Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newt? Really? Is That The Best You Can Do?

It seems that Newt is now to be taken seriously as a Republican candidate for POTUS. Amazing to be sure, but there you have it. It just seems that the folk want to keep Obama as president for another term. Hard to believe I know. Yes, Yes, I understand that Obama's poll numbers are very low but come on........Newt? Good Lord. The man is damaged goods to say the least. An opportunist and perhaps a sociopath this Newt. I don't think he is quite the cocksman that Clinton was (is?) and he might not even reach the (alleged) level of cocksmanship as Cain, but it is likely not from lack of trying. Besides, (and here we come to the crux of the matter), do we really want a POTUS named "Newt?" When I think of the word "newt" I don't think of the little living creature - no. I think of a shriveled up penis.

I don't know why.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Far Right, The Silent Majority, and the Utopian Left Could Get On Board Here

It just seems that the defense of the nation would be a no brainer for anybody who has any sense at all. Instead we have some on the far left who are so anti military and national defense that they would probably be OK with the Cuban Navy shelling Key West. They often seem to believe that open borders are just Jim Dandy also. On the other hand, the far right, appears to discount any kind of  "alternative energy" methods that are in use or in the developmental stages. Energy independence is a national security issue also and if some alternative means are used to reach IE, then it is hard to understand their angst over the issue. Of course all grown ups know that fossil fuels power the nation......but alternative sources certainly can have their place.

Over at Furman University is appears that there has been some success at using "exercise machines" to generate a small amount of power. Interesting.....Perhaps we could lessen our dependence of foreign oil just a bit and solve the illegal immigration problem in the process. A win/win. Read on.....

There are God knows how many illegal aliens in country now and it is a problem. Perhaps one way to solve this problem and open a "pathway to citizenship" at the same time, would be to employ these said aliens.

It would be interesting if the govt set up huge facilities equipped with exercise machines to generate power. I am talking facilities with thousands and thousands of machines. It would certainly keep the illegals busy and gainfully employed generating "power" for the nation.

First and foremost, we need to have a nationwide "roundup" if you will of these folk. They would of course all have their background checked out and those with criminal records (other than just being illegal) will be deported. No further discussion. However, those with "clean" records can be offered a choice. Become a member of the "community" of power generation or be sent home. Those who elect to stay and work will of course be paid for their services and allowed to study to become U.S. citizens with perhaps some job training programs included as well.. It is a win/win for everybody. The illegals are taken out of circulation and those same illegal aliens will have a chance to work for the right to become American citizens. This should satisfy almost everyone.

The Utopian Left would not be able to gripe about lack of "alternative energy" being generated in the nation and the "commune like" atmosphere would appeal to a lot of them. The Ultra Right really could not argue with the methods and the middle of the road folk can see that there is a "path to citizenship" for those folk who are already here. Of course a few on the left will scream about "concentration camps" and even some middle of the road types might blather a bit about "gulags" or some such. The gulag thing wouldn't bother those on the far right a great deal.

 If we are going to pull this off, we will need a good PR machine. Need folk to get on board with the program. Here and there as it might be.  Contract with Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc. or perhaps Olgivy & Mather to get the ball rolling. One can't help but think of some classic Dead Kennedy lyrics.."Jane Fonda on the screen today, convinced the liberals it's OK, so let's get dressed and dance away the night......." Yes a good PR/Advertising campaign is a must to convince a few doubters to get their mind right on the issue.

When the program is proven successful (and how could it not be?), it could then be expanded to ordinary prisons. Make prisoners earn their keep as it were. There could even be "voluntary" locations where just regular folk can get their exercise for free and generate some power in the process.

The possibilities are endless. It is a win/win for everybody.

Nothing wrong with a bit of "tongue and cheek" on a Tuesday morn. Is there?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Rants

Saturday is upon us and the regular college football season is winding down. I am looking forward to a bit of football today especially the Iron Bowl and the Cajun/AZ match up. I have some interest in the Baylor/TTU clash, the USM/Memphis match up, and of course the Stanford/Notre Dame tilt. Michigan/OSU? Not interested. Sorry.

