Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last of These For a While

I suppose you know that I am a fan of the German Industrial "Metal" band Rammstein. I feel obligated somehow to post Ich Will. Unfortunately the videos of this tune for the Houston show are sub par but someone in San Antonio and Philadelphia did it right.

Top Philadelphia and bottom San Antonio.

This should be about the last of these for a while I guess. Good Rock is good opium. Shame we have to get back to reality.

A friend of mine said that one Michael Savage called Rammstein music to "invade Iran with." Or some such. Savage has some rather strange ideas at times.

Don't we all.

Wednesday Wonking

There has not been a whole lot of news of late that is really anything earth shattering. A few things here and there........

It appears that some "pastor" in NC by the name of Worley would like to put gay folk in a stockade of sorts. It is his opinion that sooner or later they will die out. I don't think that this Worley quite understands how things work. Anyone who has been around  for any length of time has to come to the logical conclusion that most gay people come out of the womb being, well, gay.
What is up with some of these NC pastors? Remember another backwoods preacher type wanted men to smack shit out of their male children if they showed any homosexual tendencies.

The POTUS has come out in favor of some sort of gay marriage. His position on the issue evolved you see. I would be quite interested to know how many black "ministers" would agree with him. It doesn't matter. They will, likely one and all, exhort their flock to get out the vote for Obama no matter what. I don't know why.

Some criminal by the name of Kimberlin has been bothering bloggers. Or so I hear. I read a little bit on this guy and came to the conclusion that he should be sitting  in prison somewhere. A domestic terrorist along the same lines as an Ayers and McVeigh it seems.

Last week (or maybe two weeks ago) one the the members of the Black Panthers ranted on and on about "killing crackers." I don't recall the guys name and he is not worth looking up. I do recall though that he said that the Black Panther Party was not the black version of the KKK. Really? I think he might be mistaken there. Even the ultra left Southern Poverty Law Center defines (grudgingly it seems to me) these silly Panthers (in their custodian garb) as a hate group.

Chris Hayes of MSNBC and The Nation apparently does not feel comfortable honoring our war dead. Of course he apologized and backtracked on some of his ridiculous statements but you know he doesn't mean it. I would imagine that some executives at the network told this Hayes how the cow eats the cabbage. MSNBC is a business after all. It only caters to the leftists among us for the simple fact that it is at least somewhat profitable. The day it becomes a money loser is the day they change the format. Something many on the left likely would not understand I would wager. I bet this Hayes understands now. Just speculation of course. Be that as it may, this Hayes feels "uncomfortable" honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice? OK. That's fine. As for myself, I feel quite comfortable calling this Chris Hayes a punk and a pussy. Very comfortable indeed.  That reminds me, I did not read anything that the fruitloop(s) over at D r i f t g l a s s wrote over the Memorial Day weekend. Don't think I will. Been having some trouble with my blood pressure of late.

Well Slick Willy has gone and gotten himself photographed with some "porn stars." That is not surprising. It was well known that Bill was a smarmy bastard long before he got the job in the oval office. A cheetah can't change its' spots I guess. It is all great fun and pretty amusing. Now the starlets are sort of cute in a "slutty" kind of way, (not like Sandra Fluke however), but they just don't hold a candle to the "pioneers" from the Golden Age. Remember the lovely and talented Kay Parker? No?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not Bad For Some Boys From The Old German Democratic Republic

There are finally some very good videos of Rammstein's Houston concert that was held Friday last. The show was Broadway, a fireworks display, and exceptional music all mixed together to produce a show to remember.

These guys grew up in the now defunct German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and I would imagine they know a thing or two of totalitarianism. Do you think for a minute that I would have been able to enjoy this exceptional show had not the "Iron Curtain"  fallen? What about  the persistence of  the American government and people for supporting freedom over tyranny in Eastern Europe?  You know the answer.

