Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unions Again

This post is basically a rehash of things I have said before, but I have been thinking some about this issue today and thought I would speak on the subject one more (but probably not the last) time.

I am not anti union. Just not. I do see the logic of being a member and the good that can, at times, come out of union activism. There is no doubt that some industries should be organized. Chemical (and other) trucking, some retail, some hospitality (hotels), private security, and others can certainly stand a dose of "labor trouble" to keep them honest. It is indisputable that many who work in the hospitality industry are not paid near what they are worth. Many of these folk are minorities and at the bottom end of the scale and truly need some representation. (Illegal immigrants also find their way into this industry and of course I believe they should "go home and get legal" before being employed, but that is a different issue entirely).  I have seen some abuses in major hotels (while working under contract as a barman) first hand. I also have experience in the chemical trucking industry. I can tell you that a company driver can make a decent living, but when all is said and done, given the hours worked, it pays about minimum wage. These are the people driving up and down the hi way with dangerous cargo. It seems that some respect (in the form of compensation) should be demanded. Nifty hats and cool jackets don't do the trick. Do teachers need a union? Unfortunately probably so. It is a shame that the NEA and their affiliates appear more interested in politics and shaping curriculum than working for those who employ them: teachers and other professional (and paraprofessional) workers.

Now the flip side of this record needs to be mentioned. All businesses need to make money and union people often seem to either ignore or are ignorant of that fact. Pretty stupid a great many of them. (The Wisconsin public sector workers fall into this category or at least a large number of them). Of course in some industries' management is at fault for caving to unrealistic demands. (The state of WI?) It seems to me that management, after bargaining in good faith, can as a last resort cut bait. The NFL comes to mind. It would damage the league if the owners just told the players to come to work or be fired but in reality it would take only three or four years for the league to come back to the standards of today. I wonder if that will ever happen. If they did "fire" the non returning players it would not be long before a good many came crawling back anyway. The same tactic could be used in any industry.

This is pretty simplistic but it must be noted that it is human nature to try for all you can get. Of course a union will try to go for the Full Monty. Why would they not? I have not at this time joined the organization that "reps" Texas educators but I may do so before long. I just don't see much benefit to it other than one has access to an attorney should it become necessary. In today's climate that might not be a bad benefit to have.  I would wager that is why many Texas educators pay their dues to the TSTA.

This was a bit of a rant I know, but it bees that way sometimes Papi.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is This a Bit Odd?

The other day I watched the SecState put on her live "news conference" concerning the situation in Libya. I found that a bit strange. Does not the POTUS usually do that kind of  dog and pony show when there is a crisis involving military action on the part of the U.S.? I thought so. Now we see that the President will be conducting some kind of "briefing" to the American people shortly. Wonder if someone clued him in that it looks more and more like H. Clinton is actually in charge and he looks more like a basketball analyst and aspiring PGA golfer than the leader of the the free world. Oh well, if I had my choice between H. Clinton and Barry I think I would have to chose the former First Lady to run the show. I don't care for her but she is certainly the "most presidential" of the two. Besides, she is a strong person and the current POTUS is beginning to be perceived as a weakling. There are those that say that this is really Hillary's second term as president anyway. They could be right.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Again with this American Idol

It appears that all those left standing in the competition are worthy of the "prize." Any one of them could, right now, have a career in the music industry. I am not sure who I like best at this point. I don't know how I have become a fan of this program. I usually dislike cheezy talent shows. This one has changed quite a few people's lives for the better. Can't really argue with that. Besides, I like the new line up of judges better than any in the past.  Just a darn good program.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to Weigh In (I Guess)