It appears that the NBA will start playing ball again. Does anyone really care?

I have been taken to task by my friend for my stance on Mexican Coke (soft drink). I know I boycott the products of Mexico but these soft drinks are just better than the American variety. They use real sugar. I already stopped buying Jarritos damn it. No sense being a fanatic about it. Is there?

Speaking of fanatics....This same friend took great offense to my stance on the Aggies. He said I "did not get it." No I guess I don't. He took issue on my comments about most of the "Corps of Cadets" not going into the military. Again I "just don't get it." I did get him to admit that most members of this esteemed body do not in fact take a military commission. Nuff said!! My "cultlike" statements concerning TAMU bothered him also. I stand by that. I have lived in Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida (among others) during my many travels and I know a thing or two about fanatic fans. Nothing and I mean nothing I have ever seen even remotely resembles these Aggies. It is just not sports. It is the whole "Aggie thing." There is a strange religious aspect to it. It is almost a cult. I will not back down from this. I live among them ..............

I learned earlier today from Jayhawk that the OWS crowd now wants us to boycott the "big box" stores. I already try to avoid the Evil Empire but there are times when I find myself there. There are numerous reasons for avoidance but I guess the one that sticks out to me is that Wal Mart is a pain in the ass. I do indeed think they are part of the problem in damaging small business also. Still, I do some trading at the Empire. Here and there as it might be.

Guess that is about enough.

The OWS Crowd Does Have The Right To Protest

This OWS crowd really, for the most part, just seems to be a bunch of people hanging around "playing hippy." That is fine I guess. I fully support their right to "peacefully" assemble and protest whatever it is they are protesting. I support the right to assemble of course. It is what we can do here in this great land. I do not support those who say "just get rid of them in whatever way necessary." That is frankly Un American and dangerous. That being said, I also support any city management that says "enough is enough." At a certain point the protesters have to move onto greener pastures. A permanent "encampment" is not part of the deal.

Now, there will be a time when some folk get out of hand and will need to be sanctioned. There are some thugs who have decided to join in the OWS festivities and they will at some point leave their teeth prints on a nightstick. It will happen and they will likely have deserved it. Nothing to get in a twist over.

At the same time there will be (and perhaps already has been) incidents of the gendarmes using more force than necessary. A whole lot of cops have no business being allowed out in public armed with weaponry. Some are just thugs with some sort of penis issue.

That is just the way things are.

Friday, November 25, 2011

If There Was Any Doubt.....

If there was any doubt that LSU is indeed the number one team in the country those doubts were dispelled this afternoon. Even I am now completely convinced.

Germans Make it To Moscow and WIll Be in Houston Soon

Rammstein is again coming to the New World. They have already taken the East and will be coming West to Houston in a few short months. Enjoy Rammstein's Moskau. Jawohl Herr Korvettan Kapitan it should be a great show.

The End of an Era?

Last night the 'last' Texas/Texas Agricultural game was played. At least for a while. This year neither team is quite ready for prime time. The Horns have an atrocious offense and the defense keeps them in games. TAMU just has issues period. With the talent on that squad/...? The coaching staff has to be to blame. Texas won the game with a last second field goal sending the Aggies off to the SEC on a losing note. That was just a football game though and pretty much beside the point.

This particular match up begun in the 1890's, and has continued for every year since. Now some arrogant fools, on both sides, are ruining it because they can't get along? Does anyone have a noose? It is ridiculous. It is a travesty. It is criminal.

The multitudes who read my work know that I am far from an Aggies fan. I take issue with kids running around in military style uniforms who have no intention of joining any branch of the service. Now some do join of course and they have my respect and gratitude. It is those who do not become real service members who are offensive to me. As a veteran I take great offense to this. Also I live among these Aggies and the whole "worship" of the institution is vaguely cult like. This too is beside the point.