Rammstein is not for everyone and no mistake. Most lyrics are in German and it is Rock n Roll the way God intended it to be. Not every one's cup of tea. That being said, enjoy the opening of the show.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

This day of BBQ, lawn mowing, etc. has real meaning. Take some time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

Pictured is Douglas Munro, the only member of the USCG to date to have received the Medal of Honor for his heroic action evacuating Marines under fire during the Guadalcanal campaign. He lost his life in the process.

Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro you are not forgotten.

Semper Paratus.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mundane Monday

There is really not a whole lot going on that is of any real interest. A few minor news stories is about it.

The much anticipated protests at the NATO summit have kind of fizzled (much to the chagrin of the "news" media.) A few got knocked in the teeth by the local gendarmes apparently but that was to be expected. It is kind of hard to have much sympathy for the sufferers. Protest is a legal right but when property is damaged or the citizenry (yes even the local fuzz) become targets, well, there will be a few teeth prints left on batons. Nothing really to get in a twist about.

I suppose that at some point NATO troops will leave he Afghan people to their own devices. Bound to happen and probably overdue. Bin Laden swims with the fishes and there are a few less Taliban than there were at the onset. I guess it is time to go. Afghanistan will devolve into chaos (it never really emerged from it) but that is just the way they roll over there.

The Facebook IPO looks like it will be a fizzle. Who would have thought.........Fools and their money will part ways eventually and if one bought in at 38 bucks per share then it is safe assume that they did not do their "due diligence." BTW this "due diligence" is one of the  buzz phrases that has gained popularity of late in the corporate world. Or so I hear. I'm pretty sure an MBA grad is behind it somehow. It is always something. No wonder the country is going to the weenie dogs.

Did anyone hear the "teacher"  berate a student about insulting President Obama? Good Lord. This woman is an employee of a public school system somewhere? We wonder why our kids come out of school stupid as ducks?

I guess the movie theater chain AMC will be a Chinese company now. Nothing shocking about this. I won't be spending my money there though. If you have read any of my "work" I would suppose that you would not find that shocking either.

Rule Five? Another time perhaps.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some People Should Just Be "Discouraged" From Voting

Joshua Ledet will not be the American Idol this year. Hands down the best artist on the program but it just won't be. Reminds me a bit of the Adam Lambert fiasco of a few years back.  There is nothing wrong with Ledet's competitors, very good singers both, but just not quite in Ledet's league (who is?). The problem with the format on this American Idol is pretty simple and plain to see. "America" should not decide by popular vote who becomes the next winner on the program. In this case (as in the Lambert case) the vote of the populace was wrong. They voted for the cute girl and hearthrob boy and disregarded the better talent.

I would say this American Idol is kinda like the 2008 Presidential campaign (where America voted novelty over substance) but then I considered the Republican ticket. Obama may well be, as many say, a disaster but God knows what insane path McCain might have led us down.

I am sorry that Westlake, La. native Joshua Ledet will not be the "idol."  How could I not be disappointed? I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. Ledet shouldn't worry though.  He will live the American dream with his music.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Questions From The Cab

I know the answers to most (but not all) of the following questions, but some folk don't.  Some are important questions that need to be addressed and some, not so much.


If a proctologist accepted only female patients between the ages of 18-35 who also weighed in at under 135 lbs; what would that tell us about the proctologist?

If it came to light at this late date that Obama was indeed not legally qualified to be POTUS; would anyone in govt. insist that he pack his gear pronto?

Will a few "protesters" get to leave their teeth marks on a police baton during the upcoming NATO summit? Will anyone really care?

If Hymie Finkleberg lived in Glenmora, La. instead of NYC would the Very Reverend Jackson get to call Glenmora "Hymie Town?"

Is the current war in Mexico more dangerous to the United States than any combination of Mohammedans? North Korea? PRC?

Is the TSA out of control?

Is Rosie O'Donnell a Sasquatch? (I personally go back and forth on this one. My position is evolving.)

