Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Flukeing Flukeity Fluke Thing

Everybody is in an uproar. I guess Rush stuck his willy in his mouth again. He called some little pampered  shrew a "slut." What for you did that Rush? Now all the fruitloops are in a tizz and the right leaning folk are screeching "damn right she's a slut." I wouldn't know either way of course, (although I did have an affinity for sluts in my younger days and am quite adept at spotting one). She sure is getting her fifteen minutes out of the whole thing.

What is the crux of the matter anyway? Is this Fluke whining because paid"birth control" is not on an option at Georgetown.  Perhaps she should have picked another place to go for an "education." I, as usual, have not been paying attention to this whole episode a whole lot because it frankly is just not worth paying attention to. Just another episode in the so called "culture wars."  It is funny though, every time Rush says something crazy, he is labeled an "entertainer" by those who have some to lose by publicly agreeing with him. When he is lucid? Well then he a a great man who is "leading the discussion." Which is he? A minstrel or a well respected commentator? It just depends on the day it seems.

This Fluke is getting her fifteen minutes by being outraged because paid birth control is not an option at Georgetown. Is that it?  She is a hero and a darling of the left for the moment. I think she may be at least somewhat right frankly. I am willing to pay for a bit of birth control instead of paying for more career welfare recipients. Not that this would likely be a problem in the case of this Fluke. If she can afford to go to Georgetown she can afford a little one (or at least someone in her network can. She probably couldn't be inconvenienced by raising a child. Just a guess of course.).  As for those who keeping dropping foals who can't afford it.....? Here take a couple bucks for an IUD. Let me buy you a box of dick rubber to give to your friend boys. Please.

Reminds me a bit of the old Fram Oil Filter commercials. Pay me now or pay me later. Paying now might be cheaper in the long run.

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