The problem is, it seems to me, is that those in College Station can not abide playing second (or third) fiddle in the Republic. While Aggie sports can easily be replaced by TCU or Houston (if invited) from strictly a prowess stand, the program can not be replaced when one looks at history. The Longhorn/Aggie match up is part of Texas. It is one of the premier games in college football and it is fun. Can you imagine ending the USC/UCLA rivalry? Auburn/Alabama? Ohio State/Michigan? Florida/FSU? Or a host of other regional rivalries that get less attention. It is the same thing. It is ridiculous. We have already seen the Oklahoma/Nebraska rivalry fall by the wayside. Now this!!!!

Now the Aggies have run off to the SEC where they will be about on par with Mississippi State or Ole Miss. Possibly a step above Kentucky on the gridiron. Their basketball program has had some recent success but in the SEC, basketball, with the exception of the Kentucky program, is somewhat of a sideshow.

These arrogant folks in leadership positions at both schools have nothing on the BCS when it comes to ruining a wonderful sport. It is sick and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

I guess it shouldn't matter to me. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. But it does matter damn it.

Now where is that noose?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

OWS Crowd Thinks They Are In Syria or Cairo

I think I have figured these silly OWS folk out. They think they are part of or at least in concert with the protesters of the "Arab Spring." That is it. A bit of solidarity as it were. It all sort of started with the pizza eating proletariat up there in Madison and just kind of went from there. Now the "Arab Spring" thing will likely turn out to be a disaster from a strategic standpoint but that is another issue entirely. For the average OWS type to compare themselves to those being gunned down in the streets is rather stunning and quite obtuse . They are allowed to have their protest in many cities (as Americans have the right to) with very few real sanctions, the "pepper spray incident" notwithstanding.

Try your ridiculous protests in Damascus and see how that works out for ya. Silly fuckers.

OMG! I am a Hypocrite

Well today is a day that we give thanks. Really though, for a a lot of us, it is a day to start thinking about good eats and junk to buy. Whether that is good or healthy or not.....? At any rate, along with the standard Thanksgiving fare I am hankering for a Coke. Not just any Coke mind you but one that is concocted in Mexico. They use real sugar in the manufacture down there and the end product is just better. By far. So you can just sue me. I willingly suspend my self imposed boycott of the products of that sad country when it comes to soft drinks. I just hope that Juan does not pee in the mix, although, if he does.... I am still in the market.

This Crime Wave Is Tearing Our Nation Apart

Lately vicious gangs terrorizing the few remaining law abiding member of Amish community have come to the attention of the country at large. What is really interesting here is this appears to be mostly an Amish on Amish phenomena. The most vicious of these groups is known as the "Mulletts"  This band of Amish desperadoes have been attacking others of the community and forcibly shaving their beards. They have been outrageous reports of electric razors being used in these attacks.

This phenomena should come as no surprise. It has long been known by law enforcement that the Amish are a highly organized and vicious criminal organization molded along the lines of the Black Hand. The fact that their criminal enterprise escape the attention of the public at large is the very successful sleight of hand employed by these Amish gangsters. Those who have investigated these criminals have discovered that the organization uses the manufacture and sale of fine furniture to fund their various other activities and to present, to the public at large, a aura of legitimacy. It has been pointed out that this is very similar tactic employed by outlaw biker gangs that support major charities through various motorcycle events.

It is likely that the "Mulletts" will be "sanctioned" by the Amish at large for bringing unwanted attention to the organization. One can only hope that an internal power struggle does not ensue and the conflict does not widen and further endanger the law abiding public.

Adios Mofos

In a few short hours the TAMU/Texas game will commence. There will be blood. The Aggies will be heading to mediocrity (at best) in the SEC and have destroyed this storied rivalry. This one really can't be blamed on the scramble to get into a "BCS" conference. This just has to do with petty petulance.
Also (and here we get to the crux of the matter) those fans in the SEC are not going to take kindly to a bunch of children "playing soldier." Those students who are actually going into the military after graduation will get a pass and should be shown respect and gratitude of course. As for the rest? Most folk quit "playing army" around the sixth grade.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

By The Sweat of Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee's Buttocks - I Will See This Band

Rammstein is coming to Houston. Quite a few months yet to wait but it will be worth it. Enjoy Reise Reise. Brothas and Sistas it should be a great show.

