Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wanking on a Wednesday

Do you wonder what our country has come to when we have a president who admits to have eaten what is considered in this country a family pet? How far we have fallen. I was going to say something about the dignity of the office and then I thought of William Jefferson and Tricky Dick. Still, a dog? Good Lord! We have degenerated to this?

Buying tires is tiresome (no pun). They are expensive and there are just things one would rather spend the limited funds on. After making a tire purchase I was driving home and listening to Hannity on the radio. I am no fan of Sean but he did make a very good point. He said that conservatives are not anti government; but rather believe that a limited govt should do the things it is tasked with very well. I like that. Unfortunately we have a bloated govt and, for the most part, they don't do things all that well.

I was reading Mish's column this morning and noted that he reports a possible new govt intelligence agency is in the works. Really? We should really consolidate what we have and get rid of the dead weight. As it stands now they compete and step on each others' dick. We are told that this problem has been alleviated after the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. I don't believe it. Do you?

The Trayvon thing has dropped a bit out of the news of late. Good. It was becoming a bore. This Zimmerman has been arrested and now is the time to let the system do what the system was designed to do. Of course if the "wrong" verdict is announced we can expect riots and mayhem. Then we will see the spectre of the rioters burning down the neighborhood in which they live.  I have always thought that makes a great deal of sense. Perhaps an Oriental shopkeeper will defend his place of business and send someone to meet Jesus a bit early. Then the Oriental community will be demonized as somehow taking advantage of those less fortunate.  I fully understand that after things cool down it will be explained to me somehow that the whole episode was my fault in the first place.

It would probably not be a very good idea to wear an IDF hat to the Houston Galleria. It might upset the patrons.  It is perfectly OK however to wear a "Free Palestine" t shirt. The logo on the shirts are in the shape of the current nation state of Israel I might add. Imagine that. I suppose if Mustafa is that adamant about the whole "Palestinian" issue, then he should head on over and put his money where his mouth is. Instead he wears silly shirts in the safety of an upscale American shopping venue. Typical.

Does anyone really like Chuck Schumer? If so, please explain to me the attraction. He just kind of seems like a standard garden variety senatorial cocksucker to me. Folk like him are damaging a great nation. He is near as divisive as John Calhoun. Not near the man that Calhoun was however.

I guess that Roger Clemens is still trying to clear his name. Good luck with that. Innocence or guilt really doesn't matter much at this point. His legacy is ruined. I sort of feel sorry for the guy.

That is about enough.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Blogger Interface

I am not sure if I like this new Blogger interface much. Time will tell. I see a couple good things but I have always been a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kind a guy. Or in the case of this Blogger; if it sort of is OK don't bother trying to "improve" it."

Change for change sake is often not the best solution.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Nekkid Before Long?

Those at the University of Arkansas had to know what they were getting when they hired Petrino to be their head coach. The clues have been pretty obvious that the man is a scumbag. He does win though. I suppose that is all that mattered.

They person at the center of all this mess is one Jessica Dorrell. How long do you suppose before we will be seeing this young lady in all her glory in a "gentleman's magazine?" Not that this would be necessarily a bad thing.

If I was a betting man, and only if , I would wager that she has already been contacted and is considering offers. If she hasn't already, she perhaps should retain an agent.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One of the Few Things Worth a Damn In the Republic

Here in the Republic the legislature only meets every two years. That sort of keeps the brakes on those fools getting totally out of control, and a lot of things just don't get done. That is usually a good thing.

This is of the few things that is really good about the Republic of Texas. Well, that and no state income tax.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Left Holding Hands With The Unspeakable? Sure They Are

Earlier I mentioned that I was having a bit of a conversation with some folk on  the site Driftglass. One of my regular readers mentioned that the Driftglass dude was the "prince of buffoonery." I would have to agree frankly. If demagoguery is a real word I would say that there is some demagoguery practiced over there. Actually I prefer dickweedery but that is neither here nor there.
At any rate, the point that I was trying to make over at this esteemed leftist site was that the music of some so called "gansta rap." is every bit as hateful as the tripe that is considered "neo nazi" music.  Most commentators disagreed. Shocking I know. Admittedly I did use the defunct German band Landser as an example of hateful music of the "right." Landser is probably about as extreme as it gets (got).

