Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Bother Playing The Game?

I watched about the first quarter of the Pro Bowl. What a waste of time. There was no real football being played and that is sure. I get it. No one wants to get hurt in a meaningless game that is just a social event for the best of the best in the NFL. Still....people pay good money to see a football game and the product they get is not worth a dime. No wonder there was booing from the crowd. A lot of booing from living rooms across this land also I would wager.

About the only thing worth watching was the National Anthem sung by one TGST Richard Vasques (Vasques?), USAF prior to the opening kick. Now that was something to see and listen to. A hell of a lot better than listening to some arrogant celeb butchering the Anthem. His performance drew a roar of appreciation from the crowd.  It was well deserved.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weighing In On The Texas Public School Issue

It looks like the Dallas Independent School District will be closing eleven schools to "save money." One thing that is sure broken in the Republic is the public school system. It is a statewide nightmare.

Interestingly enough during the packed school board meeting some of the "trustees" continued to absent themselves from the proceedings. If one can't stand the heat......Yep there is a problem in Dallas but it is just not limited to the that silly little town up the road.

I actually know a person that served on the Columbia/Brazoria School District for a term and some of the stories I was told about the dumb asses on that board were laughable. One in particular stands out to me. It seems that while teachers were in danger of being laid off the school board was debating on the best way to fund top of the line "astroturf" for the football field. Therein lies on major problem in Texas. These fools will put as much money into the sports programs as possible and look to cut the budget on real education. Ever been in a public school? Take a look at all the coaches who are on the staff who grudgingly are forced to teach a class or two in the real curriculum. Most do a very poor job. There are exceptions of course but not enough to not warrant painting with a wide brush. As a general rule, a "coach" is more interested in teaching some kid the prevent defense than being a real "educator" (I hate that word). 

Don't get me wrong. Sport is an integral part of education, but when a school has four football teams, seven roundball squads, etc. etc. That is going just a bit far. Have a varsity squad and the rest of the kids will just have to do with the standard physical education classes. Fair to those who want to play sports? Perhaps not. It would save a ton of money though. A ton.

The legislature in Texas has not adequately funded schools for a long long time. No money they say. Yet here in the Republic there are numerous agencies which are outmoded, unnecessary, and redundant. The Texas Railroad Commission is one that should go. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is another. The list could go on I am sure. Perhaps some of those folk need to get off the public tit.

As long as I am braying about the screwed up school systems in Texas I guess I ought to talk about the TSTA. Should a teacher become a member of a public labor organization? Probably so. Unions can, at times, be a major problem but when teachers are subjected to the whims of the some of the folk that are on these school boards along with some of the useless appendages that are administrators, well, they need some protection. Don't believe me? Go to your local school board meeting and see for yourself. I would wager that on each and every board at least half of the members would make Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee seem like a Rhodes Scholar.

Yes there is a huge problem facing the public school system. Huge. It is likely insurmountable.

Now enjoy some rule 5. The lovely Brenda Song for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

JOPA is Gone

Paterno has passed away. Rest his soul. It is a darn shame that the "Sandusky Affair" ruined the legacy of perhaps the most influential coach in the college ranks. Whether JOPA was complicit in some sort of cover up is a moot point. His reputation is ruined forever. It matters little if his name is cleared at a later date. Same type thing with Pete Rose, Roger Clemens, etc. They are seen as damaged goods and their real accomplishments and contributions to their respective sports is of little consequence.

They do say that one "oh shit" can erase a whole lot of "attaboys."

 So true.

Furry Little Critter Wins Big

Newt won in SC and not by just a little bit either. This does not mean that there is a Republican nominee quite yet. Still a long way to go. It does appear that Newt is overcoming the "scumbag" issue though. The way he lambasted some effete media type the other evening was classic. It could well be that voters are more interested in what a candidate can do to right the ship more than anything thing else. If such candidate is a swinger of sorts, well, so be it. Don't get me wrong. I rather doubt that Newt is the man for the job but if he does is not like we have not had a cocksman in the highest office before.

Personally I would have a hard time getting used to calling the POTUS "Newt." Sounds sort of silly. I guess it couldn't be worse than having a president whose name sounds vaguely Mohammedan though.

Could it?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

News You Can Use This Fine Saturday Morn

There are quite a few earth shattering news stories out this morning. Events unfolding of high importance that should not be ignored........

I believe I have mentioned in an earlier post that Walker; Texas Ranger has endorsed Newt. His right to do so I suppose but c'mon; do any of us really want a president named Newt?