Would two, three (or four)  Ellis Island type facilities along our southern border be a wise move? Would it also not be prudent to militarize and fence most of the region?

If there was a major conflagration that culled the herd; would it not be wise to do everything militarily possible to ensure that the part of the herd culled is not the citizenry of Western Civilization?

When communism finally falls in Cuba; wouldn't it be nice if it becomes again a tropical Las Vegas?

Would it be stupid for Israel to relinquish the Golan?

Are most members of the so called "Muslim Student Union" not only anti Israel but anti American as well?

Did we have more freedom in the 1970's than we do in 2012?

If Slick Willy would have authorized the assassination of Bin Laden; would the attacks of Sept 11 have occurred?

Is Sheila Jackson Lee a dumbass? Wait. Scratch that one. It is too easy.

Do some of us still wonder what talk show legend Michael Berry was really doing the night of the little incident at the club?

If Texas Agriculture could not compete in the Big Twelve on the football field, how on earth do the faithful think they will fare in the SEC? (Those silly Aggies).

What is Kevin Sumlin thinking? (There is not a Case Keenum in College Station to make him look like a brilliant head coach).

Is the SEC (consistently) the best conference in college football?

Is there any "sustainable" energy that really will work out for us long term?

Is global warming real and if so, is it a "man caused disaster" or just the planet doing what the planet does?

Will Keith Olbermann ever find another gig?

Would we support India or Pakistan in their upcoming military conflict? China or Vietnam? China or the ROC? China or the Philippines? China or Russia?

Is their something to this Mayan Calender thing?

Should mercy be shown to this Pollard by just releasing him from prison and transporting him to Israel?

Is Bill Ayers a terrorist?

If two trains left Chicago...........? Scratch that. I hated those in school.

How about some Rule 5? Melora Walters OK with you?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Truth From The Cab

In the PC world of today the truth has been displaced by the fetish of  feelgoodism. If it don't make ya feel good then how can it be the truth? Or so it seems. Well you and I know this is bull and I find it a duty on this fine evening to call a spade a spade. Wait. Can I say that? Good God even I have fallen prey. Be that as it may.......

A few inconvenient truths:

Obama is not a Muslim but he is a sympathiser.

When Lemmy Kilmister says "We are Motorhead and we play Rock and Roll", he means it.

The presentation of a "fresh" vagina is more preferred and appreciated than the alternative.

It is not technically treason  for an American firm to outsource jobs overseas, but it is wrong and detrimental to the security of the nation.

The "Palestinians" were, by and large, full of joy after the attacks of Sept 11, 2001.

It is OK to have no sympathy for the plight of these same "Palestinians" after their joyous displays.

The so called Arab Spring will prove to be a disaster for the Western World.

Sheila Jackson Lee is a dumbass. So is Frederica Wilson.

Bill Ayers is a terrorist and should be in prison.

The Peoples Republic is taking Imperial Japan's playbook and beginning to try their hand at Asian dominance.

When we buy products made in that same PRC we are funding the buildup of their armed forces.

Country music of today is stupid. Or do you think that Montgomery Gentry is on the same level as Don Williams?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a leftist organization. They might be getting out of control over there.

La Raza is a hate group. So is LULAC.

Rosie O'Donnell is not really a sasquatch but there is some resemblance.

Slick Willy could have and should have given the green light to kill Bin Laden.

The Kurdish people's popular movement may be the only Mohammedan group in the general area of the Middle East who should be supported.

Gay marriage will never gain the majority of support. Just the way it is.

Rush Limbaugh will not be dethroned by a popular uprising of screechers. They are as a flea to a steer.

Parts of Mexico have become damn dangerous and, by extension, so has part of the American Southwest.

Walls, fences, and militarized borders do work quite well.

Illegal aliens are, by definition, criminals. So are those who knowingly hire them.

Reverend Sharpton and the Very Reverend Jackson are desperately trying to stay at least somewhat important.