Putting the Arrogant in Their Place? Priceless

It seems as if a Mr. Brinkley and Rep Young (R) AK. had a bit of a discussion. Whether or not I would agree with the Congressman on the larger issue is not the point. It is refreshing to see a member of the public treat these folk how they deserve to be treated. Members of Congress, from both parties, have been damaging this country for far to long. Funny thing--check out the little hooker behind Young. Apparently she is not used to someone talking to her pimp in that manner. Perhaps she should get used to it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pepper Spray Episode

Well UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike will likely be in a bit of hot water. Just can't go around spraying kids who are sitting on a sidewalk. Not a good move Barney. Of course the whole thing is pretty amusing and one can't help but chuckle a little bit. Kind of a "take that you little snotnose" type of thing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

By The Prophet's Scrotum I Will See This Band

Tickets already in hand. It will be quite a few months before they make it to Houston but it will be worth the wait. Enjoy Rammstein's Wilder Wein. It should be a great show. Allah willing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bleating About This,That, and the Other Thing On A Sunday Morn

It seems as if Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were both invited to be dates by members of the Marine Corps to the storied Marine Corps Ball. Both accepted and showed that not all Hollywood types are pinkos, jerk offs, and dickweeds. Good for them.

Bob Schieffer had Ron Paul on as a guest this morning on Face The Nation. This Schieffer is a old fruit and pretty typical of the "media elite" Ron Paul, while having some good ideas on some issues, is just way off base on many others. He is just a bit nuts. Sue me.

On another one of the Sunday morning programs there was a segment on a Muslim man who owns a "Kosher" deli. Good for him. It seems to be working out. This is what America is all about. This is the United States and we just don't want some Jewish/Muslim conflict here. For those who wish to continue that particular conflict here I ask you to take a permanent trip back to the Middle East and cut each others throats if you so desire. Mohammedan beware though; the United States will never allow the destruction of Israel.

 If you live here then put American interests first and leave your third world conflicts behind.  That being said, I have a distinct distrust for followers of the Prophet. Something to to do with an episode about ten years back. Something to do with militant Islamists in Europe and even right here in our country.  I support Israel in their conflict with the Mohammedan but if you live here in this country best leave that crap alone. I'm talking to both of you.  Put America first and be American or be gone. That goes for anyone from anywhere.

This wonderful nation has people from all over the world and that makes us great. That being said it is time to put the brakes on immigration. We can start by militarizing and sealing the southern border. We just can not afford any more of the world's poor and downtrodden. No more room at the inn. Sorry.

I actually like the postal service and would like to see it remain intact.

You know it is high time that we stop the outsourcing of jobs to foreign (and often enemy) nations. If an American company wishes to manufacture overseas so be it I suppose. Don't put that stuff on a ship and try to sell it back to us though. People are sick of that. Either bring those jobs back home or close up shop. Manufacture overseas? Like I just said......Do not have the audacity to ship your crap back here. This is serious business. There are already rumblings at the grass roots about this issue and it is growing louder by the day. At some point there may be serious backlash against those that continue this practice with a hangman's noose waiting for the unlucky. Far fetched? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who knows what course that a nation's history will take?

As a proponent of Capitalism it goes against the grain to be anti-business per se. However, a business must not be an engine that damages the well being of the nation (see above). I will use Allstate Insurance as an example (if for no other reason then I have had less than stellar experience in dealing with these thieves). If you have noticed Allstate spends a huge amount of money on advertising. Spending your premiums to attract more premiums as it were. Trying to gather even more cash for what basically is a public service. Try to get Allstate to pay a fair and equitable claim is somewhat of a chore. Try it. Almost impossible in many cases. Even folks who work for their competitors speak of the dishonest business tactics that are rampant at Allstate. Unethical business practice seem to be standard operating procedure with the "Good Hands" folks.