It is customary for those of us who are patriots to support the troops when they are in the field whether or not we agree with the political motives that put them there in the first place. I hope that the action in Libya is short, swift, and deadly. Frankly I am a bit leery of our country bailing out any more Mohammedans who find themselves at odds with their respective governments. While I certainly feel for those who truly want to live their lives in freedom and enjoy democracy; I remember well the images of Muslims from this part of the world rejoicing after the attacks on Sept 11. It does seem that we put our forces in harms way to help defend those who likely hate us. Oh, sure they are friends when we are doing something to help out, but give it a few months, and those we "saved" from repressive regimes begin to turn. Nothing surprising there. I don't have reservations about the use of military force in the region per se, but prefer there be some benefit. Unhindered access to the oil fields comes to mind. Saving Mohammedans for just the sake of "saving" them is a losing prospect long term.  We are liable to find that the status quo may be better for the West than some sort of chaos. Chaos in the region has been unleashed though. We will see where it begins to lead. Directly.

Easy Bake and Kools

It appears that the govt is again meddling in our private lives. Everyone by now I suppose has heard of the demise of the incandescent light bulb. Supposedly these bulbs waste energy. Likely nonsense, but there you have it. It seems that with the demise of the bulbs the iconic Easy Bake Oven will go the way of the dinosaur. Kind of ridiculous isn't it?
In non related/related news it seems that the FDA has floated a trial balloon on banning menthol cigarettes. They apparently have since backed off somewhat on that idea. You see, menthol cigarettes tend to taste pretty good to those of us who enjoy them. Granted I have cut down on my smoking a good deal since buying an "electronic cigarette" system. Still, if you want to smoke Kools or whatever then knock yourself out. It is your money. It looks like the FDA has noted that menthol smokes are targeted toward the minority community and that is of course exploitative and unfair. Now, anyone who notices such things will see that indeed that many in the Black community do smoke menthol. Kool and Newport seem to be the top brands. Don't know if advertising has really all that much to do with it. I have been hearing stuff for years from people telling me I smoke "N word" cigarettes. I admit this is so. They just taste good. Sorry. If I chose to continue to smoke menthols then I will certainly be a bit annoyed if the all powerful fed govt suddenly has them pulled from the market.
Now I have noted that I now "enjoy" "cigarettes" of the electronic variety. Of course there is outcry from do gooders about the "dangers" of these also. I think some folk should just STFU.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quanell 10 Shows His True Colors

Just north and east of Houston is the small town of Cleveland, TX. that really, as far as I can tell, has nothing much going for it. It is a stop for truckers  traveling on U.S. 59 and that is about it. Well it is close to Lake Livingston which I guess has some merit. Be that as it may, there was fairly recently a horrific crime that occured in this small town; namely the gang rape of an eleven year old child. Horrible. I would like to see all those involved castrated for all of us to see on tv. Sorry, but Good Lord; can you imagine?
 Now Quanell X, a Houston "Black activist," has reportedly said that the alleged victim was not old enough to consent, but did tell police that she agreed to the action. I paraphrase of course, but you get the point. His comments are being reported by the local media and I still find it hard to believe. I have often thought that Mr. 10 was an opportunist, race baiter, and general scam artist but I never have thought him stupid. I have changed that opinion. He is not only stupid but, if the comments attributed to him are  accurate, a rather evil person indeed. I have in the past put him in the same category as a Sheila Jackson Lee or Johnny Mata, but believed his intelligence to be much higher than the aforementioned. I was certainly wrong. The man is a fool and no mistake. I'm pretty sure Al Sharpton and the Very Reverand Jackson are not silly enough to get involved in this one. Shame on you Quanell 10. Or do you have no shame?

Something Odd I Have Noticed

The debate over nuclear energy has begun and will rage for quite some time I will wager. Whether nuclear energy has a place in the future is any one's guess. All depends on the politics I suppose. One thing funny that I have noticed though is that those who are now bleating like sheep to shut down our nuclear plants are strangely silent on the Iranian nuclear program. Has anyone noticed that? Probably so. I would guess that such folk would scream the loudest if Israel or (God forbid) the United States decided to take out the Iranian program in fiery fashion. A tad hypocritical but fairly typical. Don't you think?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear Energy?

