Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tropical Storm LaKeisha

Tropical storm LaKeisha?  Not really. There is something brewing in the Caribbean and the next will be an "L" named storm. I'm just trying to be accommodating you see. Just as any good American and proud supporter of Sheila Jackson Lee would.

 I'm just funnin ya. Not my intention to offend but if one happens to indeed be offended, well, that's showbiz hoss.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live Blogging From the Location of the Real Weather Story

Let me preface this little rant by saying that they dodged a bullet up there in the NE. Very lucky indeed they are. There is some damage and unfortunately a few people lost their lives and this is indeed a tragedy. It could have been a heck of a lot worse. Can you imagine a Cat 3 or 4 running through the region? That would have been devastating. Thankfully the "scientists" were wrong again and this will not turn out to be the "storm of the century." At least they got the track right. This usually does not happen. It was also well that the political leadership in the region advised people to leave the immediate impact areas. One of these storms can go from a minor tropical event to a major storm in a relatively short time period and vice versa. Thankfully the "vice versa" was the order of the day here.

Yesterday I was at a grocery store and came back to a temp reading on the car thermometer of 116 degrees. Have not seen that one before. Of course the temp dropped as I left the lot and got on the road to a very comfortable 105. It is hot here in the Republic and that is the real story. Just the loss of agricultural products alone is a huge cost. It would be nice if Irene had come ashore along the Texas shore somewhere. We could use the rain while the NE is over saturated.

You know, come to think of it, that Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee said we need to name some storms that sound a bit more ethnic. I have always thought that Aquanetta has a nice ring to it.

Yep it is hot here. Hot as a bastard as they say. I have often wondered just who this bastard is. Do I want to meet him or not? It seems he is always hot or cold and always seems to be in some sort of pain. The other day I dropped a snare drum on my foot and it sure hurt like a bastard I can tell you. One thing this bastard is not though is fine. I have never heard someone say "she is fine as a bastard." Usually they refer to the  mofo when discussing this type thing. Apparently this mofo is also in pain quite often though. I guess I am not sure really if the pain in my foot hurt more like a mofo or a bastard. Just can't say for certain. I can also remember being drunk as a mofo a number of times. Apparently a mofo likes to tie one on. Here and there as the case may be.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night Blabbering

The non stop coverage of Hurricane Irene is just a bit over the top. It is after all Cat 1. Dangerous to be sure and there have been some tragedies. Devastating? Probably not. Of course there will be damage and some folk will probably be out of power for a few days but it is not something of the magnitude of a Katrina, Ike, Rita or Andrew. It is blown somewhat out of proportion. Not to say there won't be problems sure, but lets just keep it all in perspective. Unless the thing stalls or strengthens then it probably won't be an earth shattering event for most folk. At least let us hope not. It would be bad to see an "Allison" type of scenario. This thing will be a monumental pain in the ass but hopefully no more than that. The nonstop coverage on this one is just a bit extreme. Or not.

Today I went to a shoe store and looked around a bit. Almost all shoes are now made in Red China. Such names as Minnetonka, Crocs, and Nunn Bush are all made by the Communist Chinese at the expense of the American worker. I could go on.  Shameful.  I could not help but recall when that John McCain said something about these type jobs "not coming back." Guess not John. You and your ilk have certainly had your hand in destroying the country.

It is being reported that there were no incidents of inappropriate politics in the decision to deny Houston a Space Shuttle. Houston? Yes the home of Mission Control is not going to have a shuttle to display. Sad and pitiful. Fairly recently that odious Chuck Schumer attempted to rub salt in the wounds of Houstonians. Pathetic this Schumer. Not much good for anything but running his mouth. He is another one who is doing his level best to destroy our nation. That this Schumer is scum is a fact that is not seriously in dispute.

I am pretty sure there was some "inappropriate politics" involved. How could there not be?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ramble? Hell Yes I Will

As usual there are a couple things that just need to be discussed this morning. For the good of the country you understand.

It is apparent that some bar owners in Michigan are banning some lawmakers from their places of business to protest a "smoking ban." Good for them. Everyone knows that smoking is a bad and dangerous habit, but that is the breaks. If a business owner decides to let people smoke in their place of business then so be it. H/T oldretiredpettyofficer.blogspot.com and Mike at acopswatch.blogspot.com.

