Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Bartender Cabbie Tuna Flapper Awards

This has been such a banner year for dickweedery, buffoonery, asshatery, assclownery, and downright vajayjayism that it is hard to pick those who are most deserving of a Tuna Flapper. There is such a host of deserving candidates that it would be an all day affair to sort it out. Therefore this year I am officially awarding only those on the short list. Others can be content that they are in the running I suppose........(As a point of business, none who are no longer among the living are eligible for a posthumous Tuna Flapper. They are standing tall before the Man and our silly earthly awards mean nothing. Therefore I will not dishonor the deceased no matter how deserving they may have been of recognition).

1. Piers Morgan: Piers is an ass and no mistake. A pompous ass! His recent rants on the "gun control" issue are just about over the top. It is annoying and bad enough when an American citizen is so shrill and ignorant on the issue, but to be lectured by a guy who, as a non American, really has no say in the "conversation" is about all that one can stomach. This guy was basically fired for journalistic incompetence and malfeasance in his native land and, for whatever reason, has landed on our shores and employed as a paid "journalist." It would be nice if he would go home, but it is doubtful that his countrymen have any more use for him than we have over here.

2. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee: Sheila should always be a contender for any laurels awarding dumbassery simply for just being Sheila.  A lovely, intelligent, and well grounded woman Lee is. No doubt.

3. Spike Lee: This little racist buffoon certainly qualifies for a Tuna Flapper. First there was the "tweeting" of one George Zimmerman's (the White Hispanic) address with evil intent only to discover that he "tweeted" the address of some elderly couple, thus possibly putting their very lives in danger. Their very lives!
 Not to be outdone with that fiasco he now is on record of damning Tarantino for his new film. Of course he believes it to be racist fare. Or some such. Spike's problem with Tarantino probably stems more from jealousy than anything else. Tarantino still has it while Spike is nothing more than a loud mouth, court side sitting, non entity.

4. Michael Berry: As difficult as it is to do so, local talk show legend Michael Berry has to be included here. For the uninitiated, Berry is a controversial conservative talk show host based in Houston who I suppose would be considered Double A when compared to those in the big leagues of conservative talk radio. There certainly is nothing wrong with that. A good job if you can get it I would imagine. One thing about Berry is that he tends to be right on the money with his assessments of society in general. He is very easy to agree with to be sure. I almost always agree with this guy!! Why the Tuna Flapper then? It is not easy to put a finger on, but there is something just not right with this cat. I am sure his groupies would disagree vehemently but I am going to stand by my guns here.

Earlier in the year Berry was involved in a little incident outside of a seedy gay club where he allegedly was the perpetrator in a minor (property damage) hit and run. Of course the whole issue went away after a while (which may be another story altogether perhaps), but some questions remain. Berry, a man about town, was just in the club for a "cold beer." Fine. No problem. As a man who seems rather well versed on the Houston "scene" he should have known though that this particular establishment is very well known for prostitution and a haven for drug use. He should have known! Everyone else does. More than a few cab drivers won't pick up at the place and for good reason. Be that as it may, it just seems that in a city the size of Houston, he could have picked a more reputable place to stop in for his "cold beer."
Of course the incident leaves open speculation about the tastes of young Michael. How could it not? The issue (and awardance of the Tuna Flapper) has nothing to do with whether or not Berry has appetites perhaps a bit removed from the mainstream. Who cares? Right? No, the reason for awarding a Tuna Flapper is solely based on his public reaction when the (rather amusing) episode came to light.

One of the first things that Berry did was hire a high powered attorney to handle what basically was a rather minor, (as such things go), affair. Fine and good. Nice to have that kind of jack laying around I suppose. He also went on the air (I am sure the transcripts are available) and basically threatened to release dirty laundry on all kinds of folk. Something like "the things I know about people." Or some such. In other words, it seemed (to me) that he was not going to go down without "exposing" a host of others concerning what I would assume are their peccadillos.. It sure sounded like that. You can bet that some folk keep information like that in their back pocket for use if and when it becomes necessary (the Petraeus incident come to mind). You can also bet that more than one within the local "powers that be" community has some skeletons that they would rather keep in the closet. Useful information I would imagine for those who are so inclined to "be in the know." I suspect that Berry is one of those who find dirt on others (potentially) useful.
Berry is deserving of a Tuna Flapper simply for his very public reaction to the affair. Who would have thought that it would have ever come to this?

4. John Covarrubias: This guy is rather under the radar for most but those of us who (sort of ) pay attention to local Houston area fruit loops are quite aware who he is. John is the author of which is a far left forum. That's no problem. His right to do so of course, although it is interesting to note that he was reportedly disciplined in his workplace for using their property (computers) to spew his nonsense. That shows some real intelligence to be sure. That is not why Covarrubias is awarded a Tuna Flapper though. Nope. What earns him the award is his use of allegedly threatening language on Twitter (of course) toward members of the NRA. He did issue an apology of sorts for being offensive, but using offensive language toward someone is a bit different than using (again allegedly) threatening language. Once that cat is out of the bag......

