Friday, July 30, 2010

What Should Ultimately Be Done in this Case?

The WikiLeaks story is unfolding and one PFC B. Manning has been taken into custody and now is housed apparently at Quantico, VA. This whole affair may turn out to have wide reaching detrimental consequences for the security of our forces and the security of those who are allied with us. The question will certainly come up - What should be done with the Private First Class, assuming that he is found guilty of misconduct? Treason does carry a penalty; a shall we say final penalty. After all we are not talking about some mere corporate malfeasance.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scientists Can Tend To Be Arrogant Pricks

Have you ever noticed that there are things in this world that are unexplained? If not you have been brain dead. Have you ever noticed that "science" often has a very rational explanation for some phenomena and you know in your heart that said explanations are just malarky? Of course you have. Let us take the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for instance. This appeared on surface to be a major environmental disaster of epic proportions. Now that the spill has apparently  (for now) for the most part been capped (or whatever) there is little oil to be found. "Scientists" are "baffled" as to the reason for this. Is it possible that the warm waters of the region or the currents have somehow allowed the oil to dissipate? Who knows for sure, but apparently this, at least so far, has not been the unbelievable environmental disaster that we were told it would be. Did you believe any of it for a minute? I must admit that I did. I thought that this would ruin the fishing and the various states' coastline for perhaps generations. I am no scientist however. Could it be that practitioners and worshipers of science have again gotten it wrong?
Global warming or climate change, whatever you may want to call it, is another issue that science seems to really not be sure about. There is no consensus. The "debate" is not over, Al. Neither Al Gore, respected scientists, or Rush Limbaugh really have a clue if "climate change" is real, a temporary phenomena, a shift in Earth's weather pattern, etc.etc. If modern scientists can not even accurately predict the track of a hurricane, then they certainly are not to be taken seriously on the climate change issue.
Have you ever seen the television series Ghost Hunters? I actually prefer Ghost Hunters International but that is a different subject. At any rate  - Do you think that those practitioners of modern science take the investigations of the television series' finding seriously? Again I am sure there would be debate into methodology, equipment usage, etc, etc, yadda yadda yadda. I would imagine that paranormal (ie ghosts, demons, etc) investigators are placed in the same category by modern scientists as UFO investigators, Big Foot hunters, and a host of other people and groups that investigate subjects out of the norm. The preceding subjects probably make the mainstream science world nervous. Probably many mainstream religious practitioners, for completely different reasons, are even more disturbed by such evidence as presented, for all of us to see, on the television. That is a different subject altogether however. You see, the reason that scientists tend to discount "laymen" findings on any subject is nothing more than fear and arrogance. It is along the same lines as a history professor or archaeologist becoming dismissive and indeed quite angry when other angles or theories, outside of the mainstream, are advanced.
I am not saying that there has not been a vast amount of scientific advancement, particularly in the last century - there has. What I am saying is that the scientific community, as a whole, does not know near as much as they would like us to think they do. They don't even know as much as they themselves think they do.  If any of you have seen a terminally ill relative die a painful death from cancer, then you would know in your heart that in many respects scientists don't, as they say, "know shit."