On a sort of related note it seems to me that at least some folk under the age of 21 should be allowed to have a drink in a bar. I am talking about of course those active duty military folk who defend us. After a hard day of shooting at Mohammedans, or in the case of U.S. troops, getting shot at by Mohammedans and then asking permission to shoot back, it seems that having a cold beer is in order. Should be a right. I understand the need to keep drunks off the road of course and I do know that most 18 year olds (and a lot of 40 year olds) can't handle their booze, but for those who serve our nation.....Give me a break. Let them have at least some suds.

Did you know that Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee has a BA from Yale? How is this possible? The poor woman can't speak proper English and has about a sixth grade understanding of geography and history. It must have been an affirmative action type of thing. Oh. Is that going too far? Sorry. Perhaps it is time you be honest with yourself. There is no possible way that this woman is, as they say, "Ivy League material."

You know, on second thought, perhaps Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is Ivy League material. Have you noticed that those who continue to damage our country often have some link to the Ivy League? A friend of mine reminded me that ex major league catcher Brad Ausmus was a Dartmouth grad. Or was it Cornell? I don't recall.  At any rate, the only thing Brad ever damaged was the collective batting average of the Astros. He could not for the life of him hit the ball. He was a damn good catcher though. One of the best. I recall when he would catch for Billy Wagner. Remember him? The wild closer. I used to think that if Brad weren't playing baseball we might be calling him "Doctor" Ausmus and if Wagner wasn't such a rocket arm we would be telling him to "get in the truck." I wonder what kind of conversations Ausmus and Wagner had on the mound. Pretty sure they did not discuss microbiology. I always liked Ausmus. Perhaps the Ivy League can't be all bad.

Frederica Wilson just might be in the same league as Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Not sure yet. I need to do a bit more analysis. I'm thinking she might just run a close second to ole Sheila. One thing I do know - No one can take her very seriously as long as she is running around in those pimp hats. She looks like an aging hooker in that getup she sports.

Maxine Waters? Hell we may as well discuss her. I am not real sure myself, but there are allegations out there that she is a criminal. Is this true? I wouldn't know, but I will say that very often when there is smoke there is fire. I am not sure why there is not some "real" investigation into her alleged wrongdoing(s).

OK now on to Cynthia McKinney. This woman is a traitor. I would think that she needs to be investigated for espionage. Anyone who goes on Iranian (and Libyan) television and bashes her country is possibly giving the enemy sensitive information. Thankfully she is no longer a member of Congress.  She will probably be back though.

McKinney, Wilson, Waters, and Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee? Yes I know how it looks. Some would say, "Cabbie you are a racist and misogynist." Not true (particularly). It is not my fault that the voters in those districts put buffoons in office. It is not my problem that these particular office (and ex office) holders happen to be African American women. I am simply pointing out that they are all guilty, in my opinion, of high buffoonery, and in the special case of McKinney, the possibility that she is an "agent" of at least one enemy nation.

The earthquake to hit the East Coast this week caused a bit of a stir but thankfully very little damage. It is interesting that a quake in Colorado was recorded shortly before. "Unrelated" say the scientists. OK. Case closed. The discussion is over. Right.......Anyway, this particular little shaking of the earth is nothing compared to a hurricane blowing through town. Some of those folk don't know the pain in the ass that is in their immediate future. Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg can ban the hurricane. I am wondering if there will be looting and rampaging in the streets of some of those eastern towns before it is all said and done.  That won't happen here in the Republic of Tejas. Weuns is all armed round here and would be ashootin at looters. That is one reason you don't typically see that type of looting activity in these parts. That and the fact that folk here are just a bit more laid back for the most part. Our women are prettier also. Us Texicans and Southrons in general are just better looking than a lot of folk. Be honest. You know it to be true.

 Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Case For Trial Lawyers?