5. Dave Doeren: Who is this guy? Well he is the next coach of the NC State Wolfpack football team. He took the NC State job just before his former team; the NIU Huskies, are to play in the biggest game in school (and Middle American Conference) history. The Huskies will be meeting FSU in the Orange Bowl on the morrow and Doeren will not be on the sidelines to coach them. That is stupid. It is not often that a "mid major" team, not named Boise State, gets to crack the corrupt BCS system to prove their worth. If Doeren wanted a better paying job with a higher profile, so be it. It just seems like high scumbaggery to move on and leave your kids stranded before a bowl game. Of course Doeren is not the first to do so, but far as I can recall, he is the first to do so before his kids play in a real "BCS" game. Well there is Brett Bielema. Forgot about him. Same category as Doeren I guess. At any rate I am kind of thinking that Dave may have missed his only chance to ever coach in a "real" major bowl game. Could be wrong about that of course but am not remiss in awarding Coach Doeren a Tuna Flapper. It is well deserved.

6. Chris Mathews: He just needs to be awarded.

7. H. Clinton: Yes I know the woman has health issues. Allegedly. Well probably. At some point she will need to testify concerning her knowledge of the Benghazi affair. You know the little episode where Americans were brutally killed? The episode where no help was given or no fiery retribution taken? The episode where an improper ongoing affair may have been conveniently leaked to discredit a man who may have certain knowledge that would be detrimental to the current administration? Remember that one? I think you do. Mrs. Clinton certainly deserves a Tuna Flapper until  proven otherwise. As SecState the buck stops with her on this episode. Unless the cowardice and corruption is even a step above her pay grade.

8. Jim DeMint: Jim is awarded a Tuna Flapper for "retiring" from the Senate. His services are needed. Now more than ever. Kind of makes one wonder what the real reason is. Doesn't it?

9. Dick Durbin: This guy is a threat to liberty and needs always to, at the very least, be Tuna Flapper eligible.

10. Michael Bloomberg: The mayor of NYC is not only a problem for freedom loving folks in the Big Apple, but his reach is greater than his responsibility. As the mayor of America's "number one" city his nutty ideas are an influence to busy body fruitloops in all major burgs in the country. Right here in this neck of the woods we see the political class taking cues from his totalitarian ways. I wager that it won't be long before we in Houston see some sort of ban of "trans fats," large sweet drinks, smoking (already here), etc. etc. Bloomberg just needs to shut up but of course he won't. The Tuna Flapper was made for people like this.

There are hundreds of others both well known and otherwise who are deserving of a Tuna Flapper and this list is certainly not all inclusive.

We're just scratching the surface here.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Thoughts on the "Early" Bowl Games of 2012

The early bowl games of 2012 are in the history books and thus far I am 9-10 in predicting the outcome. Still a lot of football to be played though. While most of the games were of the "who cares" variety, a few were pretty good contests and worth watching. It is a pretty short list to be sure.

Probably the most fun game to watch was the "Pinstripe Bowl" which was played on the frozen tundra of Yankee Stadium. It is fun to see a ball game played in a semi blizzard; makes for all kinds of gaffes and screw ups. The outcome reinforces the fact that WVU is one of the biggest disappointments of the college season. I rather doubt that G. Smith is ready for the "next level."An RGIII he ain't.

The Holiday Bowl was a good one. RGIII is gone from the roster of course but, despite that, the second half of the season has seen Baylor playing top 10 ball. An Art Briles led team is not going to be a loser very often. I would put the Bears up against any of the BCS top teams at this point. Yes, that includes Bama and TAMU. UCLA may be a force to contend with in the rather woeful PAC12 in the next year or two.  I think they have a winner in Mora.

Rice decided to play some football in the second half of their contest with Air Force (Armed Forces Bowl) and basically just ran away with it. It was a "who cares" game for most, but I have always kind of liked the Owls. They started 1-5 and played well the second half of the season. I would imagine David Bailiff's job is safe for another season at least. Rice is a hard place to win on a consistent basis. It has a lot in common I think with the Duke football program.

In the Alamo Bowl, Oregon State should have beaten a rather average Longhorn team but just could not get it done. The Longhorns are not a very good team certain, and I still think OSU is a marginally better team. Both schools need to do something about QB play and no mistake, (although David Ash did look surprisingly competent in the second half of play). Speaking of QB's it is reported that Texas "back up" Case McCoy (along with LB Jordan Hicks) were suspended from the game and sent packing. There are reports out there that they may be the subject of a "sexual assault" investigation. Could it be that McCoy and Hicks are gropers (or worse)? If so they are in the company of such fine gentlemen of the sporting world as K. Bryant (allegedly), Big Ben (allegedly), Tyson, etc. etc. ad nauseam.....I guess we will find out the real story at some point...Or not.

Were there any other games really worth mentioning? I suppose that is a matter of perspective. I enjoyed the New Orleans Bowl, but then again I am a Cajuns fan.....

There are just too many bowl games.  The whole thing has become something of a joke to be quite frank, but I suppose it beats watching early season college basketball. That gets interesting around the middle of Feb.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good Commentary on Chris Ault from Helmet Stickers.

Helmet Stickers: Chris Ault: Chris Ault announced he was retiring today after 28 years as the head coach at Nevada. It is not clear if Ault has been planning on retiring...

Good op-ed about a good coach. The one thing that is glaringly obvious about Ault is that he never jumped ship at the first opportunity to make a more money. Professionalism and class is what the college football world has seen with this man. I hate to see him go.

Let us compare him to a whole host of others in the college football ranks. A whole slew of the classless, mercenary, coaches in the colleges ranks are not fit to carry his laundry to the cleaners and that would include both head coaches that will be leading teams in the  BCS "National Championship" game.

