad come storming back and nearly taking the W from them. Of course that may have little to do with Sumlin. The Aggies have been cursed in the recent past in second half play. It might be supernatural.........

For all the talk from the pundits about the Aggie problems in the second half; the historical won/loss record between the schools; which team plays better in the mornings; etc. etc....It will all come down to who can keep the other team offense on the bench. Nothing profound there.

If the Aggies can move the ball they will win. The LSU offense may not be able to match scores. What LSU does have however is a decent defense. Might even be considered stellar by some. If they limit the quick strike capability of the Aggies, well, it will be a long day in College Station for the  faithful. In the Aggies only loss they faced a tough defensive opponent with a bruising but rather sluggish offense, so they have seen a Tiger before in Gator uniform. They came up just short in that contest I might point out.

There are those in the Tiger camp who say that the road to the "National Championship" goes through Baton Rouge. That is a bit of a stretch frankly, maybe even ridiculous, but there is still a lot of football left to play. Who knows? The flip side of that record is that there are Aggie honks who are saying that they have already beaten the best team from Louisiana and will have little trouble with this group of Coon Asses. They may or may not have a valid point there.........

We will see shortly.

 One thing I do know certain; an Aggie victory will unleash braying that will last for days (if not longer). Nothing and I mean nothing is more nauseating than Aggie honkage.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bartender Cabbie On Gambling In College Sports

In years past there have been public service type advertisements condemning gambling on college athletics. The gist was college athletes are "kids" still and it is somehow immoral (or something) to gamble on their various sporting contests. Hmmmmmm.

Most of the "student athletes" playing college sports can vote. They can join the service and get shot at by wild Mohammedans or, if they chose a different career path, even star in porno flicks. A substantial number of them can even legally buy an adult beverage if it suits them.

Somehow it is immoral to gamble on college sport? Give me a break.

A Real Debate Settled on the Frozen Tundra of Denton, TX.

I take it there was a debate Tuesday last at Hofstra University. As if that one really matters. If you think that there will be any significant change for the better in the country no matter the outcome of the election, well, I have a bridge at a reasonable price...........Will our business community quit outsourcing jobs offshore? Will we deny and revoke all student visas from Mohammedan nations? Will the border be protected? Etc. Etc. You know the answers. Be honest.

The debate  that I was interested in took place on the playing field in Denton, TX. NTSU kept their  hopes alive in the near wide open Sun Belt conference race and the Ragin Cajuns, while damaged, still have a decent shot at the conference title. 

The first half of play belong to the Cajuns. Houston transfer Terrance Broadway did a commendable job starting for the inured Gautier at QB and the defense kept the rather good running game of NTSU in check. The second half however.........NTSU played up and manhandled the Cajuns.
Having watched NTSU take on power teams (KSU, LSU) earlier in the season I came to the conclusion that they have some talent and would likely be able to compete in the SBC.  As it stands now they are 2-1 in conference with a 3-4 overall record.

The SBC has two teams undefeated in conference play (ULM and WKU), but they will face off this week and one of them has to lose. Whoever wins there will, as the hacks say, "hold their destiny in their hands." I picked ULM to edge the Hilltoppers but it really could go either way. Both teams are very good as far as Sun Belt squads go and they both just might be good teams period.

The rest of the contenders? There are 4 teams standing at 2-1 in conference play and one 2-2. The other three, including early favorite FIU, are already out of the conversation. Middle TN meets a probably over rated SEC team  (MS. State) this week and might just have enough talent to pull off a "stunning" upset. Maybe not. They did lose in their opener to a IAA squad, (albeit a pretty good one in the form of a McNeese State Cowboy squad). but have done a fairly good job since.

ULL and Arkansas State square off next Tuesday in another one of those early week television games. Another toss up perhaps and whoever wins there will continue to be in the hunt. The loser will likely be done or, at the very least, be relegated to "longshot" status.

North Texas has a bye week and will not play until Oct 27 against the Blue Raiders. They need to get their reps in if they have any chance of keeping their hopes alive. I'm sure they would like to make a statement in their last year of Sun Belt play before moving "up" to CUSA.

Troy, the last contender, must win. They meet up with FIU and, (unless the Panthers start playing like early forecasts), should win. At 2-2 in conference play the Trojans have no room left for error.

The Sun Belt Conference is fun football. Some of the big boys have learned the hard way that scheduling an SBC school can make them look foolish at their own pad. None of the teams will be in the conversation as a "BCS buster" anytime soon, but there is some darn good football played in this oft overlooked league.