Phillip Seaton, a Kentucky truck driver, is reportedly suing one Dr. Patterson for removing his ding dong during routine surgery. If there ever was a case for a trial lawyer this is it. Most lawyers are the scum of the earth and that really goes without saying, but there are times when one needs to hire a one of these creatures. This would be one of those times. Dr. Patterson alleges that Seaton had penile cancer and that lopping off his dong was the only option. Perhaps so, but I would think that Seaton had the right to know that his wang needed removal. Give him some time to think about it as it were.

I know that the trial lawyers cause a lot of problems and many of them are a parasites on society, but for those who say they need to be curtailed, well, come talk to me about it after someone slices off your willy. I would imagine you will be singing a different tune.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unappreciated Band. Unappreciated History.

The Brandos is the name of the band. The tune is Gettysburg. I used to listen to these guys back in the day and unfortunately never got a chance to see them live. That would have been quite a show. I am not a real big fan of the "rockabilly" style but these guys are something special. That they never got their due is a shame. This particular tune is their signature work probably and I find it hauntingly beautiful. Every time I hear it I am reminded again of the great pride I feel in our country and the struggles we, as a nation, have overcome. The tragedy of the American Civil War was perhaps a necessary step in our growth. From a backwater that still feared a combination of European powers we emerged from that conflict as a nation that feared no one. Needed to apologize to no one. Why we feel the need now is sad. I don't feel the need to apologize to anyone for our country but I am out of touch. We feed and defend those who often don't deserve it and then apologize for being such an evil, self indulgent folk. We allow those into this country, who often have no idea nor care what we stand for. They often disdain who we are and are apt to prefer their third world "culture" to what we offer here. Of course we then apologize for not being understanding enough of them. We are the ones in the wrong it seems. To those who come here and denigrate or attempt to damage our country -  I damn them.

To those who feel the need to apologize and accommodate the ungrateful - I piss on them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Past Week? Boy Howdy.

This past week has been a crazy time for the country and the world at large. Some of the episodes do not bode well for Western Civilization and some were just humorous.

China has concluded the sea trials on her very first aircraft carrier. Nimitz class it is not sure but rather some old Soviet junk. Still, they have to start somewhere. China will be a very real danger to the world in due time. Her neighbors, who thankfully fear and hate her, will be looking toward their defense capabilities against this behemoth.

The UK riots have calmed down it seems. Wonder if the threat of playing baseball quelled the violence.

The Arab Spring is raging in Syria, Yemen, and Libya. None of this is good for the security of the West. Is it better to retain dictatorial regimes in the region or not? Whichever is to the advantage of  what is left of Western Civilization is the best option.

Israel and the "Palestinians" are again coming to blows. It never really stops, but escalation will likely be the order of the day. We will soon see how far this goes.

Michele with one L Bachmann has stated that as POTUS, she will keep the gasoline prices around two bucks a gallon. That is great! How will she do that? She doesn't know of course. All candidates for office get a pass on an occasional goofy statement but this one shows a complete lack of understanding of the real world. She is now confirmed, in my mind at least, to be a loon. I always suspected it.

There is something bad wrong with the economy when the markets react wildly to any bit of bad (or good) news. I won't be surprised if the DOW is down around 7,000 before the smoke clears. Won't be surprised at all.

The Piers Morgan vs Christine O'Donnell episode is quite amusing. I must say that as much as I believe Piers to be a cad, he is the one in the right here. It was interesting when O'Donnell mentioned something about "getting to talk about what she wants to talk about" on the show. That is not a direct quote but you get the gist. Piers believes otherwise. He called her a "politician" as if he were speaking of a poisonous snake. He is right on the money. Any journalist worth their salt makes it their business to grill the political class. It is journalistic duty to disdain, distrust, and if necessary, to fairly destroy those who deem themselves worthy of leading. No Christine. A politician does not get to chose what questions they are asked. The news media is not your personal P.R. machine. It is your enemy. It is their job to find the dirt on the likes of you. To make you wish you had not crawled out from under the rock as it were. Any journalist who gives any sort of pass to any political type due to party affiliation, personal positions, etc. is doing the profession a disservice. Unfortunately there seems to be very few journalists left in the modern American media.

I guess that is just about enough ranting for now.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does Shalala Have A Hand In This? Coker? Shannon? Haith?