It seems that Michael Moore is at it again. Does this blubber butt ever shut up? Now he tells us that the United States was "founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves." He has a point there, (although slaves did not "build the nation) but it is really nothing for us to be concerned about. The history of the human race and by extension, the history of a nation state, is a story of subjugation, violence, and yes even genocide. The way of the world Michael. Why do you feel so guilty about the "sins of the past?" Perhaps you should head on over to Russia, China, the UK, Germany, etc. etc. and preach to those folk about their respective history. Michael Moore, sir, you are a boob.  Funny how this Moore has done real well here in this country bashing the same. Isn't it? I say, "Take your act somewhere else (ya cocksucker ya) and see how that works out for you."

Well NASA has debunked the Triangle shaped flying objects I guess. Something to do with the "laws" of physics or some such. OK  I suppose it is far more likely to catch a glimpse of long deceased Uncle Al masturbating still on the front lawn than it is to actually see a real alien space craft; but do we need to discount the possibility of intelligent life from somewhere else making a visit? Here and there as it might be? Probably not. The folks at NASA are not any different that any other group of scientists. What they think they know is a totally different matter than what they really understand.

Did you know that in one Mexican state more people have lost their lives in the last year than in the "war torn" nation of Afghanistan. This is happening right across our border folks and yet we still do really very little in the way of securing our southern boundary. Our political class are afraid of being labeled "racist" I suppose. Is it "racist" (Hispanic is not a race mind you), to keep Mexicans (and others) contained in their own country? It just might be and it does not matter a whit. It is a national security issue and we need politicians with cajones enough to put America first and just let the screechers holler "racism" all they want.  If there is one place we need "jack booted thugs" on duty it is our border with Mexico. What we don't need are these same thugs wandering around a Georgia SSI office bothering folk.

It looks like a whole lot of politicians are "reconsidering" their support of this SOPA thing. Really? The very real spectre of getting voted out of office stared them right in the face and they flinched. Imagine that. Now I am glad the whole "online piracy" thing has been, at least for now, stopped in its tracks. I understand and agree that piracy is a huge problem but there will be times (and this is one of them) that real choices have to be made. The Internet is freedom and should not be tampered with and yes there are those in the music and film industry who will lose money in the process. So be it. None will go broke I would wager. This nation stands at the forefront of espousing liberty and freedom and if something became law that even remotely could be seen as censorship would be a travesty and (further) expose us as hypocrites.

The whole SOPA thing is very similar to the gun control issue really. Do we continue to further "restrict" the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms for the sake of "our own safety?" We should not. Do we really want to censor the Internet for the sake of a few? Not that either. It is a question of freedom and liberty. That alone should trump any other consideration. But, that being said, I will imagine that we will be revisited, sooner rather than later, by another push to implement some sort of censorship. Just the way it is.

Now it is being reported that one "outraged" Chris Dodd, late of Congress, has been hired as a "consultant" or some such by the motion picture industry. Is he not trying to skirt some sort of restriction on "lobbying" after leaving the hallowed halls? Perhaps some serious investigative work is in order here. Perhaps Mr. Dodd will find himself sitting in the pokey somewhere before all is said and done. Doubtful of course but one can certainly wish. Can't they?

That is about enough for one sitting I would think. Oh enjoy a bit of  rule 5 before you go.

A Texas Ranger Endorses Newt

Walkerl; Texas Ranger has endorsed Gingrich. I will hold off on my endorsement until I see where Dog The Bounty Hunter casts his lot.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gangs of Thugs?

Apparently there are some roving bands of Homeland Security "agents"  turning up here and there causing a ruckus of sorts. A couple of weeks back it is reported that one of these armed groups turned up unannounced at a Social Security office in Georgia and harassed the locals.

Something about this is a little disturbing. It sort of reminds me of a few years back when some armed FedGov law enforcement types showed up at a "gentleman's club" here in Houston and demanded entry. Apparently it was a bachelor party for one of them or something along those lines. Club security attempted to deny them entry, gunfire ensured, and the real police had to be called. Perhaps that is what should have happened in Ga. Someone should have called the real cops and had these federal types arrested for harassment and trespass.

Heavily armed and proactive federal agents stationed on the border? Sure. It is imperative. Roaming the interior of the country bothering folk? A threat to liberty.

 If they should show up in your town call the cops. The real cops.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama Is Probably Not Any Worse Than His Republican Challengers

Good Hair has finally bowed out of the race. All hat no cattle Rick is. Didn't take America long to figure that out. I often wonder why those in the Republic keep this guy hanging around. It can't be for laughs. He is just not that funny. Oh and some non entity named Huntsman has decided to call it quits also.