Speaking of debates....... I hear there is one tonight that may have an impact on BCS standings. Oregon and AZ. State may (or may not be) a good game. ASU is only one of 5 teams in the PAC 12 that is at least somewhat capable and will be up for this one. Todd Graham has no class or character but he can coach the game and will have his team as ready as they can be for a meeting with the number 3 team in the BCS.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bartender Cabbie on Soccer

In the United States soccer is for suburban youth, third world immigrants (both legal and no), and displaced European hooligans. It should at no time be considered real sport by real American sports fans. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BCR 2012 College Football Rankings Oct 16

The ridiculous BCS top 25 is out for all to wonder over. Hard to believe the premier sport in college athletics is still controlled by such a system. There are certainly some head scratchers.......That being said I have unveiled the Bartender Cabbie Rankings for this week. Oh, I have left Ohio State out of the mix as they are on probation and irrelevant. They would a lower top 10 squad if not under sanction.

1. Alabama: No reason to knock the Tide off the perch quite yet. They were unchallenged last week but may have a bit more trouble than one might think against the Vols. Rivalry game and all that.......

2. Oregon: Still see no real reason to drop them from the second spot. We may learn more about the Ducks Thursday when they finally face a half way decent opponent.

3. Florida: Good team. A pleasant or not so pleasant surprise. Depends on if, like any good American, you are a Gator hater.

4. KSU: Good solid football team. Needs to watch out Saturday against an embarrassed WVU squad.

5. South Carolina: A better team than showed up last Saturday. They deserved to lose what with those ridiculous uniforms.

6. Oklahoma: They are back. Good football team. The loss to KSU may (or may not have)been an anomaly.

7. Oregon State: Under the radar. Could challenge for the top spot in the PAC 12. May be ranked a bit high. May be right on the money.

8. LSU: May be ranked a bit high here. May be ranked a bit low. We will learn more Saturday when they travel to College Station.

9. Notre Dame: Bad call robbed Stanford of a chance to go to double OT. Lucky to escape the Cardinal last week.

10. FSU: The loss to NC State was bad luck pure and simple. May run the table in the ACC for the remainder of the season. Does face an average Miami squad this week but the Canes may be up for this one. The Seminoles better be also.

11. Texas Agriculture: Yep. Despite almost blowing it against a very dangerous but somewhat over matched La. Tech team last week, they move up. The offense is good and getting better. They better learn to play some defense though. They have at least an even chance of beating the Louisiana Tigers this week.

12. Georgia: A dangerous football team that may be capable of beating anyone on a good day. Also capable of losing to just about anyone when not clicking.

13. WVU: Good offense that just didn't show up Saturday. No defense. Won't be a top ten squad without learning to stop the opponent. May well get schooled by a bruising KSU offense Saturday.

14. Stanford:  May be better than their record.

15. Mississippi State: The schedule gets tougher from here on starting Saturday with a dangerous Sun Belt opponent which has upset in mind. I would not be surprised if Middle Tennessee State gives them all they can handle come Saturday. They may or may not be a real top 25 squad. Jury is still out.

16. USC: Still not convinced just yet this is a solid top 20 team. Has a QB that will get a shot in the NFL but just don't see what else they have frankly.

17. Cincinnati: Probably the best of the Big East teams. Has not had a serious challenge yet. Plays a tough MAC squad this week and will need to be on their A game.

18. Rutgers: Plodding along. Still undefeated.

19. Texas Tech: They certainly surprised WVU last week. The win, especially by that margin, was likely an anomaly.

20. Boise State: Not what they have been the last couple of seasons but a dangerous team to face none the less.

21. Louisville: Still undefeated. Not convinced they are the real deal despite what Lou Holtz says about them.

22. Louisiana Tech: Came back strong on the Aggies. Had their chances. Should run the table the rest of the way.

23. Clemson: OK. I am not sold on this team as a solid top 20 squad quite yet.

24. Wisconsin: Improving. Despite loss to Nebraska, may be able to finish strong in the Big Ten. They do face Ohio State down the road but do not have to meet with Michigan.

25. Iowa State: A decent team. Can be a dangerous opponent for anyone in the top 25.

On the bubble:
1. Ohio: Ranked last week. Winning but not convincingly enough to make the top 25 this go round.
2. Toledo: A win this week against Cincinnati could move them into the BCR top 25.
3. Michigan: Not convinced yet.
4. Michigan State: Ditto
5. Nebraska: On par with MSU, Michigan and Wisconsin. Decent teams that could find their way into the bottom quarter of the rankings before all is said and done
6. Arizona State: We will see Thursday night what they are made of.
7. Texas: If they rebound strong the next few weeks they may find their way back in. Oklahoma looked like they were playing Akron instead of the Longhorns last week. They fall a long way from last week with that beat down they suffered.
8. Northern Illinois: Under the radar good MAC team.
9. Nevada: Could creep in
10 Utah State: If they run the table the rest of the way I would be willing to put them in the top 25. They must beat Louisiana Tech first. A tough proposition.
11. NC State: We will see how they do the next couple of weeks. They were very lucky in their win over FSU two weeks back.
12. Duke: Still has a shot at making the top 25. Very good team for a Duke squad this year.
13. TCU: OK. Maybe.
14. ULM and/or WKU: A very long shot.
15. North Carolina: Ditto.