The little incident at the University of Miami is gaining momentum. It will be huge. Mark that! Likely make the SMU episode look like small potatoes. I am beginning to wonder what role the leadership of the university have in the scandal.

There is a photo circulating that shows this Shapiro character presenting a check to the university with Shalala (apparently salivating over the check), along with basketball coach Frank Haith in attendance. Shalala, as president of the school, should know better than to not look a gift horse in the mouth. She should have looked into the activities of this Nevin Shapiro. It is her job to save the university the embarrassment of such a scandal. She has proven, in the past, to not be the brightest crayon in the box along with having some character issues. This incident just fuels that fire.

Was Shalala just being naive and turning a blind eye to the problem or was she complicit? That is a question that must be looked into. The same questions must be asked of all those in leadership positions (current and former) at the school.

This incident may utterly destroy the Hurricane sports programs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jonathan Pollard Needs to Stay

A lot of pro Israel writers call for the release of spy Jonathan Pollard from prison. This Pollard is a traitor to the United States who was caught and legally convicted. In prison he is and in prison he should remain.

I support Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of the nation and Gaza and the "West Bank" are the territory of  Israel. There is no such thing, in reality, as the "Palestinian" people. Those unfortunates are being used by the Mohammedans as an irritant to Israel. That is easy to see. That is a shame for them. They were unlucky at birth.  However that may be, my support of  Israel does come with some qualification and some reservation.

My support for Israel is support based on the strategic well being, so to speak, of the United States and Western Civilization. I have before noted that Israel's proximity to the Suez Canal is of utmost importance; perhaps more so even now that the so called "Arab Spring" is engulfing the region. It would take very little for an unfriendly regime in Egypt to close this canal. It has been done before. The IDF is needed in the region to take the Suez if necessary. If Western forces are at any time needed in the area the IDF will prove to be a valuable ally or at the very least a non hindrance to operations.

The fact that Israel is the birthplace of Christianity, the predominant Western religion, is a consideration in my support for Israel although it is secondary. It goes without saying that Islam is a destructive force and the sites that are considered holy in Christianity (and Judaism) are in danger of being damaged and defaced should the Mohammedans so desire. A great many of them likely do so desire. Take as an example the destruction of the Buddhist sites by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Do the Islamists in the Middle East differ in any great respect from those in Afghanistan? Doubtful.

I also support Israel due to the fact that Mohammedans in the region are enemies of the West although this is my tertiary concern. It goes without saying that there was much well documented rejoicing in the region after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Israel is not without fault and is not to be completely trusted or allowed free reign in the region however. The attack on the Liberty is still on the mind of many older or history conscious Americans. It matters little what the reasons for the attack were. It was not an accident but a deliberate act of war and was not properly addressed at the time.

 The fact that Israel will spy on this country is illustrated in the arrest and conviction of Jonathon Pollard. All nations spy on one another to some extent, but when a foreign agent is apprehended passing state secrets then said agent should pay the penalty. It matters not what the motivations were as some would believe. Some believe this Pollard to be a heroic figure. He was an American citizen passing sensitive information to a foreign power. That power being an allied - vice - enemy nation is of no consequence. Leniency for Pollard is not an option.

Pollard has been convicted, is a traitor to this country, and needs to remain incarcerated for the remainder of his life. There is no telling what damage the man has done or could have done.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Only Thing I Need To Know About Good Hair....

Good Hair has announced. Yes he will be the Republican nominee for POTUS. If it ain't him it will be that Romney. Bachmann? Give it a rest. Palin, should she "officially" jump in the race, is just a bit loony for most. Paul? Scares the establishment (I like that vato) but he has no chance. No one else need apply really.

Since Good Hair will be the nominee I must say I will be using the write in option in the general election. Good Hair is a complete coward on the illegal immigration issue and is not to be trusted with anything more important than a can of hair spray.  That is enough for me to cast my ballot for perhaps Joe Montana, Bobby Bowden, Kip Winger, or the local green grocer.

The only thing that can be said in Good Hair's favor is that he has not ruined the Republic. The governorship in this state is basically a figurehead position anyway and Perry is most adept a preening before the camera.

