Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Little Episode at the Evil Empire

I unfortunately had to do a bit of grocery shopping this AM and decided to go to the Evil Empire to fulfil the need. I don't really like the "Empire" and in fact,  I detest the place. They are a bit cheaper though one has to admit. Pretty important right now. I am noticing prices are steadily increasing also so anyone who says there is no inflation just does not go shopping much I guess. True, inflation does not seem to be out of hand yet but give it a bit of time. Anyway, as I was standing in line to check out I noticed three very large women all decked out in tight shorts and (of course) sporting many tattoos in front of me. Nothing really out of the ordinary there. What was out of the ordinary though is that one of them winked at me. I was a bit taken aback and just kind of looked at the candy. Did not really want to acknowledge that wink. Not sure what it meant. I mean, I think I know, but good God, I just got over a minor stomach bug. Don't want to feel queasy again anytime soon. As they left, the man behind me said something to the effect of "You could easily go and get yourself a (ahem, ahem) hummer in the parking lot." "Hmm," I thought. Might not be so bad after all. I placed a call to my wife and explained the situation but she issued an immediate veto. I got the distinct impression that further discussion of the subject was probably not a good idea.

Wolf Blitzer? Who Put Him In Charge?

Yesterday evening I turned on the television to get a bit of "news" on what was going on in Libya, Egypt, Wisconsin, etc. and was greeted by the all knowing Wolf. Wolf appeared to be speculating, even advocating, some sort of military intervention in Libya to stop the "genocide" that may already be occuring there. He seemed to actually "call out" President Obama on the issue. I got the distinct impression that Wolf was of the belief that we should intervene militarily. I disagree. Let the Libyans fight it out among themselves and then we must be ready to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, we may have to take their oil one day but that is a different story. Anyway, isn't Wolf's job to report the news and not offer his opinion? Is he a journalist or just another pundit? Apparently he thinks he is both. Can't have it both ways Wolf.
On a side note somewhat; It is reported that Wolf Blitzer's real name is indeed, well, Wolf Blitzer. I would have thought otherwise. I pegged him for the type that would have some sort of cutesy made up "journalist" name. Remember, Geraldo Rivera once called himself Jerry Rivers, which I  believe is actually his birth name. That was before he became a man of Hispanic descent. Wolf may be as stupid as "Rivers" but apparently he is not quite the fraud.  A lot us "knew Geraldo  before he was Hispanic."

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Road to Hell...

Well things are out of control in the Middle East. This time it is Libya, which has proven, at least thus far, to be the bloodiest of the "revolutions" that have and will sweep the region. It is now high time that good Colonel be displaced, probably by any means necessary. It would be a very tricky thing to get involved militarily in that region though and perhaps it should not be done so at this time for the sole purpose of ousting Gaddafi (Khaddify, Quadaffi, Whatever). The time may well come that military intervention is necessary in the Middle East for a purpose much more important than promoting democracy, (which is the pipe dream of fools anyway). That more important reason for intervention would be to secure our energy supply. For this Hellish scenario one must thank those among us who have been standing in the way of becoming energy self sufficient. It is long past time to secure our own energy supply by beginning an aggressive exploration and drilling program frankly regardless of any short term adverse environmental impact. Even beginning tomorrow I fear is to late to do any real good. What about alternative energy? Research, explore or do whatever, but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. That baby is oil.

I must say that those who have hampered and perhaps hamstrung our nation by their obstinacy on becoming energy independent are traitors of the worst kind. There is really no room here for discussion. If one willfully damages our nation, which the anti energy crowd has willfully done, then they have committed treason and perhaps may be the architects of calamity. This is an issue that is non debatable. It is not mere politics to damage one's nation. It is treason. The radical environmentalist crowd may well cost American lives.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pizza for the Proles