It appears that the problem in Japan is unresolved. As far as I can tell, no one really seems to know what is going on. At the very least the media are probably not being advised of the "real" situation. Could be wrong. Hard to say. Of course those opposed to any type of nuclear energy are bleating about the dangers of same. As usual, many of them can be discounted as loons and fanatics. These typically are the same folk who oppose energy exploration and extraction here at home and harp on solar and wind power as the solution to all of our energy needs. They won't be happy until we are all back in the horse and buggy days and using whale oil lamps. Wait, what am I saying? Scratch the whale oil. That would never fly. The probably would complain about the dangers of horse crap also come to think of it.
Now there are some drawback to nuclear energy. It seems rather stupid to build these plants in areas known to be earthquake prone. Just seems like common sense. Also the spent fuel is huge problem that should be solved before we really invest too heavily in more nuclear energy. I certainly don't know what the solution is and neither does anyone else it seems.
I will say that I live within an hour of a major nuclear plant here in South Texas and really give the place no thought.  I am much more concerned about a major release from one of the numerous chemical plants in the area than I am about some sort of meltdown in Bay City. Chemical accidents have killed far more people than nuclear accidents (Three Mile Island killed no one).
I am a proponent of nuclear energy although I do have some reservations. I could change my tune however if the problem in Japan gets out of hand and results in a great catastrophe. That situation has yet to "play itself out."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Things Get Crazy some Opium for Me and You

This is one of the most beautiful tunes it has ever been my pleasure to hear. It brings back memories for me. I saw "Alegria" at a pre Katrina show at the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi, MS. There were really very few people in attendance that night and we had seats right next to the stage. Wonderful. I was a bit worried though that one of the clowns might come by and try to fuck with me. They do that you know. Luckily it did not happen and I was allowed to watch, without clown interference, literally the best show of any kind I have ever seen. Hands down!! That is saying a lot. I have seen two other Circque Du Soleil performances and while great, I found this one to be beyond exceptional. With all the craziness going on in the world right now I, as I often do, kind of get lost in music. Good opium. Fill your bowl and enjoy if you so desire.

Just Like In Egypt

I have been viewing some photos of the "marchers" in Wisconsin and I think I finally get it. They are protesting for their right to have mocha lattes and sport designer fashions. Reminds me of those folks in Egypt. After all, the "Badgers" have been braying about the similarities between the protests in Cairo and Madison. You know, I have also noticed, and this is really the crux of the matter, that the women of Wisconsin tend to be a bit, shall we say; portly. I was there on business a few years back and it seems to me I made note of this phenomena back then.  Must be all that good cheese and brats.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good News for The Man of Many Names

Colonel Gadaffi (Gaddifi, Quadafi, Khaddify, Khaddafy, etc.etc.) might be one happy man today. You see the world's attention is now focused on the horrible event in Japan. Tsunami, earthquake, and the possiblity of a nuclear disaster, are the main focus now. If I were the Good Colonel (and thank God I am not) I would take this opportunity to unleash the war dogs with no restraint. He is just the sort of scumbag to do this. He is in it to win, is evil and psychotic, but apparently not stupid.
I also noticed that the Arab League has called for a "no fly zone" over Libya. "Good," I say, "get right on it." Or are they just waiting for Americans to do it for them? That would be my guess. The hell with them.

Another Military Man Hangs On

It appears that Colonel Gaddify(?) is going to hang on a bit longer. It does not look like the "rebels" have the firepower or expertise to deal with a military that is not afraid to use real force to decide the issue. Oh well, let them fight it out. I would warn the Libyan govt though to refrain from damaging the energy infrastructure. That might get the Euros off the pot to depose Gaddify if they begin to pay even more for their oil than they already do. Anyway, the whole place is not worth the life of one member of the U.S. military. It appears that the reports of the demise of Colonel Gaddify were premature.