The little experience at Driftglass got me thinking a bit about other similarities between the radical left and the ultra radical right.

The state of Israel (and those Jewish in general) are most definitely the target of those on the ultra "right." I am talking about Klan and Neo Nazi type groups. That goes without saying perhaps. It is interesting however that some of these groups (mostly)of European origin seem to have a problem deciding among themselves if the Muslims or the Jews should be the target of their ire. (Jews have not been implicated in any terrorist activities in Europe that I am aware of. Just saying.)

Interestingly enough, the same type thing can be seen from those on the left. Of course, unlike those on the fringe "right", the Muslim gets a pass. To many leftists the problems with some Muslims can be blamed on the West. This is a related subject for another time perhaps though.

When one hears from the left of  Israeli "terrorism"; divestment campaigns; and campus harassment of Jewish students (right here in this country), one has to notice that this comes from the left. There is no denying it. Right there for all to see.

It seems odd frankly. Israel is the only democracy in the region although the short sighted support of "democratic" movements in area Muslim lands may change that. To our detriment I might add. (That also is another subject however).

I have had in the past reservations about the state that is Israel. I am too young to remember the USS (USNS?)Liberty incident although I am fully aware of what happened. Frankly the ship should have been avenged with the destruction of an Israeli air wing at the time. Cowardice and politics at the highest level likely prevented this. The episode colors many older folks opinion of the Jewish state to this day. Understandable. I also am aware of the push by many to release the spy Pollard from custody. Wrong. The man, an American citizen, passed information of a sensitive nature to Israel. He needs to stay in prison.

That being said however I remember well the rejoice in the adjacent lands after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2011. Like it was yesterday. I lost a great deal of the sympathy for the plight of the "Palestinians" after witnessing this.

Israel is a very small nation surrounded by those who are bent on her destruction and perhaps even the extermination of her people. This a very real. So when I hear the odius ultra "right" speak out against the nation and Jewish people in general, I know that they dream of destruction. When I hear the leftists speak of the "crimes" of the Israeli, I know that they dream the same. The only real difference is that the neo nazi would like to do the job themselves while some leftists would like to watch someone else put in the work.

Interesting how the radicals from both extremes meet at the same place. Time and time again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pull Advertising From Rush At Your Peril

Rush Limbaugh is a load and no mistake. He is right on some issues and very wrong on others. Interesting to listen to though. The whole Fluke thing got the fruitloops in an uproar a bit ago and they begin screeching at advertisers to pull their business from the program. Some caved and did so. Stupid move on their part. The fruitloopery and dickweedery among us thought that they would finally get the man off the radio. Wrong. How very very silly these folks can be. Did they not go to school?

ECON 101: A guy with a radio audience of 25 million adults a week is going to sell advertising. It’s a very cost effective way to reach mass numbers. It really doesn’t matter much what he’s saying, what matters is who is listening – and buying

I saw this posted somewhere and it is right on the money. Some must have been absent the day they taught this lesson.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Buying the Products of Israel

The other day I went into a little shop in the Houston area that sells products of Israel. Pretty interesting little place. Not far from Halal meat shops and "Indo Pak" grocery stores that dot the landscape in fact.
I bought a little blackberry/peach jam and found it tasty. The wine from the Golan is a bit out of my price range right now. Maybe another time.

The shop didn't have any of these to bring home however. Shame.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Centrists are Reviled

Lately I have been having a rather robust discussion with some of the folk over at Driftglass concerning the advent of "hate" music. I pointed out that some of the so called "gansta rap" is little different from some of the "white power" type music that one can find. Most disagreed. I will get back to that discussion later today or perhaps tomorrow. That is not what I wanted to talk about this fine morning though.

I consider myself a centrist frankly. I have learned from my reading that those of us who are considered "centrist" are not well thought of by those on the extremes. Recently I was compared to some guy by the name of David Brooks. Is that a compliment? Apparently not. I did not know who he was to be honest so I looked him up. Apparently he "works" up there at the NY Times and thus would explain my ignorance as to his personage. Those of us in the Republic or Southeastern Conference territory have no interest in what is said by anyone in the Times. Just not worth the bother. Most would probably have more interest in what the owner/editor of the local shopper has to say on any given subject.

