Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Put Them To Sleep

I am a proponent of the death penalty. It seems that if one commits a heinous crime then they should pay the ultimate price. You know; little things like murder, treason and terrorist activity would apply. I have been wondering why there are those that continue to bray that "lethal injection' is cruel and unusual punishment. They point out that the criminal does indeed feel pain and that pain appears to be excruciating. Perhaps.  A child murderer's pain is no concern of mine frankly.  Bring back old Sparky or the hangman.

 Of course that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Recently I had to put and animal "to sleep" which is something that all of us who are animal lovers probably have gone through at one time or another. It is a sad day when one has to say good bye to a friend but I have noticed that on the three occasions where "I witnessed an execution" that the animal appeared to feel no pain. If there was any it was very very short lived. In fact in a matter of a second or three they are on the cosmic journey. Why can't some chemical concoction be applied to those who receive the ultimate penalty that puts them away that fast? It can't be that difficult I would not think. That might silence the "cruel and unusual punishment" fruit loops somewhat.

Or not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rumors of Wars?

Over at Israel Matzav it is being reported that Syria and Turkey may be near to having a bit of a dust up and that Iran has also made some noises about getting involved should Turkey initiate combat. Interesting. Don't know what to think about this one. I had a hunch that Assad might try some aggressive move toward the Golan to "unite" the Syrian people in another jihad but another Muslim vs Muslim contest did not really enter my mind. We will see. One thing of note; of any Mohammedan nation Turkey is probably not one to mess with. Ask any veteran of Korea or ex Soviet border guards and they may well tell you about the prowess of the Turkish fighting man. Something that can't be said for other Mohammedan troops in the region.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Last Word on Jerseylicious. I Promise (sort of)

Just watched another episode of the ridiculously mesmerizing Jerseylicious. The folk on this show, as noted before, are silly beyond measure. Hard not to watch this train wreck though. Now I am worldly enough to know that most folk from planet Jersey do not talk or act like this. A lot of viewers probably think that everybody from the area are as stupid as this though. One thing that is interesting  is the names that the guys on the show have. There is an Anthony, Frankie, Mikey, and I just know there has to be a Pauly floating around somewhere. One of the guys father (the Hoormaster) was dressed in a wife beater, sporting many tattoos, and wearing the obligatory Crucifix chain. He also talked like he was auditioning for membership with the DeCalvalcante crew.  Can't get more stereotypical than that.

I suppose if there was some type of "reality" show based in Texas than the whole cowboy stereotype would be the order of the day. The guys would of course have to have names like Justus, Justin, Travis, Cletus, Rowdy and BillyBob(one word). Who in Hell's name would name a kid Cletus or Rowdy? Some do. Of course everybody would be bull riders and drive ridiculously large pick up trucks. You know - just like we all do here in the Lone Star State.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Are You Afeerd of Haints?

Just watched a pretty good show called The Haunting on the television. It was, I believe, on something called the Green Network (of all places). It was pretty darn scary to say the least. It featured a family in Florida that had all kinds of evil spooks hanging about their home. They finally had to bolt the premises after whatever "lived" there began to bother their small child. It was pretty darn interesting sure.

Now what would you do if confronted with something like this? Yes, yes, I know, you don't believe in such. Well if this type thing happened to you I would imagine that your tune would change. Anyway the question is a valid one. What would you do? Would you get on the phone and call the local "ghostbusters?" There are  folk in that business you know. Would you call the local evangelical with a kiss me quick haircut? Not me. I know what I would do. I would call in the heavy hitters.

I would call the Catholics.

 Haven't you ever seen The Exorcist?

Gay Marriage

Apparently New York has legalized "gay marriage." Fine and good. Is it really that big of a deal that gay folk might want to get married? They, after all, should have the right to be miserable like the rest of us. I think Kinky Friedman said something like that.

Dropping Out of High School? Go For It.