Friday, December 28, 2012

An American Poodle Speaks On The Issues of The Day

America's favorite poodle, one Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was seen the other day speaking with one of the MSN types, (Wolf Blitzer if memory serves), and it became apparent that she has not a clue what she is about.

As you would imagine the main "conversation" was about some sort of gun control which, predictably, she is in favor of. I doubt the woman could tell an "assault" weapon from a shotgun but what the hey, no need for that to stop her. It is obvious that she has no clue about the 2nd Amd. to the Constitution of the United States. None. Or perhaps she does and just does not care. Perhaps she thinks it is time to tamper with it what with the Constitution being a "living document" and all; (which of course is nothing but code for "something that can be scrapped" if it becomes inconvenient for some wacko agenda or other). Typical.

It also became apparent that the 1st Amd. is a bit cloudy for her. Something about the need to regulate "violent" video games or some such. She stated that she is a supporter of the 1st Amd. "but.........."

There is always a "but" with these leftist/statist types. Always.

These people used to be nothing more than good comedy and fodder for a good joke but those times are passing. Fast.

Some are becoming a danger to liberty.

And another late Christmas Gift For You. High School Boys Done Good.

These kids tackle Metallica's Fade to Black. Commendable. Commendable. Does a heart good to see young ones working real Rock n Roll magic.

A Christmas Gift For You

Nothing says Christmas quite like Tool. Well not really. Way Way not really, but they are one of my favorites. This kid does a very good job of covering Tool's Schism.

Good job lad. Keep this up and you might not have to really work a day in your life but you must remember to wrap that rascal.

As any rock star should.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ornery Bastard: Somebody Needs A Swift Kick In The Crotch

Ornery Bastard: Somebody Needs A Swift Kick In The Crotch

I got this from over at Busted Knuckles place. I have to agree frankly. This is not a "left" or "right" issue for most of us. It goes much deeper than that.

This "gun control" is a dangerous topic that has the potential to spin out of control rather quickly. I have my doubts that there are all that many gun owners who will give up their weapons (as guaranteed under the Second Amd) without some resistance. For most it would be just the passive type (ignoring orders to surrender their arms), for some however it would be a matter worth fighting about.

Let us hope that the fruitloop ultra left that is our fedgov is not stupid enough to make any demands that further restrict the right of Americans to bear arms. Whatsoever.  As for those "journalists" that publish the names and addresses of people who are legally licensed to conceal carry........? Their action is despicable and they are out of touch with mainstream America. Badly out of touch.

While their action is "legal" their politically motivated reasons for publishing such is likely to backfire.

The gun control "conversation" that the statist ultra left is pushing, with the aid of their MSM lap dogs, is a debate that they will lose. Period.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Wild Theory is Easy To Come Up With.

The timing of the release of the information concerning the Genl. David Petraeus affair is something that some of us have been wondering about. It is likely that the affair was noted long ago by those "in the know" and kept in some one's back pocket for release if deemed necessary. It is pretty likely that the info was taken out of the that back pocket and disseminated in order to discredit the man before he testified on the Benghazi fiasco. This is most likely what happened. Other military officers were also discredited around the same time for some sexual peccadillo's it seems. A warning to others?.....

The Benghazi issue has sort of been placed on the back burner as the attention of the "news" media has moved onto other issues. You know what they are and I won't get into that now. What is important though about Benghazi is that Americans are dead and it may just be the case that some in our administration watched the episode in real time and did nothing. Whether or not military assistance could have made it in time is not really the issue....If so, it was not done. If not, well, retribution was not initiated.

A sad state of affairs. Oh, and now it is apparent that Mrs. Clinton is suffering from a concussion and can not make it to testify on the issue. I wonder if amnesia will set in. That will be the next thing. Watch and see.

What does this have to do with wild theories? Easy. Jim DeMint recently resigned his post. One has to wonder what the real reason for that is. Was it because he was a thorn in the side of the administration, and DeMint was past involved in some sort of something unseemly in the past and threats were made for exposure? Not saying this is the case for sure. Just a wild theory that anyone could come up with.

See how easy that is? Sounds like something that they would come up with on some of the more radical leftist websites. Doesn't it?

Yep. Coming up with wild conspiracy theories is about as easy as pie. Unfortunately the Petraeus incident is not a likely a conspiracy theory.

Some one was out to damage the man if and when it became necessary. I would place money on it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've Been Telling You This Guy Was Out To Lunch

Well I guess that John Cobarruvias has gone and popped off in a threatening manner. At least some took it that way it seems. I have been reading this guys' work for quite a time and I knew he was a freak long before it was cool to know such. Now everyone knows.
This guy is right up there with leftist "writer" Robert Crawford and blogger/"podcaster" D r i f t g l a s s.

On a different tack; I don't guess there are any cigar makers advertising in a major college bowl game this year or we certainly would have heard from Dick Durbin on that issue by now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Take On the Ding Dong Situation

Busted Knuckles reports that prior management had "diverted workers' pension money for other company uses." If the report is correct it is despicable but probably pretty typical.

No corruption in the private or public sector would much surprise me anymore. While the union hands who basically walked off the job were short sighted and, if I may say, rather stupid, the company may have been ripping them off for years.

This story has lost a bit of lustre for obvious reasons, but it is still an important tale that needs to be told. All facts need to see the light of day.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Goodell Needs To Go. Now!

This Roger Goodell is perhaps the worst commissioner of any pro league is history. He reminds me a bit of the Elmo "Bud" Zumwalt of professional sports.