Week 8 2012 College Football Predictions and Conference Ranking Bonus

There were some good games last week and some very interesting ones on tap this. Wonder what surprises are in store this week.

1. ULL vs North Texas: Sun Belt Tuesday night football. I love it. The Cajuns are in the thick of the hunt for an SBC title and North Texas is hanging by a thread. The game is in Denton and I would like to make a little trip north to see it. There is no margin for error for the Cajuns with WKU and ULM the favorites and MTSU along with Arkansas State still in contention for the conference title. I would imagine that Dan McCarney will have the Mean Green a contender in CUSA next season ...... That being said, the Cajuns have to win this one and will do so.

2. Houston vs SMU: If the Cougars aren't careful they may have a winning season. June Jones' Mustang squad is having a rough year. They will be mad and out to prove that aren't totally inept after that ridiculous loss to Tulane last week. This will be close and I will go with Houston to pull it out of the hat.

3. Oregon vs Arizona State: Finally the Ducks will face an at least semi decent opponent. They have had a pretty easy row to hoe thus far. The Sun Devils can play ball at times but it is doubtful that they will keep pace here. Go with the Ducks.

4. ULM vs WKU: One of these two teams are the hands down favorites right now to win the Sun Belt. Both are very good teams for the conference and at least one (or both) of them may be a good team period. This one is a toss up and I will have to go with ULM in a close one.

5. Cincinnati vs Toledo: This cross state game should be a good one. Cincinnati might or might not be over rated and Toledo is possibly under rated. Cincinnati so far has had a very easy schedule. Almost ridiculous. Toledo is a good MAC team. It could be close and I will go with Toledo for the upset.

6. Idaho vs Louisiana Tech: The Bulldogs had their chances on the national stage and came up just short last week. They should have no problem though when the Vandals come calling. Go with Louisiana Tech.

7. LSU vs TAMU: This will be good. LSU has a pretty good defense and can, at times, have a bruising running game. TAMU has the offense but the defense is supsect. LSU has the talent to be the better all around team I think but not sure they will sustain the momentum they had last week. I don't know who to pick here but I will go with my gut and predict and Aggie upset. I hate to say that. Nothing is more ridiculous than Aggie honkage.

8. SDSU vs Nevada: Nevada is a good team. SDSU is struggling. This is an important conference game and Nevada needs to win every one of them what with Boise State still in the MWC this season. Nevada probably has the talent to win. I have not watched any of the Wolfpack games this year but they seem to be on track. Go with the team from Reno.

9. KSU vs WVU: KSU will need to be on their A game. It is doubtful that the Mountaineers will just decide not to show up two weeks in a row. KSU should be able to run over the rather woeful WVU defense but the Wildcat D must keep the Mountaineer offense on the bench. It will either be a close KSU win or a Mountaineer blow out. I go with KSU to man up and take this one.

10. Florida vs South Carolina: Another good one. I think the reason that the Gamecocks lost last week was because they showed up in ridiculous foofoo uniforms. That just ain't SEC. OK that being said, this game is a toss up. If the regular South Carolina offense shows up then it will be a USC victory. If not? Look for the Gators to win. It will probably be a close one and I will go out on a limb and predict a Gamecock "upset."

One hears all the time about the SEC being the toughest conference in football. There is something to be said here. Every conference has one or two very good teams IE Oregon and Oregon State in the PAC 12; FSU in the ACC; Ohio State in the Big Ten; Boise State in the MWC; Louisiana Tech in the WAC, but none have a Florida, Alabama, South Carolina or LSU to contend with. When a very capable Mississippi State and Georgia is also added to the mix? Well...............The only conference even close would be the ten team Big Twelve and it runs a rather distant second.

If, and only if, I were to rank the conferences in football power it would look something like this.

1. SEC - Might not always have the best team in the country but always is the toughest top to bottom.
2. Big Twelve: Always has two and sometimes three teams that are capable of competing with the best of the SEC.
3. PAC 12: One or two very good teams usually but the rest are not quality
4. Big Ten: Usually has one good, solid football team that is capable of competing with good SEC teams.
5. ACC: One or two good teams. Usually not able to compete for a national title
6. MWC: With Boise State and Nevada here I would put them ahead of the Big East this season. Usually the Big East would be marginally better probably.
7. Big East: No one ever capable of competing in the top ranks of college ball especially since WVU has bolted.
8. Sun Belt: No longer at the bottom of the barrel. Improvement seen every year. Some of the big boys in college football are becoming leery about scheduling some SBC schools likely.
9. CUSA: Has fallen off the pace this year. Usually would put them on the level of the Big East.
10. MAC: A special brand of football. Kind of reminds me of Ivy League. Sort of self contained group. Has some teams that can surprise the big boys usually.
11. WAC: Should really be a IAA league frankly. Louisiana Tech is the class of the conference since most teams bolted for the MWC. This year Louisiana Tech is a good team period and Utah State is good for a WAC squad.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Post Week 7 College Football Recap 2012

To say that the college game is difficult to predict would be putting it mildly. Some of the games this weekend past leave this college football fan scratching his head.

