Friday, March 30, 2012

Sheila Jackson Lee Strikes Again (and again)

I finally got around to watching the already "old news" of the Martin Bashir (MSNBC)/Sheila Jackson Lee interview. It is causing some stir around the Houston area, which is frankly hard to understand.Sheila always jumps to conclusions, says ridiculous things, provides high comedy, etc. etc. It is customary in these parts to call Sheila, "Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee." It is well deserved. Frankly though in the interview this Bashir fruitloop was more inflammatory than Lee. I suppose that is nothing surprising. I have heard reports though that Sheila is insinuating that Zimmerman's broke his own nose. If she said this it would be rather typical of her.  She rarely disappoints.

I did agree that some of the "character assassinations" that some are leveling on this deceased young man (Martin) are unbecoming and rather odd. It is being reported that he may have been caught with suspicious (burglary?) tools at one time. It is also noted that he may have had some other items in his possession (in the past) that seemed, shall we say, out of place. It is further noted that he may have enjoyed a little herb now and then.(I would say "who doesn't" but I haven't partaken in years)  None of these things matter however. The only thing that matters is that the authorities get to the bottom of the whole episode (If they have not already). It may be hard for these same authorities to remain impartial now that what passes for the media is calling for Zimmerman's arrest though. The police have not made this arrest however, and that could lead one to believe that perhaps no crime was committed under the laws of the state of Florida. Matters not really whether the law is a "good one" or that some people find it odious. This should not play into the conversation.

It seems that the facts have been distorted and all sorts of folk have an axe to grind here. No one really knows for sure what happened. Perhaps there was (and is) no justification for arrest. Perhaps there is. I don't know and neither does the New Black Panther Party.

In other related news - did I read that Rosanne Barr has been going around "tweeting" Zimmerman's address? Apparently she "tweeted and deleted" as they say. What is wrong with this woman? I guess that is a stupid question.

Spike Lee (who?) apparently is remorseful for "tweeting" (that sounds so silly) the wrong address. Instead of Zimmerman's address he broadcast the home address of some folk by the name of McClain. Thank goodness there was not a violent episode. As it is this Lee needs to pony up some bucks for this serious error in judgement. A couple million might do for starters. Spike Lee is a forgettable fool. Nothing more.

This thing has died down somewhat (at this time) on the "news" channels. It could be that they have figured that this wasn't the case that would further inflame the populace (and jack up their ratings) after all. They shouldn't worry though. Something else will be right around the corner.

There always is.

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