Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 6 2013 College Football Predictions

Last week I went a 9-1 with a total for the season of 36-14 straight up. If it wasn't for the LSU defense staying at home it would have been a 10-0 week.
Let's take a look at the predictions for next week.

1. UCLA vs Utah: I am going with UCLA here. It is time to show what they are about. Of course, the Utes are no longer a good team and a victory over them may or may not move the Bruins up in the Bartender Cabbie Top 25. A loss would certainly drop them significantly.

2. Texas vs Iowa State: The Longhorns will be out to prove they are a team worth watching. They  aren't.  Iowa State is coming off a nice win over Tulsa but that doesn't say too much this season. The Horns should win this one but it may be close.

4. WKU vs ULM: Early in the season I figured the ULM was the class of the Sun Belt. They still might be but I kind of doubt it.  I would go with the Hilltoppers here despite them being coached by the Petrino scum.

5. Louisville vs Temple: A no brainer here. Go with Bridgewater and CO. to decimate the Owls. Maybe they will have some sympathy and not score 70 points.

6. Kansas State vs Oklahoma State: This one might be good. Snyder needs to figure out which QB he intends to lead this team. Frankly I would go with Sams. OSU will be out to prove that the loss to WVU was an anomaly. It wasn't.  This game is a toss up and I will go with KSU.

7. Fresno State vs Idaho: The Vandals finally won one. Good for them. Temple ain't Fresno State however. Even if the Bulldogs play below what they are capable of (as they did last week against Hawaii), they should still have enough in the tank to take this one from the Idaho. The Vandals should have retained Akey. Getting rid of him was almost as stupid as Fresno State sending Pat Hill packing.

8. Arkansas vs Florida: This is a rather important SEC game. No it is not Bama/LSU or even LSU/Georgia but the game may well have bowl implications. The Hogs did have some success in stopping that ass "Johnny Football" and the Gators have no comparison to that wily little scammer. I would go with the Hogs to pull off a minor upset here and drop Florida out of the rankings altogether.

9. Oregon vs Colorado: Well at least I am not padding my stats with the Bama/Georgia State match up. Go with the Ducks in a big way. If they win in normal fashion it is possible they will move ahead of Alabama in the Bartender Cabbie rankings on general principals alone. 

10. LSU vs Mississippi State: The Tigers will be mad as hell from letting one slip away last week in Georgia. The Bulldogs of MSU are certainly not the 'Dogs of Georgia but they will be out to prove they belong in the SEC conversation. They don't, but they may still give the Tigers a good game none the less. I would go with LSU. It may be closer than expected.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Well Heck No College Sports Players Don't Need A Salary

There is a lot of talk now days about the "need" to offer some sort of compensation to college athletes. The focus is of course on football as the highest revenue is usually (not always) generated by the gridiron game.
Scholarship players are already being paid with a free or reduced cost education (which, let us be honest, many are not smart enough to benefit). Playing college ball with an education to boot is a privilege.

Some of these punks in the college game (and the honks behind them) who are screeching for some sort of payment are lucky they are not told to "get in the truck," "get in your cell," or "lock and load."

Yes, Yes I know that some big time programs are corrupt as all get out and these players are being "used" for their prowess on the field of play. Thems the breaks.

You know this sense of entitlement is beyond comprehension.

Bartender Cabbie College Football Top 25 9/29/2013

There were some pretty good games on tap this weekend with two or three of them being important in race for the BCS "National Championship."

Top 25 for 9/29

1. Alabama: Pretty easy thumping of a team that is better than a lot of folks suspect.

2. Oregon: Not good enough (yet) to knock off the Tide but certainly no reason to drop them in the standings

3. Clemson: Has a shot at the big game at the end. Class of the ACC.

4. TAMU: Needs to play a bit of defense. Typical Sumlin team with great offense and little D. Showed they could run the ball a bit.

5. Georgia: Edged the Tigers. A good football team with a shot at the SEC Championship.

6. LSU: For some reason the defense stayed at home. Vastly improved QB play over last season.

7. Stanford: We will see how good this team really is shortly.

8. Louisville: I don't care who they play. This team has a shot at the "National Title."

9. Ohio State: Finally a win against an at least decent football team. Which QB is the better is the question here. The hot shot Heisman candidate or his back up.

10. Miami: A team to contend with in the ACC. Probably second best in that league.

11. South Carolina: Struggled mightily against a very good albeit under the radar squad.

12. Florida State: As usual the weakness was exposed. Could not cover against a very weak BC squad. A win that drops them in the standings.