Did you know that the OWS crowd and the Tea Party are, in fact, very similar? Oh does that offend you? Sorry. While the tactics and the belief systems are different (assuming we know what the OWS crowd actually believes), the core belief may well be similar. Both groups know that the country is on the wrong track. Problem one knows what to do about it. Voting for cookie cutter politicians does not seem to be the answer. Both groups sense that the country is being sold a bill of goods and are frustrated with the direction this country is headed. Aren't we all?

I wonder if the Herman Cain camp has sent a thank you note to folks at Penn State. The Sandusky affair has taken a bit of the limelight off old Herman's (alleged) poontangin. Perhaps the crowd at Hallmark could come up with some cutesy poems just for cases like this.  Here and there as it might be.

That is about enough I guess.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Real Writer

E C Stilson has released her book The Golden Sky just a few short hours ago. I will be making a purchase very soon. She is a wonderful writer with a story to tell. You will likely be hearing more from here as time goes by.

I don't know how I ran across her blog but I am glad I did so. Check her out at

Way to go Elisabeth!!!!!!

Astros To Quit Playing Baseball

Astros to quit playing baseball? Well sort of. It looks as if the Houston team's move to the American League is all but a done deal. They won't be playing real ball anymore. If a DH is used, then baseball is just not being played. I won't be spending any money to see it. Better things to do with my time and money.

Even a Scumbag Can Get It Right Sometimes

The following has been attributed to Newt:

We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto."

If this quote was indeed something that Newt came up with, well, I have to agree. Sorry. Yes, I know Newt is scum but he has a valid point.

When immigrants came here in time past, there was no "bilingual education." I am not sure if I would be in favor of a complete phase out but perhaps limiting "bilingual" classes to no more than one year per student. Why? The whole "program" is a drain on resources. English is, like it or not, the language of the U.S. It is the language of the historical victor. It is the language of commerce. It is, as quoted above, the common language of the country. That is just the way it is.

Every student should learn more than one language. If a student comes here fluent in Spanish, then they have a leg up already. English language speaking students should learn a language that will be useful. Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, German, and Farsi come to mind. Spanish should of course be offered as a choice to the English speaking student but it perhaps should not be "sold" by school counselors as the most useful. It is the language of poverty. It is the easy way out.

It is a fact that Spanish is the language of a goodly portion of the "third world." With the exception of Spain itself, it is the language of the poor and downtrodden. Spanish speaking students should be immersed in the English language and English speaking students should be aware that Spanish is of little use in the real world. It is nice to know of course but certainly not necessary.

H/T to that fruitloop over at

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Open A Series of Southern Ellis Islands

The other day I was watching a show concerning Ellis Island. Interesting history. Perhaps it is about time to consider something along those lines on our border with Mexico.

 It goes without saying that Mexico is to be considered a parasitic nation at best and perhaps an enemy of the U.S. at worst. Probably somewhere in between. It does indeed appear to be policy to encourage their most desperate (and therefore most dangerous) to "immigrate" north. They have only recently begun to pay more than lip service to combating the drug gangs that control large swaths of territory. We, in this country, do not need anymore of Mexico's "problems." Extreme poverty along with revolutionary and criminal elements are issues to be sorted out by Mexico. I don't want to hear the standard "if Americans did not consume drugs then the gangs would be irrelevant." While there may be truth to this it is still not the problem of the United States (at this point) to crush the insurrectionists.

With the "war" in Mexico just across the border (and spilling into our country), and the problems of illegal immigration becoming a major drain on the resources of our nation, it is high past time to close the border by maintaining a permanent military presence and opening "reception centers" to screen those who would be considered entry.

It is not "racist" to institute measures to protect a nation. Or perhaps it is....No matter. A nation must do what is in the best interest. Something our leaders have long forgotten.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Would Be Refreshing If........

Herman Cain, Wicky Wacky Wu, Wiener's Weiner, Bill, Groper Al......the list goes on. It would seem that our political class has some wing wong problems. The Cain thing seem a bit manufactured but who's to say really? We collectively seem to hold our "leaders" to a higher standard than the car salesman down the street. Funny that it is more likely that those in leadership positions tend to have more sexual peccadilloes than the average Joe. Just the way it is I guess. A power thing as it might be. Something for "psychologists" to sort out I suppose.