Who would have thought that WVU would fall to what I still consider a very mediocre TTU team. Granted, WVU has no defense to speak of, but the offense has been something to watch. Until yesterday it seems. Things are not so easy in the ten team Big Twelve as they can be in the Big East. Something the Mountaineers found out the hard way.

It is not a surprise particularly that Oklahoma was victorious over the Longhorns but the utter beat down is rather shocking. I can't help but wonder if Coach Brown is getting a little tired. If he is ready to retire the administration at UT will gladly help him out if there are any more embarrassments like this.

It certainly looked to me like Stanford scored on their last possession in OT against the Irish. Not saying they were robbed or anything but.........

I certainly did not see LSU being able to keep pace with South Carolina. LSU does have a very good defense but a very average offense. I figured that USC would have been able to outpace them in a very low scoring game. Not to be. Both LSU, USC (and for that matter Georgia and TAMU), can keep in mind that a one loss SEC team is historically capable of playing for the "national title." Did I forget Mississippi State? Wouldn't that be something?

KSU the only unbeaten in the Big Twelve? Appears so. They are not especially exciting to watch but somehow get the job done. They did have their hands full against a pretty capable Iowa State squad and I imagine that at some point they will get tripped up, but they are a quality team none the less.

Is there really anything else worth talking about? Well Wisconsin does seem to be gaining some equilibrium in the rather woeful Big Ten. I think they still may well prove to be the best team in conference.  Ohio State is irrelevant due to sanctions but are a good ball club. That really may be about all that is worth talking about. Not convinced that Michigan or MSU (or perhaps Nebraska) are top 25 caliber. We will see.

I will put the BCR (Bartender Cabbie Rankings) out just as soon as I feel like it. Tonight perhaps?

BTW last week I inadvertently picked 11 games and went 7-4. Total so far this year is 57-14. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/7/2012 Bartender Cabbie College Football Rankings

There were some good games yesterday and some that were in the Bartender Cabbie Top 25 found themselves on the outside looking in. A bit of shuffling as it were.......

Post week 6 rankings.

1. Alabama: The Tide had a bye week and there is no reason not to keep them number one.

2. Oregon: A good performance keeps them in the number two spot.

3. South Carolina: It gets tougher here. SC is a good team and may have a shot at a SEC title.

4. Notre Dame: Moving up with a beat down of Miami. May have trouble this week against a pesky Stanford squad.

5. KSU: Easy victory keeps them in fifth.

6. West Virginia: Excellent offense propels them into the top ten. Would be higher if they had a defense. They must improve defensively if they are to stay in the top 10.

7. Florida: Moves up one spot after defeating LSU.

8. Texas: Moves down one spot after taking WVU down to the wire.

9. Oklahoma: Comes back after KSU debacle with a beat down of Texas Tech.

10. Ohio State: Hands down the best team in the Big Ten, but not quite on the level with the better SEC or Big Twelve teams. At least not yet.

11. Oregon State: A good albeit under the radar football team.

12. FSU: From three to twelve is a big drop. Still even ranked as high as twelve might be just a bit generous here. They should have the talent to come back and win the ACC though. Perhaps even work their way back into the top 10. All talk of a "national championship" is over and done though. At least it should be. Tie with Georgia for 12th spot.

12. Georgia: Not as bad as they looked Saturday. Still a team to contend with in SEC play. Tied with Georgia for 12th spot.

13. LSU: The only reason to rank the Tigers this high is that they do have the talent to win. Unsure of the coaching staff though.

14. Cincinnati: A real dark horse to make it into the top ten but they are playing good ball. Could challenge Ohio State for the best team in Ohio award. Well, probably not.

15. Louisiana Tech: Moving up with another victory. Will have a true test when Texas Aggies come calling. We will then see if this team is as good as I believe them to be.

16. Clemson: Lackluster victory over a woeful team drops them one spot

17. USC: Beating Utah by a few points does not portend upward mobility. They drop a bit.

18. Mississippi State: Another victory sees them inching northward.

19. Rutgers: OK. They still have not lost one yet. Nineteen may be a bit generous though.

20. Stanford: We will see how they do against Notre Dame. If they hang tough they will move up. If they upset the resurgent Irish then I certainly have them vastly under rated.