13. Oklahoma: Very good team for the Big Twelve. Should be in a BCS game.

14. Baylor: Waiting for the Sooners to falter.

15. UCLA: Still hanging around the top 25. This team is better than most realize likely.

16. Washington: So they say.

17. Northwestern: Ditto

18. Maryland: Amazingly enough the Terps make the grade.

19. Texas Tech: A pretty good team. Still a bit of a mystery.

20. Florida: OK. Maybe.

21. Mississippi: Will still make some noise in the SEC and reach a respectable bowl game.

22. UCF: This team will make some noise in the new fangled AAC (or whatever it is called).

23. Texas: Perhaps. Might be a bit of stretch including them here at this point.

24. Oregon State: Just might have them ranked low. Perhaps substantially....

25. Fresno State: Right on the edge of being excluded after their by the seat of the
 pants win over the Warriors of Hawaii. They probably should be excluded after that performance to be frank.

On the Bubble (in no particular order)
Michigan: Drops out. Buffalo (yes Buffalo) blew out the Huskies of UCON, a team which the Wolverines had real trouble with. Hoke better get it together.
Wisconsin: Perhaps
Vanderbilt: A pretty decent lower level SEC squad.
Mississippi State: A top 25 finish would always be a win
Houston: Haven't really played anybody but 4-0 is 4-0.
Auburn: Should reach a bowl
Arizona: Looking pretty good.
USC: Nope. Doubtful. Canning Lane is at least a start in the right direction. It can take years to undo the type of carnage he caused.
Arkansas: Right coach at the right time. Like USC, it may take a while to right the ship that was sunk by Petrino and, to some extent, Smith.
Boise State: Don't count out a top 25 finish quite yet.
Utah State: Same.
Oklahoma State: I had a feeling there were some chinks in the Cowboy armor.
West Virginia: Doubtful but a good win yesterday none the less
Northern Illinois: Not to be counted out in the MAC race for certain. Probably the favorite at this point.  Could reach top 25 before all is said and done.
Illinois: Hard to imagine but they are 3-1 at this point.
Missouri: Under the radar and could be a pretty good team.
East Carolina: The class of CUSA.
Ball State: Good MAC squad
Bowling Green: Ditto
Ohio: and ditto again.
Penn State: Doubtful
Minnesota: Started strong but will fade fast. It would be a major accomplishment to reach the top 25 this season (or any season for that matter).
Arizona State: Coached by an idiot but an idiot capable of winning.
Notre Dame: Over rated. As usual. That being said, a top 25 finish is not out of the question.
Kansas State: Hard to count them totally out the picture quite yet.

Probably missing someone but whoever that may be is such a long shot that it is probably not worth the time typing them in.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama and the UN

As luck would have it I was actually at home today to watch the POTUS speech at the UN. Good words. Convincing words. Also words that are totally out of touch with reality.

 To be fair, Obama is not the first president to truly believe that Democracy is the cure all for the world's (in particular the Mohammedan world) ills. Bush I believed it as did Clinton. Bush the Second certainly was a true believer. All of them were and are wrong.

There is nothing that can solve the problems in the Mohammedan world except the Muslims themselves. They have, thus far, proven themselves incapable of maintaining democracy in any of the "classic" Muslim nations. Afghanistan is doomed to fail and fall again into chaos. It is already there frankly. Iraq is no different likely in this regard. Democracy did not take hold in Egypt for long, and for the brief time it was in existence, it was dominated by Islamists. The lands of the "Palestinian" State have shown that extremists would be in power and there would be infighting among the "less" extreme and those even more intent on self destruction. The only lands in the region where there is some stability are virtual dictatorships. This appears the only way the Mohammedan nation can truly function and "do business" with the rest of the world. Even Iran, which is a dangerous nation no doubt, is more stable than many others. No one can say democracy is really practiced there.

The President also touched on the possibility of better relations with Iran. He did not back off the position that Iran would not be allowed to have nuclear weapons but, in the same breath, did mention that a peaceful nuclear program was not out of bounds. A foolish and na├»ve notion. Iranian "peaceful" access to nuclear power is not far removed from having the ability to weaponize the technology. A forceful president would have let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that Iran will have to cease and desist research into the technology or face the gravest possible consequences.

His "lecture" (as indeed that was what it truly was) on the subject of the Mohammedan/Israeli conflict was instructive and also wrong. He rightfully pointed out that the United States would not allow Israel to be victimized by the Muslims in the region but he also noted that the "Palestinians" are to be allowed to have their own secure state. A pipe dream. The regions that the Palestinians occupy; their "state" is doomed to failure.
 For one, it is too small without enough resources to sustain a population. It is now, frankly, a ward of  Israel. It is fractured, divided in territory as well as ideology with both the "moderates" and extremists not backing really backing off the notion that Israel does not have a right to exist and that all of the land of Israel is, in their eyes, really the land of the "Palestinian." Lip service is paid to peace with the Jewish state but it is doubtful that they (or any other Mohammedan group) truly want peace. They want dominance.