I Hate to Say This

I really hate to say this and am almost ashamed to think this way but if I were a father of a military age son (or daughter) I would advise them against joining the military forces of the United States. Why? It appears that what this nation does for the most part is get involved in conflicts and not finish the job. For instance, the conflict in Iraq, whether it was a good idea or not, has turned into a nation building project that may ultimately fail. Fail? Of course. When Western forces finally leave, the Mohammedans will turn on each other and the butchery will begin. Iran may well step in and become even more of a dangerous regional power than they already are. It probably would have been best, if the original goal was to nation build, to divide the county into three separate nations; Sunni, Shiite and Kurd. As it is the "nation" of Iraq will likely devolve into a chaotic mess that will cost countless lives. While the lives of those in the region are of no great concern to me, the lives of the American and Western troops that have been lost or those that have been permanently maimed are.
In the fair nation of Afghanistan, the war, in my humble opinion, is not prosecuted to the fullest extent. Again the goal seems to be more to nation build than kill or capture Bin Laden. It has been near a decade and this man is apparently still breathing and the Taliban is resurgent. In the case of Afghanistan the better policy would have been, again in my humble opinion, to severely punish and then leave them to their own devices.  In four years of war Japan was crushed, destroyed and brought to her knees. Imperial militarism on the part of the Japanese nation was permanently halted. Of course we then began the project of nation building in Japan, but the situation was and is different. Japan was and still is, a strategic cog in the defense of the nation. Afghanistan is not. It can be argued however that Iraq is of strategic value, due to the geographic location of that nation, and this must be noted. Now if the policy of the United States is to secure and hold Iraq as a bulwark against a military competitor such as Iran, then nation building makes a certain amount of sense. It should be noted however that combat forces would have to be a full time and very long term fixture. Their presence would be to keep Iran at bay, safeguard our oil supply, and ruthlessly crush any domestic insurgency. This is not apparently the policy of the United States. Our leaders do not have the political stomach for it and therefore our brave men and women that have sacrificed may have done so in vain.
Now this all may not sound like the words of an American patriot or perhaps even Un American to you. I have served this nation honorably in uniform in two branches of the armed forces; one active the other reserve. I have served my chosen community in uniformed civilian service and have been an independent (although not real successful) business person. All of these things are of great importance to the well being of our country. I would spit in any one's eye who had the audacity to tell me to my face that I am not a patriotic American. Still and all, I stand by my statement that I would not recommend any parent encourage their offspring to join the armed forces. Our political class does not allow them to do the job they are paid to do and that is tragic.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mickey D Might Not Be So Bad

I do a little substitute teaching in the Houston area and for the most part enjoy it. The pay is ridiculous but it is extra money and certainly better than nothing. Today I ran across one of the kids that I know from school while he was behind the counter at McDonalds and it got me thinking about the loads of crap he gets from some of the other kids about his part time job. One day after listening to this (he takes it in good natured way), I pointed out that a kid that works at McDonalds after school and part time throughout college may well be in a position to move into management. Perhaps they would not even have to go to college if not inclined. A career under the golden arches can be a fairly lucrative endeavor as one moves up the food chain (no pun). Probably better than most of the kids that give this kid crap will end up with when it is all said and done. Many of them will ride the chemical plant contractor roller coaster which can be a dead end. Hell, maybe I should join Mickey D.

RIP Jack Tatum

Jack Tatum, one of the old school Oakland Raiders, died today. That group of Raiders during Tatum's tenure was truly NFL's "criminal element." There has been nothing like them since. RIP Jack Tatum. You will be missed by historians of The Game.

Friday, July 23, 2010

An Excellent (Sounding) Party Platform

In a quest for a viable third party as an alternative to the Republican and Democratic Parties I have come across one interesting group with an very rational (for the most part) sounding platform. The platform sounds rather common sense and conservative and I will summarize and paraphrase most points rather than detail the entire text.

On the issue of taxation the party calls for and end to the IRS and the implementation of a 23 per cent sales tax for federal funding with states limited to a 5 percent sales tax. Additionally they call for a 30 percent tariff on goods produced outside the United States regardless of ownership.

On the issue of immigration the party believes that there should be a limit below 250,000 person per year.

A 2,000 mile double fence on our southern border patrolled by permanently station troops.

An end to all social welfare benefits with the exception of emergency medical services for illegal aliens.

A crackdown on employers that knowingly hire illegal alien workers.

Ending dual citizenship. In other words when one becomes an American they must renounce citizenship with another nation.

A deportation for illegal aliens beginning with convicted criminals and gang members and extended population wide.

An end to work visas when unemployment reaches 5 percent and a cancellation of existing visas when national unemployment reaches 10 percent

On the issue of citizenship the rather odd requirement that the right to vote only to those who complete four years of military or "home guard" service. Further at the end of military or national service all persons would be members of the national standing militia. Free university scholarships would be available to those who completed their national service. This plank is a bit odd I believe.

On the issue of affirmative action - well they would end it.

On the issue of marriage only traditional marriage would be recognized as legal.

On monetary policy this party believes in the gold standard. Institutions that practice usurious lending would be subject to criminal penalties.

On the issue of crime in the nation, this party believes in corporal punishment for some offenses, death penalty, and would list violent street gangs as terrorist organizations. There are also some changes this party would like to make involving levels of guilt that is a bit hard to follow.

On the issue of veteran relations this party advocates a full range of benefits for those so entitled.

On this issue of healthcare in America this party advocates an eight point program that would ensure all citizens with coverage.