He is reported to be mulling getting rid of the kick off in the NFL game. Apparently it is due to some concern over player safety. Or something. The NFL is almost unwatchable now with all the "player protection" going on over there. Of course no one will really tolerate this ass tinkering any more with the sport. Will they?

The other day I went to an AHL game (Houston Aeroes vs San Antonio Rampage) and noted that they just are not all that concerned with the boys having a bit of fun. Some of the perfectly legal hits I saw in that game would have gotten an NFL player fined and suspended. Contact sports are rough and people can and will get hurt.

All players know this and most deal with that fact in a manly manner.

College Football Bowl Predictions 2012/2013

So far two bowl games are in the books and I stand at 1-1. There are too many bowl games to be sure. On to the predictions...

Dec 20:
Poinsettia Bowl: This one has Brigham Young vs hometown San Diego State. The folks over at BYU have delusions of grandeur it seems and want to be seen in the same light as Notre Dame. Not likely. The team is well coached but just does not appear to have much talent. SDSU started slow but came on strong at the end of the season with the signature win being over Boise State. I will go with the Aztecs here.

Dec 21
Beef O'Brady Bowl: The what? Anyway this legendary game has Ball State pitted against UCF. Both teams had commendable seasons but one of them is the better team. I think is the MAC schoo. Go with Ball State for the win.

Dec 22:
New Orleans Bowl: Don't confuse this one with the Sugar but the game between the Ragin Cajuns and East Carolina has potential. I would go with the Cajuns here. Without some boneheaded calls by the coaching staff near the end of the Florida game we would have seen the Louisiana team beat the vaunted Gator squad. ECU is not that good of a team.

MAACO Bowl: Washington vs Boise State should be a no brainer. Go with the Broncos here. Even though it is a rebuild season and the Huskies can, at times, be dangerous it is doubtful that they will be able to keep pace with the Broncos. Go with Boise State.

Dec 24:
Hawaii Bowl: Fresno State vs SMU probably won't be a good game. SMU has not done near what they should have been capable of and Fresno State is a dangerous team for anybody. Go with the Bulldogs.

Dec 26:
Little Caesars Bowl: How a pizza joint can sell pies for five bucks and still have enough to sponser a bowl is beyond me. "Portion control" my friend says. Be that as it may this game is between Western Kentucky and Central Michigan. WKU's coach left for "greener pastures" and he is being replaced by none other than Petrino. Hard to fathom. This could be a toss up and I will go with the Hilltoppers here.

Dec 27
Military Bowl: The second best team in the WAC takes on another MAC squad. San Jose State has been a surprise this season and should have what it takes to beat Bowling Green. Go with the Spartans.

Belk Bowl: Cincinnati vs Duke may or may not be a good game. Duke comes in at 6-6 which is a darn good season for Duke football. The Cats are a decent Big East team and nothing more. That being said I would go with Cincinnati in perhaps a close one.

Holiday Bowl: This second tier bowl is one of the most interesting match ups of the bowl season. Baylor has come on strong in the second half of the season with the signature win being over the then number one KSU Wildcats. Baylor is playing top 10 football right now. UCLA is perhaps up and coming in the PAC 12. They may be a force to reckon with in the next year or two. I will go with Baylor in a pretty good game.

Dec 28:
Independence Bowl: This game between ULM and Ohio will be pretty good. I think that Ohio is better coached but both teams have very good second tier Division I QBs. ULM may have the whole offensive package down a bit better so, while this could be close, and I will go with the Louisiana team. This game is interesting in that Louisiana Tech was supposedly invited but chose to wait to make the decision. The administration balked at playing ULM I suppose. Bad blood. Now Louisiana Tech sits out the post season with a 9-3 record. Someone who was "deserving" of  a bowl was going to lose out with the NCAA decision to allow Georgia Tech to compete in the post season with a losing record. Ridiculous!!. Oh the game? Did I already mention that I would put my money on ULM?

Russel Athletic Bowl: The what? Another ho hum, who cares, bowl game between Rutgers and Virginia Tech. Hokie fans seem to think that they are always deserving to be in the hunt for the BCS "National Championship" but Beamer just ain't the guy to take them there. Wonder when they will figure that one out. I would go with Rutgers here. They are a marginally better ball team.

Meineke Car Car Bowl: This one is stupid. Minnesota with a 6-6 record comes in to play a very average Texas Tech squad. There will be some fans at the game and money spent in the Houston area as TTU has a loyal following in these hyah parts. I guess that is the point to some of these ridiculous games.  I would go with the Red Raiders here. I wonder if Jerry Kill wishes he had stayed at Northern Illinois yet? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Dec 29
Armed Forces Bowl: Rice came on strong late and salvaged a season but, come on, they still have a 6-6 record. Air Force is not as good as they usually seem to be or, to be more accurate, they are just a bit worse than normal. I would go with the Owls here in a close one. David Bailiff's job may depend on it.

Pinstrip Bowl: WVU vs Syracuse will not be worth watching. I would go with WVU to take this although it is probably a toss up. Other than USC, WVU is perhaps the biggest disappointment of the 2012 college season. Well there is Arkansas but I think most of us (except AP "sports writers" apparently) knew that the Hogs were not going to amount to much.

Fight Hunger Bowl: The what? Navy is fairly good for an Academy team and Arizona State is fairly good for the PAC 12. I suppose that I will go with the Sun Devils.