Jerusalem? The President seemed (to me) to leave open the status of Jerusalem. The reality is that Islam and Judaism are not the only religions of the world that have interest in the ancient city. This is a tough one perhaps to some but it seems that "might does make right" here and that this is truly a city to be administered by the Jewish state. No one sane is advocating keeping Muslims away from an important site in the history of their religion but a stable powerful nation state must be in control. If not Israel - who? The "international" community? As long as the holy sites of all the religions represented here are respected, then the whole of the city should be administered by the nation most capable of keeping order. Of course the fact (and it is fact) that Jerusalem is the true capital of the Jewish State is overlooked here. A bone of contention for many.....

The Jewish settlements seem to also be a bone of contention for many, including this particular president. These settlements on supposed Palestinian lands do seem to pose a political problem for all concerned. The "Zionists" among us of course believe that they are not encroaching but are claiming what is their rightful heritage. Their birthright as Jews as it were. This is a tough problem for a president, any American president, whose population is predominantly anti Muslim at this point. Many of us vividly remember the rejoice of the "Palestinians" after the attacks of Sept 11, 2001 and have no sympathy with the plight of these same "Palestinians."

What this president (or any other) need to understand perhaps is that this country has had enough of Mohammedans and their problems. The vast majority of us, while certainly horrified by the excesses supposedly perpetrated by the Syrian regime, have no further interest in giving aid or comfort to those who are in sympathy (and some directly and indirectly allied with) those who were responsible for numerous attacks on this country. Perhaps it would be best to let them slug it out?
There are however populations of Christians in these lands and perhaps they need to be protected. Or do they? So what is the answer? In the particular case of Syria, if one group has to actually be supported, would it make more sense to support the regime that, while no doubt evil, and has been a problem at times, and while fighting the Jewish State via proxy, has shown no inclination to lock horns with Israel conventionally?  Very tough geopolitical problems that, to be fair, put a president of this country in a no win situation.

A strong president would have made it clear that Iran would not have any nuclear technology whatsoever, Israel would be supported, and that intervention into Mohammedan internecine wars would only occur if there was a tangible benefit to the western world to do so and that, in most cases, the Mohammedan would be let to his own devices.

Week 5 2013 College Football Predictions

Last week I went an inauspicious 5-5 straight up with a season record to this point of 27-13.. It would have been exceedingly easy to go 10-0 with the ridiculous match ups we had to chose from. It will be nice when this disastrous BCS system finally goes away for good and perhaps some of these silly contests with it. The Hell spawned BCS has gone a long way toward ruining the college game.

On to the predictions for week 5.......

1. Utah State vs San Jose State: This could be a good game or not. Utah State is the better team but San Jose State, while not the squad they were last season, is still much better than the usual Spartan group. I will go with the Aggies of Utah State to take this one. It may be rather close.

2. Miami (FL) vs South Florida: The Bulls are dismal. Plain and simple. The Canes at the very least are a top 20 squad and may just be banging on the door of top 10. That being said South Florida will be gunning for them. It may be closer than expected but I will have to go with Miami here.

3. South Carolina vs UCF: This will be the week that the Gamecocks prove they are top 10 worthy. UCF has a lot to prove here also. The Knights could very well be a top 20 team and the Gamecocks, while high in the Bartender Cabbie Top 10...........Well, they need to win here. They will but it will be a hard fought game and will be close.

4. SMU vs TCU: This historic rivalry could be a good game. TCU is not the squad they have been the past few years and the June Jones era in Dallas is, thus far, disappointing. Another game that has the potential to be close and I will go with TCU.

5. Oklahoma vs Notre Dame: While far from being the "big game of the week," this is an important match up from a national perspective. The Sooners have not been really tested except perhaps by WVU (and we have seen what the Mountaineers amount to this season) and the Irish have already had a couple of tests with one major failure (against a Michigan team that may or may not really have top 20 potential). Neither of these schools figures to challenge for a spot in the "National Championship" game but one of them will likely find themselves in a BCS bowl. I would go with the Sooners here. We will see come Saturday whether either of these teams is the real deal.

6. Houston vs UTSA: The Coogs had a nice win last week against a good (for CUSA) Rice team. They should be able to handle Coker's squad with relative ease. We will see. Go with the team from Houston.