Pizza for the proles? I don't guess an educated "educator" can really be classed as a prole, but I bet quite a few of them in Wisconsin and elsewhere believe themselves to be. You see I am certified after much time, effort, and expense, in Texas to teach school in the elementary and junior high (middle school) grades. Also getting a spec ed cert and perhaps a high school social studies composite. Guess what? There will be very very few jobs available in Texas next school year and those few that pop up will have literally hundreds of applicants. A bit pissed? Yes. Think it a good idea to have such draconian cuts in the education budget? No. Whining in the street about it? No. If I did someone would just drive by and yell, "get a job you puss!" Perhaps it is just because I live in Texas that I don't really worry so much about it. There are other things to do. Some jobs may suck but there are jobs available. If worse comes to worse I could go back into the taxi business, but that likely won't be necessary. I look at the whining going on in Wisconsin (and very soon other places) as much ado about very little. It does not appear that the state is asking very much of them to be quite honest. Now apparently there are some pizza places in Madison where management is very happy to have these folks in the streets. Seems like their business is booming. Pizzas are being ordered for the marchers from around the country and indeed around the world. Folks just want to show their solidarity I guess. One of the funniest things I have heard lately were some Wisconsin fruit loops comparing their "plight" to those protestors in the Middle East. C'mon. Get real. When the Wisconsin Air Guard stafes your "encampments" then perhaps I will put some stock in that claim. Until then? STFU. Now back to this pizza thing; apparently fellow blogger and frustrated author who goes by the moniker "Jurassicpork" has spent a few of his own bucks to send pizza to the proletariat. Good for him. I read this fellow's blog(s) fairly regularly and can tell you he is, well I just don't agree with him. Any attempt at serious, respectful discussion is met with vile vitriol. As a result I sometimes can't help myself and write something kinda smartassy just to yank his chain. I won't link to his blog(s) here but they are fairly easy to find on the internet. Don't get me wrong. I defend Mr. Porks' right to free speech. I am not sure that he (or some others of his ilk) would do the same. How did I again get off the Pizza thing? Dunno. Back to to it. Now I have lived in the environs of NYC back in my younger days. Spent a summer as a communications op with the Coast Guard right there across the channel from Queens. Busy busy busy does not describe it. Very little time off. I did get into "the city" as often as I could though. One thing I noticed was that there was a pizza joint on every corner. Seems like every grocery or drug store had a small pizza oven in the back. Damn good pizza sure. Some of the best I have every tasted was in those days. Since moving to Houston however I can tell you that there are some pizza joints here that are every bit as good as those in the NY/NJ area. Every bit as good! Why? Because there are people who have escaped the environs of that particular region of the country and have opened up shop down here. That they brought with them their pizza recipes goes without saying. So the next time I hear someone talk about NY pizza or even Chicago style for that matter, I will say to them "We have just as good down here." They won't believe me of course, but that is their problem. Now we do have many "pizza chain" type restaraunts here and those do not qualify as what I would consider good authentic pizza. They are all edible of course but it is not the same thing.  Incidentally, there is authentic food from around the globe here in my area. People are here from all over and have brought with them their culinary specialties. Ever eaten Ethiopian food? I have not either, but there is a place on Richmond Ave that I have been thinking about trying for years. Guess I need to get around to it one of these days. Coming to Houston? Bring your appetite. Oh I suppose that if we have some sort of street protests down here (not orchestrated by Sheila Jackson Lee, LA Raza, or Quanell 10) I will pony up and send them some pizza. Just to show my solidarity. That would make me a wonderful human being.  By God!

The Reverend Jackson Prolls for Toon In Wisconsin?