Olbermann would irritate an iron ball.

One man's investigative journalist is another person's "journalistic terrorist."

Nancy Grace is a loud mouth shrew.

There are many many more but this is about enough for one sitting.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trash Talking On a Thursday

If I was a betting man, and only if, I would wager that this Joshua Ledet will take the title as this year's American Idol. I don't watch a whole lot of these variety shows, they tend to irritate me at times, but this guy can sing like very few I have ever seen. If you saw him belt out It's A Man's World last night you know what I mean.
Interestingly enough he hails from Westlake, La. Westlake is a community of chemical plants and casinos just across the river from Lake Charles. A lot of poverty there. Like most chemical towns, the unbelievable weath associated with the manufacture just does not seem to "trickle down" (as they say) to the local community. If you have ever been to Freeport, or Galena Park, Tx, or Westlake, La. you will know what I am talking about.  Be that as it may, I don't think that Ledet has so much to worry about as far as poverty is concerned. Win or lose, he will be able to make his way (and then some) in the music business. Good for him!
 I wish this Louisianan all the luck in the world. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man.

I suppose that Obama has come out now in favor of "gay marriage." OK. I have heard it called in the media as "gay for pay." or some such. Apparently some gay advocate groups have threatened withholding funds from his campaign if he doesn't play ball. So I hear anyway. He is foolish, in my humble opinion, for caving on this issue. Of course there is a fundraiser of some sort going on tonight at Clooney's humble abode. I hear the cost to hang with the POTUS is something like 40,000 a plate. That is nuts. I wouldn't pay 40,000 to dine with Ron Jeremy.
 Like I said in a recent post, the majority of America has little sympathy for the "gay agenda" and Obama catering to what is considered the extreme left "base" will likely hurt him come November.

Romney is being trashed for supposedly taking part in a cruel prank when he was in high school. So? Kids do stupid shit. All the time.  At least we have not heard about him palling around with known terrorists such as Ayers. That man (Ayers) should be in federal prison to this day. The only difference between an Ayers and a McVeigh was that McVeigh was a successful terrorist and Ayers' little group was thankfully a bunch of fuck ups. Still people did lose their lives due to the action of the Weather Underground. Ayers should have been imprisoned for the remainder of his life. Any candidate for office should know better than to have any association with such trash unless it was as a member of the prosecution team.

Joe Arpaio is under fire from the federal government. He has thumbed his nose at the DC crowd it seems. Just watch though. They will find a way to get to him.  How on earth could a Justice Dept headed by this Holder attack an American lawman for nothing more than doing the job he was hired (elected) to do? A bit of politically motivated selective "enforcement" on the part of the fedgov it seems to me.

My friend has trouble at airports. It is kind of funny really. I have a feeling that the reason he gets bothered by these TSU "agents" is that he does not have the ability that most of us have to hide his contempt. Putting on the mask of neutrality is beyond his capability. I would imagine that is why he has problem with these folk.
Years ago he and I had a discussion about this TSA program. I was of the opinion that airport security would be handled by a professional force and that force should be a federal agency. Was I wrong? I don't think I was. I still believe so, but what I did not count on was that the same minimum wage types would be manning the posts. I figured they would be weeded out in favor of those, shall we say, a bit more professional. Apparently not. Now we see the spectre of the TSA getting out of control. Just recently Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee touted a pilot program in Houston where TSA agents would be placed on city buses. We all know that crime can a problem on public transportation sure, but placing undercover cops on duty on the various modes of conveyance is a local affair.

That is about enough.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thar won't be any Homasexuuls Amarryin Over Yonder

Well I guess the voters of North Carolina have spoken. They just don't seem to want gay folk marrying each other. Fine I suppose. I frankly couldn't give a daisy chain if gay people can get legally married. It doesn't really hurt anyone that I can see, (better things to worry about it seems to me), but I just don't have a dog in this particular hunt and really just do not care. Do you? It wouldn't bother me if it was "legal" here in the Republic and it wouldn't bother me if it remained verboten. I would probably vote in favor of it if it came to blows but wouldn't really worry so much about the result.