On foreign policy this party would abolish all secret treaties, oppose membership in any organization that infringes on nation sovereignty, restrict foreign aid, maintain invincible armed forces, and a restriction of military intervention on foreign soil without a declaration of war.

The party advocates a free press and right to assemble for protest.

The party advocates a strict adherence to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. The party further advocates that political figures who tamper with such are subject to removal.

These are the major planks in the party platform. There are other lesser (in my opinion) points that deal with copyrights, online piracy and other issues.

For the most part this platform sounds reasonable right? With a couple of exceptions this appears to be nothing more than common sense and something that perhaps the majority of the population could get on board with. There is one rub however. This is the platform of the Nationalist Party of America. "Is that a problem?" you may ask. Well that depends I suppose on your moral belief system. If you are a "white separatist" you may not have a problem with this, but if you are an American you just might have some issues. You see this party's platform is described as "well reasoned plank positions on every major concern to White Citizens." This is disturbing in the fact that it is not a platform on every major concern of American Citizens, but for "White Citizens" only. That fact alone completely discounts the otherwise "well reasoned plank positions" stance. It is wrong, It is morally bankrupt and it is frankly, Un American. It places this party on the same level as the odious New Black Panther Party or La Raza.

Suppose one, as a student of abhorrent behavior, chose to investigate the Nationalist Party of America further - rather interesting facts would be revealed or so I would imagine. As one who is indeed a "student of abhorrent behavior" (according to my old friend the "Ragun Cajun" one G. Douget), I believe further investigation is warranted. Read on.

Now before we go on, a disclaimer if you will. Some of the positions of this party are indeed based on mainstream conservative principles and there is nothing wrong with being in agreement with some of the planks of the platform. Also considering yourself a Nationalist is nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary. It is my belief that such groups as the Nationalist Party of America have absconded with and bastardized the concept of Nationalism to the point that even admitting that one is a Nationalist will make one suspect in the eyes of many. Pity. Ok let us move forward.

Billy Roper appears to be the "leader" of the Nationalist Party of America or at least hold a leadership position. He appears to look more like an insurance salesman than one who holds office in a "white supremacist" organization. If you remember Heinrich Himmler looked much like a mild mannered accountant. No I am certainly not comparing Mr. Roper to Der Reich Fuhrer, but you must understand that looks can certainly be deceiving. At any rate, Mr. Roper is the Party candidate for President in 2012. Ok any political party can certainly field a candidate for office, even extremist parties. Now according to the ADL, Mr. Roper holds leadership position in a group known as "White Revolution" which has known ties to other extreme racial groups. The ADL (I almost typed JDL) has a picture on their site showing Mr. Roper addressing the "Aryan Nations Congress" in 2003. There is the obligatory NAZI banner hanging in the background to Mr. Roper's left. That alone utterly destroys this man's credibility. It is easy to dismiss these type folk as silly, but that is unwise. It is more prudent to consider them not buffoons but dangerous. Roper and associates are also apparently savvy marketers and use the internet extensively to spread their message. The Southern Poverty Law Center has an extensive report in the "intelligence files" on Mr. Roper also including some "alleged" quotes that are odious. Now a word on the SPLC. They are a left wing organization and one does, at times, have to view their "reports" with a jaded eye. There is perhaps a political agenda that does not behoove an organization thats purpose is to keep watch and sound the alarm on dangerous segments of society. If one is to research the Nation of Islam within the SPLC website there is, to their credit, a report in their intelligence files and they do consider the NOI organization to be a hate group. Of course there is a disclaimer (of course there is). The SPLC statement that "Although the racism of a group like the Nation may be relatively easy to understand, if we seek to expose white hate groups, we can not be in the business of explaining away the black ones." This "disclaimer" is telling. They are giving the Nation of Islam somewhat of a pass, while not giving them a pass. Be that as it may, their report on Mr. Roper is complete and appears to be credible.

Now the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that Mr. Roper, his alliances and affiliates, similar groups, the Nationalist Party of America, etc. etc. have a right to voice their opinion and political agenda. This is one of the great things about our nation. However, the Nationalist Party of America's leadership will continue to recruit members and the organization (and those similar) may perhaps (or perhaps not) grow stronger. It is undeniable that many in the white community are becoming weary of the upsurge in "reverse" racist dialogue that is bandied about on a regular basis or more accurately perhaps becoming weary of charges or "racism" brought forth if there is a disagreement with some issues of policy or some societal problem. This is detrimental to national cohesion. In the words of that great American Rodney King - "Can't we all just get along." American politics is a rough and tumble affair but resorting to affiliating oneself with such groups as the Nationalist Party of America (or the New Black Panther Party for that matter) is not the answer and is indeed morally wrong.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is there a "Third Way"?

