Saturday, March 3, 2012

More on This Flukeing Fluke

It is being reported that this Sandra Fluke is not a starry eyed coed who became incensed that "contraception" was not included in Georgetown's insurance policy. It is reported that she is a 30 year old hard core activist who went to Georgetown expressively to go to war on the contraception issue. Kind of a plant as it were. Whether accurate or not......hard to say. At any rate this would not surprise me much.

Well she is getting her 15 minutes sure. She reminds me a bit of the "ugly duckling" who is an anti porn crusader. You know the type. Mean, shrill, and just not real easy on the eyes. They are only in the anti porn business because one much would be interested in seeing them in the nudie movies. Or so they think. This bothers them a little bit.  This Fluke is in this "demanding birth control" business for much the same reason I betcha. In order to need birth control, well, there must be someone willing to do the evil deed with her (so to speak). Probably not a whole lot of fellas willing to go that far. At least while sober. Yes Yes I understand she admits to being well sexed; but could that just be a little smidgen of wishful thinking? Something in the realm of fantasy perhaps?

Just a guess. Could be wrong. Anyway a guy can float wild psychological theories if he so desires. Can't he?

H/T to Gary Fouse

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