Friday, October 9, 2020

Truth and Questions From the Cab #13

 It has been quite a while since I did any writing work and I am sure I am way out of practice. But, as they say, who gives a rusty fuck? Oh well, here goes.....

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is somehow still in office and is still a dumbass.

2. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee might no longer be the biggest dumbass to occupy the hallowed halls of congress any longer. The place is full of maniacs of which Lee is only one.

3. Do you think that AOC looks a bit like Mr. Ed? Would you still like to, you know, do the nasty with her? Here and there as it might be. 

4. This Mohammedan Omar "lady" is a problem. You know it. I know it. 

5. Have you seen the NCAA college football schedule? Pretty slim. Not sure if we can thank just Red China for that. Other forces seem to be at play here. 

6. Do you think that the Wuhan Virus was a carefully crafted biological attack that was designed to throw the world in chaos? Did they think it would make them stronger? Did it work?

7. Usually if told to stop and obey by a police officer, things will be OK. Usually.

8. Should the little jump that guy did when popped in the arm by Kyle be called the "Kenosha Bunny Hop?" A bit of an indelicate question I know, but a legitimate one nonetheless. 

9. Do you really believe there is all that much "systemic racism" in this country? Personally I don't buy it. Work hard and you might just make it no matter your skin tone. Or not. It is a fair playing field. 

10. Is college football even interesting anymore?

11. Do you bother to watch the NBA/NFL/NBA?

I'll do better next time.