Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Carpenter to NY? Durbin Strikes Again?

Well the wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments has begun. Tim Tebow is going to the Jets. A whole slew of fruitloops are bellowing about this deal. As anti everything that is relatively normal; these folk are acting as if young Jesu the Carpenter has gotten the deal and moving from the sticks to the Big Apple. Whether Tebow is ever going to amount to anything in the NFL is questionable. Given time, he may (or may not). Hard to say at this point. What is ridiculous is that there are many who dislike the man simply because he is rather pious. They hate him for it. Some border on vicious. Of course if Sanchez goes down and Tim leads them to a Super Bowl....? All will be forgiven. Won't it?

Well Dick (where's your Turban) Durbin is at it again. I learned from Jayhawk over at On My Mind that this Durbin is now calling for an investigation on the the "bounty" system that may (or may not be) prevalent in the NFL. Remember recently he pressured the Orange Bowl committee into dropping a cigar sponsor. Who does this busybody think he is? He is a problem sure. In the same league as McCain, Reid, and that Schumer fellow. These guys are no friend of freedom.

They are a danger.


Jayhawk said...

I can think of no worse place for Tebow, whom I have grown to like quite a lot both as a person and an athlete, than in the dysfunctional locker room of the Jets and under the tutelage of a flaming asshole like Rex Ryan.

Bartender Cabbie said...

any team would have been better. I feel sorry for him frankly. He will have to endure the most vicious media this side of London.