So would I if my hair was tha pretty

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bovine, Grave Robbers, Good Hair, Fine Dining, and Baseball

I have been watching more television than is healthy again. I tend to try to keep up with the news and watch educational programing but sometimes things just get off track. At least I have not watched Jerseylicious in a while. There are a couple things I have viewed recently that I suppose, since I have really nothing better to do at the moment, I should comment on.

Last evening I watched some show on one of the "animal networks" that featured these horrendous animal incidents. It was pretty interesting. A couple of guys got trapped in a shark cage by a Great White that somehow got partially into the cage. They were pretty lucky to escape with their lives. Another segment showed a bull go bananas at a "bull fight" and jump the barrier into the crowd. Getting a little bit of revenge before his ultimate demise it appears. I like that vato. I like that. Fuck a Mexican; they don't need to fight a bull.

It seems that Good Hair is indeed going to run for POTUS. Fine and good. Beware though, as one who has observed this guy for years; I can assure you he is not qualified for much more than starring in some sort of hair product commercial.

Yesterday there was a show on that featured a company called Odyssey Marine Exploration. The company really should be called Odyssey Marine Exploitation. What these guys do is find shipwrecks and try to get salvage rights on the remains. A shipwreck should indeed by studied but this bunch are raping the remains of sailors who have lost lives. Necrophiliacs and nothing more these guys. There was one little episode where they were hindered by the Spanish Navy and "Guardia Civil" for attempting to steal more from a certain site that Spaniards consider their national treasure. I was kind of hoping to see the Spanish corvette machine gun the engine room. That would have made for great television.

Who knew that baseball, the most American of inventions, would become so popular in the UK? It is being reported on various "news" networks that there has been a surge in the purchase of baseball gear in the last few days. I don't know why.

Have you ever seen the television program Chopped? It is pretty interesting. These cooks get together and rate other cooks on their ability to make something edible out of items that should never be included together in the same dish. Whichever dish the panel likes the least get chopped and the cook goes home without the prize. I have been waiting for them to put flounder, bananas, cream of wheat and dried roaches in the mix. Wonder what one could make that is edible out of all that. Not sure but I would probably go with some kind of dessert. They do have an ice cream machine on set. Or is it "on location?" I am not sure of the terminology. I better learn quick though. Just as soon as I get the go ahead from my better half I am going to embark on a career as a director of "Adult films." Just like a modern day Gerard Damiano.

 A man can at least have his dreams.

 Can't he?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts for Wednesday

Do you remember when Bank of America was a good company? They are convenient, with locations nearly everywhere, but  they just seem a bit smarmy in the last few years. Don't know if they are as bad as Citi but they are in the same league I reckon.

One of the most annoying humans that I have ever seen is this Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He is more irritating than Oprah, Dr. Phil, Olbermann, Charlie Pallilo, John McClain, John McCain, and Martha Stewart. What sort of man has a name like "Clark Warren" anyway?

John McCain won't back down from call "Tea Partiers" hobbits. Is being called a hobbit an insult or a compliment? It is likely that John wouldn't know. He is damaged goods and part of the problem in Washington.

I again heard some "financial expert" talk about a possible "pending recession." Thought we were in one. Have been for years. Perhaps he is just confusing Wall Street with main street.

Remember when folk thought that the Weather Channel had hot babes? Well they don't hold a candle to the hotties on the various financial "news" networks. Not even close.

Stay tuned. I'll waste your time again tomorrow if you let me.

The Michele With One L

There is howling, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments about the picture of The Michele with One L that is on the front cover of Newsweek. The detractors say the photo in question is unfair. They say it makes her look "crazy." Anybody can take multiple photos of someone and come up with a something like this.

 Now this Newsweek ceased to be a real news outlet many many years ago and it was a bit unfair and somewhat of a cheap shot to put such an unflattering photo on the cover. However; it does not detract from the very real possibility that she might indeed be a loon.

 I'm not calling her a loon (yet) mind you, but I don't discount the possibility.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Couple Of Thoughts On The Day

Today I viewed a bit of video on the riots that are taking place in Jolly Ole England. I just am pretty sure that this kind of thing won't be happening in my neighborhood anytime soon. We'uns is all armed 'round here, clinging to our guns and religion as it were, and a few rioters would no longer be with us if they tried a bit of rampaging. I can guarantee that.