There are some very important, history making, things going on in the world and even perhaps right here in this country that are worth following and making comment on. Just not right now. Today I find it interesting that the Very Reverend Jackson is reported in Wisconsin standing in solidarity with the public sector "workers" of that great state. I think I know, or at least suspect, a bit about the esteemed Minister of God. I have actually met Reverend Jackson years ago at a Super Bowl event that was being held at "The Parador," on the corner of Almeda and Binz in Houston. Incidentally this was the very same event and venue where I first ran across Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Be that as it may, Reverend Jackson came to my bar during this event and I even actually introduced myself and shook hands. It was kind of neat in a "who cares" sort of way. I have met many many celebs in my "career" behind the bar in Houston and probably Jackson would be on the lower end of the scale. I did once meet "ex porn star" Isis Nile who rode in my cab, but that is a different story entirely. One thing that did occur at The Parador is that the good reverend disappeared for a while. No one quite knew where but there was speculation. The Parador is a cavernous venue with a perhaps a few "hiding places" where one can have a bit of privacy. Of course that wasjust speculation, but the good revererands' reputation preceded him. How could one not wonder? He actually did turn up a bit later and I honestly don't remember if he stuck around to witness S.J. Lee's impromptu and apparently unwanted speech. That in itself is a funny story. Good Lord, that poor woman can drone on and on about nothing. Anyway, there is no telling really where Jesse went that night. I do know that he is rumored to be bad "to proll for toon." I do know that much. What I don't know is where the Very Reverend Jackson holds religious services. Pretty sure he is not looking for his congregation up there in Wisconsin. He is probably just "prolling for toon."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Journalists! Try Not To Be So Stupid.

The horrific event that happened the other day to a reporter in Egypt is still in the news. She certainly did not deserve her treatment from the Mohammedan savages that she unfortunately came into contact with. I am hopeful that those who participated in this attack find themselves meeting the virgins soon. I pray that she recovers psychologically and physically from the horror she was put through. That being said however I must say that some of these so called journalists do not seem to grasp the fact that not every place on earth plays by the same rules as we in the West (and select other places) do. It astounds me when journalists become so offended when something bad happens to one of their number in a place that does not practice "freedom (and protection) of the press." This sort of thing goes with the territory and, not discounting the bravery of some in the "profession," a bit of common sense is always in order. Some of them just don't seem to have a sense of self preservation.

Thoughts on Organized Labor

About a year in a half ago I wrote a small piece on organized labor. At the time my position was that I saw both the good and the bad sides and nothing that has transpired since has really motivated me to change my position. I am not an anti union man per se, even a public sector unions can have their place in some instances. This is even after I have seen the worst, unrealistic minded behavior by a public sector union. Years ago I lived in central Louisiana and there was some sort of beef between the city and the fireman's union that became very bitter and was drawn out for over a year. I don't remember exactly what the beef was, something about not letting a "competing" rural fire dept. members become city employees after the city expanded. It was crazy and the firemen acted liked little children who did not get their way. I moved to take a better job in Houston and am not sure what the outcome was. The whole episode gave me a bad taste in my mouth about paid, unionized, city firemen ever since. I found them to be a bunch of pussies and some of the actions taken by the Houston firemen and their union, have confirmed, in my mind at least, that firemen are indeed poon. Yes I know, to many of you firemen walk on water. An important and sometimes dangerous job it is no doubt, but really, let us be honest. It is not all that bad. There is a lot of time off and many firemen have other jobs after working only two or three days a week. The fact that it can be dangerous at times does not negate the fact that it is a cushy job.
I, a prior city employee, had the opportunity to join whatever public sector union represented "civilian" city workers in Houston. I took a look at it and saw no benefit whatsoever. Would not get a raise, more time off, etc.etc. The only thing that would happen was I would have had dues deducted from my salary. No thanks. Less pay with no apparent benefit? Don't think so. The lady who was our "union rep" for the 911 operators was a real nice lady with the last name of Castro. I found that kind of funny. She finally left me alone about it after a few months.
Now if there was some tangible benefit to me by being a member, I would have joined in a heartbeat. That is human nature. The problem in Wisconsin has been that the state govt has caved in to unrealistic demands by the public sector unions to the point that it is apparently becoming a contributor to financial chaos. I don't see that these public sector employees are being asked to give up that much really. In Texas they would have already been fired. They should count themselves lucky that it appears they are in no danger of just being told to "pack their shit."