21. Boise State: All right. There is no way that this school will be down for long. Have worked their way into the top 25.

22. Texas Agriculture: A better team than many would have thought. May work their way up but just as easily could disappear out of the Bartender Cabbie Rankings.

23. Ohio: A good team that can give a lot of top teams fits. Had a scare with Buffalo last week. Another too close for comfort win with a MAC team will likely drop them from the rankings.

24. Iowa State: The Cyclones really have come out of nowhere and are building a decent season. Probably be hit in the mouth with the reality stick this week when KSU comes calling.

25. Nebraska: This spot could have gone to any number of Big Ten (and a couple of MAC) teams frankly. Wisconsin, MSU, Northwestern, Michigan, Toledo, and Northern Illinois were all considered.

Moving out of the top 25 this week were TCU and Northwestern. The Frogs are just not as good as advertised and now they are without a starting QB.

Others that have top 25 potential
1. Michigan
2. Northwestern
3. Michigan State
4. Tulsa (the best of CUSA)
5. Wisconsin (interchangeable with Michigan, MSU, Northwestern and Nebraska)
6. Toledo (might have the opportunity to be the best in the MAC)
7. San Jose State (took Stanford down to the wire. has not lost any other games)
8. Utah State (5 points is all that stands between these Aggies and an undefeated season thus far)
9. Nevada (a loss to USF sends up the red flags for me)
10. Louisville (they need to convince me first)
11. NC State
12. Duke (believe it or not).
13. Arizona State (well not really)
14. UCLA (had their chance. would take a lot of work to get back in)
15. Northern Illinois (a pretty good team for the MAC. might get lucky and move up)

Addendum: I inadvertently had two teams number 12 FSU/GA. I suppose this could be the top 26 for this week.

Week 7 2012 College Football Predictions

There were some excellent games last week and this week may be just about as good. So far this year I stand at 50-10 with last week being an "off" week at 7-3. Wonder how it will go this week.

On to the predictions.....

1. WKU vs Troy: This Thursday night Sun Belt match up should be interesting. A host of SBC teams are still in contention for the conference crown including these two. WKU is a pretty good team but must face the Trojans in Alabama. Taggert is shaping up to be a darn good coach and of course Blakeney is a proven commodity. Troy has been down for a couple of years but still has a legitimate shot at SBC crown. They must win here though. It may be a close game but I will go with WKU to edge the Trojans and pretty much knock them out of contention.

2. Louisville vs Pittsburgh: Louisville is in the top 25 in the AP poll, but does not make it in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings. They are 5-0 at this point, and that does say something, but they have had no signature win. They edged a dismal Southern Mississippi team two weeks ago and just did not look top 25 to me. A victory here might move them into the Bartender Cabbie Rankings. They should have enough to beat the Panthers but it might be close. Go with Louisville.

3. Iowa State vs KSU: ISU has quietly built a good season but then again they have had a rather easy row to hoe. They did have a nice win over an over ranked TCU squad last week granted. A squad that had a very capable starting QB suspended though........KSU is a good team and perhaps will end the season in a BCS Bowl.  They should bring a dose of reality to the Iowa State squad. Go with the Wildcats.

4. Duke vs Virginia Tech: Duke, like ISU above, has done a pretty good job thus far. Reality will hit sooner or later but I am just not sure that the Hokies are the team to do it. The Hokies are exposed. They are horrible. If I were a VTU fan (and thank goodness I am not), I would be thinking that Beamer has overstayed his welcome. That being said, this game should be pretty good and I would imagine that somehow or other Va. Tech will come ou on top.  Duke is Duke after all. We aren't talking basketball here.

4. UTSA vs Rice: The Roadrunners are 5-0 at this point. Of course they have played two DII schools and one that is just two years removed from DII. UTSA is only marginally a real D1 team. That being said the road trip to Rice Stadium could be a nice win for them. If they can pull it off. They did beat another woeful D1 (NMSU) school earlier this year. Can they do it again? Toss up. I will go with Rice here. Not sure why.

5. Oklahoma vs Texas: OK here we have it. I am thinking this is the game of the week. Certainly means a lot in the Big Twelve race. Both schools have one in conference loss but both are still certainly in the race for the conference crown. I have watched both teams rather extensively this season and think that the Longhorns are the better squad. Marginally. I am not certain that Oklahoma could have hung with WVU as well as the Horns but I am rather certain that Texas would have performed better against KSU. This is a huge rivalry game though and you know what they say. I am going with Texas in a very close game. Either team has a legitimate shot at being a top 10 squad before all is said and done.

6. Stanford vs Notre Dame: This may be good. The Cardinal have had the Irish number.This is a different Fighting Irish team though. One that is actually pretty darn good. Stanford has a knack for playing above thier talent level to be sure and will be up for this one. Can Stanford pull another one out of the hat? I think so. Maybe just wishful thinking I admit.