Just heard a "news report" that every few seconds a high school student decides to drop out. No big deal really. Not everybody is "college material" as they say. The world needs truck drivers. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing "stupid" about driving a truck. Have done so myself in another life. I have actually known quite a number of college grads who, for whatever reason, decided to get out of the mainstream b.s. and pursue a career behind the wheel. So what if some kids decide to leave high school early. At least we could count on them not contributing to ruining the nation by becoming lawyers, "economists,"  lobbyists or some such cocksucker. They probably won't be trying to sell time shares either.

 They can always go back and get that GED at a later date if they so desire anyway.

Of course some will do nothing but get welfare checks, brew meth, and produce future crack hoes.

There are two sides to every coin.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Libya Again

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who has some interesting thoughts on the subject of Libya. This whole Libya thing is a bit of a political issue now, with many in congress wishing to hold President Obama accountable for continued military action against that pathetic nation state. Anyway, my friend  believes that the continued action against Qaddafy (or however it is spelled) and Co. is OK and things should be left well enough alone. Not sure I agreed there but I wanted to hear him out on the subject and he, being a very opinionated (and often misinformed)  sort, was happy to oblige.
He tends to believe that the folk that are being bombed are (were?)  terrorists and terrorist sympathizers in the past. He further believes that these folk deserve to be bombed for the "sins of the past." I asked him about the possibility that the opposing "freedom fighters" may be of a jihadist sort and perhaps we would be just trading one known evil for an unknown evil. His ready answer was that all of them should be bombed indiscriminately if for no other reason than to keep NATO forces training up to par.
 I don't have a lot of sympathy with Mohammedans in the region. I, rightly or wrongly, hold them  at least somewhat accountable for Sept 11, 2001. The world would certainly be a better place without Qaddafiy, but I am just not sure continued action there is warranted at this time.

Let them fight it out amongst themselves. We can, after all, reserve the right to resume military action in the future should it be deemed necessary. The place is not really worth the life of one Western service member.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Captain, The Cat, and The Clown

Over at you can read all about the govt attempt to destroy a popular breakfast cereal. It appears that Tony ( no, not Tony The Weiner)is now under the gun, so to speak, and will have to either change the formula or stop marketing to his target audience. First Captain Crunch and now Tony the Tiger. Of course Ronald McDonald is under attack also. The Burger King is going in hiding and nobody has seen Wendy for a good long time. The poor old Burger Chef (and his sidekick Jeff) must be rolling over in their graves.

 I, for one, am heading to the "likka sto" to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. I might buy a pack of Kools while there. They may not be around much longer.

No word on if the likka sto has any real light bulbs in stock. They would make a fine Christmas gift.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little Wang With Your Coffee?

I spent the last few years of my high school days in the New Orleans area. Almost did not graduate due to the lure of that fair city. Why would I sit in Spanish class when in 20 minutes I could be in The Quarter watching "prono" movies, (as my friend called them), smoking weed (with inhalation),  drinking beer and chasing tourists of the fairer gender? A lot can be done before 3:30 pm sure. I certainly have a place in my heart for that town. I suppose New Orleans and Memphis are my favorite cities in our fair nation. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. I currently live about 30 minutes or so from Galveston and really like that little town also. It reminds me so much of New Orleans in many respects. My better half will not hear of living there though. Afraid I will become a beach bum I suppose. Probably a smart move on her part. Never doubt the legitimacy of women's intuition.

Anyway I have noted that the Republicans are having (or had) their shindig down New Orleans way. Not sure if that is where I would have chosen to hold this sort of gathering. Now it is common knowledge that the city is a Democratic Party stronghold. The folks there, both pre and post Katrina, are sadly brainwashed. A large majority believe that "the man" has held them down. The fact that leftist govt policies have emasculated a large segment of the population does not register. With all that being said, if I were traveling to NOLA to participate in this gathering I would be pretty careful what I ate. Some of those hotel workers are likely not above putting "a little wang in your coffee." Enhancing the flavor a bit as it were. I probably would have brought my own peanut butter and jelly.