Lately I have been wondering if Obama is a bad as is popular to believe. He did after all keep after Bin Laden and now the "man" swims with the fishes. It is likely that we will see the rough side of the President when he finally has enough of the Persian (or when his poll numbers drop). I wager that the sharp edge will come through. I still can't seem to give the man any credit however. I do wonder though; who of the Republicans will be any better? As far as I can tell none of them will.

What a sad state of affairs for our country to be in at this moment in history.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blabbering On MLK Day 2012

I won't go into what a great man Martin Luther King was (or was not) here. What is the point? There are a few things that I would like to bray about however.........

Did you notice that the state of Oklahoma was not "going to prosecute" the woman who blasted some intruders to her home? This happened a week or so back and I suppose that some in the state thought they were doing her a favor of some sort by not moving forward with some charges. Personally she should be given a medal or perhaps a Lexus for ridding the streets of some some trash. Maybe some sort of environmental honor for cleaning up a bit.  State not pressing charges? Best not.

Rick Perry has stated that the young Marines who were filmed whizzing on some dead Taliban types are "not criminals" and should not be treated as such. I agree.  People who have not been in any type of combat zone likely don't have a clue of the stress that goes along with it. Don't teach a 19 year old to kill and expect anything like normal behavior out of him. He ain't working at the Golden Arches anymore. Of course this Good Hair is nothing more than a panderer and tea leaf reader. If it would help his cause he would call for life in prison for these Marines. People have caught onto Rick by now though. I am not sure why he has just not gone away already.

There really is no other place than New Orleans to hold any major sporting event. A lot of cities' try to host events like the Super Bowl, Final Four,  BCS "Championship" Game, etc. They all fall just short and the experience pales in comparison.

Perhaps one of the most odious people in politics is Dick (where's your turban) Durbin. This one needs to be watched. He would have done well in the USSR. A danger to your freedom this Durbin. He is just one of many who are dangerous of course but he is just such an unlikable sort.......It is hard not to detest him.

College football is far better than the NFL. So is "Arena" football and the CFL for that matter. Now that the Saints and Texans are done, well, so am I. I am sure I will watch the Super Bowl though I must admit. It is somehow un American not to.

Another cruise ship mishap? Imagine that. If one feels the need to take a cruise I say "have fun." Be aware though that if there is an issue on board, one may find that the crew will abandon ship and the paying customers will be left to their own device(s).

Do you think that if Obama's poll numbers continue to slip he will initiate war with Iran? I think so. That is what politicians do. Whether that is good or bad is a question I won't tackle here. If he does decide to commence open hostilities with the Persian I urge him use the resources necessary to end it quickly and with no doubt who the victor is. Don't put "boots on the ground." Americans are sick of half measures and dead service people. Hopefully the Iranian issue will be solved by the citizens of that country. It would be fitting to see some mullahs (or whatever they are called) dancing at the end of a rope.

I guess that is about enough for one sitting.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glad I Went To the Tractor Pull

I was informed a while back that I would be going to a "tractor pull" Saturday and would miss the Saints game. OK it wasn't exactly a tractor pull I suppose, rather something called the Monster Truck Jam. At any rate I had the game on record and was careful not to try to find out the score. Some guy mercifully announced over the loudspeaker that the boys in drag were victorious over the New Orleans team.  I could not tell you the score as of this writing. Who cares at this point?

Glad I didn't stay home to watch or view the recording. The monster trucks show was surprisingly fun and certainly better than watching America's team blow another playoff run.

There were\ some down at the mouth locals in New Orleans last night. Probably didn't last too long though. Easy place to drown your sorrows is New Orleans. Besides the Mardi Gras season has commenced. Why worry about a silly football team? 

I have recently started to warm up a bit to the Texans and guess I will root for them although it is not really the same thing. Is it?

 How could it be?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prepare to Dig Into The Cash Stash A Bit

Labor trouble in Nigeria? Iran making belligerent noise? Chavez still among the living? An escalating war in Mexico?  It is always something. Better prepare to reach into your wallet. Prices at the pump will likely continue to rise. As if the oil industry really needs an excuse to gouge you.

It has already been proven that 4.00 gal gasoline will derail an already fragile economy. Remember a short few years back? We are heading that way now. I feel it in my urine.

Funny thing. A few days ago a friend of mine and I were discussing the fact that an awful lot of office type gigs could be done at home. No need to commute long distances for a a whole slew of  these positions. Gas prices go real high then I would wager there will be a demand from employees to join the "work at home revolution." Many firms will balk of course, but the handwriting may be on the wall. Of course that presents a whole other economic problem in itself. There will quite a bit of office space available and some who are in the building management, security, maintenance, etc. industry may find themselves having to also make a career change.