7. Utah State vs San Jose State: An important WAC match up. Both teams are quite good as far as WAC teams go. SJSU has been a bit of a surprise this season and Utah State is just five points away from being undefeated at this point. They really should have beaten BYU last Thursday but fell just short. The Aggies have faced marginally tougher competition and that experience may be enough to put them over the top. Well I almost forgot about the SJSU/Stanford game in the opener. The Spartans hung tough there.  This game is is toss up and I will go with Utah State by less than a touchdown. It could go either way.

8. TAMU vs Louisiana Tech: This may be a very good game. TAMU is really not a bad football team. Their young QB is already one to watch. Louisiana Tech may well be the best team in the bayou state. There are those that believe that to be the case. It certainly helps that the Bulldogs are facing the Aggies on home turf. If the Bulldogs want any chance of being taken seriously this is a must win. I will go out on a limb and predict a victory from the lessor known Louisiana team.

9. Alabama vs Mizzou: Missouri is not a very good team. They had trouble consistently competing in the Big Twelve and will not be able to do so in the SEC. I did notice some chinks in the Bama armor two weeks back in their hard fought victory over Ole Miss. That being said, the Tigers will not be able to stay long on the field with the Tide. I must warn Missouri fans though not to get inebriated  and lay down anywhere.........

10. South Carolina vs LSU: This is another big game. Can LSU bounce back and actually play the game as it was designed to be played? They certainly have the talent. Will Spurrier's squad have a let down after a signature win over Georgia? We will see. I have the feeling that the Gamecocks are a bit too fast for the Tigers but then I look at the lackluster performance that they put up against Kentucky two weeks back. Which South Carolina team will show up? Still I will go with the Gamecocks to pretty much end the Tiger season here.

Have a good week and enjoy he games.

Week 6 2012 College Football Recap

In the SEC, "Big XII," and in a rare year, the" BIg X," one loss would not necessarily disqualify a team from a chance to play for the mythical "national championship." One loss in the ACC will knock a team out of contention though. The ACC, PAC12 and Big East are truly "one and done" BCS conferences. The competition level is just not there  top to bottom. That is exactly what happened to FSU yesterday. I watched most of the second half of play and FSU just did not look like a national contender. A good team sure. Top twenty no doubt. Top 10? Not so much.
I was a little surprised that they allowed a very average NC State team to  hang around and ultimately win as seconds ticked away but that is exactly what happened.  FSU may well win the ACC, and play in a "BCS Bowl,' but they have no shot at the Title game.

In other ACC news; has anyone noticed that Duke is just one victory away from being "bowl eligible?" With so may bowls now the Blue Devils are almost assured of getting one. Wouldn't it be interesting if they ran the table for the remainder of the year? Won't happen, but fun to think about. It is Duke football after all.

What did the Gator victory of LSU prove? Mostly that the Tigers were over rated this year. Other than  the  beat down over a very very average Washington squad early, they have just not played up to their potential. There have been warnings and alarm bells going off about the Tiger team this season. The games with North Texas and Towson were certainly indicators that LSU is not the same team that we are used to of late.
Does that mean that Florida is ready to vie for a national title? Probably not. They do appear to be a team to take very seriously though.

Has anyone noticed that the Aggies are rather quietly building a pretty good season in the SEC? They are certainly competing better than I thought they would in  year one. Of course victories over Arkansas and Ole Miss don't mean much at this point....

Georgia's lackluster performance yesterday was somewhat of an anomaly perhaps. I have noted that the Bulldogs start off slow early in games this year, but tend to come back strong. That didn't work out so well yesterday. South Carolina proved they are the real deal for certain.

Which coach will be fired first. Gene at Auburn or John L. at Arkansas? Both will be gone at season's end. If not before.

In order to beat West Virginia a team will need a very good defense and at least an offense that is capable of matching scores. If the Mountaineers had a defense worth mentioning then it is quite possible that we would be discussing them as a contender for a national title. As it stands now, WVU is a very very good team, but greatness might allude them. They remind me a bit of  the Texas Tech squads under Leach or the Houston teams under both Briles and Sumlin. Excellent offensive teams that just could not get over the hump due to horrific defense. The Texas team they met yesterday has both a good defense and a very capable offense and fell just short.
It is possible the WVU can overcome their defensive problem and win the Big Twelve? Very possible. It would be interesting to see the Mountaineers play a Bama. Georgia, SC, Oregon, or Florida in a BCS Bowl. Likely will happen. I can't include them as a contender for the Title game with that below average defense though. At least not yet.

Texas Tech and TCU were exposed yesterday. I figured as much frankly. TCU does not look the the Frog teams of the last few seasons and when you compound that with a suspended QB?.........The writing was on the wall there.
Am I the only one who thinks it is high time for Tuberville to catch the next flight out? Probably not. TTU will not compete in Big Twelve play with that coach. Just won't happen.