Why are centrists hated? The only conclusion I can come to is that we put a brake on childishness. Neither the far right nor the screeching left can get through most of what they want at any given time. That makes them furious.


Enjoy this pretty young thing. Time for a trip to the beach,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who Is This Hilary Rosen

Apparently one Hilary Rosen has made some disparaging remarks concerning Mrs. Romney. Something about not working a day in her life or some such. I hear she is a lesbian activist or something. Nothing wrong with that. I discovered long ago that I was a lesbian whilst sitting in the bar admiring pretty ladies with a lesbian co-worker. Still Rosen should keep her trap shut. Could this be the fruitloop version of a "war on women?"

 Just another dumbass.......Even the fruitloops are trying to distance themselves.

Rosen did apologize though. I guess that is something.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Freakin on a Friday

As of this writing there have no reported fatalities in the F18 crash in Virginia Beach. Let us hope it stays that way.

There has been much made this week of Slim trying to "intimidate" the SCOTUS. Really he is does not appear to be so much "intimidating" them but he is using the bully pulpit. Seems odd as the Court does not have any reason to be concerned with the opinions of a president. His remarks about the members being "unelected" is a bit strange. At any rate, Obama is not the first POTUS to have his problems with the Court. FDR and Lincoln come to mind. Of course both of these men had fascist (assuming anyone can really define fascist) tendencies. In the case of Lincoln it is probably more accurate to consider him "proto fascist." Certainly there are warning signs that Obama has some rather odd (for an American) tendencies also. Of course he is not near the man that either FDR or Lincoln were. Probably not even the man that Carter is........

Did I hear that terrorist Bill Ayers making comments about being upset about military members being allowed on planes first? Of course I did. He mentioned that "nurses and teachers" should be afforded the same respect. Certainly nurses and teachers deserve our respect but Ayers is making something out of nothing. What is Ayers doing roaming around in public anyway? Shouldn't he be in federal prison somewhere?

Speaking of terrorists - The Muslim Brotherhood has some of their members here making, it appears, kind of a public relations tour. Hard to believe. Before all is said and done we will wish that democracy was not encouraged in some of these Muslim lands. The whole notion is ridiculous.  Obama is not the first president to believe that democracy is the cure for the backwardness that is Islam though.  As it stands now, Israel is being rocketed from the Sinai and this does not bode well. Let's forget about Israel for a moment though. The real importance of the region to the West is the waterway. The peninsula is "injun country" and will likely become more dangerous as time goes by. Will Israel be forced to again take the area? Will a Western force be needed at some point to safeguard the canal? Time will tell.

Today I heard Allen West (R FL) denouncing the Black Panthers for offering a "reward" for the capture of Zimmerman and also of "starlets" for tweeting his address. I suppose when he referred to "starlets" he was speaking of one Spike Lee. I wonder if West knew that he was directly insulting Lee with the "starlet" reference. He was so deadpan. I guess he could have been referring to Roseanne Barr. I think she did some tweeting of her own. Of course "starlet" is not the word that comes to mind when I think of the lovely and talented Roseanne. West had to be referring to that eunuch Lee.

It seems that some fruitloop groups are wanting us to all boycott the Evil Empire and the Coca Cola company for "sponsoring and funding hatred" or some such. Apparently this brouhaha is over some group that has their collective mind right on the voter ID issue.
There are numerous valid reasons to boycott the Empire; selling Chinese crap (selling out American workers) and predatory business practices to name a couple. Voter ID is not one of them. I try to stay away from the Empire as much as possible but do, at times, find myself there.

Boycott Coke? That is just not American. Of course the execs over at the soft drink giant are reported to be caving. That was predictable. That reminds me of a little episode a while back.......
I was doing some barman work during the Super Bowl that was held in Houston a few years back. The other "major" soft drink is a sponsor of the game and the "real deal" was verboten at any official event. Fine and good I suppose, but I can tell you that drinking folk were not happy. I actually had some stomp off without making a purchase. During subsequent events I made sure I had a few cans of the real thing stashed under the bar for both my personal enjoyment and for discriminating customers. Customers who knew the difference and would accept no substitute.