There have been reports that another military man will be leaving us soon. Thankfully these reports appear to be a bit premature also. Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch has been reported to be forced into retirement. Apparently that will not be the case however or at least not at this point. I am not sure what started this whole affair. Could it be that the food police have decided that they have finally had enough of the good Captain? Now the Captain's cereal is way to sickly sweet for my tastes, but then again I don't have to buy it. So therefore I just don't. If someone wants Cap'n Crunch however, then they should be able to go to the local green grocer and buy a box. The marketplace, as far as I can determine, has not dictated that  the Captain retire. I wonder where all the fuss originated. I suspect that the makers of the cereal perhaps are starting to feel the heat. Just speculation of course, but the First Lady has become sort of a self appointed food czarina. If you remember her opening salvo was the "fresh fruits and vegetables at the likka sto" comment. I just wonder if the govt is putting some pressure on the those in the food manufacture business. Again just speculation.  I could be wrong.

I sure get sick of do gooders telling us all what is good for us. Don't you? I understand that there are certainly more important things going on in the world than worrying about Cap'n Crunch cereal. I will point out however that the battles against  obesity, tobacco, the Golden Arches, saturated fat, etc.etc. are mere skirmishes in a low level "war" on the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  Do we all want to go down the path of NYC or SF? The happy fascists have already won in those fair cities.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

S.J. Lee back on TV

Got home from work today and began to flip channels. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I wanted to check out who may be getting the upper hand in the Libyan "crisis." It appears the Colonel may well stay a bit longer than most of us thought. His forces are apparently starting to rout the opposition in some areas. Interesting little war this. Shame it is causing our price at the pump to skyrocket. I sometimes think that a little of the old imperialism is in order. None of this is what I want to talk about right now however.

Today as I was flipping channels, I came across Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee on MSNBC saying she was "outraged" (again) about something or other. This is old hat for this broad but as a man who enjoys comedy I stayed to watch for a bit. It appears that Sheila, dressed in her trademark red dress and sporting some kind of crazy hairdo, is outraged about the hearings on Mohammedan extremism being "hosted" by one Rep. King. I must admit (and I hate to do so) but at one point Lee did have a bit of a point. These hearings could indeed be construed by some as prejudice. Now I have noted before I do not trust a Mohammedan. I say this despite the fact that I have known some in the taxi business who I thought were fine people. With that being said, I certainly support an investigation into homegrown (and other) Mohammedan extremism. I would like to point out however that we, as a people, must be very careful not to slide down a very slippery slope. At the bottom of that slope is denial of rights, relegation of loyal citizens to second class status, and even worse. The whole affair is a double edged sword. We do indeed need to know the extent of Islamist extremism here in the United States and we do need to root out the same. It would be much easier if American Muslims spoke out, not just in a few individual cases, but in droves, against Islamists. This is something that does not seem to be happening. The silence of our fellow citizens who happen to be Muslim is deafening. It inspires and fuels distrust. We do however need to tread very carefully here. Very carefully indeed. I do not trust Islam or the practitioners of,  but I would certainly defend an innocent Muslim against  tyranny. While I don't think the "hearings" have or will reach the level of  "McCarthyism" it still is something that must be watched with a wary eye.

Now I have noticed that some who call themselves "Liberal" are braying (again) about the instances of homegrown terrorism of the non Mohammedan variety. To that I say, "Of course not all terrorists are Muslims." Only a fool believes all dangerous persons or organizations are of the Islamist variety. What galls me though is that I get the feeling that some in the "Liberal" camp actually are hoping for some kind of attack by a "right wing" terrorist or terror organization. Then they can (shrilly, like a queen in a beauty shop) screech, "I told you so." That kind of thinking is pathetic on the part of those who, again, call themselves Liberals. The fact of the matter is that some folks on the far left are not liberal at all. They are borderline anarchist. Many hate themselves and therefore hate everything including their nation. I really wish they had not hijacked  "liberalism." I know many good folk who are liberal, and I myself, can be pretty darn liberal on some issues. These people on the fringe left are far from liberal. Many of them are "fifth columnists" and are damaging our country.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Seething