With current technology there is really no need for quite a number of people to "go to the office" on a daily basis. Same can be said for flying here and there for "business" meetings. Just no need in many cases. The flip side to that is economic issues for the transportation and hospitality industry.

Of course most jobs are not of the "stay at home" variety, but enough are to change the landscape of commerce.

I wager that the business environment will look quite a bit different in a few years. Skyrocketing and sustained high energy costs may well be the catalyst.
Speaking of gasoline. Don't you enjoy it when you get to view something along these lines while overpaying for something that should not cost over a buck a gallon? Sure you do.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Texans Invade Baltimore

There is a local "news" story that Texans fans are invading the environs of Baltimore. Really? If they are they better tread lightly. Good place to get your ass whipped. Ever been to Baltimore? Just saying......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Pee On The Taliban Boys

There is a video circulating that apparently shows some members of the Corps urinating on some vantquished Taliban "soldiers." What a bunch of dumbasses. Of course these things happen all the time in war and peeing on some corpses is pretty tame compared to what goes on when an enemy of many a Mohammadan force is captured, but still......Not a smart move.

All professional military forces have some regulations in force about desecration of the dead. Our troops should know better than this. Most do.

If you are going to pee on the Taliban probably ought to make sure you are not being filmed.

This is really a minor episode as such things go, but it will become a political issue and some young Marines are going to wish they had just gone to trade school before all is said and done. It will be blown out of proportion enough to  make the "laughing at some Iraqi' cock" incident of a while back look like nothing. I guarantee that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PC At Work

I heard a good one today. A friend of mine said that at his place of employ a woman was "turned in" to the HR department for a Take This Job and Shove It ringtone. Can you believe that? I am sorta sick of everyone being offended and outraged about something or other.  Aren't you? It is just not as funny as it used to be. Are we all becoming Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Holidays are Over. Jefferson Must Have Pictures Of Miles With A Goat

The BCS "National Championship" game has concluded. The Tide are "national champions" in D1 football and the holidays are now officially over.. One question remains however.Does Jordan Jefferson have pictures of Les Miles in some sort of compromising position? That is the only explanation I can think of for Les not replacing Jordan somewhere mid third quarter.

In a title game when the QB can not, will not, and utterly refuses to get a job done, it would seem like common sense that the QB in question be replaced by the (very capable) back up. How many times have you seen a mid game QB change energize a sluggish offense? Happens all the time.

What was Les thinking?

Geaux Tigers? Guess not.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another One Leaves Too Soon

Jennifer Miro passed December last. She was a member of the very good Bay Area Punk Rock band The Nuns. I vividly recall seeing this group perform during my time in the San Francisco area guarding our nation's coast. Of course we didn't really do a whole lot of coast guarding as I recall. We certainly had the watering holes and Oriental cat houses secured however.

 I shed a tear as I listen to music from a day gone by. A tear for Miro and a tear for lost youth.

 Please enjoy The Nuns rendition of The Stooges (You know...Iggy Fucking Pop) tune Gimme Danger.

RIP Jennifer Miro. You will be missed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thinking Of Things Louisiana

I have been thinking a bit about things Louisiana today. The never ending bash that began about the time of the New Orleans Bowl this year and continues right on through Saints games, Sugar Bowl,  and BCS "National Championship" game.  Oh yes and the Mardi Gras season has begun.  It never stops. New Orleans and Louisiana in general are a treasure. At least the part south of Bayou Rapides. Makes me proud to be a Ragin Cajun and Tiger fan.
Enjoy Beau Jocque (RIP) with his rendition of Richard's Club. It was a sad day when he passed.

Real Border Security

This Ongoing War: A Blog: 8-Jan-12: Terrorist outrage is blocked by quick thinking today at a security checkpoint

This is the kind of security that is needed on the American southern border.

Don't Talk Crap Mr. President

Not more than two minutes after my last post I see an article posted that describes Mr. Obama encouraging companies to bring jobs back to the U.S. Electioneering already? Same as your Republican challengers? Our leadership is bought and paid for by those that outsource our (yes our) jobs.

We have all been sold (and continue to be sold) a bill of goods by the political class.

Do You Mean to Tell Me There Was A Debate Last Night?

Did the Republicans actually have the audacity to hold a debate last night? You mean to tell me that people actually watched a pack of fruitloops, dickweeds, losers, and loons talking out their arse during the time the Saints/Lions game was being decided? That is almost Un American.