I was thinking about braying some more, but, well, fuck it. Enjoy some rule 5. As long as we are talking about drinking.....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taxi Driver Safety Lesson

The discussion of "race relations" has again become a hot topic throughout the land. The tragic shooting of one Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman (I think we can skip calling Zimmerman "the alleged shooter." Don't you?) has brought the usual fruitloops and those in the race baiting business out from under the shed again. There have been a few surprising twists along the way though. The media has portrayed Zimmerman as a "white" Hispanic (to make him appear to be really white?); there are allegations of selective editing of 911 tapes and video by our nations' media outlets; even Martin's mother can't help but get in on the act by "applying for a trademark" on her son's name. The whole thing has been pretty ridiculous. It doesn't appear (at this time) that the "race war" will commence anytime soon and that has to be a great disappointment to the Martin Bashirs' and Soledad O'Briens' of the world. Shame.

Much was made of Jerry Rivers mentioning that the "hoodie" often means punk (and possibly dangerous punk) to a lot of people. Now of course, kids tend to emulate the lowest common denominator in fashion (hence the very loose "come bugger me" pants that are in vogue) but for the most part they are just kids being kids. But one can not argue (unless one is a stupid fuck) that the hoodies, prison bitch pants, etc. can also be a sure way to spot a real honest to goodness gangbanger punk.

As a "retired" Houston cab driver, I can tell you that I always was quite careful who I picked up off the street. Did I profile? Yes. There have been too many cabbies shot over a few pitiful bucks and the perps are usually young black or Hispanic males. Does that mean that I did not pick up minorities? No. One can't make a living out of driving a cab in Houston if one is afraid of someone for only the color of their skin. But one has to use proper judgement or they will become a victim.

I am sure there are some fruitloops who would holler "you are a racist" over this. Fine. I cordially invite them to spend a couple months behind the wheel of a cab (no bullet proof glass in H town). If I was a betting man I would wager that most would begin to "profile.". Forthwith!
Most cabbies that I have run across would certainly fall into the "liberal" camp. No doubt about it. I would imagine that those who vote Democrat reaches near 95 percent. Just a guess. Do you not think they "profile?" I know they do. My "trainer" (a black man) when I first got started told me what to look out for (as if I already didn't know). I would say he profiled (and then some). It is interesting that a great many cabbies "pack heat" (as they say) regardless of the illegality (in Houston) of doing so. Just in case one makes a mistake in their profiling.

Even in NYC (where they do have some driver protection in the car) they are not afraid to come right out and say it.....

Fernando Mateo of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has told his drivers, "Profile your passengers" for your own protection. "The God's honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these guys are blacks and Hispanics."

Fernando Mateo is himself black and Hispanic.

It is not necessarily racist to use common sense to protect oneself. Or maybe it is. No matter. If you don't use that "common sense" you may end up being carried by six. It is a dangerous enough job as it is. One not for the faint of heart and certainly not for one who will let idealism get in the way of sound judgement.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is There a Dumbass Who Outdumbasses Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee?

Is there somewhere a dumbass who outdumbasses Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee? Yes. Yes there is. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) takes that honor. Hard to believe I know but there you have it. As a transplant from Southeaster Conference territory to the Republic it is natural to be more interested and informed of the high comedy that is Congresswoman Lee. This Wilson apparently is, if anything, even more of a buffoon than Lee. It seems almost impossible on the surface after witnessing some of the things Lee had said in the past but....

I guess that Frederica wishes to have George Zimmerman "arrested for his own protection." She probably doesn't have a clue that this would be unconstitutional. Likely she wouldn't care even in the unlikely event that she is smart enough to have a basic understanding of Constitutional Law. It is reported also that she noted that Zimmerman "hunted Trayvon down like a dog." There may (or may not be) truth to that. No one knows really at this point and that includes the lovely Frederica.

Finally (and this really is the crux of the matter) she looks like an idiot in those stupid fucking hats she always sports. How does she expect anyone to take her seriously dressed like that?  Frankly she looks like she should be offering twenty dollar hummers in the parking lot of the Evil Empire.  Oh, did I go too far there....?