7. Fresno State vs Hawaii: June Jones should have stayed in the islands where he had consistently decent teams. He isn't amounting to much on the mainland it seems. But Jones is gone and the Rainbows err Warriors are a dismal bunch. The Bulldogs earned a spot in the Bartender Cabbie top 25 last week with a win over a pretty good Boise State squad. To stay in the rankings they will have to win here. They will. Go with Fresno State.

8. Texas Agriculture vs Arkansas: The Razorbacks may be heading in the right direction with a new coaching staff but they are a long way from hanging with the Aggies. Go with the team from Texas. It could possibly get ugly.

9. Ole Miss vs Alabama: Conventional wisdom says that the Tide will roll here. Not so fast. Ole Miss might not be LSU quite yet but they are a quality team that is on the rise. This should not be a cake walk for Nick and it might be a closer game than many expect. I would go with the Tide here.

10. LSU vs Georgia: This is unarguably the big one of the week. Georgia had more trouble than they should have against the Mean Green last week and that does send up some red flags 'round here. I will pick the Tigers in a close one. Probably decided by less than a touchdown.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bartender Cabbie Top 25 College Football 9/22/2013

Yesterday was a pretty good day of football with not too many surprises. Some of the "power" teams did struggle a good bit against "lessor" competition, but there were no earth shattering upsets...

1. Alabama: Got off to a slow start against the Rams but not slow enough to knock them off the top spot.

2. Oregon: Idle. No reason to move them up or down.

3. TAMU: Johnny Football and CO. will continue to roll.. Must improve on defense or they may have a nasty surprise (or two) in store before all is said and done.

4. Clemson: Another team that struggled a bit but not enough to move up or down from last week's ranking.

5. South Carolina: Moves up one without playing. Might be ranked a bit high. They are getting the benefit of the doubt.

6. LSU: May really be a team worth watching after all. Improved play on offense and a good defense might propel them into a national championship. Miles still coaches though.........That is problem.

7. Florida State: Easy win against a pretty good FCS opponent.

8. Louisville: Easy win against inept competition doesn't really say much. They are the real deal though. Believe it.

9. Stanford: Better than expected. Had an easy time with Graham's Sun Devil squad. Graham is an ass anyway.

10. Georgia: Struggled against the Mean Green of North Texas. The Dogs really didn't look like a top ten team. They are.

11. Ohio State: A win against FAMU proves nothing. Nothing at all. Probably the best team in the Big Ten, Not sure exactly what that says about the Big Ten......

12. Miami: A good football team that is still under the radar. Could challenge for top spot in the ACC.

13. Oklahoma: Might be the best of the Big Twelve. Or not. Talent is there but coaching staff is suspect.

14. Baylor: Utterly destroyed a pretty decent Sun Belt squad. Could possibly be the best in the Big Twelve. Well coached.

15. UCLA: Turning out to be a pretty good football team. Well coached.

16. Washington: We will see. May be better than some suspect.

17. Northwestern: OK

18. Maryland: Very easy to overlook (and I have done so). The Terps are playing some ball. When was the last time that happened?

19. Mississippi: Could surprise some folk in the SEC before all is said and done.

20. Fresno State: Could be the best of the MWC. Nice win over the Broncos.

21. Texas Tech: Still too early to see what they are really about. Something is going right. Anyway that Tuberville is gone and that is a start in the right direction.

22. Florida: Not convinced they are a team that can challenge in the SEC quite yet.

23. Michigan: Struggled mightily against a less than mediocre team for the second week in a row. If Hoke was not coaching they would be out of the top 25. I am still, at this time, a believer in Mr. Hoke.

24. Notre Dame: OK

25. Texas: Texas? Yes.

On the bubble in no particular order
Oklahoma State: Fell out of the top 25 due to the uncertainty whether some rather wild allegations will be a distraction.
Houston: Not real sure what they have yet.
USC: Should be top 25 but just aren't there. Kiffin coaches. Nuff said.
Utah State: Will challenge to top spot in the MWC
Boise State: A dangerous football team that could finish strong. A bit of a down year.
Michigan State: Maybe. Will have to improve.
Washington State: The Pirate might be the man to right the ship here
Arizona: Well coached.
Arizona State: Probably not
UCF: Might be a top 25 team before all is said and done.
Oregon State: Another well coached and rather under the radar team.
Mississippi State: Perhaps - A top 25 finish would be a major success in Starkville.
Toledo: Good MAC squad
Ohio: Ditto
Northern Illinois: and Ditto again.
Anyone else? Maybe Nebraska or Kansas State. Both would have to improve a great deal. Not convinced that Pelini is the man in Lincoln. I know that Snyder is the man for KSU. No one else can win there it seems.
Arkansas: Probably not this year.
Auburn: Improved over last season. A bowl game of sorts likely but a place in the top 25 is a long shot.
Vanderbilt: Well coached. Nashville is a hard place to win in the SEC. Vandy would be a better fit in CUSA, the ACC, or that newfangled American Athletic Conference. They won't go anywhere though. Commodore fans would rather lose in the SEC than win in a lessor conference I would wager.
Penn State: Perhaps
Missouri: Easy to overlook. Might be a team worth watching.
Wisconsin: Probably should not forget about the Badgers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 4 2013 College Football Predictions