Choosing to hold this gathering in New Orleans is akin to holding an anti (illegal) immigrant convention in San Antonio or a "white supremacist" gathering in Memphis.

You know, come to think of it, I believe that some quasi Klan meetup was held in Memphis a few short years back. Some kind of Dr. Duke led convention or something. I would wager that there were a few episodes of "flavor enhancing" that occurred.  Here and there as the case may be.

I wanted to title this "Some cock with your cocktail?" but decided that might be going a bit far. Just adhering to community standards you understand.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Investigative Journalism

Ok we all know by now that the television network (channel?) Current is an Al Gore thing. No real big deal I don't guess. Gore is a loon no doubt, (and allegedly a weenie wagger in his own right), and of course that Olbermann nut finally "found a home" on this station, but those small details do not negate the fact that there is some pretty good investigative journalism taking place here. As would be expected, the content comes from a "progressive" "we are the world" viewpoint but again I emphasize, the journalism can be top notch.

I have watched numerous programs here and found them to be quite interesting. The other day for instance, I watched a documentary that followed a group of folk from El Salvador who were trying to make their way north through Mexico to the U.S. Some of the scenes were pretty amazing. These folks had to negotiate freight trains, do a heck of a lot of walking, and finally swim the Rio Grande. It was so intense that I found myself rooting for them. The fact that they are attempting to become "illegals" did not diminish my desire to see them succeed. That is the empathetic human being in me I suppose.

Problem is though that this type of thing has to be stopped immediately. It is okay to sympathize and empathize but it is also okay to demand these folk be turned back. Sorry.

It is foolish to hate these people who attempt to make a better life for themselves. In fact, if one does hate them then I would submit that they lack something in the "human" department. That being said we must remember that some of these countries' encourage their citizens to enter this country illegally. The govt of Mexico is more than happy to see their poorest, bravest, and most desperate try to "escape" north. These folk pose a danger to them. Destitute and courageous people can tend to become revolutionary and perhaps become a problem to the corrupt system in Mexico. Also there is the fact that a good bit of money is sent back to circulate in their economy.

The fact remains that we must secure our borders by any means humanely necessary. This country has enough problems without needing to deal with a further influx of destitute folk into our country. (That and the low level, but escalating war taking place right across our border). Can't blame these folk for trying though. I certainly don't hate them.  I would like to think that I would have the courage to make the trek north if I were in their shoes.

Oh we never did get to see if these folks made it safely across. The program ends with them attempting to cross the river on an inflatable crocodile shaped swimming pool toy.

One has to admire their cajones.

Friday, June 17, 2011

And So The Killing Of Our Country Continues

I just read Mish's column today and noted that he reports that 700 K Mart "appliance specialists" will be laid off. Apparently the rest of the "staff" will be trained in appliance talk and it should make it soooo much easier for customers to checkout at any register. The end of the world? No. Typical? Yes. Mish also further reports that their will be an 800 number to call if one needs further assistance with appliances. He further notes that the "employees" at the other end of the phone will probably be from India. You see this is a problem.

My non PC friend, of whom I have spoken before, does not deal with foreign customer service reps gladly. When confronted with the situation he will demand to "speak to an American." The fact that this is often impossible does not deter him from being rude and obnoxious. Good for him. I am a bit more mellow and usually don't get in a twist about such, but it does irritate me that our corporations have been allowed to rip off the American worker with such underhanded tactics. I personally feel that if a company is headquartered in the USA and sells products and services here then they ought to employ Americans in all aspects from manufacturing on to customer service. It should be mandatory. This outsourcing is killing us.

