Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wailing on A Wednesday

John McCain has again been out and about talking stupidly. It is time for him to go and no mistake. Part of the problem is John. His latest has been some statements concerning the opposition in Syria. He seems to be in favor of some air strikes to keep Assad's forces a bay and give the opposition time to get their act together. I have spoken before of leaving some of these Mohammedan dictators well enough alone. Evil to the core all of them; but a well known and rather predictable evil. Is it really worth putting Americans at risk over a people who will love us only momentarily? I often wonder if we are actually lucky that this dude did not sit in the oval office. I know.......

Speaking of presidential politics....did I not hear that Palin is still "leaving the door open?" Is that even possible?  I guess this deranged media hound has not been in the news enough of late to suit her. Stay in Alaska and borrow more moose chili from your neighbors please madam and leave the rest of us alone.

I seems that Sarkozy has finally come out and said that there are "too many foreigners in" France. This is really something to watch. Extreme French nationalism? There is no telling where that may lead. It is easy to make jokes about the French, but if one looks just below the surface it is likely one will find a proud and touchy native population that is fed up with their  nation being over run by those who have no interest in anything French; except the hand outs that the French govt. will give them. I don't want to sound alarmist here, but if I were a North African living in France I would start to look elsewhere.

Rush is losing advertisers over his untimely and ill thought out remarks the other day. Likely he won't be down for long though. He is probably not in any danger of losing his gig. Rush can certainly be a cad and really is nothing more than a Republican Party cheerleader but one does have to somewhat admire his cajones. He tells it like he sees it.

This Fluke is now fair game by putting herself out there for all to see. . She has gone public with her "needs" and has also been exposed as a "ringer" of sorts in the culture wars. Your average college coed she ain't. She has crossed the line from regular old private citizen into the realm of celebrity and therefore it is quite fair to ask if she is indeed a "slut." People might want to know the skinny on such an important matter as this. She should not be outraged.  This type thing comes with the territory. It is a bit like the local Houston talk show "legend" Michael Berry thing. Folk want to know why he (allegedly) was involved in hit and run and just why he was seen drinking in a rough trade gay bar.

 It is not important whether or not Fluke is a tart or Berry has (or has not) some rather unexpected tastes but when one is in the public eye they are fair game. Celebrity certainly has its' drawbacks.

'Bout enough I suppose for a Wednesday evening.

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