Yesterday, I believe it was, the video of the attack (or rather the aftermath of the attack) on the Twin Towers was released from the vantage point of an NYPD helicopter. Sickening does not describe it. This footage along with others should be shown in all history classes at the high school level and up. Of course it won't be though. That would be considered by the powers that be to be "promoting intolerance" or some  such nonsense. I disagree. It is a lesson in history. This happened and trying to "make it go away" will do no good. Not that the unpatriotic types won't try to purge it from the public consciousness though. They are already working hard in that regard.
I have heard some say that showing the images of that horrific day is the same as a continued viewing of images from Pearl Harbor. Again I must disagree. While the images of Pearl Harbor should be required  viewing in school, they should be seen as a historical study with no animosity toward Japan or the Japanese people. After all, Japanese militarism was successfully extinguished and the nation is now one of our close allies. At this time Islamists are still a problem and will be for a long time to come. Hell we can't even seem to catch Bin Laden. There is still very good reason to be angry and  intolerant.  Very good reason indeed.


There is a good deal of talk bandied about lately about the possibility of a "no fly zone" being implemented to keep the "Good Colonel's" air assetts grounded. A lot of support actually seems to be coming from the "no blood for oil" folks. Remember them? That is a tad odd (and typical) I think. Personally I don't think we should be involved in any sort of adventure unless it is simply to lend some logistical support for the Europeans. They have much more at stake in the Libyan mess than we do. Let the French, Brits and Italians handle this little problem. In reality a "no fly zone" is probably fairly useless anyway. Most of the fighting seems to be of the ground variety with really very little damage coming from the air. A "no fly zone" would likely not really do that much. It has been pointed out also that with the exception of fixed air defense sites, it would be hard to distinguish between the "rebels" and "government" forces. When the mobile radar is lighted off there is little time to waste in destroying the site. There is certainly no time to determine if "friend or foe" is operating the equipment.

 This one looks like it would be best for the Libyans themselves to sort out. After all, it is likely that the big winner here (assuming the rebs prevail) will be some sort of Islamist group(s) that will be every bit as dangerous to the West as the Colonel. Perhaps more so. At any rate if the Libyans truly want freedom they must bleed for it like everyone else who has thrown off the yoke of tyranny.
There may well come a time when Western forces are needed to seize the Libyan oil fields, but that is a different matter entirely. Does not appear to be a necessity at this time. I think President Obama should shun those who are crying for "a humanitarian military response" and in this case at least, play the "wait and see" game.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Hat No Cattle This Good Hair or Look at the Shoes

It is rodeo season here in the Houston area and I used to make quite a bit of money while in the cab. Can make some bartending also and will continue with that next weekend. College basketball makes it to Houston this year and that may offer some weekend bar work. Don't know yet.  Oh well, to me the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is kinda nothing more than a pain in the ass. Traffic is horrendous, most musical acts suck, and people who never ever wear cowboy getup are out and about looking like Black Bart. They are frankly a bit ridiculous. Of course I would think this way being a Southeastern Conference man. I prefer Mardi Gras; even the short bastardized version that they have in Galveston. But that is not what I want to talk about.
Texas' Constitution dictates a balanced budget. Fine and good, but Governor Good Hair is (of course) looking in the wrong places. This man appears to be targeting education in the state and teachers (and other employees) are shaking in their boots. Ok, we all know that most school districts have too much of their budget devoted to sports and administrators (who are for the most part useless appendages), but to totally gut the system is not the answer. Good Hair will likely target the prison system also and of course there are those imprisoned on minor drug charges who should be released, but there will likely be dangerous criminals released into the community. Of course the powers that be deny this, but most of those folks are fools and some perhaps criminals themselves. Now I want to point something out here about the type of sociopath that inhabits state, federal, and local govts all across this great land. It is something you can bank on when trying to determine if the person you are dealing with is a liar, thief, sociopath, or maybe just perhaps a "plain dealer." Look at their shoes. If their shoes are of the tasseled variety then you can just about count on them being some sort of lawyer or public administrator with evil in mind. These shoes are commonly known as "cocksucker" shoes. Fitting name I think. It has been my experience that those who wear these type of shoes are indeed, well, cocksuckers. Now Governor Good Hair I don't believe wears these type of shoes. I think he goes nowhere without his cowboy boots on. You know, to show the world that he is a "take no shit" type of Texan. In reality he is a coward. He refuses to take any meaningful steps to secure the border; preferring to tell us all it is a "federal responsibility." I don't hear him talking much about the federal govt's attempts to damage the energy industry. He should be in Obama's face daily on that one.  He has not gutted meaningless state agencies that have outlived their usefulness. Agencies such as TABC, Railroad Commission, and Texas Education Agency (not to be confused with local school districts, kinda the state version of the useless Dept of Education.). This would be a good start. Disband those agencies and you have at least begun something. Hate to wish bad on people, but some of these folk need to look elsewhere than the public tit for sustenance.