Perhaps they should have held their little debate after the game. Maybe held their festivities in either New Orleans or Detroit. Then they could explain to us all how two of our great American cities have been allowed to decline so. Maybe they have an answer to how govt/corporate policy have outsourced jobs overseas; jobs that could employ those in these two hard luck cities. That would be interesting...

And you really think any of these Republicans will be any better than what we have now? Would any of them actually tackle the real issues that are bringing our nation to ruin?  You know little things like job outsourcing, illegal immigration, energy independence, the war on our southern border...those type of things. Don't make me laugh this early on a Sunday morn.  It sours my urine.

Oh...Geaux Saints and I guess I even have to get on the Texans bandwagon a bit. Just a little mind you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rule 5: A Work In Progress

This Rule 5 thing is harder than it looks. Be that as it may....enjoy the lovely (and talented!) Ranae Holland from the hit "reality" show Finding Bigfoot. The hats alone are enough for wood to spring forth. Don't you think?

Umm Those Hats......... I like that vato. I like that!!

Another Govt Boondoggle

I have again learned some interesting information from Billy Bob over at It seems that now some in the employ of something called the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (the what?) are facing subtle (and not so subtle) disciplinary action from doing the job they were hired to do. It is reported that some have been under pressure to "rubber stamp" applications for entry into this country. "Find a way to yes" I believe it is being described as. Apparently even if some laws are "bent" a bit. Contrary to finding a "way to yes" the process should be "finding a way to no" for entry into this country. Within the boundaries of the law of course. It needs to be very difficult for most foreign national to gain entry.  It is a privilege to come to this country to work and live. It is not a right. Those allowed in should feel honored for that privilege.

Some folk just don't seem to get it.

Really GM? Really?

It appears that there is a move afoot over at General Motors to move some Chevy "Volt" work over to Red China. Now the Volt is useless to the American consumer but it appears  that some in the PRC are interested in the technology. There is speculation that the entire manufacturing process will be moved from this country to the communist dominion. Really GM? Really?

When it comes down to nut cutting GM is, in reality, a public corp. No I don't mean listed, I mean truly public. Taxpayer owned. At least partly so.  Our tax dollars bailed them out of a jam. Have they repaid the federal coffers (with interest) yet? I believe myself to be part owner of General Motors and I doth protest.

Perhaps some of that silly "Occupy" crowd has a point on a few issues. Maybe they should gather in front of GM HQ. Perhaps build a scaffold.......?

I won't be buying GM anyway. Not real good vehicles in my humble opinion. I recently got rid of a "Sonoma" and while I hated to get rid of a pick up truck,  I did not cry too much in my soup. The quality just was not there.

If those execs at GM feel the need to further help the PRC in any way then they could very easily be seen as committing treason. I don't think I am alone in thinking such....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Education Crisis In The Republic

Here is the Republic of Texas there is a crisis in education. Not enough money they say. If one looks closely there are a plethora of programs and perhaps expendable personnel that just don't serve a real purpose.

It would save untold amount of monies should each and every district superintendent take a ten percent pay cut. Some are grossly overpaid (some not) and ten percent should not send anyone of them to the poor house.

Other district "administrators" should be in line for a 7 to 9 percent cut in salary.  A very had look should be taken at some of these positions. It is quite likely that a good many are of no real use whatsoever. Those positions should be eliminated entirely.

Principals and Asst Principals should all have a 3 to 5 percent reduction in salary. Some schools have an over abundance of these assistants and perhaps a few could be "demoted" back into he classroom.

As a general rule it is not my policy to gripe about what people are paid. This goes for private sector folks only though. When it is my tax dollar we are talking about however.....I want the most bang for the buck. There are just too many of these oft overpaid administrators roaming about most districts' halls.

Cost savings such as these may only be a drop in the bucket, but some of these admin types need to find employment elsewhere long before even one (competent) classroom teacher is pounding the pavement for work.

Of course what we hear mostly about is teacher layoffs and possible salary reduction. Don't hear so much about some of those often useless folk at the districts' home offices.  Any school district of any size anywhere has a few to be sure.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Persian Pests

It seems as if some Persian fellow has warned the U.S. to not move our military equipment: namely an aircraft carrier, back into the international waters of the Gulf. He strongly recommends this because "Iran is not in the habit of warning more than once." Really Mustafa? I would guess that our govt will soon "recommend and emphasize" that Iranian Naval and Air equipment stay in port and on the ground.

Iran is just not strong enough to back up such bold threats. They are pretty good at supplying technology to insurgents and such but..............

There is such a difference between courage and stupidity. The Persians are afflicted with the latter.