Friday, March 23, 2012

Here We Go Again (and again)

It seems that some guy named Zimmerman has  killed a Black kid named Trayvon Martin. This appears, at face value, to be an open and shut case of someone going way too far with tragic results. If this Zimmerman is guilty of murder then he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Perhaps the case will be tried with Capital punishment waiting if he is unlucky. It could be a well deserved punishment. That would be ironic though. I can see the fruitloops screaming for the death penalty in this case. We already know that some of the screechers are calling for the death of the soldier who went berserk in Afghanistan. That too may be a just reward for the good SGT, but it seems odd that some in the anti death penalty crowd seem just OK with the "state" applying the ultimate punishment in this particular case. They want it. Nothing less will do for them.  Strange (but typical).

This killing appears to be a tragic event and it "don't look good" (as they say) for this Zimmerman. It sure helps the likes of ole Sharpton though. Doesn't it? He (and his type) have needed something like this to (again) further stir the pot. It is what he gets paid to do. Good job if you can get it I suppose.  He is not alone though. Racism of his stripe is every bit as damaging as that of the Klan. Even our own president is not above trying to play the race card. That is sad.

Just where does this Rev. Sharpton hold services anyway? MSNBC? We know where our esteemed president attended services.

About the only thing that anyone needs to hear out of Sharpton is his weight loss secrets. That would be worth knowing.

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