Texas is in a pickle sure, but leadership at the top is sorely lacking. Good Hair may not wear the tasseled shoes but he certainly qualifies as one who should.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

David Allan Coe; The Ride. Excellent Cover

 I have in the past spoken of my love for watching videos on YouTube. Some of my favorites are the ones where just regular folk try their hand at performance. This is particularly interesting and exceptionally good. Listening to good music is one of my opiates to get my mind off our crazy world.

A Scholar Gets Dissed

I have been reading a blog called "Common Sense Barrage" and find it a really good read. This guy, who refers to himself as "The Grouchy Historian" does not post often (enough), but when he does it is well worth the read. His latest post, just a few minutes ago as a matter of fact, concerns  being denied admission to the Doctoral program at George Mason University (who?). The reason apparently is that his degree is from a "for profit" institution. Now as a graduate of American Public University I can say that I understand where he is coming from. Apparently he also is a graduate of this system. It seems the "professors" at George Mason look down a bit on his degree. Funny thing. He pointed out that many professors working with APU/AMU are published authors and experts in their field. For instance, my major was history and some of those that guided me are career military officers, respected published authors, and civilians with a good deal of expertise. The reason why I chose to finish my studies at the institution is pretty plain. My college credits come from a plethora of sources and most were accepted, and it was convenient to my job schedule. Now I do understand that there is a wide disparity in quality of "for profit" institutions. A good friend of mine got his BBA at a well known "for profit" which may have some quality issues. According to him, it was easier than high school. He did go get his Masters at an old line institution with the majority of his courses being online. I think this may well be the rub. These "old school" institutions are becoming irrelevant to some extent. Those that are being "managed the right way" have seen the online model to be the wave of the future. That future is already here in fact. The author also pointed out that he has never read and doubtfully will ever read, any relevant historical work from any of the profs at GMU. That is likely true. Most I would wager have spent their careers in the "university system" and have very little experience in the real world. You know, the kind of experience a retired military officer or successful business owner may have. Don't know much about GMU - don't think they have a college football team. I could be wrong there. What I do bet however is that some of these silly, arrogant, know nothing, "professors" might not suck a weenie, but would likely hold one in their mouth for a while. Sorry. That had to be said. A bit immature I know, but as I have said before; my immaturity tends to run deep. Anyway if you want to read a darn good blog check out incoming-fireforaffect.blogspot.com. It is well worth the wait between infrequent postings.

Gasoline and Treason

Today the prices at the pump seem to be in at around 3.30ish per gallon. Pretty expensive sure, but not quite as bad as the rest of the nation. There are some stations in these environs that are bumping 4.00 bucks but they are quite a bit over the norm here. Now with that being said, it will be small wonder if we are all not paying over 4.00 across the nation soon. It is apparent that when prices are sustained at that level for any length of time the economy begins to crumble. Our "nascent" recover is in jeopardy. Of course I jest. There really has been no real recovery to speak of. Perhaps some spot recovery here and there at best. I read and hear "economists" bleat about the fuel prices and of course there is wide spread differences of opinion. Some say the cost of fuel (along with everything else) will soon skyrocket while others say that prices will soon pull back. An economist practices "witch science" anyway and nothing any of them say can ever ever be taken seriously. Over educated dunces many of them. At any rate if high fuel and inflation are the coming norm then those who are energy obstructionists are solely to blame. They do not practice mere politics or have honest disagreements. They commit treason. It is high time that any who stand in the way of complete energy iindependence (this means exploration and drilling, the horror)  be voted out of office at first opportunity. They are opium eaters, Utopians and, in fact, traitors. They have damaged this nation's national security.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interesting Man this Savage

