Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 10 2013 College Football Predictions

Last week I went 6-4 for a total of 62-28 for the season thus far straight up. A friend of mine placed some bets for me over the weekend (he was in Vegas) and I can close to winning a pot full of money. Damn Fresno State didn't cover. Anyway......this week has some decent games on tap but really the only thing that remains to be seen is who will be in the big game at the end and be crowned the BCS "National Champion." Conventional wisdom says it will be a Bama/Oregon match up (which would end in predictable fashion), but neither Ohio State nor FSU can be counted out and how 'bout those Bears of Texas.....Still a lot of football left to be played..

1. Cincinnati vs Memphis: Two even teams here. I will go with the Tigers for the win. I like them better.

2. South Florida vs Houston: The Coogs are in the Bartender Cabbie Top 25 and deserve to be so. They should have little problem here. Coach Willie I bet wishes he had stayed at WKU. He will find himself jobless before long I wager.

3. Rice vs North Texas: A good CUSA team will prevail here. Go with the Owls.

4. Ohio State vs Purdue: Again the Buckeyes face inferior competition. They will win and still be considered in the BCS conversation.

5. Michigan vs Michigan State: An interesting game. Neither team  amounts to near what some thought they would this season but this rivalry game will be fun. It is a toss up and I will just guess that the Spartans will pull this one out.

6. Iowa State vs KSU: A down year for both but KSU seems to be pulling out of the tailspin somewhat. I go with the Wildcats for the win.

7. Georgia vs Florida: The "Worlds Largest Cocktail Party" is a fizzle this season. Still could be a fun game though. Georgia has played well below their talent level and Florida is just not good. The Bulldogs will win here.

8. Miami vs FSU: A big one with national championship implications here. Miami has been living very dangerously and is not as good a team as the Seminoles but anything can happen in this one. I go with FSU to pull it out of the hat although it has the potential to be very close.

9. New Mexico State vs Louisiana: Last week these Aggies scored their first win of the season over a, get this, Division II squad. To my knowledge this is the first match up of this nature in quite some time. NMSU had some trouble and was lucky to pull out the W. The Cajuns may well be a borderline top 25 squad at this point in the season and will have little trouble here.

10. Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech: In reality, these two teams are probably about even. I will go with the Raiders to win. It is a toss up and it could be close.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

College Football Predictions Week 9 2013

Week 8 is in the books and it was one of the better weekends for the game that I have seen in a long time. I went a less than stellar 5-5 straight up for a total thus far of 56-24. Wonder what the upcoming week will bring......

1. Louisiana vs Arkansas State: The Cajuns appear to be in the driver seat in the Sun Belt but ASU can not yet be ruled out. The Red Wolves are not the team they have been in the last few years but still a dangerous opponent for any SBC squad. The Cajuns must guard against a let down after last week's win at WKU. They will do so and squeak by with a victory. It will be close.

2. Kentucky vs Miss State: Two  bottom of the barrel SEC squads face off in what could be a good game. I will go with the Bulldogs in a close one.

3. Wake Forest vs Miami: Wake Forest had a good win last week and further exposed a Maryland team for what they really are. Miami is a good, but far from great, team. They should have enough in the tank to beat the Deacons though. Go with the Canes.

4. Boise State vs BYU: Both of these teams are on the cusp of being included in the Bartender Cabbie Top 25. I will go out on a limb here and predict a Bronco "upset."

5. Houston vs Rutgers: Two other teams right on the verge of inclusion in the BC Top 25. Both are probably about even and I will go with Rutgers in a close one. They have just faced better competition this season.

6. UTEP vs Rice: Rice is turning out to be a pretty good CUSA team and will win here. It may be rather close.

7. Fresno State vs SDSU: Could it be that the Aztecs are turning things around a bit? Perhaps. Will they have enough to roll to victory over the Bulldogs? No. Go with Fresno State.

8. Texas Tech vs Oklahoma: This will be a real test for the Red Raiders. Look for the Sooners to upset the cart a bit a squash any (rather ridiculous) talk of TTU being included as a legitimate "national championship" contender. Of course on always hopes for a Sooner loss. Not much is sweeter..........

9. Oregon vs UCLA: This is allegedly the big game of the week. Oregon will roll. As usual.

10. Stanford vs Oregon State: OSU had one hiccup against a (very good) FCS opponent but that is still hard to come back from. That being said, they are a pretty good football team that has an outside shot at a PAC 12 Championship. Stanford is perhaps a bit over rated and this game should be a toss up. I am going with OSU for the upset here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 8 College Football Predictions 2013

There were a lot of close games last week and some of the big dogs found themselves in the losers column. Other top schools had one heck of a time with lower level competition and thus it is hard to say really just who are the top teams. Well, with a couple of notable exceptions........Last week I went 7-3 straight up with a total thus far this season of 51-19. That being said, on to the predictions for week 8.

