Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Crush Your Spine?

The 'Aints are in trouble with the No Football League. It seems that there have been some episodes of players being offered a "bounty" of sorts to knock fool out of certain troublesome opponents. So? This is a problem? I would wager that this type thing goes on to some degree or another with all professional football teams in any and all professional leagues. I am sure that on other sports teams' there are some similar under the table type deals going on. (Hockey comes to mind).  Kind of like a "spiff" added to a sales commission it seems to me. A bit of incentive.

The NFL has become so concerned with player "safety" that the game is becoming more and more unrecognizable. Pay the players well and if some get tar knocked out of them with a career ending hit, well, that is (or should be) part of the game. As long as the hit is legal and not a cheap shot. If the defenseman earns a little "dip out of the old gravy boat" in the be it.

Soon all NFL games will look like the recent Pro Bowl. Not worth watching and not real football. May as well watch soccer.


Jayhawk said...

Well, how would the Saints feel about other teams being paid to inflict injuries on them? All well and good, I suppose.

And would Drew Brees be underpaid at $18 million per year? Well, apparently he thinks he would. Opinions differ.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Causing intentional injuries is one thing perhaps. Paying a player a little extra to legally knock someone sensless is another. As long as the hit is legal then all should be fine and good.

Brees did not make the Super Bowl last season and is therefore not worth that kind of money. Setting NFL records does not matter. Winning the most recent Super Bowl does.