It is treason frankly.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Again (and again) With This Good Hair

There is speculation that Good Hair is going to make a run for president. He does nothing to dispel these rumors and in fact it does look like he may be testing the waters. This has the "conservatives" all a twitter. Fine and good. What most do not know is that this Good Hair makes a pretty good speech and is completely full of caca.
Some point out that Texas has weathered the economic storm (thus far) better than most of the country. True enough and none of Good Hair's doing. Nothing the man did made much difference either way in the way Texas does "bidness." It is, and has been for a long long time, a business friendly state. Of course people and their businesses are moving to this state from places that make it their business destroy those who, well, do business.  California, once a mecca, is sliding, the Midwest is done (for now at least) and many other states are in trouble.

Yep Texas is a "cut above" in many ways but this Good Hair is not responsible. He is just along for the ride. At least he has done nothing to completely screw us up but I still would not think he is the solution to this nation's ills.

Could be wrong.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Place Had Three Strikes But I Was Out

In a rural area not far from home today when I noticed that my gas tank was near empty. Usually I am pretty good about keeping up with such things but guess just not this time. Well I certainly was not going to run out of gas and rely on the kindness of strangers to help me out in that situation. I knew what I had to do. Did not like it particularly but a sacrifice had to be made. Not far from my location was, I knew,  the only fuel stop in the area. I had to make a small purchase.
 Now there are certain things I try not to do. One of them is buy Citgo gasoline. Now of course I know that there are a good many loyal Americans who work for this outfit but when a choice is available I will chose to take my business elsewhere. Don't want to indirectly fund an unfriendly sort of fellow. This was strike one.
Strike two was that the place was overpriced. I don't want to pay .15 more per gallon than the going local rate. Who does?
Strike three? Well the place is a Mohammedan (Pakistani) store.  I try not to shop these fair establishments.  Is that a bit too non inclusive for you? Sorry. I believe it most likely that the folk that run these stores are loyal citizens or potential citizens of the U.S., but as I have noted before I have a trust issue with the followers of the Prophet. Not saying this is the case but, again, I don't want to chance indirectly funding any unfriendly types. What that? Ridiculous?  Probably. But tell me the thought of that little scenario has not crossed your mind. At least in passing.

Be honest with yourself.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bothersome Issue

I was thinking I might talk about some about important things going on in the world and our own country. You know things like the strategic disaster that is the "Arab Spring," the decline in American purchasing power, Weiner's wiener (kidding), and the state of NCAA D1 football (not kidding), but have decided to gripe about incorrect pronunciation of names instead.
As a "Texan" for going on 20 years now there are some things that I have noticed that draw my ire. Having lived in southern and central Louisiana for quite a time I know and understand the correct way to say (and spell) "coon ass" names. These folk in Texas, with the exception of the the small "coon ass" section down around Port Arthur, have no idea how to pronounce their own names. For instance there are quite a number of folk who have the last name of Peltier. Can you guess how it is pronounced in these parts? That's right; they pronounce it Pell Tear. That is just wrong damn it. Same thing with Lecompte. These folk say it as it is spelled instead of the correct "Le count." Gremillion is "Gre Million" or something that sounds like "gremlin," and Rabalais is "Rab-al-is."  Oh and Saucier is "saw seer." How could I almost forget that one? I could go on and on. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard I tell you.

How could I not be irritated by this? I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Professional Treatment? For What?

Apparently Anthony is seeking a leave of absence to undergo "treatment" for his "problem." I would imagine the only thing that Young Anthony is sorry for is getting cold busted being a cyber flasher and weenie wagger. Professional treatment? For being a horndog? Give me a break. One thing though; he won't ever be again taken seriously. That is assuming he ever was in the first place. Most of us just thought him a little screamer.

Sucks for him.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Few Thoughts to End (or start) The Week

It seems that Young Anthony is getting in even more hot water. Some new photographs of Tony have apparently surfaced that show a good deal more than earlier. It is alleged that the photos in question were taken at a govt facility. I would say that this Weiner's wiener is cooked. Even that psycho Pelosi is calling for him to go. It has been an amusing ride no doubt but still one has to feel sorry (sorta) for those close to this little screecher of a man.