Week four is upon us. Going by pretty fast. Isn't it? Last week I went 8-2 for a total this season of 22-8 straight up. Let's see about this week.......
It would likely be very easy to go 10-0 this week with a whole slew of power teams trying to pad their w/l record with teams that they should run over. Hopefully at least one of the "powers" will have a very unpleasant surprise before the week 4 is in the books. That is always fun....

1. Boise State vs Fresno State: This game is a toss up with the winner, I think, being a legitimate top 25 ball club. I will toss a coin and go with the team from Idaho to again edge the Bulldogs. They have had their number a great deal in the past. I like both teams but think that perhaps Fresno State letting Pat Hill go was a stupid mistake.

2. Clemson vs NC State: This Thursday night match up should prove to be a rather easy run for the Tigers. Clemson is a (legitimate) dark horse for the national title and will showcase their talent with a victory.

3. Tulane vs Syracuse: Neither of the teams is very good but Tulane has improved a great deal over last season. This is probably about a toss up and I will go with the group from the Big Easy.

4. Houston vs Rice: The Bayou Bucket is always an interesting game. The Cougars are a bit of a mystery yet and Rice has shown they are a good CUSA team. I will go with the Owls in a close one.

5.  ULM vs Baylor: ULM may well be the best team in the Sun Belt. Probably a toss up between the Warhawks and Arkansas State: ULM does have the best QB/receiving corps combination in conference but will not quite be able to keep up with the Bears. Chalk up another win for Baylor here. May be closer than expected.

6. KSU vs Texas: This game will be interesting. The Longhorns are an embarrassed bunch. Surely they aren't as bad as they have looked recently. Are they? KSU will prove to be a pretty good team before all is done despite an opening defeat against the best (by far) of the FCS. I will go with the Wildcats in a rather close game. Win or lose, Mack's job is in jeopardy. Bill's? He can stay until he decides it's time to go.

7. Oregon State vs SDSU: This is not (even close) the most ridiculous match up this week if you can believe that. Go with Oregon State with relative ease. Rocky Long is a good coach but he just doesn't seem to have much in sunny Southern California this season. Perhaps another time......

8. Utah State vs USC: This, believe it or not, may be a good match up. Utah State could be a top 25 team and USC......Who knows? They should be but that means nothing as long as Lane is HC. These Aggies of Utah will face an uphill battle and I will go out on a very very long limb here and predict the Utah State bunch to "upset" the Trojans.

9. Auburn vs LSU: We will see shortly how much Auburn has improved. We will also see if perhaps LSU is the real deal and a serious challenge to take the SEC. I'm thinking that the Louisiana Tigers are probably not ready to challenge Alabama (or the Aggies for the matter), and that the Tigers of Alabama are an improved team but just not improved enough quite yet to knock off LSU. Go with the team from Baton Rouge here. Of course Miles may well find a way to screw it up.....He does that from time to time you know.

10. Michigan vs UCONN: Michigan was darn near defeated by what is supposed to be one of the bottom dwellers of the MAC last week. I guess they just overlooked the kids from Akron. A major mistake that turned out to be. If anything, Connecticut is not as good as Akron and Michigan will be out to prove that they really are a team of note. They aren't I don't think (although I do like Hoke as much as the next guy), but they should have no problem beating up on the Huskies. Go with Michigan.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Argo Did It

I may be one of the last people in the country to have watched the movie Argo. Until the other night....It was interesting and edge of the seat type entertaining to watch a portrayal of the rescue of six Americans right from under the noses of the Islamist garbage during the "Iranian Affair."

Oh, the movie also had a great soundtrack. I almost forgot about this one. Enjoy this under valued classic from the Rolling Stones.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well Maybe Pizza Does Make the World Go 'Round

It goes without saying that oil and petrochemical industry is the engine that fuels the economy of the United States, but I would say that without coffee and soft drinks things would move at a much slower pace. Who can deny that without that first cup of mud many of us are just not ready to face the day?  Some folk use soft drinks in the same manner though I personally would rate sugary cold drinks a poor substitute. Oh yes, that does include those iced coffees. Gotta be hot or it ain't the real deal. I suppose that is a matter of opinion though.