Alamo Bowl: A decent mid level bowl with a fairly intriguing match up. Texas, for the second season in a row, has not settled the QB question. Oregon State is a pretty good PAC12 football team. I will go out on a limb here and predict an OSU victory. It may be a very close game.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: C'mon. At least one team is pretty good. TCU should have little trouble with Michigan State. Well MSU does have an NFL caliber RB. It won't be enough. Go with the Frogs.

Dec 31.
Music City Bowl: Vanderbilt has had a very good season as far as such things go. Well coached and would be able to compete for a conference crown in quite a number of other conference not named Southeastern. They will be able to beat NC State if they are on their "A" game. I will go with the Commodores here.

Sun Bowl: This old line mid level bowl should not even be played. Georgia Tech is a losing team and petitioned the NCAA to be able to compete post season. Pathetic that the NCAA granted such. At least this game will make USC look like a good team. Go with the Trojans.

Liberty Bowl: Another mid level bowl with a storied past. I actually saw Bo Jackson run all over the Hogs back in the day in this one. This game is a rematch and has potential to be a good one. Early on Iowa State won and I think they will edge the Golden Hurricane again. Go with ISU.

Chick Fil A Bowl: Clemson and LSU is a good match up. SEC teams have some trouble with quickness it seems and Clemson will give them all they can handle. I will go out on a limb and predict the Tigers (LSU) to hold off the Tigers (Clemson). It really could go either way but I will stay with the Louisiana team.

Jan 1
Gator Bowl: This used to be one of the big ones but is now just above a mid level bowl game. The match up is not very interesting. Mississippi State had a decent year (good by MSU standards) and Northwestern is either up or down. This one also could go either way but I think Northwestern will find a way to win. They better watch out for the Bulldog running game though. Either way it should be a rather close one.

Heart of Dallas Bowl: Never heard of it. Have you? Oklahoma State will pummel Purdue likely. OSU has potential to be very very good. They also have proven that can be pretty darn inept. Purdue is just not a good team and will lose here.

Outback Bowl: South Carolina should be able to handle Michigan here. It is almost (but not quite) a given that an SEC team will win when pitted against a Big Ten school.

Capital One Bowl: If Nebraska shows up to play it could be a decent game. If not it will get ugly. Go with Georgia here.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin did not play up to potential this season (except perhaps for their last game with the Huskers). Stanford is a good, but not great team. Still they should have enough in the tank to beat the Badgers. Should be a good game.

Orange Bowl: Northern Illinois may be able to give the Seminoles a lot of problems. Or not. I will go with FSU to win here by at least two touchdowns. NIU does have a potent offense though and will score some points to be sure. It won't be enough.

Jan 2
Sugar Bowl: This match up is more interesting that it appears on paper. Louisville is not a great team by any stretch but Florida is over rated. They will have trouble with the Cardinals quickness and lose. It may or may not be a close game.

Jan 3
Fiesta Bowl: Both Kansas State and Oregon are good teams and it will come down to who has the better defense likely. The Duck defense is rather inept while KSU has a good one. Problem is Oregon is a quick play, quick score offense, while KSU is workman like. If KSU can negate the fast pace then they will win. If not, well it could get ugly. KSU was dismal when facing a fast paced group earlier in the year. Oregon will bring the same and more. I will go with the Ducks here.

Jan 4
Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M right now is the best team in the country. None better. Oklahoma is loaded with talent but Stoops may no longer be the man to lead a team to a national title. I will go with the Aggies here.

Jan 5
FCS Championship Game: Yep this one counts as a bowl game in my book. The two teams involved are better than more than a few Division I teams that are in post season play. The Championship for IAA is determined the right way and will feature Sam Houston State and North Dakota State. I figured this game would come down to Georgia Southern and EWU but.....I will go with the team from North Dakota here. The game is a toss up though to be certain.

BBVA Compass Bowl: The what? Ole Miss is a better team than some think and will be a factor in the SEC in the next year or two. Pitt is not real powerful but did almost upset Notre Dame earlier in the season. Shame they didn't. That being said I would go the with Rebs here.

Jan 6
GoDaddy.Com Bowl: Arkansas State is a very good albeit under the radar team. Of course the coach has left for greener pastures. Can't really blame him for taking the job at Auburn though. Kent State is a good MAC team and this one should be a fun game to watch. I will go with ASU to win a close one.
Maybe Danica Patrick will give us a beaver shot at halftime or something. Would be worth tuning in for.

Jan 7
BCS "National Championship" Game: I am not convinced that Notre Dame belongs here. The only problem that Bama will likely have is with the big play capability of the young ND QB. He makes plenty of mistakes though and the Irish have not faced anything like the Crimson Tide defense. ND will score some but Alabama will likely run over the Irish defense. Could be wrong but I'm not.

It has been a fun and interesting season and some of these bowl games are really worth watching. Others? Not so much.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Couple Of Odd Hires in College Football

The coaching carousel has begun in college football. Nothing new here. There are some rather odd things going on though..........

The last thing anyone would have thought would be that Bobby Petrino would be hired by anyone. Period. One would think that his coaching career was done after walking off an NFL job (Atlanta) and getting caught in some sort of muff dive scandal with a hoor at the University of Arkansas. Western Kentucky University deciding to give him a shot is a head scratcher to be sure. I have always liked WKU but this hire shows something about the integrity of the administration. Typical. Win at all cost is the mantra these days.