Oklahoma will be a top 10 team before all is said and done. Mark it. KSU? They may be able to stay there. Or not. Hard to say at this point. The Wildcats have a good defense and a bruising, methodical run game. Can such an offense compete long term in this age? We will see.

Is Ohio State the only team in the Big Ten that can play football? That appears to be the case this season. If the Buckeyes were not irrelevant due to sanctions, they might be worthy of discussion.

Oregon is hands down the best team in the PAC12. The other Oregon team ain't bad either. Stanford can play a little ball also but USC has been a disappointment for those who don't wish ill on the Trojans.A lackluster victory over Utah Thursday last doesn't quite mean USC is back. No one else deserves mention. Yes that means you UCLA.

Ohio survived a scare with a somewhat under rated Buffalo squad but came out on top. Ohio is a good team and would give quite a number of top 20 teams a run for their money. I will say the same about Louisiana Tech, Boise State, and perhaps Nevada. Good teams all.

Have I mentioned that Notre Dame appears to finally be back? Now that is a darn shame.

In local action; it seems that if the Cougars are not careful, they might just have a winning season. CUSA is dismal and that will certainly help them in that regard. Rice lost to Memphis and that pretty much says it all. I would imagine that this will be Bailiff's last season leading the Owls.

I will try to get the Bartender Cabbie Top 25 for this week and the predictions for next week out as soon as possble. Last week I fell off the pace a bit and went 7-3.

Friday, October 5, 2012

High Gas Prices In California. Coming to a Station Near You Soon?

It seems that gasoline prices are bumping the five buck a gallon mark (and higher) in parts of California.  Some are reporting an artificial shortage exacerbated by station managers refusing to buy fuel at  high wholesale prices. Who can blame them? They will be stuck when the price finally drops to "normal" rates.

Part of the problem is that there have some issues at CA. refineries that produce their off brand blend of fuel. The lawmakers in that state have reaped what they have sown here and the citizens will pay the price.
In Texas we won't be having a problem like in CA. We will just continue to use regular old fuel. Not that it is cheap or anything. At least 2.00 a gallon higher than it should be. At any rate, I would imagine energy "speculation" has a good deal to do with the high cost of fuel everywhere. Perhaps some of these energy trader/speculator types should be sanctioned. Maybe a hangman's noose waiting for the unlucky? Oh. Have I gone too far there?

There can be no "recovery" with fuel prices so high. Wages and salaries have remained near stagnant for over a decade now and the cost of energy has skyrocketed. This latest fiasco in California is just the tip of the iceberg I'll wager.

We are fast becoming a third world nation.

Spooktacular Friday with Sophia Vergara Rule 5

I did not watch the debate the other night. Ghost Hunters followed by Paranormal Witness took precedence. BTW Fort Ontario in Oswego, NY is haunted as a mofo and checking that out was much more interesting than watching a couple of boobs go at it. Besides, I already will vote for Romney. Don't think much of him, but I know what we are getting with South Side Slim. It is high time for a change. To be honest, if the Chicago fraud wins again, I won't get my panties in a knot. I am pretty sure that we are headed toward third world status and that probably won't be changing no matter what. Shame.

They do say that Romney made Obama look like a child who didn't study for the big test. That may have been why he performed so poorly? Gotta prepare Mr. President. The country (and his ridiculous Republican opponent) let the man slide by in 2008 by letting him bellow "hope and change" without serious challenge. No one wanted to be seen as offensive and racist I suppose. You see that in corporate America all the time. I have worked with a few "minorities" that were stupid as ducks but were allowed to slide by. It is easier to just take up the slack than to deal with potential lawsuits and unflattering media attention I would suppose the thinking goes. At any rate, I don't think Slim is just going to skate by here. He may win, but he will be made to look a fool at every chance that presents itself.

I have never understood what the big deal is about requiring someone to have an official ID to vote. You have to have one to drink, rent cars, drive, etc. Some say that a voter ID requirement disenfranchises some folk. Probably not I'm thinking. If one is too lazy or too stupid to get a govt issued ID, then they are probably too stupid to be voting anyway. That is what one party seems to want though. It is easy to convince stupid. Just give them a cell phone.

I suppose that unemployment dropped suddenly last month. There is some braying about such on what passes for the "news" these days. I pretty much don't believe that. Numbers are easy to manipulate for those whose job it is to manipulate them.