It seems that the U.S. govt is investigating "for profit" schools. We all know that there are some that are little more than scams but there are indeed those that are  excellent institutions and deliver a pretty good bang for the buck. For instance I received a degree in History from the American Public University System, which is for profit, and found the instruction to be more in depth and  "real world" than any of the traditional schools I attended. It took me near twenty years to finally get that degree and I am proud of it. Unfortunately there are bad apples out there. University of Phoenix has a bad rep but really is probably fairly decent albeit overpriced. AIU and Devry have their place also. Part of the problem is of course that some in traditional education are feeling the heat of competition. Since a great many in higher education have no understanding of (or hate) the free market, it is not surprising that they would be crying foul.

I did not know that the regular old light bulbs have already been banned from being sold in the California Peoples Republic. Perhaps I am mistaken here. Time to stock up for the rest of us. I have mine and they should last for quite a number of years. I suggest you do the same unless you just want to pay more. This is stupidity run amok.

I have been thinking about instituting a "rule five" program on my blog. Cheap trick to build traffic perhaps, but "when in Rome...."

Pretty soon it will be time to begin some work on my "expert" (lol) analysis of college football. The "bibles" are already out in the local green grocers. I will be making a purchase directly and see where I land at the end of the season. Last year I was just about as accurate as many of those handicappers who charge for service. Anyway, if so inclined, keep an eye out at my college football blog. Or not. I don't give a rusty.....
I will mention this to start the season. Jim is gone at Ohio State. Keenum is back behind center at the University of Houston and Rice football players were arrested recently. Predictions on this; U of H will be a top twenty team. Rice will have a winning season and Ohio State will fall to the irrelevance that those programs in the "Big Ten" deserve. Rice may well be getting finally serious about building a winning program. Dopers and thugs on a team make for winning records.
Oh and f... you Nebraska.

It is about time to refill my electronic cigarette cartridge. I have cut down on my smoking of "real" cigarettes a good deal and attribute this to faux product. Now (of course) there is an effort to "ban" these devices. Ask any doctor and they will likely tell you that anything, I mean anything, is better than smoking the real thing. It is not about "health and safety" after all. It has to do with tax revenue.

Just a few thoughts.......

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mohammedan Spring

Apparently the "Arab Spring" (whatever that means) has sprung. I suppose the protests, civil wars and general disobedience that some of the more dictatorial minded are experiencing is what commentators have dubbed this so called "Spring." The civil war in Libya, the recent drama of Egypt, low level war in Yemen, and the brutality of Syria is supposed to eventually bring those more enlightened to power and there will be peace, flowers and harmony in the Middle East. Or so we are being led to believe. I don't buy it for a moment. Tonight for instance, CNN's Anderson Cooper had a segment on the utter violence being perpetrated on the protesters in Syria by govt forces. Murder and mayhem seems to be the order of the day and some of the video smuggled out of that  unfortunate country is quite disturbing in its brutality. To their credit, some troops have opted to not participate and have deserted service to their great peril. A great many troops however do appear to be doing the government' bidding and literally firing on unarmed protesters. It is interesting that Syrian troops seem quite adept at terrorizing the civilian population but will (again) run like dogs when faced with the IDF.

 Here lies a danger as I see it. The regime in Syria appears to be in trouble. It is quite possible that to "unite" the country Assad may well try to take some military action against Israel. Does this seem far fetched to you? Last week there was an episode on the border that cost some Syrian civilians their lives and of course the Syrian public relations apparatus swung into full gear. It seems to have died down somewhat and the real story is again at the forefront. I would be willing to bet that those who rushed the border of Israel had no choice in the matter. Just a hunch. A real military problem could be brewing for Israel.