So the U.S. was downgraded by this S&P. It probably does not really matter much in the long run. Our country is in a race to the bottom and this is obvious. Past action by the "rating agencies" have been part of the problem. At least that is what they are saying on the financial "news" networks.

My friend said he heard that Rep Barney Frank broke wind on Maddow's show. I did not see it of course and will not go looking for it but, if true, I would imagine that it is because Barney is not as "tight" in the hindquarters as most folk. Just a guess. I could be wrong.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Make a Bit Of Coin

The stock market is crashing hard. The downgrade did not help matters but really probably won't much matter all that much in the long run. It goes without saying that this country is in dire straits and one does not have to be an "economist" to see it. With that being said, now is the time to make a bit of coin.

Now I know, and so do you (be honest with yourself) that the stock market is really just gambling. Probably did not used to be that way but for years it has been akin to going to the casino. The sad thing is; people base their retirement on this volatile and often manipulated system. That's why it irks me when I hear of those wanting to "privatize" Social Security. Yes, yes we know we would have gotten a better return historically on the money, but SSI is basically a supplement anyway. If you depend on it as your sole source of income then you will be just a step above destitute when all is said and done. Anyway with the market crashing as it is and people's "retirement" right along with it; there are some opportunities to make a lot of jack. Yep I am talking about so called "penny stocks." Look around, keep a sharp eye, and take a risk on a cheap long shot. You don't have to wager err risk much. You can pick up a lot of stock on the cheap. You may well lose it all but keep your risk reasonable.

Chances are you will be paying hefty capital gains before you know it. Shame the IRS steals as much as they do but you still might get to keep enough to buy the Harley and feed your inner Bandido.

Last time the market was in free fall I made a little purchase in a couple of outfits that no longer exist. Before they checked out for good the price had skyrocketed (and then of course fell back to earth). I timed it right, had fun, made money, and didn't have to sit in some noisy casino looking at drunk guys and big mama's in stretch pants.

I did my wagering sitting cock to the breeze in the comfort of my own home.

To Hell With It

Oh just print enough money to pay all of the debts. Greenspan thinks it will be OK.

 I'm sick of hearing about all this. Aren't you?

 Pay Red China at least and then cut bait.  I have not one but two wheelbarrows. All I have to do is air up the tire in one of them. Might need them to roll my cash down to the local green grocer before long.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Bartender Cabbie System Top 25 is Out of The Closet

If I may be so bold as to offer up a bit more shameless self promotion; I have posted the Bartender Cabbie System pre season top 25 college football prediction. There are a few surprises and some usual suspects are on the outside looking in. No great shakes really. I will prove to be just about as accurate, when all is said and done, as those "professional" college football journalists. If so inclined check it out at collegefootballfromthecab.blogspot.com.

I am looking forward to a fun season.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Hair Perry: Preacherman

Well the much maligned and somewhat anticipated prayer event in Houston has come and gone. We all survived. If this Good Hair is to make a serious run at the highest office it is imperative to acknowledge and pander to the "evangelicals." Best to get it out of the way early. You see this Good Hair is nothing if not an opportunist and slick operator. I would wager that he knows full well that by the time he is down the road in the race, (if he so decides to really run), most will have forgotten about his nod to these evangelicals. Like it or not evangelical Christians tend not to be trusted by the population at large but a Republican is required to play nice with them for a bit. They (evangelicals and some Republicans) seem just a bit  redneck and ignorant for most. Whether that is fair or not is for each to decide on their own. Now a "Black Evangelical" is, for the most part, a different thing. Not to be stereotypical, ( although I am doing so), but they will, for the most part, vote Democrat. No need for a Republican to pander there. Anyway now that Perry has gotten this duty out of the way, it is time for him to decide. Make a decision Rick. Make a decision. Do you want to run or stay home?

You know what was funny about the prayer meeting deal that took place? Some of the ultra silly took such umbrage to the fact that Perry was going to host a prayer meeting that they almost wet themselves in silly futile anger about the whole thing.  Screeching like a queen in a beauty shop they were. It was beyond comical.