To the casual and not so casual observer it is apparent that our country is in one hellavu mess. Unemployment is most likely higher than reported, the deficit is unbelievable, we are involved in conflicts that may eventually fail due to politics and, dare I say, cowardice on the part of our elected leaders, our southern border is not secure, etc. etc. ad nauseum. There is plenty of blame to go around and both of our major political organizations have proven themselves to be incapable at best and in some individual cases, downright treasonous.
As a recovering left of center thinker with still some definite liberal ideas (according to some) I should find it very difficult to believe that the Democrat(ic) Party has evolved (or devolved) into spouting borderline Marxist ideology. I should find it difficult to believe but I don't. I would have a few years ago, but I have educated myself on those that sit to the left. Perhaps it is because I grew up in the South and still remember (or more accurately heard talk of) some of the old line Southern Democrats. A good many of those folks were not what one could call liberal. Before educating myself I knew little of the policies of Woodrow Wilson and FDR. I did know a good deal about the antebellum Democratic Party that of course split at the Charleston Convention just prior to the Civil War. Stephen Douglas, not a liberal man by any stretch of the imagination, was just not quite "right" on the slavery issue and southerners would not dream of nominating him. The election had the anomaly of having two separate Democratic candidates for President. Of course that all but ensured that the Republican candidate, one A. Lincoln, would win the office. It is funny that old Abe himself was not by any means "liberal" on the slavery question, but that is another story for another time perhaps. Before I ramble too much more, I guess the point would be that the Democratic Party is now in the hands of an extremest faction that some believe could be every bit as damaging to the nation as the "southern" Democrats of the 1850's and 60's. That group should be held most responsible for starting the ball in motion that led to the Civil War and in retrospect can be labeled extremist. Of course those so subscribed in that era believed their arguments to be perfectly rational. I would imagine that current Democrats believe their positions and ideology to be perfectly rational also. It is quite possible that they will be remembered in history as fools and dangerous extremists.

That does not let the Republican Party off the hook by any means. The two Bush's have not been what one could call very effective. It is true that the recent Bush did a pretty fair job of protecting the country and probably did the best he could to get the ball rolling in Iraq and Afghanistan, but under his watch the whole "War on Terror" evolved into nation building, which by the way, does not have a very good track record. It has become apparent that there will be no real vengeance unleashed for the assault on our soil. Certainly not now with the current administration will there be proper payback. Bush also absolutely refused to take care of the border problem and indeed the problem exacerbated under his watch. We now have a war on our southern border that will spill over into this country. Already has I fear. This is not his fault alone, but he and the Republican Party in general, must share with the Democrats blame for selling America short on this issue. It is a national defense problem, every bit as important to deal with as the issue with the Mohammedans. I think the final straw for me and the Republican Party was when that supposed party stalwart, Lindsey Graham, praised Sonia Sotomayor for having "an open mind" on the Second Amendment to the Constitution. "Open mind?" I thought to myself. That is nuts, there is no room for an "open mind" on the issue. It is dead issue; an open and shut case if you will. There should be no further room for discussion. This cowardly performance by Graham sealed the deal for me. The current Republican Party is near as out of touch as the Democrats. Oh and of course we now have another leftist nut on the Court.

With the current state of the nation there are many of us now who are searching for another way. Perhaps another party that would better represent the majority of us. So I began to explore and investigate other parties and unfortunately find myself still somewhat disillusioned.

I first began my quest by automatically disregarding any party with the words "labor" or "social" in any way associated with their respective names. Those small parties are nothing more than small groups of disaffected citizens who erroneously believe that some brand of Marxism or other silly "ism" is the way of the future. They don't know, understand, or perhaps they just disregard the historical lessons that various "isms" pass down to us.