Brett Bielema's hire at the University of Arkansas is rather odd. Of course they had to do something in Fayetteville sure. First there was Petrino and the hooker and then John L. Smith with his own (financial) baggage. The only problem with Smith is perhaps that it must have been difficult to put full concentration on the team when financial difficulties of a gargantuan magnitude had to have been first and foremost in his mind. Bielema has done a commendable job in Wisconsin although they should have done better this season. They probably could have been a top 10 team but something was just missing. This is a strange hire to me because the dynamics are changing perhaps in the SEC. Kevin Sumlin has seen to that. His brand of football (that is usually seen in the WAC and CUSA) has surprised some in the SEC. The Aggies have two losses but perhaps should have run the table. It took a while to get things together. Right now they may be the best team in Division I ball.
What does that have to do with Bielema and Arkansas? Brett likes smash mouth in your face football. In that he is a good fit for the SEC until right now. The big boys in the SEC are going to install quicker offenses with a faster paced game plan likely. If not they will be contending with Aggie dominance. I don't think that is Bielema's brand of football. Time will tell.......

Perhaps the strangest thing I have seen is is Tuberville leaving Texas Tech to go to, of all places, Cincinnati.  I could understand if he took a job at say, Tennessee or Arkansas but just can't understand a move to the Big East. If he was fired at TTU that would be one thing but as I understand it he is making the move just to be making the move. The only thing I can think of is he wants to go somewhere where he has a chance of dominance. Cincinnati has been turned down in their bid to move on to another conference and it is quite likely that Cincinnati will consistently be top dog in that league. I never really liked Tuberville anyway.......way over rated.

As usual coaches are leaving smaller programs to the "big time." Willie Taggart has foolishly left his alma mater to coach USF and Gus Malzhan has moved onto Auburn from Arkansas State. I understand the desire to move into the big time certain, but one has to pick and chose very carefully these days. Malzhan perhaps made the right choice. Taggart might not have.

Dykes has left Louisiana Tech for Cal. A step up for certain especially if the reports are true that Louisiana Tech administration shot themselves in the foot and screwed the team and fans out of a bowl game. He better find a defensive coordinator though. Dykes obviously knows nothing about things on that side of the ball.

What can one say about Dave Doeren? He leaves NIU right before the biggest game in school history and takes a job at NC State? NC State? The ACC is a good basketball conference but dismal in football. I guess it makes sense that, with the ACC being weak on the grid iron, that Doeren figures he might find his way back into a BCS game. I am sure the money is much better but still.......One would have thought he could have waited a few weeks. I suppose that Dave Doeren is just another scumbag....

Can't say that I am all that surprised.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

You Know What Will Become Of This Nation Don't You? I Think You Do.

There is a country that is in serious trouble and, as hard as it is to believe, that country is ours. The United States Of America. It used to mean something this being an American. What it means now I'm not sure. Not sure at all. Are you?

It is hard to get one's mind around this downfall of a great nation. Never perfect the United States to be sure, but a country once feared and respected. We are still feared to some extent but never now respected. How could it be otherwise. Fools reign in our Capital city and have for many many years. There are always fools to be suffered of course, but what what we have now is just a bit hard to stomach. It is a bit hard to fathom that in the halls once occupied by John C Calhoun and Stephen Douglas are now the domain of a Harry Reid and Dick Durbin.  There has not been a president worthy of this people since Reagan or perhaps even Ike. Or perhaps I am wrong on that. I guess we have gotten exactly the type of leadership that we deserve. Successive administrations that the people don't trust, hold in contempt, and fear. In my humble opinion there is none worse than the current. Yes, I guess we have gotten just what we deserve. We have succumbed to allowing our nation to be influenced by the lowest common denominator. Being led by such is nothing more than natural progression. 

How can it be otherwise when a substantial number of our population have no idea where this country came from; what it stands for? These people only know what they are taught and often as not they are taught that this country was founded by those whose main interest was to subjugate others.
They know nothing of the real reasons for the Emancipation Proclamation (if they even know of it at all) and if they know anything of Lincoln, all they can tell you is he freed the slaves and was shot for it. It would be interesting to show them, in historical writings, that Lincoln, while believing slavery to be a wrong, was only interested in keeping slavery contained and cared very little if black men were held in bondage in the area that already had the "peculiar institution" in place. It is a fact of business that Lincoln noted that to preserve the Union and win the war, he would be more than happy to leave all slaves in bondage or free some and leave others in their place. He was also an advocate of "resettlement" of the freedmen to some area of Central or South America. These people know nothing of Lincoln.

What do the people know of the Confederacy? They know that the flag is "offensive" to them. They know that Southerners were slaveholders. That's all. Nothing more. They do not know that most Southerners were small farmers and not slave owners, and more often than not, did not especially like or trust the "planter class." They do not know that most Southerners fought the Union because they felt invaded and under threat of subjugation themselves. It is ironic how large numbers of people in this country are beginning to feel the same. 

What do people know of the sacrifices of the WWII? All that some know now is that we are the only country to use the atomic bomb and are therefore somehow a guilty nation. They know nothing of our attempt at isolation. They know nothing of an expansionist Asian empire that attacked our country on Dec 7, 1941 in order to neutralize the only force capable of stopping their plans of making millions slaves to their Imperial  regime. They know nothing of helping to stop the Nazi military machine from enslaving millions on the other side of the world. They know or care nothing about the phenomenon that was the Holocaust. Nothing. 