Recently one below par pizza chain (let us be honest) has had advertisements on the tube telling us that without pizza a whole lot of things just would not get done. Funny but they may have a point there. All of us, at one time or another, have had to work late to get something accomplished and pizza was ordered to pacify the herd. It can be argued that pizza does indeed help fuel the economy I suppose. Who would have thought the pizza delivery boy is an integral part of the economy. In some parts I guess Chinese take out has the same effect. Or so it seems in the movies.........


Also in the movies (and only there) this is what shows up to deliver your pie. Real life? Not so much, and that my friends and countrymen, is a damn shame.

Bartender Cabbie College Football Top 25 9/15/2013

Week three of the college football season is in the books and there are no real surprises. At least not yet.

1. Alabama: Look for Nick and CO. to be in the big game at the end. Again.

2. Oregon: Top notch talent that destroyed a lower level SEC squad. The victory wasn't a surprise but the margin was an eye opener.

3. Texas Agriculture: Johnny Football is the real deal. Perhaps he will grow up some before long. Probably not though.  Defense is a bit suspect perhaps.

4. Clemson: The class of the ACC and could challenge for the national title before all is said and done.

5. Georgia: Right behind BAMA and TAMU.

6. South Carolina: One mediocre outing does not count them out. A threat in the SEC.

7. Florida State: Perhaps ranked a bit high. A quality team none the less.

8. Louisville: A sluggish start against an inept team keeps them down a bit. To be fair it was against their cross state rival. Never can tell about a rivalry game..

9. Ohio State: The competition level has them looking like a top 5 team. They aren't. Yet.

10 LSU: Miles is coach. Probably won't rise higher. He will single handedly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at least once this season. It's what he does.

11. Miami: Believe it. Al Golden will bring them a top 20 finish this season.

12. Oklahoma: The best in a mediocre Big Twelve.

13. Stanford: Probably not the team they were the last couple of years.

14. UCLA: Moving up. Shedding years of mediocre performance. Well coached.

15. Michigan: Quality win over Notre Dame two weeks ago. Embarrassed by a very close call with a lower level MAC squad. A well coached team that could move up. Or down.

16. Baylor: Possibly ranked a bit low. One of the best coaches in the game today.

17. Texas Tech: A good deal of speed equals a top 20 finish in the polls. Has to shed the disaster that was Tuberville.

18. Northwestern: OK. Some say they are a quality squad and I will give them the benefit of the doubt. For now.

19. Oklahoma State: Has yet to play a real game. A lot of negative allegations may become a distraction here.

20. Washington: OK. Might be a good team.

21 Utah State: May be the best of the MWC. Will be challenged by Boise State and Fresno State.

22. Ole Miss: Perhaps ranked a bit low.

23. Boise State: May finish in the top 25. A bit of an off year in Boise.

24: Notre Dame: OK. Maybe.

25: Florida: Over rated. A bit of a stretch to include them at this point.

On the bubble (in no particular order):
Rice: Rice? Yep.
Fresno State: May make it in before all is done. Would have traded them out with either Boise or Utah State had they played and (of course) beat Colorado. The game was ppd due to a flood disaster in Colorado.
Wisconsin: A let down yesterday.
Houston: Next week will be a challenge
Auburn: Better than last season. Way better. Well coached and will reach a bowl game.
Vanderbilt: Not the worse team in the SEC. By a long shot.
Mississippi State: Ditto.
Penn State: Over rated but will win some games
Navy: The best of the service academies. Again.
Ohio: May make noise in the MAC. Top notch HC.
Northern Illinois: Ditto.
Oregon State: Not sure what we have here.
Toledo: Another good MAC team.
Kent State: Well coached and could make some noise in the MAC
Arkansas State: May be the best of the Sun Belt and the best team in the state (sorry Hogs fans). Defeated Troy and will be further challenged by ULM. ULM has the best QB and one of the best receivers in conference but it might not be enough to unseast Arkansas State.
West Virginia: We will see what Dana really has before long. Hung tough with a good Sooner squad a while back.
Kansas State: Never count out Snyder. He does wonders with often mediocre talent.
TCU: Not as good as originally advertised. Looks like a rebuild.
UCF: Good win yesterday. This could be a top 25 team.
Arizona: Well coached.
Arizona State: Coached by a fool, but the guy does seem to know how to win. May make some noise in the PAC 12.
Nebraska: Could squeak into the Top 25. How the mighty have fallen.
Washington State: Could break in. The Pirate may be just what the doctor ordered here.
Arkansas: Trying to come back after the program was near destroyed by Petrino. Smith didn't help matters either. Probably has the right coach at the helm now.
ULM: May challenge for the Sun Belt. Would have to run the table to have any possibility of a top 25 finish. Should lose to Baylor next week but may make it closer than expected.
USC: Horrible coach. Should win year in and year out with the talent they have on the field. Still a possible top 25 finish in store.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 3 2013 College Football Predictions