I listened to a bit of Dr. Savage this evening on the good ole radio. This is something I really very seldom do. Not that I don't like the good doctor, on the contrary, there is just someone I prefer to listen to opposite him on a competing station. Now one thing that I have noticed about Savage, once one gets past the fact that he is fairly nuts, is that he makes a lot of sense. Usually right on the money in fact. Today I did hear him say that the average teacher's salary was about one hundred grand. That is incorrect and if not, then that is where I need to move. He can't always be right.
Now here is one thing that he is right on about though. He mentioned that the Navy is practicing PC on one of the very ships that may be involved in action with the Mohammedan enemy in North Africa. Of course he is right. The Navy has apparently released the commander of the USS Stout (and other sailors) from duty for not running a politically correct ship. Apparently there were some episodes of disorderly  conduct from some of the crew on shore liberty. What? In my day a bit of "drunk and disorderly" was the norm. Hell it was even encouraged. You just weren't a real sailorman unless you tied one on during a port call. Even visiting the local ummm gentleman's establishment was not frowned upon.  Granted most of my seagoing days were spent in the Coast Guard, but that just gave us more incentive to really do it right. On liberty I have seen a horse stolen, a transvestite kissed, an officer exposing himself on stage in a "gentleman's club" while screaming at the patrons, and the Senior Chief Engineer telling the bouncers to "take a seat" while the good Lt(jg) finished his show. They did too.  This was just on one visit to Key West. I have seen my leading petty officer come back to the ship wrapped only in a sheet after his clothes were stolen by one young "lady." I have seen another leading petty officer bitten on the ankle by a big bull dagger for daring to look at "her woman." I could go on and on. Think we were bad? Ought to check out our allies the Brits on liberty. Those guys knew how to do it the right way. The Aussies? Good Lord. Depraved behavior. It is time honored naval tradition to paint the town red on shore liberty. The Germans I noticed were a bit more disciplined but they could sure drink. With all the PC being practiced in our nation's military these days it is a wonder there is even time to learn how to fight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Must Admit That I Am SIck of Mohammedans

Apparently there has been another murder of American troops. This time some Airmen in Germany were gunned down. Of course the "alleged" culprit is a Mohammedan.  Imagine that.

American Idol Again

I have admitted in the past that I actually watch this show. This year the men seem to be top notch. It will be very hard to pick the top five at this point I think. The kid that sings Country may as well start spending his money now. He will become a rich young man very soon. They are all good, some very very good and we will be hearing more from the lot of them.


Today marks the 175th birthday of the great state of Texas. I have lived here for round about twenty years now and for the most part like it. I am not one of those "I got here as fast as I could" Texans though. I detest the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and while I don't detest the Houston Texans, I do find them somewhat of a joke. I am sort of a fair weather Astros fan I guess. The NBA does not even register on the radar. I also find that the "sport" of deer hunting in Texas falls more into the category of murder than a hunt. If you can feed the deer than you ain't hunting them. May as well shoot the neighbors cat. That would be just about as easy. I suppose if one strictly uses sports as a measure then I am no Texan. It is kind of hard to be so when one is a Southeastern Conference man. With that being said, I wish my "fellow" Texans a Happy B'Day. One thing I will say about Texas that can't be said for a lot of areas of the country. We are patriotic. We are not whiners (like the already infamous Wisconsin Whiners.) There just is not a whole lot of "pussin about" here. We get things done and take care of business with no apologies. I think one finds that attitude a lot in Texas, the south in general, and many western states.