I certainly won't boycott the products of the great state of North Carolina and I have no plans to visit anytime soon but don't think I would let the results of the vote deter me any. It just is not that important for most of us likely. To be frank, there will always be prejudice against gay folk and this is nothing more than human nature. Nothing really surprising there. Something that is seen as odd and distasteful to the majority has very little chance of really ever gaining acceptance and only a certain amount of that acceptance will ever gain traction. No matter what. Just the way it is.

As usual the screamers are screeching about "hate" and whatnot and are threatening to have the vote nullified by the courts (if possible) and (of course) want us all to boycott the Tar Heel State. Like that will happen. I don't like ACC "football" much but I might support one of the teams just to spite the screechers in our midst.

Now get in the tub Bruno while I find the lilac body wash.  We have a wedding to attend.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lost In The Maze of What Is Commonly Called Philosophy

Philosophy, like historical studies, is a very broad subject. Also, like history, it can be fun to try to dive in on occasion and see just what can be made of it. Admittedly a great deal of it is way above me. Way above a lot of us I would imagine. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at Medieval Scholasticism (You know - William of Fucking Ockham, Saint Bonaventure, or John Duns Scotus) can probably attest that a good deal of it is near indecipherable to the layman. It would likely take a good deal of knowledge of medieval Catholic thought along with a healthy dose of knowledge of the thinking of the Classical philosophers to have an informed idea of what Ockham was about (and he was about an awful lot). One (or at least I) can get only glimpses....

I have been thinking a bit of the school of thought commonly known as "Pragmatism." Is it simple as the, (as they say) "if it ain't broke don't fix it" or perhaps the "keep it simple stupid" doctrine(s) (which reminds me a bit of a very simple version of what is known as "Ockham's Razor), or is it a bit more complicated than that? Would a rather technical question be appropriate even?  For instance, would most students be better served if a school district geared their curriculum more toward career training with less emphasis on "college prep?" It can't be argued that for a great many students, learning the art of AC and Heating is more "real" world and useful than all the reading and dissection of A Mid Summer Night's Dream could ever possibly be. Anyone who has tried to help students get through English literature notices the glazed over eyes that most students develop. For many, it would seem, learning auto mechanics would tend to be the "pragmatic"course. Probably, this push for a "pre college" curriculum is detrimental for the greater majority of students; but how does the system serve the needs of both the college bound and those more practical? What would be "pragmatic?"

Could true Pragmatism, in the "philosophical" sense be a bit more complicated than the "pragmatism" that we commonly consider? One of the best descriptions that I have heard concerning philosophical Pragmatism is that something is considered "true" and "right" only if it works. What if it doesn't work though? Is it wrong?

 Blitzkrieg could be considered pragmatic because it worked where it was applied, until of course it no longer worked. Does that not mean that Blitzkrieg was not pragmatic or does it mean that other factors interfered with the total success of the German war machine which eventually diluted the success; the rightness, (and thus the pragmatism) of lightning war?

The Blitzkrieg tactic worked quite well in Gulf War II, except where it didn't work so well. American armored troops made rather short work of the trip to Baghdad but a long, lightly defended supply line trailing in the armor's wake left the support troops open to small unit assaults. Did this mean that this version of Blitzkrieg did work and was therefore pragmatic or it didn't really work (or only partially worked) and therefore was not pragmatic? What if our forces were fighting a really determined and competent (although overmatched) enemy that was truly capable of causing major havoc among the armor supply forces? What if the enemy was successful enough to completely strand our powerful yet fuel guzzling tanks by severely hindering their supply? Would Blitzkrieg tactics be proven to be wrong and not therefore pragmatic?