In real news, Turkey and Syria appear to be headed toward a showdown. Really (maybe) this time. OK. Turkey is a NATO nation and important in helping to control the entrance to the Black Sea (to keep the Russian Black Sea Fleet bottled. It would have been nice if Ukraine had just told the Russians to get out. Probably not prudent from their point of view though). Anyway, Turkey is very important to the West. It also serves as a buffer of sorts from other Mohammedans. Problem is, Turkey itself may be on the path toward radical Islamization. Very interesting geopolitical dilemma. Syria is run by a strong man who is purportedly a sponsor of terror. Rebel forces are working to unseat Assad and it is rather certain that a good many of those are anti Western Islamists. Assad, while evil, may be the lessor of the two (three or fifty?). His regime pays lip service to anti Zionism and does keep Israel on defense, but he is also not inclined to attack the Jewish State with conventional military means. What will happen after he is decapitated? Probably something along the lines of what we see in North Africa. At some point there will be war. Yep that Arab Spring is really working out.
So what is Turkey (and NATO) to do? Attack Assad and hasten the radicalization of the region or take a vigilant wait and see stance? It is assumed that if Turkey does attack then they will attempt to install friendly elements in Damascus. Problem is, Arabs hate the Turks. Probably matters little whether a Turkish regime is Islamist or secular. There is a history......

I have been hearing some about fairness of late. As in it is not fair for Israel to possess nuclear arms but not allow Iran to do the same. Fairness is over rated and dangerous and has no place in the real world. Israel could not survive more than two strikes (or one) by a nuclear weapon, while the Mohammedans could survive several. It is like Connecticut being surrounded by all the other states that are hell bent on her destruction. If she has an ace (nuclear weaponry) and the rest don't, it makes perfect sense to ensure. by any means required,  that they don't get one (or many). Fairness be damned.

I guess a little Rule 5 is in order. The lovely and talented actress Sophia Vergara for your viewing pleasure. I shamelessly stole this pick from Hawsepiper The man puts up some excellent pics by the way. Interesting read too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 6 2012 College Football Predictions

There are some good games on tap this week and one thing that can be said for this season is that there may be no great teams in Division I ball. It will be interesting.......On to the predictions for week 6. So far this year I stand at 43-7 through five weeks of ball. Hoping to continue the trend.

1. KSU vs Kansas: Conventional wisdom says that records can be thrown out the window for a rivalry game. That is often true but won't be in this case. KSU will wear down the woeful Kansas defense in short order. Wonder if the Jayhawk faithful miss Big Mark Mangino yet. Go with KSU.

2. Utah St. vs BYU: This could be a very good game. Utah State can pull off some surprises and may well be the only team to challenge Louisiana Tech for the WAC crown. BYU put a beat down on an overmatched Hawaii team last week and may have worked out some problems. We will see. This will be a toss up and I will go with the Aggies of Utah State in a close one.

3. Buffalo vs Ohio: The Bobcats are a top twenty team in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings but are not included in the AP, (you know the same poll that had Arkansas ranked 8 and Michigan in the top 10). The team from Ohio is a good, solid, well coached football team. Buffalo may not be as bad as one might think though. They will win some MAC games. The Bobcats need to be on guard here but should prevail. It may be close. Go with Ohio University.

4. North Texas vs Houston: Another evenly matched contest. UNT still has a shot at competing in the Sun Belt and while University of Houston is improving, are not yet even close to being good team. The only thing that keeps the Cougar hope alive in CUSA is the fact that, other than perhaps Tulsa, the conference is horrible. This may be close but I will have to go with Houston here.

5. Rice vs Memphis: Who is the worse team? Probably the Tigers. I will go with Rice here.

6. West Virginia vs Texas: This will be good. The game of the week some say. Others will point to some SEC match ups. No matter.  WVU will score some points in this game. Will the Longhorns be able to keep pace? That is a question that will be decided Saturday. If Texas can keep the Mountaineer offense off the field then they will win. If not? It could get ugly. I will go out on a huge limbe here and predict a Longhorn victory.

7. UNLV vs Louisiana Tech: Louisiana Tech is in the Bartender Cabbie top 25 and should be included in all polls right now. They just might be the best team in Louisiana right now. If they continue to play as they have thus far, they should be able to beat these particular Rebs with relative ease.

8. Hawaii vs SDSU: The Warriors are pretty dismal. Things are not shaping up so fine for the Aztecs at this point either. SDSU is the better team and will prevail here.

9. Georgia vs South Carolina: An important game between two very good teams. South Carolina may be just a tad over rated and Georgia is overshadowed somewhat by the Crimson Tide. This will be a close game and Georgia is marginally the better team. Georgia is either the second or third best team in the country right now and South Carolina a lower half of the top ten type squad. That being said, an upset might be in the works. I will take a gamble and go with Spurrier's squad.

10. LSU vs Florida: Are there three "games of the week." If so, this one has to be included. LSU is over rated and Florida is probably about where they should be. Will LSU come out and prove that they are a team worthy of real respect? That is a question that will be answered Saturday. I think LSU will play the type of ball they should be capable of playing but will still come up just short.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.