Friday, February 18, 2011

And More of this Kind of Thing

Yesterday I was incensed that some hooker on the "Food Network" called a pecan a "pee can." That sort of thing is a bit irritating. The more I thought about it it seems that the same folks who commit this type of transgression are apt to call New Orleans "New Orleens." Good Lord that grates on the nerves. It is New Orlins to most of us and Nawlins to one who is actually from the area. Either is acceptable. New Orleens is not. Ever heard of a praline? Many have not I am sure. It is a sickly sweet pecan candy that is famous and popular in parts of the south and the Nawlins area in particular. I myself have always found them a bit too sweet for my taste, but that is beside the point. They are called pralines as in praw leens. They certainly are not pronounced "pray leen." It is Un American to do so. Important stuff is this.

Pee Cans? STFU!!

There are quite a number of things going on in the world, the U.S. and even in my own backyard that are important and worth commenting on. Iranian warships headed toward the Suez. Not a real big deal. We could sink them in minutes. Mohammedans jumping around all over the "Middle East." A real big deal. The protests in Wisconsin. A big deal not so much. Budget cuts in education in Texas. A pretty big deal. One thing that trumps them all is the correct pronunciation of the word "pecan." I was watching a show this evening about desserts and some bimbo was commenting on a pecan dish made in MA. (of all places). She was ranting about the heaven and bliss of this particular dessert when she did it. She called a pecan a "pee can." Holy smokes! Go back to school dummy. It is called a pecan as in puh con goddammit. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Watch Our Educational System Crash

Well the Mohammedans are dancing around in assorted "Middle Eastern" nations demanding something or other. The whole phenomena does not bode well for Western security to be sure. Time will tell, but I wager that within one year the area will be in flames. It is strange that our babe in the woods president does not seem to get it. Oh well, these things can be discussed later. Right now an immediate issue, close to home, seems pretty important. I have finally gotten all my "credentials" to "teach" school in the great state of Texas. Of course also now is the time that there is apparently not enough money to actually "teach" the children. I have a job as a "paraprofessional" which of course means that you do essentially the same thing as a full "teacher" for not near the pay. Not that a teacher makes any money of course. Well with the budget cuts that all districts must absorb there are to be layoffs of teachers in most districts large and small. Hiring freezes are already being reported and some teachers have already been informed that they will not be coming back next year. For some that is good. I have seen some pathetic teachers out there in my couple years working in education and I can tell you some have no business in the classroom. Oh well. Laying off teachers is not the answer. Classes are already big enough. Can you imagine 60 instead of 30 hormone stoned kids in an algebra class? How about having 60 instead of 30 kids try to muddle through "Macbeth" when a quarter of them can't read anyway. Hard job this teaching. Anyone who says it is easy is a dolt. A fucking dolt, if I may be so bold. I don't know what the answer is of course. Getting the U.S. Dept of Education out of the equation would be a good start. Don't know if that would save any money, but it would improve the process. Doing away with nonsensical standardized tests would be another. All districts have administrators who are usless appendages and some in fact are more than useless; they actually impede the process. They should go of course. Combining resources would be another good ideas. I am talking district consolidation here. A touchy issue in this state. A podunk school board is not apt to give up their "power" without a fight.  In this state there are numerous state agencies that have outlived their usefullness or really have never been anything more than a drain anyway.  The "Railroad Commission " is useless as is the "Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission". There are many many others. Not to wish anything bad on anyone, but there are folks in state employ who need to look elsewhere for work. The whole thing is a huge mess and a bad bad problem sure. If this nation is to be competitive we need an educated workforce. It is a national security issue. "Firing" good competent teachers is not the answer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Loons From The Houston Area