1. Louisiana vs WKU: The winner of this game is in the driver seat in the Sun Belt race. It is likely that one of these two will be the SBC winner before all is told, although no one is talking about an upstart South Alabama squad. Why should they? This is the Sun Belt after all. At any rate, this one could be close, both teams are pretty even and I will go with the Cajuns in what some would consider a minor upset.

2. Miami vs NC: The Canes are the better overall team hands down but they have to be better on any given day. This will be closer than expected but look for Miami to come away with the victory.

3. Louisville vs UCF: Louisville had a great deal of trouble with a better than many think Rutgers team. If anything the Knights of Florida are a step above the Knights of New Jersey. It could be another close one if the Cardinals again come out flat. Go with Louisville.

4. Florida vs Mizzou: Mizzou showed the SEC crowd that they are a team that just might need to be taken seriously this season. We will see. I go with the Bears to edge the Gators here and remain unbeaten. Let us be honest. Florida is just not that good.

5. Maryland vs Wake Forest: The Terps are still out to prove that they are a better team than the one that was pounded by FSU a couple weeks back. They should win this one. Go with Maryland.

6. UMASS vs Buffalo: A surprisingly good MAC team this Buffalo team is this season. The Minutemen are among the bottom of the D1 pile. I would go with Buffalo here.

7. TAMU vs Auburn: Is this the big one this week? We will see. Auburn is vastly improved and there are some chinks (defensive mainly, after all Sumlin is in command), in the Aggie armor. I will go with the Aggies to win this one although it may be rather close.

8. BYU vs Houston: This non conference bout will tell us a whole lot about the Houston Cougar squad this year. They are undefeated sure but the competition level has been dubious at best. I am going to go way out on a limb here and predict a Cougar (Houston) victory.

9. FSU vs Clemson: Some say this is the big one. Could be. Clemson struggled last week against vastly inferior competition and that certainly sends up some red flags. They will get back on track this week and edge the Seminoles.

10. UCLA vs Stanford: Another big one here. Stanford was embarrassed last week but should get back on track here. UCLA is good but they are just not quite top 10 material. The Stanford team needs to show that they belong in the national conversation still. They don't but should have enough to edge UCLA in a good game.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 7 2013 College Football Predictions

The season is at the mid  point and as usual the cream has risen to the top. Oregon and Alabama along with Clemson and perhaps another four or five (Georgia, LSU, Stanford, Baylor, FSU, Ohio State) are in the running for the mythical BCS "National Championship." There is no more room for error for anyone..........Last week was an 8-2 week with the total thus season of 44-16. That being said, on to the predictions..

1. Rutgers vs Louisville: The Scarlett Knights are one of the few teams on the Cardinals schedule with a slight possibility of tripping them up. They won't. Go with Louisville to have a rather easy time.

2. Missouri vs Georgia: Missouri is 5-0 at this point and a well coached club to boot. Georgia still has a legitimate shot at the "National Championship." Mizzou is a better team than most expect and may give the Bulldogs some problems but will come out on the short end of the stick. Go with Georgia.

3. Memphis vs Houston: Memphis is an improved ball club this season and it is still a mystery if the Cougars are worth a flip or not. Houston is probably the better team and should prevail. I would put my money on the Cougars. It could be close. Or not.

4. Buffalo vs Western Michigan: Buffalo may actually make some noise in the MAC. WMU is going nowhere. Go with Buffalo here.

5. Baylor vs KSU: This is the game that will end any possibility of KSU having a top twenty five season. Go with the Bears. It could get ugly depending on which KSU team shows up. I would not discount the Bears having a shot to reach the "Big Game at the End."

6. Texas vs Oklahoma: A major rivalry game and anything can happen. Right? Won't happen for the Horns with Little McCoy behind center. Go with the Sooners. It has the potential to get ugly although the Sooners are, let us be honest, no great shakes.

7. ULM vs Texas State: Browning is out for the Warhawks and thus the season seems to be ended. Go with Texas State here.

8. Oregon vs Washington: The number one team in the land (sorry Tide goobs) should be able to handle a pretty good Washington squad.

9. Florida vs LSU: Florida looked somewhat improved in their win over a rebuilding Razorback group. LSU had some trouble with MSU but that was sort of expected. I would go with LSU here although it may well be a close one.

10. California vs UCLA: The Bruins are inexplicably ranked rather high in the major polls. They are a solid lower top 25 squad but in no way approaching top 10 status. With that being said, they should take the Bears in this one. Go with UCLA.