What do the people know of the Cold War? They know nothing of the people's of Hungary who bravely stood up to Soviet tanks and died in the vain attempt to keep their freedom. They know nothing of people who risked, and often lost, their lives to make it to the West. Nothing. They know nothing of the fall of the Berlin Wall which freed millions of Germans from Socialist bondage. They know nothing the fall of the Soviet puppet in Poland. Nothing. They certainly do not know that without American pressure on the Soviet Union these people would still be in bondage. The know not that a total commitment to Socialism leads people to little more than serfdom. 

What do people know of the attack on this country on Sept 11, 2001? They know that some Muslims flew some planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Some might even know that on the fourth plane brave people fought and died keeping the Mohammedan enemy from fulfilling their plans on that final flight. Now a large percentage of the population believes somehow that a succesful military attack (which it was) on our own soil, (which incidentally killed more people than Pearl Harbor), was somehow our fault. That one is certainly hard to swallow. There is video of people jumping from the flames to certain death to avoid a more painful death, and their families (and all of us) have to suffer fools who blame the attacks on that day on our country.

What do people know of freedom? The young are already lost. They have their nifty devices, music, reality television and designer drugs and are oblivious to the fact that they we are no longer a free people. It would be useless to even try to discuss the freedoms that people in this country enjoyed even as late as the 1970's. They wouldn't even understand that one could actually have a beer at 18, buy cigarettes, miss class without fear of arrest, etc. etc. There are those however that do understand what is being lost daily in this country and are on guard. They are the minority.  

Discussion along these line could go on all night. I'm sure you get my point here. I would like to leave you with a warning of sorts. Think what you will of it and me, but I know a bit of history and know that our country is no more immune to something unspeakable any more than it was in the 1860's.

The story of the fall of our country will be a rather long and drawn out affair likely. It won't be without fire and bloody civil strife. The truism of history having a way of repeating itself is accurate. I don't think we will see a civil war really begin in earnest in the lifetime of those of us over 50, but a reckoning may be on the horizon. Extreme view? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Time will tell. 

Please enjoy an old tune by The Band. I find it oddly appropriate. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Over Some Kind of Cliff Or Not

The big deal right now is the so called "fiscal cliff" that we are probably not going to avoid any time soon. The Dems are blaming the Republicans for "obstruction" or some such while the Republicans are trying to paint the Democrats as out of touch with reality children.

Supposedly if the Republicans don't cave, we will all be paying substantially more in Federal type income taxes. If they do "make a deal" we will all get a "tax cut" except of course for the "folks" that make a very healthy income. (Well there will be that added "revenue" that comes from closing "loopholes").
 The Republicans generally don't want taxes to go up for anyone including the so called "rich." I agree mostly with the right wingers here. I don't want anyone to be taxed more, or to be more clear, I don't want anyone who actually pays income taxes to be indebted to an out of control and incompetent federal government one bit more than they already are. As for those who pay no income taxes; well those "folks" need to chip in also. The only way that would be possible would be a "flat tax or some sort of national sales tax I would guess. Or so some say. Another subject.

What really needs to be done is cut federal spending. Yes that might just mean closing outmoded and unnecessary govt agencies, It will also mean consolidation to remedy redundancy. Some will lose their "jobs" in the process to be sure.
 Perhaps even some of our military needs to be looked at for cuts, without impacting defense capability of course. After all, anyone who has ever been in the military knows darn good and well that fully 15 percent of those serving really do nothing but sit around with their thumbs in their hindquarters. It is even worse for many federal agencies. I know. I have been around the block. Served my time in the service and have known more than a few that work(ed) for the govt of DC in civilian capacity.  A friend of mine actually is employed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (or whatever it is now called), and has told me that he does "absolutely nothing." Good job if you can get it. This is not an isolated case I can assure you.

Spending cuts and no escalation of taxes is what most grown up Americans would wish for this Christmas. Won't happen though.

Well you know, there is one thing that I certainly disagree with on the Republican (and some on the Democrat) side. All this talk of "entitlements" are not just targeting asinine grants to various entities and what not. They are talking my Social Security and Medicare (which, Allah willing, I will use at some point just like all the other older folk). These are indeed entitlements. I paid into the system and so I am entitled (by God) to get some bang for my buck. If not, well, they can just refund all the money paid right back into my account. (They know the number). With interest. The kind of interest that the IRS charges "delinquent" taxpayers.

The issue seems really pretty complicated and the lies are flying out of South Side Slim's mouth just as fast as they are from those on the right I'll wager. I have not paid as much attention to the issue as I should probably. It is hard to when the intricacies of the BCS are much more interesting.  Besides, whatever these fools in DC do, we can all be assured that it will come to no good.

The most important thing that the Federal Govt is charged with is not fucking us up. Unfortunately that is about the only thing that those folk do really well.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mathews of the White Panel Van Strikes Again

I watch MSNBC (at times) with a bit of stunned awe. Often though it is for comedic value (have you ever listened to the Very Reverend Sharpton?), but never ever is it for real news. Never. MSNBC has become the American electronic version of Pravda or Izvestiya and is of little account. Other than Sharpton, I would guess that White Panel Van Mathews is the most ridiculous of the bunch. Well there is that Martin Bashir...........

The other day while channel surfing I came across Chris telling the multitude something to the effect of "our guy won and it is time for people to get over it." He went on to insinuate (in my opinion) that those in the opposition party need to stand aside because, again, "our guy won." Interesting.