I watched a little college ball Thursday night. Kind of hard switching back and forth between four games (three FBS and one D2 contest). The TTU/TCU game was fair but the best was the Arkansas State/Troy match up. At any rate, last week I went 8-2 with a total of 14-6 thus far. Let's see what can be done this week....

1. AFA vs Boise State: It doesn't look like this will be one of the Broncos' better seasons although they certainly should be right in the thick of the MWC race. Air Force is not very good at this point in the season. I would look for the Idaho bunch to take this one with relative ease in tonight's contest.

2. Delaware vs Navy: This one will be a toss up likely. I will go with the Squids in a close contest.

3. West Point vs Stanford: A no brainer here. Go with Stanford. It is almost embarrassing to put this one on the board.

4. Ohio State vs Cal: There are those who are saying that the Buckeyes are ripe for an upset. They may not really be quite as good as the pundits say. Cal is well coached but then, so is Ohio State. The team from Ohio will prevail. Hope not.

5. Nichols vs Louisiana: This is the week the Cajuns carve out their first win. If they don't then it will be a very very long season down in Lafayette.

6. Memphis vs Middle Tennessee State: This one has become a rivalry of sorts and is probably pretty even. I will go a bit out on a limb here and predict the Tigers will come away with a (very) minor upset. Go with the team from Memphis.

7. UCLA vs Nebraska: This is the big one some say. Of course that is ridiculous but it could be a good game none the less. UCLA is well coached and is moving up it seems after years of mediocrity. The glory days of the Huskers is long past and likely won't be returning anytime real soon. That being said this is an even game and I will have to go with the team from California.

8. Ole Miss vs Texas: There are problems in Austin. There have been for a number of seasons if truth be told. Ole Miss is supposed to be a vastly improving team and the Horns were embarrassed last week by a somewhat below average BYU club. It is still likely that the Longhorns will find a way to win this one at home. It may be close.

9. Northern Illinois vs Idaho: The Vandals are dismal. Why they didn't keep a very good head coach is beyond me.  NIU might be a pretty good team. Not near what they were last year likely but still a pretty solid MAC club. The Huskies should win with relative ease.

10. Alabama vs TAMU: OK. Everyone knows this is the game of the week and may even have national championship type implications. A bit early for all that but there you have it.
It is relatively certain that young "Johnny Football" will show a few moves and have a few surprises. He is talented football player. He is also a punk. Be that as it may, he will make the Tide defense look foolish and inept on a number of occasions but just not enough to matter. Look for the Crimson Tide to win here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lessons learned after Week 2 2013 College Football

It is really too early to tell who is going to have a great season, who will have an average season, and who will be disappointed. It is also a bit early yet to see which team will rise above expectations and perhaps challenge for a "BCS" game. Way to early yet. Be that as it may there are a few things that we have learned after week 2 of play in the college game......

One of the most obvious lessons learned was taught to us very early in the second half of the Aggies/Rice game in week one.. It didn't take long for "Johnny Football" to prove that he is a horse ass of the highest order. If I were a betting man (and I am) I would wager that this kid has his clock cleaned but good before all is said and done. A hard lesson like that might go a long way in correcting the lad's behavior.

Could it be already that we can write off the ten team Big Twelve as weak. Perhaps a bit early. KSU did lose to a very very good FCS team (could happen to all but the top 4 or 5 in D1), and Texas suffered some humiliation at the hands of BYU. The Sooners may (or may not) be a team to watch out for nationally as with their up the road rivals. Texas Tech will likely prove to be a bit inexperienced yet and WVU, well, not much to them....TCU just doesn't look like a real good team at this point.
I would look for Baylor to be the dark horse in taking top honors in the Big Twelve but I would not expect any team from this conference to be a serious challenger for the big game at the end.

The SEC, some say, is going to be down this season. Not so sure about that quite yet. They may not have the best team in the land this year, but someone from this conference will be in the final BCS "National Championship" game. I would suspect it will again be the Tide. As usual they have a rather weak schedule as far as such things in the SEC go....