Really. Who cares if folk got together to pray for the nation? Doubt it will help but it harms no one.
Nothing for some twits (bayareahouston.blogspot.com) to get in a twist about.

I don't know if Perry will run for POTUS or not. If he chooses against it he could possibly try his hand at televangelism. He certainly has the hair for it.

We Better Get Our Shiite Together

The country is in free fall. I feel it in my urine. Don't you? There is enough blame to go around and it is getting really just a bit sickening to listen to people blaming the "Tea Party," the current and former POTUS, and just about everyone else except Ron Jeremy. There are some things that this country needs to do now to get our house in order.

We need to immediately take measures to reduce our debt.

Companies that outsource jobs to enemy nations such as Red China need to be required to bring these jobs back to the United States or cease operations immediately. I can do without overpriced shoes that have an American name but a "made in China" label.

We need to close the southern border.

We need to drastically reduce foreign aid. 

The list goes on and on. We need to look after our interests first and foremost.

There was nothing about this little rant that was well thought out, but when I hear of  (let us be honest) third world nations, like Red China and Russia lecturing us it gets my dander up. It was horrible just having to endure the Soviet Putin calling us parasites the other day.

China and Russia need to feed their own people before pointing any fingers at any other nation. If we did not materially help the Sovs with the Nazi threat the Wehrmacht may have run all the way to the Orient. Perhaps we would have seen the spectre of Japanese and German (and affiliated) troops trading dark beer and rice wine. Perhaps not. Germany was quite overextended but that is beside the point. Of course a little gratitude from the Sovs is too much to ask. Especially after years of feeding them while their tanks were poised to race into Western Europe and their sub fleet was in position to cause havoc on the world oceans. They are of little consequence now.

China is ascendant and a long term danger. Perhaps much more than the Soviets ever were. The only difference is we are helping them move ahead unlike the Soviet Union where we  helped them just keep their population fed. We can (in part at least) thank short sighted Western corporate interests and the lackey political class for that. Does that sound "liberal" or "progressive" to you? I don't think so. I think it sounds American.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Stock Market Right Now

Right now the Dow is up over 100pts. Earlier it was way down. It is not surprising there is a bit of a rebound today (thus far), but lets us be honest. The market is way over valued. I listen to the Bears a good bit more than the Bulls. They are all really nothing more than tea leaf readers and witch scientists though. None of them really know what they are talking about it seems.

 Might as well ask the local green grocer for investment advice.

These Folk Are Just Funny

It sure is interesting and kind of fun to watch these "economists" and "market experts" try to explain the market on any given day. If one enjoys seeing people  publicly making asses of themselves then they should tune into any of the financial "news" networks. I sometimes wonder if their constant (often wrong) jabbering about this and that contributes to putting the scare into the small (non institutional) investor.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This "Palestinian" State Thing

Assuming that at some point there will be a "real" "Palestinian" state there are a couple of questions that need to be answered. Number one I think would be how on earth will this state support itself? Is there any industry to speak of in the "Palestinian homeland?" Another good question would be why should the United States (and other Western nations), support such a state?

The answers are quite simple. This "state" of "Palestine" will not be able to support itself and will continue to be a ward of the international community. The UN will funnel loads of funds and support at great expense. A lot of that will be American taxpayer money. We as a nation will send funds and support on our own accord also. A double whammy. UN and U.S. support? No wonder they want to achieve "statehood."

The United States should not support this so called state due to the simple fact that they are an enemy. Ridiculous? Do you recall the rejoicing and dancing in the streets after the terror attacks on our nation? If that does not tell you something then I guess you just might be an idiot.

Yep when this false state does really become a recognized "nation" then I would imagine that we will be footing the bill for another hostile group of Mohammedans. You really can't buy friends you know. They will take your generous offering and use it to bite back.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want My MTV, Social Security, and Medicare

Yesterday was, I believe, the 30th anniversary of MTV. When it first came onto the scene it was cutting edge, cool. and well worth watching. It pissed parents off. It was wonderful. The "VJ's" were a pretty interesting bunch and the little pixie looking VJ, Martha Quinn I believe her name was, who (along with her colleague Nina Blackwood), fueled quite a few masturbatory fantasies. Have I gone to far there? Have I said a bit much? Not speaking of myself mind you........ I've never masturbated a day in my life. At least not this particular day. So far.