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually had some honest folk running for office?

What would say a Charles Barkley do if asked by a reporter about his past? Wilt Chamberlain ( may he RIP)? "Mr Chamberlain I understand that you are a man who likes(ed) his pussy?" "Why yes, yes I do." Or something along those lines. After that is out of the way, real issues can be discussed.

How about some former rock star being presented with the same question. "C'mon. I was a rock star." "Next question."

After we get the wing wong things out of the way we can then allow our elected officials to get on with business. We should pretty much take for granted that most of those running for high office are fucked up in some way or other.

Usually it has something to do with their peter.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obama Probably Won't Strike The Persians

There has been some rather under the radar speculation that President Obama would consider a military strike on Iran. It goes without saying that when coalition forces finally leave Iraq for good then the hand of the Persians will be strengthened in the region. Geopolitics 101. Now with the likely Iranian nuclear program moving forward one would think that the time is ripe for a preemptive strike with strategic arms. After all we are now in a "low level" war with Iran now and we do have an interest in keeping the Iranians contained so as not to interfere with our energy needs. It is (almost) a foregone conclusion that there will be a major military clash at some point. I submit that Obama would initiate action if his poll numbers go much lower or he begins to become seriously threatened by a Republican challenger.

Therein lies the issue. The Republicans are imploding and it is quite possible they are not a danger to unseat Obama. That is hard to believe frankly, but there you have it.

People across the land are learning what we in the Republic have known all along about Perry.

Romney is just a politician and should be trusted by no one.

Cain is being accused of being some sort of man "who likes his pussy." Something not right there. Someone is getting paid somewhere. The whole thing seems just a bit manufactured. Be that as it may, it is an issue and is damaging Cain's chances.

Newt now "surging" in the polls? The game is up if that amoral freak is one of the "leaders" in the race. Hell that nut Palin may as well jump in at this point.

Paul has no real shot. The establishment and their radio host lackeys do their best to discredit him. He scares them. Of course he does has some pretty loony ideas.........

No one else is in the Republican field is worth mentioning.

Nope Obama will not strike Iran. He doesn't have to politically at this point. While there certainly is a need to do so and do so quickly from a strategic standpoint; there is no need for the POTUS to initiate action due to domestic politics.  Apparently that is more important than our legitimate national defense needs.

That is a sad state of affairs.

Fifth Column At Work and On Your Dime

Apparently some silly, ivory tower type; one Michael Avery, has come out against "care packages" sent to our troops. It seems there is a campus wide care package campaign underway and this Avery character has deemed it offensive and inappropriate. His opinion of course and he is entitled to such. That does not mean that I won't call him out though. This guy is a prick and no mistake. A law school "professor" from Massachusetts is this one. Wonder why that is not surprising.

Suffolk University School of Law

In case you would like to give them a ring about something or other.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Hair! What About This?

Apparently Good Hair made some gaffes the other night during the debate. Anyone who has watched this Good Hair for a while knows he is not the man for the job. Now the whole country is getting a taste of the buffoonery that we in Texas have endured for a while. One the the things that Good Hair (remembers he) wants to be rid of is the US Dept of Education. Now that does sound pretty enticing but the education system in Texas is still dealing with the destructive Texas Ed. Agency (TEA). It still is here damaging the educational system in the Republic. Why did he not lobby to get rid of this counter productive state agency?

 Rick is full of bull.

If you didn't know that already then you are learning fast. Not that it really matters. A hog's ass has more chance of being elected POTUS than this walking Vitalis advertisement.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Number One and No Mistake

Yesterday evening I went over to a friend's house to watch the LSU/Alabama match up. Had a pretty nice time indeed. Old Les had a bit too conservative game plan in my opinion but the only thing that really mattered in that game was the numbers on the board at the end. LSU is the indisputable number one team at this point. Of course the "analysts" on ESPN have already crowned them the "national champions" but there is just a bit too much football left to be played to go there quite yet. One thing I do not like is the ridiculous college overtime. Either play another quarter or just call it a tie.