There are a couple of loons in Congress from the greater Houston area that warrant a small bit of discussion. Of course anyone who reads this blog knows the great respect I hold for Sheila Jackson Lee. A brilliant woman and a pillar of the community. She just has to get her mug on the television so we all will come to understand the unbelievable intelligence of this woman. I jest of course. Jackson Lee is a loon and there is no mistaking it. I am sure that at some point in time, during a lucid moment, she actually has had a good idea. Perhaps. Hard to believe though as she is a dumbass sure.
Now we come to Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is an interesting character and I must admit that he represents the district in which I live. He actually lives just down the road as a matter of fact. Now Paul is in no danger of losing his seat in this neighborhood and barring getting caught with his pants down, will be able to stay as long as he wants. No Democrat or Republican that I know of has any chance of unseating Paul. Now Dr. Paul is not really a Republican at all. He is a Libertarian who runs under the banner of the Elephant for convenience sake. I would not doubt however that if he chose to run as a member of the Libertarian Party that he would still win hands down. It is no doubt that Paul has some good ideas but many of them? Wow!! Alrighty then. Unfortunately the man is a loon. Not a dumbass like S.J. Lee, but probably, when all is considered, more of a nut. While there are plenty of nuts, dumbasses, and fools in the hallowed halls, it may be rare for two people to come from the same immediate area (except in perhaps the Bay Area). Lee and Paul are a couple of nuts. Paul is interesting in a more "Boy this guy is out there" way while Lee is just someone to laugh at. Nutjobs both.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can't go wrong with Marky Mark

I was flipping channels today and came across the film "Rock Star" starring Mark Wahlberg. I have always liked this guy. Never saw him in a film that I consider bad. The classic "Boogie Nights" really put him on the map and he has just taken off from there. I don't know what his politics are and thankfully have not heard him braying about his personal beliefs like a great many in the Hollywood crowd. Perhaps he has done some braying but I have thankfully not heard it. It would diminish his stature in my eyes if he began to spout his personal opinions, politics, and beliefs. I am no more interested in the opinions of the Hollywood crowd than I am of the local grocery clerk. In the not too distant past I watched a documentary on MTV featuring Metallica. Prior to that unfortunate viewing, I had a very high opinion of the band members. Rock as God intended is these guys stock in trade. After viewing the documentary I came to the conclusion that the band was composed of a pack of poon. I can never listen to Metallica with the same enjoyment and pleasure again. I hope "Marky Mark" does not go spouting off at the mouth about his personal beliefs. It would ruin most of his movies for me.

Electronic Cigarettes? A Growing Problem

It looks as if the govt is working to clarify the growing problem of e- cigs. It is a problem and no mistake. The electronic cigarette delivers a pop of nicotine while eliminating other harmful chemicals that are in tobacco. This is unacceptable. Where would all the tax money from the purchase of cigarettes go? I myself an anxiously awaiting a delivery of one of these devices. Have been smoking for years and can not seem to quit. It is not willpower in my case but a matter of enjoyment. I like smoking. Sorry. I will smoke anywhere it is legal and am really unconcerned whether anyone likes it or not. Just don't care. If one does not want to smell cigarette smoke then don't come near me. Of course, I will gladly curb my habit in one's home or automobile if one does not want to smell smoke but that is about it. With all that being said, it is time to quit. I have tried these e- cigs before and find them to be quite enjoyable. It is certain that before long the fed govt will get in on the act and make them illegal or perhaps only available by prescription, etc. etc. That will drive the cost up and lower the access. That would ensure that tax dollars from tobacco products keep rolling in. The govt is after all not really serious about stopping smoking. If they were, they would simply ban tobacco products. They are not above instituting prohibition. Nope, it is all about the dollar. Now if you are a smoker, more power to you. If you chose to continue to smoke than I say "go for it." It is your right as a citizen of this land. I for one am choosing to "smoke" the electronic variety and will do so until I chose otherwise. I don't need some govt agency telling me where, when or how I get my nicotine fix. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh and I am also going to eat healthier. Heading to the "likka sto" to load up on fruits and vegetables.  I heard they were laying in a supply.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wonder where the Gas Prices will finally Settle