I disregarded the Libertarian Party out of hand simply because I do not believe that real honest to God Libertarianism (another ism) is realistic. I would suspect that many who are advocates of true Libertarianism have not any idea where that road would take the nation. I would further suspect that a good many that associate themselves with the "Tea Party" subscribe to Libertarian thinking. Now that is good to a point, but Libertarianism taken to the extreme would be anarchic.

The Green Party I lump with the various minor Socialist styled parties. They have some good ideas of course but for the most part they are unrealistic and silly folks.

Now I will tell you now that I am a nationalist. I make no apologies for this. Of course nationalist can certainly be misconstrued. The left has successfully equated anyone who considers themselves a nationalist with extreme far right wing, racist, and intolerant tendencies. They believe them to be dangerous individuals. That is hogwash of course. A true nationalist is not a racist, on the contrary, a nationalist believes that America is a indeed a melting pot and should be so. A nationalist does believe that when one becomes an American then they become an American "firster" if you will. Ancestral origin and actual origin matter little (with perhaps an exception; read on). As long as a person is here in a legal fashion, puts America first, and strives to be a productive citizen then they are welcome. Being a legal immigrant, (emphais on legal) with an eye on becoming a citizen, is no crime and in fact is to be commended. Now here comes the rub. If one looks up any sort of "Nationalist Party" one does indeed find groups that are racially intolerant (to say the least). Some of these political organizations might even be dangerous.

 I have some knowledge of Dr. Duke, having lived in Louisiana for quite a time, and he would be considered tolerant when compared to some of these so called "nationalist" groups. That is saying a lot. Funny thing, a while back those supporters of Duke and his organization had some sort of convention in Memphis. Now I was stationed in Memphis for a bit and can tell you that the demographics are for the most part non Caucasian. Many African Americans work in the hotel/convention industry in that city and I just wonder how many of the racist conventioneers had "a little wang" added to their souffle? Mark my words, I am sure it happened. At any rate, it is a shame that the word "nationalism" is associated with such odious groups. They are not nationalists rather they are ignorant, separatist, racist scum. It would be easy to laugh them off but to do so may be as dangerous as disregarding Mohammedans in our midst. I must say a word about followers of the Prophet before I close. I must admit that I do have some prejudice toward them, no matter the country of origin. I do not believe however that there is any conflict in my belief that a true nationalists embraces this nation as a melting pot. There is a deep seated suspicion on my part (am I alone?) that many followers of Islam may well put their religious beliefs before the well being of the nation with possible disastrous results. Sorry if that logic bothers you.

I am still researching third parties and may well find one that is to my liking. Or perhaps not.

Gay Male Vampire Comments on My Vampire Analysis

Not so long ago I wrote a small piece comparing the "modern" screen vampires with the original stated intent of trying to determine which vampire is indeed the best of the modern film era. This piece was written rather "tongue in cheek" (no pun intended toward any reader who happens to be gay), with the purpose being more to take a shot at Henry Waxman (D-CA) then to make a true honest comparison of screen vampires. Rather immature I know, but my immaturity runs deep. It helps me to see the humor in things I believe. Be that as it may, one must admit that Waxman does indeed look like one of the vampire/zombie beings in the Will Smith film I Am Legend. I defy anyone to say otherwise.
Now as my writing progressed I did indeed begin to think about the vampires of the recent screen era and did make a comparison. According to Sebastien at, my analysis was rather poor and left out quite a good many vampires such as the ones featured on Buffy and Blade. I plead guilty. I am no expert on vampires, screen or otherwise, but I do enjoy a good vampire movie. One can not deny that Gary Oldman did an excellent job in Dracula and Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were exceptional in Interview. Antonio Banderas did a great job also in that film. I also pointed out that the film could not have been more gay, and I stand by that statement. Sebastien (what a great name for a vampire) points out that all vampires are gay and I would have to agree with that. It does appear that vampires are very sexual beings and pretty flexible in their tastes. Now Sebastien does note that vampires are not evil in his piece and I would have to disagree with that. Vampires are evil and they are supposed to be evil. It is annoying to me personally to see a vampire have the human traits of conscience and empathy. It destroys the mystique, in my humble opinion. Louis of Interview and Bill in True Blood have just a bit too much humanity left in them to be effective. Now Bill regained his humanity through effort, but Louis' humanity is ingrained. Either way it is unbecoming a vampire. I suspect that is why I don't particularly care for Twighlight. I stand by my statement that Vampires should be both evil and beautiful to behold.
On a rather interesting note, Sebastien points out that there is an "adult" film that goes by the name of Twinklight. That is hilarious and follows the time honored tradition in which the adult film industry produces "take offs" of films from the "legitimate" film industry. Who can forget such names as Romancing the Bone, The Sopornos, the Rambone series, and others too numerous to mention.
Now I checked out and it is not my thing to be sure, but to each his own. If one is so inclined as to have an interest in "gay male vampires" then I would suspect that this site is the place to go.

