Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jerry Rivers and Saint Robertson Sound Off

Pat Robertson? What can be said for this guy? Just as you think he may be (re)gaining a modicum of sanity by declaring the current "war" on marijuana to be stupid, he comes along and weighs in on the Tim Tebow "controversy." Apparently he said something to the effect that it would "serve Denver right" if Manning goes down and the Broncs are left without a QB. Really Pat? It is not like all NFL teams do not have at least marginally capable QBs' in a back up role. The real problem will be for Tim. He is entering a hot house in New York and is already being lambasted for his faith by the fruitloopery. He is not (at this time) being roasted so much for his capability (or lack thereof) as a NFL Quarterback, but for his personal beliefs.  Does he really need any more fuel to add to the fruitloop fire? Saint Pat, please, do everybody a favor and just keep quiet.

Jerry Rivers (Geraldo Rivera) has infuriated his fellow travelers it seems. For once, the man said something that makes a great deal of sense. He noted that people see young folk running around in "hoodies" and the thug meter is activated. Not a quote, but you get the meaning.  He is right on here. When I see a group of young dudes sporting such heading my way the finger switches the safety off. Why not? (If you think I don't know trouble when I see it think again. You don't drive cabs for a living for any length of time without developing a sense of the "wrong)."  Besides, some of our most vicious criminals are 16-18 years of age. Just the way it is.

Funny, even those of the extreme left (or right for that matter) can occasionally come out with some very profound truths. Remember when Bill Mahr mentioned that Islamic society was inferior to Western civilization?  Common sense of course, but perhaps some of you would like to forget that? He said it, I heard it, and I agreed with him wholeheartedly. Perhaps the only time ever.......

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