This afternoon I paid near three bucks a gallon for gas. We are lucky in this part of the country; our prices generally tend to be a bit lower than most areas of the nation. Still three bucks is a chunk of change sure. Of course the "summer blend" will be in manufacture soon and this jacks the price up to some extent or at least we are told that is one reason the prices tend to go up just prior to the Memorial Day holiday. That is BS and we all know it but we all just play along and continue to buy fuel. What choice do we have? Riding subways and trains is not an option for most of us in this country and thank goodness for that. If one is stuck riding a subway or a train to work then likely one lives in an area that I sure don't want to live. I did spend a bit of time in NYC as a younger man and enjoyed it but that was another time. Would not do it now. At any rate, with the Mohammedans in an uproar, especially if said uproar spreads throughout the region as it is likely to do, the price of fuel may rise due to legitimate reasons. Already there is some unrest apparently in Algeria. Of course Egypt is the most problematic at this time due to the proximity of the Suez Canal. Are the Gulf States next? If so then watch the price of fuel skyrocket. This is the price we pay for not being energy independent.

Egyptian Army to Honor Peace Treaty with Israel

It is being reported that the Egyptian Army, which apparently is in charge, will honor "all international agreements" of the Mubarak regime. This includes of course the peace treaty, which has held firm under Mubarak, with Israel. Egypt's armed forces receive many many dollars in aid and training from the United States and of course it makes sense that they would not want to kill that cash cow. I wonder how long before the people realize that the military is probably just "more of the same." I still predict an outcome detrimental to the West either sooner or later. My money is on sooner.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The People have Spoken. Now What?

The handwriting has been on the wall for a few days now. It was sure that Mubarak would step down either sooner or later. It is good I suppose that the army did not fire on protesters and as of now very few lives have been lost on the street. Everyone is happy. Our president is pleased and of course any ally of ours must be wondering if they will be dropped in the grease when the going gets tough. After the honeymoon wears off and the Muslim Brotherhood becomes a force in the region things will not look so rosy. I hope the West has some contingency plan to seize and defend the Suez. Hate to be so pessimistic but if we are not prepared...

There is still Hope for MSNBC

Yesterday evening, after a hard day learning some fairly useless crap at a seminar, I turned on the "news" to see what was going on in Egypt and the rest of the world. I happened on MSNBC just at the time when Mathews and Maddow were on at the same time. "What luck" I thought to myself. What luck indeed. Just when I thought that MSNBC would crumble without that jackass Olbermann these two clowns began their minstrel show. Mathews, who has a bit too much interest in homoerotica, (not that there is anything wrong with that as Seinfeld would say), and that guy Maddow looked like they were near orgasm by the prospect of the military (of all groups) possibly taking over from Mubarak. Those two certainly are not real reporters to say the least. They are not qualified to hold the jock of any real reporter (if there are any left). Much like our esteemed President, they appeared to support regime change for regime change sake with no thought to the ramifications in the region and perhaps this nation. Yes there is still hope for MSNBC. That network has some of the best comedy going.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sheila Jackson Lee Strikes Again

One of the few commercials that I found to be pretty good during the Super Bowl was the one presented by a major soft drink company that featured an African American couple. Ok I guess it is safe to say the add was pimping Pepsi. Well of course Congresswoman Lee found the commercial to be racist. Racist? Yes apparently she did not find the spot very humorous and saw some sort of derogatory racial undertone in the message. I think that most of us just found it to be kind of funny. Leave it to Lee to stir up some kind of nonsense. The woman is an ass and no mistake. A stupid ass if I may be so bold. As I have noted before she is an embarrassment to her district, the city of Houston, and the state in general. She probably just wanted (again) to get on television. Poor crazy old bat. I wish she had been defeated in the last election but as a man who likes comedy as much as the next bastard, I do see a silver lining to her retention in office. Incidentally, when the Super Bowl was held in Houston a few years back, (the wardrobe malfunction game), I was doing some bartending at an official event. At said event we were advised that only the aforementioned soft drink could be served as a mixer. I wisely hid a few cans of the leading soft drink behind the bar, both for personal enjoyment and to serve, for a price, to customers who made such a request. It would have been Un American to do otherwise. Oh nearly forgot; it was at a Super Bowl event that I first ran across dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. She got up and spoke for quite a while until it became obvious to me that the party goers were becoming bored. Old Sheila didn't notice though and just kept droning on for a while longer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the Hell. I will also Pontificate on the "Egyptian Crisis"