Do we continue to support the regimes that keep a clamp on more "radical" elements in the Mohammedan world? Do we support "rebels" and protesters for the sake of "freedom" and "fairness" in that region? That is a hard question. Not that the United States is a supporter of Assad or Khaddafy but we did support the now defunct Egyptian regime. We do have business relations with the current regime in Yemen.We do indeed support the desert kingdoms. What to do? Kind of a double edged sword. We know and do business with the dictators but we really do not know these in the opposition. We could be trading one evil for an evil that is willing (although possibly not able due to Arab military incompetence), to set the region on fire. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Mohammedans in the region are not as incompetent now as we might think.  It is easy to joke about the inept Arabs but the joke may be on  Israel and her supporters.

Perhaps it is better to support the evil we know instead of trade for a far less predictable evil.
Perhaps not. Either way we will be dealing with this mess for years to come. It is most important that our leadership does not lose sight of the real world fact that doing what is best for our strategic defense is not always the moral choice. The two concepts can be exclusive of one another. It would be nice if this strategic problem was taking place in Sub-Saharan Africa. Then it would cease to be a problem. It would be just another tragic story and not a real threat to world peace.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Voyeurism in The Home of the Brave

I have spoken before about the ridiculous show Jersylicious. For those not familiar with those from planet Jersey, the show concerns a group of hairdressers whose skin is actually orange,(from tanning?), much like Oompa Loompas. It should be noted though that they are taller than the little orange creatures and have enormous boobs. These young "ladies" all  dress in streetwalker chic and each and every one of them should seriously consider a career in porn. They could certainly find gainful employment in Chatsworth when America's interest moves onto the next group of swingers, hookers, or freaks. The interest in this kind of thing makes me wonder a bit. Is it normal or healthy to take such interest in the weirdo's in society? It is indeed interesting though and I must admit that I watch a bit of this show. I suppose I ought to be somewhat ashamed of myself.

The same type of thing can be seen with the public interest in the problems of "Young Anthony." The whole thing was (and still is to some extent) a media circus and is (still) being discussed a great deal on the various "news" outlets. Now it is good comedy sure. Can't get much better than a public figure with the unfortunate last name of Weiner admitting that he is indeed a cyber flasher and weenie wagger. Well sort of anyway. I certainly have had a bit of fun with it.
 Apparently Anthony does not want to resign his post and the whole thing will likely end badly for him. Now of course some in the ultra left blogosphere are braying that what Anthony has done is no worse than what many on the other side of the aisle have done.  They are correct sure, but Anthony does have one thing that none of them have. Some notoriety, and of course, again, the last name of Weiner. The whole story really should have gone away by now but the "news outlets" are biding time and lying in wait for the next big story. Remember when Libya was the hot ticket and was displaced by the horrific earthquake/tsunami? The whole Weiner story will shrivel when something else rises. I do submit though that the media would not keep it up if the public did not continue to swallow it.

Now this makes me think of some of the sickest voyeurism that is current. There are those that watch every thing there is to see on the sad sick story of one Casey Anthony who (allegedly) murdered her small child; Caylee. I saw on one of the outlets where people literally stampeded their way to the court in the hopes of getting a seat. Like this was a movie premier or something instead of a sad tale of a psychotic (alleged) murderer of a child. Pathetic. One "news channel," HLN I believe, has this "story" on for hours on end. Of course it is full of the usual "experts" and talking heads offering their legal and psychological opinions. Nonsense is what this is. Sick voyeurism of the worst kind.

It mades me wonder......why I watched it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

D Day

Today is the anniversary of the invasion of Western Europe by Allied forces. Those folk that served in that era will not be with us much longer. Thank them while you still can.

Say it Ain't So

Well young Anthony "came" clean today. Appears that the wiener in question is indeed his wiener. I admit that I did not think him stupid enough when this episode first reared its ugly head but since began to have doubts. Now, by his admission, he is a weenie wagger. Don't they put folk in jail for that? I don't guess it is the same thing as going to the local green grocer and waving a penis at people, but it is kinda in the same ballpark.  Well sort of. I must say the whole thing couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. He is a little screamer of a man and his act just wouldn't fly down in this neck of the woods. Oh well, the whole thing is fairly amusing of course and it is made even better by young Anthony having the misfortune of being saddled with the last name of "Weiner." Great comedy. It gets even better. Apparently Nancy Pelosi (of all people) wants to have the ethics committee investigate the fact that Weiner is basically a flasher. Fair enough. Does congress have a sanity committee? If so they are long overdue for a little investigation into poor ole Nancy.