Is there really anything else worth talking about? I suppose it is a foregone conclusion that Lane will be out at USC at seasons end. Perhaps before that?
Oregon looks like they will have what it takes to challenge Alabama and or Ohio State. Their quickness is still apparent and I am starting to have some doubts whether the Buckeyes are quite as good as advertised. Time will tell.....It may be a mistake to discount Stanford. Somehow easy to forget them...

It is usually a foregone conclusion that Michigan has a good football team but one just not quite ready for prime time. I don't know. I may begin to believe in Hoke before all is said and done.

I am suspecting that no one is wanting to play Louisville right about now. Of course, before all is done, we will hear a great deal about Louisville's "weak schedule" (as if that matters). This is one dangerous team for anyone.

 Just like folk have discovered (many against their will) that Louisville is the real deal, the same could be said about Miami perhaps.  I would suspect that the Hurricanes are going to make some noise in conference and perhaps, just perhaps, be in the national picture. Whether they have enough to knock off either Clemson of FSU for top spot is a good question. FSU perhaps. Clemson? Probably not....

Which non BCS squad will make some noise and challenge this season?Won't be Boise State. Houston? Probably not. Just don't see one on the horizon this season. There are some teams that are quite good and almost there (Utah State perhaps), but I just don't see anyone making the kind of move that will rank them as a "BCS buster" this season. Could be wrong and hope I am.

Have a good week.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 2 2013 College Football Predictions

Well so far the U.S. and whatever "coalition of the willing" has not attacked Assad and Co. McCain continues to prove his senility wherever he may roam, Excalibur is still, after all these years, a stupid movie, and my work load is off the charts. Despite all this the second week of the 2013 college football season must be played....Last week I went 6-4. Let's see how this one plays out....

1. Houston vs Temple: The Coogs proved nothing in their beat down of a SWAC opponent last week. The Owls are a bit of a mystery. This one could prove to be a good one and I will go with the team from Houston in a close one.

2. SE Louisiana vs TCU: The Frogs lost to the "premier" team in Louisiana last week and will take it out on this lower level FCS opponent. This one is a no brainer.

3. Chattanooga vs Georgia State: Georgia State transitions into the upper division but they are still, in reality, a lower tier FCS squad. The Mocs are habitual lower tier FCS in their own right. This one is a toss up and I will go with the team from Tennessee.

4. SDSU vs Ohio State: Some folk say this is the year of the Buckeye and I may be inclined to agree. Time will tell. SDSU may yet have a decent squad this year (although last week they sure didn't show it) but likely will not be able to hang long with the team from Ohio. Wouldn't it be nice though............Nothing is more annoying than Buckeyes and their fans except for perhaps the honks of Notre Dame.......Go with the Ohio team here.

5. South Carolina vs Georgia: This is the big one of the week (Florida and Miami notwithstanding). Georgia was tripped up last week against a Clemson squad that may be a dark horse in the race for the national title. South Carolina, also a dark horse, will have just enough in the tank to edge the Bulldogs here. I will go with the Gamecocks in a close one.

6. Notre Dame vs Michigan: Some folks tout this as the big game of the week but let's be honest. Neither will make any noise in the national race. Notre Dame was over rated all season last and are no better this year. Michigan is a  good team for the Big Ten and not much more. This one is another toss up and I will flip the coin and go with the Wolverines.

7. La. Lafayette vs KSU: NDSU came to town last week and "upset" the Wildcats. In reality NDSU would be a top 25 team would they play in D1. The Cajuns had a horrible outing against the Hogs last Saturday and, if week one is any indication, are not as good as they were season last. I would go with the Wildcats here.

8. Sam Houston vs TAMU: One thing that was confirmed last week after the Aggie opener is that this "Johnny Football" is an ass. An over rated arrogant ass if truth be told. We also learned that a top level FCS, (ok I will get on the bandwagon and refer to the lower division as FCS), squad is every bit as good as just a whole lot of teams in what was formerly referred to as Division I. Sam Houston is one of those teams. Not quite the squad that North Dakota State is likely but a dangerous opponent for anyone outside of the top 10 in "big time" college ball. That being said, it is not likely that SHS will have what it takes to upend the Aggies. This would be another "wouldn't it be nice" game.......

9. Duke vs Memphis: At least the Tigers aren't playing a powerhouse in their opener. We will soon see if Memphis is going to be as inept as they are usually. I would go with Duke here.

10. Arkansas State vs Auburn: Auburn may be somewhat better than they were last season. The Red Wolves probably have fallen off a bit. That would make this a good game likely. I will go out on a limb and predict an upset of sorts here and go with the team from Arkansas.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.