Ok the Mohammedans are on the streets in Cairo, Alexandria, etc. I saw pics of some on camels. The cavalry I suppose. Did not see any flying carpets. I guess the Air Force was grounded for a bit. In all seriousness this a dangerous situation for those of us in the West, not to mention the "Zionist Entity."  The problem here as I see it is that whatever govt that Egypt comes up with next will likely not honor the treaty with Israel, will probably be influenced by Islamists and therefore not friendly to Western (and other) Democracies, and will likely, much like Iran, be interested in exporting the "revolution" across the Muslim world. I am certainly all for people living in freedom and I do truly feel for those that thirst for such in this part of the world. Unfortunately their freedom is not of paramount importance at this time. What is of great importance however is the security of Israel, the status quo, the security of the Suez, and the security of the West.  If hellish regimes need to be in place in that part of the world to ensure the above remains intact then so be it. A great many in this country and elsewhere need to grow up and look at the world the way it is instead of how they would like it to be. A Utopian is often a fool and I believe those that are immediately supportive of regime change in Egypt are not looking at the big picture. Perhaps they are not Utopians at all but just garden variety stupid.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yes I Watched the Game

I was not really interested in the Super Bowl. The Saints were out early; beaten by a team that really should not have qualified for the playoffs and I quickly lost interest in the season. I really have very little interest in the NFL anyway. College ball is my thing but to each his own I suppose. I guess I watched because it seems just a bit Un American not to. It is the biggest sporting event going no doubt. Yes Yes I know - the World Cup is bigger some of you may say but let us be honest. Most Americans don't give a rats ass about that. As my good friend would say "fuck a World Cup." If "futbol" is your thing then more power to you but be so advised that it will never replace American football in this neighborhood. Don't even think it will displace golf in popularity. Bowling and tennis (badminton) perhaps but that is not a given. Getting a bit sidetracked here. As I was saying before the ugly image of soccer raised its' head; the Super Bowl is almost a "must watch" even if one does not care about football at all. It was a shame that the game was a bit lame but I did find myself pulling for the Pack for whatever reason and I suppose it was nice that they won. It was indeed hard to watch though. The ballyhooed Super Bowl commercials were a tad off this year also it seems to me. One or two were pretty good but for the most part they just weren't attention grabbers. Glad it is over.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Irritated By a Money Grab

There are events taking place now in the "Middle East" that are of historic significance and likely a danger to the security of the United States and our allies. I may (or may not) offer some opinion on this at a later date but right now I feel the need to air a grievance with the City of Houston. I have noticed that far to many police officers are tasked with hanging out under overpasses looking for expired inspection and registration stickers. Houston is a very large city with more than its' fair share of crime and this seems a bit like a waste of resources. Of course it is nothing more than a money grab. Don't get me wrong. I am all for traffic enforcement. I would love to spend one week as a traffic cop patrolling the freeway system. Nothing annoys me more than watching some ass weaving in and out of traffic at 90 mph. Yes if I were a traffic cop some of these folks would get a bit more than a ticket. More than a few would have their vehicle towed and then find themselves cooling their heels in the city pokey trying to arrange bail. I would make a point of being as big a prick as the law allows for those that endanger others with their driving. This is an entirely different issue than wasting valuable resources by having a cop play meter maid. Now fair is fair. If a person is pulled over for other violations and all the required inspections/registration are expired well then that should be added to the ticket.  It should be sort of an incidental add on .  I would even task the "meter maids" that check parking meters downtown the job of writing inspection/registration tickets. I would not however task a real cop, with real responsibilities, to hang out looking for this nonsense. They have enough to do. It is demeaning to them personally and nothing but organized thievery on the part of the city.