What is a pragmatic way of dealing with armed insurgency? Pacification (winning hearts and minds) of the natives does not really seem to work long term. Has pacification proven to be not pragmatic? What about the use of  heavy handed tactics as far as local populations are concerned? America does not have an equivalent to the SS Division Prinz Eugen (thankfully) and won't put that to the test but does that mean that brutalization of civilians does not work in curbing guerrilla warfare? Would it, in the philosophical sense, be considered pragmatic to operate in such manner? Does the possibility that heavy handedness toward civilian populations who have insurgents operating in their midst lend itself to ethical questions? In other words, if it is pragmatic (and therefore considered true and right) to operate in an exceptionally brutal fashion in civilian areas mean that it is still pragmatic (correct, true and right) to do so from a moral standpoint?  Of course the answer is (or should be) no, but these are the type of questions that would likely be of great concern to a technically sterile "professional" philosopher.

Perhaps another example from U.S history would be appropriate.  Would Sherman's decision to ignore Hood and allow him to "retreat" north be considered pragmatic? Sherman had other fish to fry (IE moving from Atlanta to the coast and northward from there) and was not, after a time, concerned so much with the only major Confederate army in the region trying to draw him northward out of Georgia. Sherman rightly concluded that Thomas could handle the Confederates under Hood and he proceeded to war upon the civilian population of the Southeast (although eventually challenged somewhat by Wheeler and Johnston). Making them (civilian population) know that real war had come to their doorstep was Sherman's "philosophy." Would this be a good example of philosophical Pragmatism as applied to military strategy.  His strategy did work so therefore was it true or correct?  Was it immoral and if so does that necessarily mean that it was not right and correct from a pragmatic standpoint? Again something for philosophers to debate.

Another question (although not an important one granted) would be whether it was "pragmatic" or not for Google to change the format of Blogger. Does it work (is true) and therefore it is right? Does it not work and is therefore wrong? Since there are varying opinions on the matter; does it mean that it is kind of right and kind of wrong and would this still (or not still) be considered a pragmatic move on the part of those at Google?

You see, it appears that philosophy generally (very generally) tends to lead to as many questions as answers. Seems like philosophers try to answer the often answerable and only very rarely produce anything of real, lasting value. Interesting theories no doubt but the professional thinker usually tend to end up falling back into the soup.

I wonder what motivates some to study Philosophy professionally. Granted there are a certain number of jobs "teaching" at the university level, but for the most part.......Is a philosopher of any real value in the marketplace? Is it "pragmatic" from the technical or non philosophic stance, for most to study to become a "professional" philosopher? Will it work?  I suppose it would if one just wants to sell insurance or something. Lot less useful in the real world than studying small engine repair likely.  The in depth study of philosophy should probably be relegated to the world of hobby. Like stamp collecting.

As far as this philosophy business goes.....If I ever think of anything profound I'll let you know.

Till then..... Enjoy the still damn good looking Rebecca de Mornay.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aliens From The Past and Look at that Fuckin Hair

It would sure be fun to wander the Earth with a crazy haircut and a horribly out of date brown suit all the while sporting an unhealthy looking spray on tan. It would even more fun to do all this while making what has to be a healthy sum of money "working" on a far out television program. That is just what one Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gets to do for a living.
For the uninitiated, Giorgio is one of the numerous half mad commentators on the excellent Ancient Aliens program. His hair, tan, and suit are the butt of jokes. Anyway, what these guys (including George Noory) do is visit ancient sites and come up with new theories about their origin, purpose, etc. etc. Of course their investigations always lead them to the conclusion that space creatures are behind everything. This goes against the grain of mainstream "science" to be sure and it would be quite easy to discount these ancient alien theorists as nutcases, but damn it, some of their theories make some sense. It certainly can't be denied that mainstream science does not have the answer to everything. The modern day scientist knows way less about any given subject than they think I would wager.   When all is said and done it will probably be discovered that Steven Hawking was about a relevant as the flat earthers of old.