Monday, July 19, 2010

An Accidental Purchase of a Product of Mexico

The other day I was shopping at the evil empire and saw some sponges by the name of "O-cel-o" or "Ocelo." This product was reasonably priced when compared to sponges by the "name brands." Of course I bit and made the purchase. The sponges are just about as good as some of the name brands and they do the job that they were designed to do. No problems there. When I examined the packaging I discovered that these were indeed made in Mexico for the 3M Corp. I inadvertandly violated my self imposed boycott of Mexican products. So it goes. I found myself wondering what pitiful wage the worker in Mexico was making. I am sure not even liveable income. It is a shame that the 3M Corp stoops so low as to have products made in Mexico and shipped north. I wonder how many Americans could be employed making this product. While I am not overly concerned with the plight of the Mexican worker, I am certainly concerned about the situation of those in the United States. Any company that outsources labor to a foreign land (in the case of Mexico, a borderline hostile nation) at the expense of the American worker is contributing to the downfall of this nation. If the company slaps us in the face by exporting the finished product to the U.S. they are further doing this country a disservice. No more Ocelo sponges for me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tea Party Racist? Come On

Well it appears that the NAACP has declared the "Tea Party" a group of racists. Typical racial politics by an organization that is desperately trying to maintain relevance in a changing world, or so it appears. They of course have a point that there are some that attend Tea Party events who are no doubt racist. This same can be said of any political organization or any political gathering anywhere. Do you not think that there are some (probably most) that attend events sponsored by "La Raza" are racist? Do they get a pass? It seems so. What about those that attend "New Black Panther Party" shindigs? A pass also I would suspect. You see, apparently a "minority" can not be really a true racist. Now the so called Tea Party is not a political party at all, or at least not at this point. It is a movement that calls for limited government, lower taxes and general conservative, if not libertarian principles. The movement also does not appear racially exclusionary. Of course the NAACP further insinuates that the movement contains a good many "ultra nationalists." Of course most Tea "Partiers" are nationalists. Those few that I know believe in the Constitution, America first, rule of law, etc. etc. Conservative principles as noted earlier. What the NAACP really aims for with their "ultra nationalist" stance is one of the oldest trick in the far left's playbook. It is an attempt to equate, in the public mind, nationalist with "National Socialist." A well worn cheap trick if there ever was one. Of course it is also proven effective due to the unfortunate low level of sophistication by a large number of Americans. That is the way it goes unfortunately. It is for sure a detriment to the cohesion that this great country needs to progress and maintain our strength.

No I won't be convinced that the "Tea Party" is a racist or "ultra"nationalist organization until such time as I hear the music of Stormtroop 16 or Landser being broadcast at their meetings and events. Until such time, the NAACP needs to keeps its own house in order.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sheila Jackson Lee and Named Storms

I have been thinking a bit of Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and I believe I can help her out some in her quest to have Hurricanes and Tropical Storms be assigned "African American names." Here are some suggestions. Wait, before anyone gets their panties in a knot, I need to point out that these are actual names given to people, yes even those that are names of products.

Antwan or Aquanetta
Quanell (of course)
Simeon (but never ever ever Simian or Sambo. This means never)

I'm always glad to help out.

Sheila Jackson Lee Strikes Again

I suppose by now that everyone has heard the remarks Lee has made about North and South Vietnam. She has again shown to anyone who cares to watch or listen that she is a stupid woman. Calling someone stupid is something that should not be taken lightly, but in this case it is wholly appropriate. The poor woman is a dumb ass and no mistake about it. Michael Berry, a local talk show host in the Houston area, has said she is the "gift that keeps on giving." He is right on the money. The woman should do stand up.
On an unfortunate note; it is doubtful that Lee will be defeated in her bid for reelection. This of course shows the mentality of the people of her district but so it goes. The bright side is that this media whore will most likely be around to entertain the locals with her wisdom.