Now thinking about folk from that general part of the country, I took in a little bit more of the most ridiculous, but somehow mesmerizing, show Jerseylicious a bit ago. Those folk live on another planet. The women should all be in porn.They certainly look like porn bimbos. I thought about asking my wife again about my now defunct plan to become a "filmmaker" but decided against it. Funny thing; at one point one of the guys on the show informed us that his father was a "hoormaster" in his younger days. I like that vato. I like that. I think maybe I should check in with my better half about the possibility of becoming a "hoormaster" myself.

I'll get back to you on that.

Slamming the Book (so to speak) On Weiner's Wiener

Weenergate, as it is being called, is starting to grow a little old. Of course  I must admit that it is awful hard to tire of saying "Weiner's wiener. " Still and all though, the whole thing is starting to wear a little thin. Is the photo in question Anthony's dong? I don't know for sure but I now suspect it to be so. As I noted earlier I would try to blame the Red Chinese if I were him. Be that as it may, I think it is time to close the book on "Weenergate." It probably only is headline news still because it is just too funny not to pass up. The man is named Weiner after all. Unfortunate for him I suppose but great for the rest of us.

It is interesting that these men in positions of power tend to get themselves into such trouble. It is not confined to just one side of the aisle either. Recently we have the (still ongoing) saga of John Edwards,  and of course who could forget Al Gore allegedly "standing at attention" in front of a masseuse. I suppose that one could be worse. He could have been seen standing in all his glory in front of a masseur. That would have been pretty amusing I must say. Amusing indeed. What about Newt? The man has the audacity to contemplate a run for president? I bet if one dug into the matter it would  be discovered that the Tiger has nothing on Newt. Jimmy Swaggart? Remember him? I never really understood that little "kink" in his personality. Oh well. These things seem to happen regularly and I am not sure why anyone is all that surprised. Stars in politics, religion, sports, music, etc., along with just regular guys, continually find themselves being led around by the "little man" with disastrous results. Well I guess musicians really don't count. That sort of behaviour is expected. Why else do millions of kids pick up a guitar. It often has little to do with the "love of music."

Rock on!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Did the Wangs Expose Weiner's Wang?

It seems that the U.S. guvment is accusing the Red Chinese of some sort of hacking episode. If I were young Anthony I would take advantage of that one. I would claim that the evil PRC is behind "tweeting" a pic of my (alleged) wang. Of course I am not Anthony and for that I am thankful. His "career," not to mention possibly his marriage, may well be destroyed over this little episode. I am still not completely convinced yet (getting there) that the pics in question are of Anthony's dork but I would wager the truth will be unleashed before long. Yes, everything will likely come to a head very soon and I am pretty sure Anthony will get the shaft.

Sucks for you Tony. Arrogant ass!  I would play up the Red Chinese angle for all it is worth.

 Just a little free advice from "the cab."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here it is

I have found the poster I was babbling about in an earlier blog rant. H/T I saw the poster originally on his blog. About the only issue here is that it has the words "liberal pussies" on it. I myself can be quite liberal on a few issues and down right wingnuttia right wing on some (especially national defense). What I am not is what they call "progressive." There is a difference, in my humble opinion, between Liberalism and Progressiveism (is that a word?). Some very brave folk are "liberal" on a great many issues and  true American patriots, but as a general rule a "progressive" is extreme left and often a "fifth columnist" who does damage to the our country.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a Deal

Today I passed a gas station selling fuel for 3.39 a gallon. There was a line. They were at least .15 cents cheaper than any local competitors that I noticed. I thought to myself that it is strange when suddenly 3.39 is considered a good deal for regular unleaded.

Strange indeed.