Anyway the network is now nothing but a faux reality show dumping ground. It is a disgrace and a ridiculous waste of space. I suppose some kids watch it, but they are certainly not having the same experience that young folk in the early 80's had. Not surprising there really. A good deal of the "music" that the kids listen to nowadays is really nothing more than computer enhanced rip offs of music from an earlier era. It is a shame really. Such as it is..........

Well as much as I want my MTV, I really want my Social Security and Medicare. Why? I paid into the system for many years. That is my money. Don't get me wrong. I am for cuts in the FedGov. Massive and draconian cuts in some cases. I am talking about elimination of outmoded civilian agencies; eliminating redundancy; and the forced retirement and buyout of a large number of employees. I would be for massive cuts in foreign aid and completely taking our taxpayer dollars out of the United Nations. I just don't see much point in continuing with an organization that seems really incompetent to do anything meaningful on an international scale. Did the UN stop the genocide in Rwanda or Cambodia? Has it alleviated the starving in the Horn of Africa? Nope. What real use is it? Anyway I digress here. What I am really interested in is getting my money out of the system. Assuming of course I make it that far.

If the powers that be want to tamper with Social Security and Medicare well then I just want a refund of all monies paid in. With interest.

The type of interest that the IRS charges for tax delinquency.

 A check in the full amount will be just fine.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Something You Will Never See

I was having a telephone conversation with my friend a bit ago and had my eye (sort of) on the political nonsense that is being played out for us on the television. Suddenly and out of the blue, Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee was allowed (for some reason) to reach the podium on the House Floor to blather about this or that. What luck! As a man who likes comedy as much as the next guy, I wanted to listen to old Sheila. I did not want to be rude to my friend so I just put the program on "freeze frame." It was a bit interesting and also just a tad disturbing to sit and look at the image of this woman frozen, as it were, on the screen. It was like a very bad portrait. Her best side, as they say, was just not highlighted.

It occurred to me that one thing we will never ever hear about is Larry Flynt offering Lee any cash to get naked.

At least let us hope not.

Damage The Country With Your Degree In Education

I have been thinking a good bit about these so called "Degrees in Education" of late. Don't get me wrong; there are very many wonderful teachers and other education professionals who hold this type degree, but there are far too many folk who actually believe (and practice) some of the concepts taught in these programs. That is a problem and detrimental to the nation's educational system(s).

In Texas, and most other states, a person without an Education Degree can not teach (in govt and most private schools) without going through some sort of "alternative certification program." These are offered at universities, community colleges, and private (OMG for profit), institutions. No small problem there, and, having first hand knowledge, I can tell you that there is very little of real value learned. Nothing that actually prepares a teacher for the "real world." A good bit of theory is about all there is to it. I have found that there is very little that is more useless than "educational theory." I have sat through quite a few meetings where the phrase "studies have shown" or some such nonsense is bandied about. I look around and see the sighs, rolled eyes, and general glazed over look that some of my more experienced (and jaded) colleagues have and I know that a line of bullshiiiite is being forced upon us. I have sort of wondered myself if two years is already not enough.

In the "old days" a person with a college degree would get hired to teach the subject(s) that they have become expert (or some semblance thereof) in. A mathematics major would teach math; history major teach history; so on and so forth. That person would either become an effective teacher or not. Usually those not effective or who did not enjoy it would find something else to do. Not so today. A great many of our "educators," (I hate that word), hold these useless education type degrees and in fact know really very little about the subjects they are assigned to teach. Some rise above their ignorance and become very good at their job but I would say that a great many just coast along. This is detrimental.

What needs to be done, in my humble opinion, is ditch a whole lot of this useless theory and get back to teaching the basics. If all of this theory on the correct way to educate our children was so good; then why is our educational system so messed up?

A lot of it has to do with "do gooders" in the educational system having no clue on what they are about.

 Most of those hold some type of "degree" in Education.