I catch a lot of shit for watching Ancient Aliens from my better half, but I really watch very little television at home. How could I what with some variety show broadcast near every night of the week?

The same thing can be said for some of the "ghost hunter" type programs. These people, to me, are involved in investigating real mystery and the fact that their work is discounted by those scientists in the mainstream probably makes their work even more important. The problem is that these shows have become kind of a fad and this may dilute some of the real work being done. It also opens the door for fraud most likely.

I used to watch one of those "Bigfoot" programs a good bit but they are less interesting now that it is proven that Bigfoot does indeed exist. Unfortunately it has also been discovered that they can speak. This specimen was photographed in her environment most recently.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Corona Vato

Today will be the "celebration" of Cinco De Mayo, a holiday hardly recognized in Mexico but celebrated with gusto north of the border. The reality is that the date is the anniversary of a small  battle  in 1862 where Mexican forces defeated a force of French occupiers. It was a minor episode as far as such things go.  To the north, the American Civil War was raging where the celebrated Mexican battle would have been considered a minor skirmish. Barely a footnote in history, if that.

 Frankly, Cinco De Mayo, has been utilized by advertisers in this country to sell more beer. It works too. Brilliant marketing. It is not, as many believe, a celebration of Mexican independence. Their Fourth of July it ain't.

Will it be long before South Side Slim finds it politically expedient to ditch Eric Holder? He probably needs to do it rather quickly.  It would be an embarrassment to the Administration for a sitting Atty General to end up cooling his heels in the slam. The man (Holder) is out of control.

Why would this Elizabeth Warren try to convince us that she is "native American?" That is a bit strange.  Assuming she is indeed  1/32 "Indian" that does not make her a minority. Ridiculous. She may be 1/32 Cherokee (or whatever) but she is 100 percent buffoon.
Actually I was, at one time, married to a woman who is dyed in the wool Native  (north)American, 1/2 Ottawa to be exact. She was "Playboy" magazine good looking but a horrible pain in the ass. Anyway  I learned a few things along the way. Everybody has heard that the old cliche that "Indians" tend to have problems with alcohol. After observing her (and her father) I can attest  that there may be something to that. Neither of them could tolerate even a moderate amount of firewater without making that leap into raging drunken psychosis.  Her father has since passed on. I miss him sometimes. My ex wife however..........

How about a real Native? The lovely (and talented) Hyapatia Lee for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mooing On May Day

Happy May Day. Comrades. Let us not forget that "May Day" is celebrated worldwide by communists and their sympathizers. It should not be confused with our Labor Day.
Speaking of communists, it does  appear that these silly OWS are not going to cause too much trouble. Little bit in San Francisco last night, but haven't seen much else to worry about. The day is still young though. I know they won't cause any trouble here in the Republic. They will have their marches and rallies, as is their right, but any property damage will be cause to hit some in the mouth with a stick.

It is being alleged that Nancy Pelosi did indeed know about water boarding, was briefed on it in fact. I guess that makes her a liar in addition to being, let us say, not the most attractive woman I have ever seen.

It appears that millions of dollars are going to be released to the "Palestinian" Authority. This pisses me off a bit. This is my money we are talking about. I have said before that any sympathy I may (or may not) have had for the cause of the "Palestinians" ended on Sept 11, 2001. Did you not see the those folk dancing in the streets? Did you not notice the celebrations at the death of thousands in NYC? Palestinians? Fuck em.

Andy Pettitte is reported to on the stand in the Roger Clemens trial. I actually feel sorry for Clemens. A sports legend with a ruined rep. Every bit as bad a Pete Rose. I get the feeling that Clemens is a liar and  I never really liked the guy, but I can't help but have a feeling that Andy has turned out to be a bit of a rat.

Remember Sheena Horne? Me either. She is kinda a cutie though. Or at least was back in the day. Wonder what she is doing now.