Monday, January 15, 2018

Truth and Questions from the Cab #11 with Rule 5

 It has been a long time since I asked very important questions and have spoken my version of the truth. Out of practice a bit. Here goes....

 Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee has been back in the public eye of late. It all started with her valuable contributions to the rescue efforts Harvey (we couldn't have done without her) and continues babbling without too much let up. Damn she is funny.

Why does that silly hooker Frederica Wilson continue to wear those stupid hats. Does she perhaps out dumbass Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee? I think she wants to boycott the State of the Union address or some such. She shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the halls of congress with her hookerish get up anyway. Unless she is offering hummers of course. With that crowd she probably would have takers. They would have to be relatively bargain priced though I would imagine (or hate to imagine).

  I don't really agree with some of the things Trump is doing. I have somewhat mellowed on the immigration issue, (except from most Mohammedan nations or some other "shithole" nations - sorry).   A personal situation has come up which changed my thought process on the Mexican immigration thing.
Without getting into the situation too much, an acquaintance has recently returned to Mexico with plans to come back. An illegal alien of course he would be considered. I wish him all the luck in the world and would willingly shelter him if needed. So be it.

I have been teaching the last few years at a school that has a number of illegal alien children. It is apparently policy that schools are "safe places" and that the ICE "police" officers can not make arrests. I think hospitals and a few other places are also off limits (for now) for the ICE folks.

With all that being said, I am still in favor of a wall. A wall that would be near impossible to breach. I am also for a rational policy that allows many folks who are here to stay - provided they have a "path to citizenship." Of course those who are real criminals have to go. Now.

I have eased up a bit on that issue as you can see.

The Cleveland Browns had a perfect season. Something to be proud of in a twisted way I would suppose.

Did you see the Saints snatch defeat from the jaws of victory Sunday last. The Saints are masters at this but even that was a bit extreme. On a side note, it is interesting that the Texans had Case Keenum (Viking QB) twice and of course cut him twice. What idiots. Case would have been an exceptional back up for Watson. Certainly better than what they have. There are times one wonders about the managerial skills with the Houston organization.

The SEC proved (again) to be the best conference in college football. Perhaps not as powerful as in some years but a step above for certain. Also, when do you think that the Crimson Tide will not be right there? Probably not as long as The Evil One is HC.

That is about all for now I guess. I'll update with some Rule 5 in a day or so.

Update as promised..Rule Five for your viewing enjoyment.