Now the evening was not without flaws. Mark is a huge LSU fan but there were some other games of importance in progress at the same time. I would have liked to have dropped in on the Arkansas/South Carolina, KSU/OSU, and perhaps Houston/UAB. At least two of these games may have national implications. I was sorry to see OSU skate by the Wildcats but happy to see the Hogs run past the Gamecocks. The outcome of the Cougar/Blazer game was a foregone conclusion. Anyway it is his house and his rules so we really did very little channel surfing. No big deal really.

Toward the end of the evening Mark asked me if I would like to partake in some "Native American" corn. I found that he was talking about candy corn with some chocolate in the mix. It was damn good.
It was really called Brach's Indian Corn but Mark said he was just trying to be politically correct in calling it Native American. Now funny thing about this Indian corn is that it was made in Mexico. Should it not be called Aztec corn or something? Why is it made in Mexico in the first place? Do we not have people who would be happy to be working the line at a candy plant at this point in our history? I think we do. Brach's should be ashamed of themselves. Of course they need to get in the very very long "shame" line. It is becoming sickening how these companies outsource our jobs to foreign lands and then have the audacity to try to sell us those same goods.

Oh well.

I hope Juan did not pee in the sugar mix to get back at the evil Gringo.

One has to think of these things.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thugs Have Occupied the "Occupy Movement"

It didn't take long did it? This silly little occupy thing has moved beyond just a bunch of wannabe and ex hippies singing, smoking dope, and fornicating. The "movement" has now been hijacked by real thugs. How predictable that was. Soon the citizenry in various locales will be demanding an end to this nonsense. Don't be surprised (and don't whine) when a few heads are busted by the gendarmes. Please don't bother me with crybaby nonsense when a shop owner defends their property (and perhaps life) by sending a punk to a premature appointment with the Man upstairs. I don't want to hear it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Herman On My MInd

Well the politics of destruction have begun in earnest now. Who is to blame for the likely politically motivated attack of Mr. Cain? Is it the left? What about one (or more) of his Republican opponents?Either would not surprise me. Perhaps it is just plain old investigative journalism that has caught Mr. Cain by the shorts. Who knows?

I have not really paid all that much attention to the whole mess frankly. Anyone who runs for public office needs to have been a saint in their life it seems. Who among us can say that? Any candidate for office should expect to have their background looked into in great detail by their political opponents as well as those who practice real journalism. It is laughable when one group gets their panties in a knot over one of their own getting caught with his pants down. Remember the Weiner's wiener thing. The frutloops of the left were crying foul by saying it was those on the right who would not let the issue go. The same thing happens in reverse. One man's investigative journalist is anothers' "journalistic terrorist" it appears.

I really don't care if Cain asked for a bit of nookie a few years back. The issue is really between Cain and his wife. I might add that if one does not ask, then how will one get laid in the first place?

If I were a betting man I would say that the thing is a politically motivated "investigation" by the some on the left. You see Cain, being a Black man, has strayed just a bit too far off the plantation for their tastes. The brother just won't get with the program you see. If a Black man has conservative values and does not subscribe to the left's image of the "down trodden," then they are a danger to the "cause." It is fair game to destroy them because, after all, a Black person with conservative values can not possibly be a really Black. It is not racist to attack a person with that particular belief system you see. Now if someone verbally attacks Sharpton, Jackson, Jeremiah Wright or (God forbid), President Obama, well then the gloves are off. That is racist you understand. You would be attacking one of the left's "house Negroes" you see. That is unforgivable you understand. Racist? The leftists in this country have been using the politics of race for a very long time. It is not that they see minorities as necessarily equal. On the contrary in fact. What they do see however is that they are useful.

Any member of a minority group who does not have their "mind right" is a danger and it is perfectly within bounds to attempt to destroy them. That is the mentality of the fringe left.

Now if  Cain's (Republican) opposition is behind the "revelation" that he may have been (or is) a horndog... well, that just means they fear him.

Pretty simple stuff.