That sounds a bit like a prescription for totalitarianism to me. Something the leftist will rail against of course except when it suits their purposes. As educated as Mathews of the White Panel Van is, he should know better. The loyal opposition's job is to try to stand in the way of a president who they disagree with. The election was rather close, with the productive areas of the nation voting against Obama, thus it is the duty of those who represent the opposition electorate in this nation to throw every roadblock possible in front of a president and to do their utmost to derail his agenda. This goes both ways. Members of both parties try to obstruct, as much as possible, a president of the opposition party. Politics 101.

 I guess the thrill that went up Mathews' leg a short few years back is still clouding his vision. Or perhaps he would be in favor of some sort of leftist totalitarian regime (I guarantee some at MSNBC would). Funny thing though; as arrogant, opinionated, and irritating as Chris is, he would soon find himself in hot water with a dangerous left wing dictatorial regime.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Open Letter To Bob Costas

Mr. Costas,
  Your discussion with us concerning gun control during Monday Night Football was an eye opening experience for us all. The fog has lifted and the path is clear. We now know what we, as a nation, are tasked with. The road will be long an arduous but with you by our side we feel confident that we will prevail.

Mr. Costas you are to be complimented on your unparalleled knowledge of the sporting world and indeed all subjects. Your greatness and intelligence is perhaps only surpassed by your uncanny ability to jock sniff and ass kiss. You are an inspiration to us all. Some will be inclined to emulate you and follow in your footsteps but they will be seen as pikers and pretenders when compared to a the rare genius that is you.

Bob (if I may be so bold), you are an American treasure. A mind like yours is thing of beauty and an awe inspiring marvel. We, as a people, are truly blessed that you live in this age and we can share in your magnificent journey. It is difficult to see how this nation can get along without your guidance and wisdom keeping us on the right path. We couldn't do without you Bob. Keep up the good work. We know you won't let us down.

                                                                A Grateful Nation


Joker Phillips

I just read a small opinion piece (Yahoo post) alleging that the firing of Joker Phillips as the head coach at Kentucky was a form of "racism." He also alleges that black head coaches generally have about three years to turn around a football program before they are let go. Far less than most white coaches.

I disagree.

A person's color has nothing to do with it. When you take a position as football HC at Kentucky, Memphis, Mississippi State or New Mexico State you won't last a real long time. It is impossible to enjoy long term football success at those particular schools. The color of the coach's skin does not matter.

In a sort of related matter, Coach Strong of Louisville appears to be a bit coy on his future with the Cardinals. Fine and good. There are other jobs available that are more lucrative. I would warn him though that recent coaches that left Louisville for "greener pastures" have seen their careers take a definite nose dive. Well except for Petrino.

His took a muff dive.

Monday, December 3, 2012

What is Going on In Yankee Louisiana?

Louisiana Tech at 9-3 has been left out of the bowl mix. Snubbed and lost in the shuffle when the NCAA granted at 6-7 Georgia Tech squad the "right" to play in the post season some say. Others say that LA. Tech was offered a chance to play in the Independence Bowl right down the road in Shreveport against a pretty decent (and also local) ULM squad but balked at the prospect.

If LA. Tech was offered a bowl game they should have jumped at the chance regardless of the opponent.

Whatever the real Louisiana Tech story is, the whole bowl system has become nothing more than a joke. I mean Georgia Tech in the post season with a losing record? 6-6 SMU, Va. Tech, Minnesota (really?), Rice, Air Force and probably more (I have not looked at all records) will showcase their talents in meaningless non attended and little watched games.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nonsense From The NCAA

There are too many bowls. That is a fact that is not seriously in dispute. A 6-6 (or 7-5) season is not a successful year. With that being said, there are numerous 6-6 teams all lined up to play in some no name bowl or other. Not Louisiana Tech though. At 9-3 they are left out of mix entirely. Of course a pathetic Georgia Tech team will get to go bowling with a stellar 6-7 record. A special waiver granted and all that from the NCAA made it happen. Oh and a very average Lousville squad gets to play in the Sugar Bowl (of all games).

What a bunch of crap. Someone needs to be hit in the mouth with a stick.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

MAC Attack

Last night Northern Illinois defeated Kent State in the MAC Championship Game up there at Ford Field. Good game. I had to switch back and forth between this one and the PAC 12 game (also a good one). It is likely that the Huskies doomed the MAC to not have the first BCS buster in conference history but those are the breaks.
Northern Illinois is the better team. I thought so all along. Not to take anything away from Kent State. Pretty good ball club that until last night only had one loss (albeit to a dismal Kentucky squad), and a couple of close ones including a come back win against a very bad Akron group. There were some red flags no doutbt. There are really no red flags flying above the Huskies though. A very good team with one of the best QB's in the land. Reminds me a little bit of the guy at Kansas State....

It is doubtful that Northern Illinois will move up from 21 in the BCS standings to 16 and gain a berth in the Orange Bowl. Doubtful but perhaps not out of the question. They will need some help. Right now Baylor (who is coming on strong after a woeful start), is handling business against Oklahoma State (although I am not sure that one matters much to help N. Illinois), and Stanford did again take of things with UCLA. Kansas State should be able to beat Texas tonight..........It is still not out of the question for the MAC to have a BCS buster after all. That would be great for the game and be bothersome to the silly BCS honks and hacks.

Both good things.