Sunday, February 25, 2018

Truth and Questions from the Cab #12 with Rule 5

As usual there are some truths that need to be addressed and questions to be asked.......

1. If Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, and Frederica Wilson were a singing group; what would they be called?

2. Speaking of Dumbass Lee, she has a challenger in the Democratic Primary. He is reported to be rather intelligent. He doesn't stand a chance.

3. What happens to the young folk who like to hunt after the minimum age to purchase a "long" gun is raised? Probably doesn't matter. There are long guns aplenty out there. Few will give them up I'm guessing.

4. It does appear that the citizenry has finally had enough of these mass shootings and now the NRA is truly being painted as the "bad guy(s)." Even by supposed rational mainstream folk.........

5. An "AR15" type rifle is just a sexy hunting rifle. Nothing more. These so called bump stocks however.......Is it a good idea to outlaw such?

6. I'm going to say this once and the offended can just be damned.......There are folks on the left who are quite happy when a nut goes crazy with a gun. They love it truly! It helps further their agenda and no one quite believes their crocodile tears. These people are human waste...You know who you are.

7. It is reported that those North Korean cheerleaders that everyone was fawning over are being utilized as sex slaves. I don't for a minute doubt it.

8. Lil Kim's sister (the N. Korean strongman, not the below average rap hooker), was quite a hit at the games. She probably ranks up their with Himmler or Che. Or some such.....

9. Black lives do indeed matter. So do White lives, etc. etc. etc.

10. Most of the folk in Charlottesville were not "Neo-Nazi" types. A small handful perhaps.

11. Did renowned novelist Robert Crawford (and former Navy Seal, allegedly) aka Jurasicpork ever get a real job? It has, after all, been years. Guess I'll run over to his blog and see if he is still begging errr soliciting donations.

Bout enough for now.

Till next time.