Saturday, December 20, 2014

College Football Bowl Predictions 2014 Season

The college football bowl season is upon us, starting today in fact, and there are some good match ups and some that leave a bit to be desired. Nothing unusual there...
The BartenderCabbie System is 97-53 straight up this season and with that being said, on to the predictions.......

1. Nola Bowl: This one is a pretty good match up between the Cajuns and the Wolfpack of Nevada. This game has become a regular stop for Louisiana and they have been quite successful here. Nevada brings a pretty darn good team and I would go with them for the win.

2. New Mexico Bowl: Utah State vs UTEP for this one. These particular Aggies of Utah are one of those teams that the "big boys" in college ball are (or should be) a little leery of facing. They are the better of the two and will win here.

3. Las Vegas Bowl: The Utes are likely a deeper team than the Rams of CSU but look for the team from Colorado to pull off a minor upset.

4. Idaho Potato Bowl: This bowl on the blue field is not very interesting this year. Air Force is the better of the two and will find themselves victorious over WMU.

5. Camellia Bowl: The what? South Alabama vs Bowling Green? Too many bowl games to be sure. I would go with South Alabama here for no real good reason.

6. Miami Beach Bowl: Now this should be a good game. Memphis is under rated and well coached and BYU got derailed a bit early with the loss of their stellar QB. Both good teams and I would go with the Tigers for the win.

7. Boca Raton Bowl: If you happen to be in the Miami area for the prior game you may as well stick around and catch this one between Marshall and NIU. The Herd may be thinking this is a consolation game of sorts after being talked about for most of the season as a team that might get a "New Years" bowl. WKU spoiled that for them. They will have to guard against a "let down" performance. NIU is the best of the MAC, although they have had better squads in the recent past. Go with Marshall for the win here.

8. Poinsettia Bowl: SDSU vs the Midshipmen might be an interesting match up. Navy has relinquished (for this year) the title of "best of the service schools" and SDSU can be pretty good. This is a toss up and I will go with SDSU for the win.

9. Bahamas Bowl: OK. This one between CMU and WKU could be decent. Both teams are under the radar for the most part and also both are pretty darn good squads for their respective conferences. Go with the Hilltoppers in a close one.

10. Hawaii Bowl: Fresno State vs Rice? Will anyone show up? Rice has trouble getting asses in the seats at home even when they have a pretty good season (which has become par for the course of late). That being said, the Owls are likely the marginally better team and will come away with a victory. Rice needs to find a way to keep their coaching staff intact.

11. Heart of Dallas Bowl: Illinois and Louisiana Tech square off in what would likely be a toss up. The Bulldogs are slightly under rated perhaps and Illinois is Illinois. Well the did reach a bowl game (of sorts)......Go with the Louisiana team in what some would consider a minor upset.

12. Quick Lane Bowl: Rutgers vs NC may or may not be worth watching. Early in the season some folk picked the Tar Heels to be a team worth watching. They were not. Other folks said that there was no way Rutgers could compete in the "powerful" Big Ten. They can. What does all this mean? Not much other than it might be a decent game. Go with the team from NJ in a close one.

13. St. Petersburg Bowl: UCF is not the team they were last year but still a dangerous team to most anyone on a good day. There is not much to NC State frankly. Yes they did give FSU fits but then so did just about everyone else. I would go with the team from Orlando here.

14. Military Bowl: Cincy vs Virginia Tech is another one of those bowl games that just should not be played. Go with the team from Ohio.

15. Sun Bowl: Arizona State vs Duke could be good. Duke has had another excellent season (as far as Blue Devil football goes) and the Sun Devils are among the best of the rest in the PAC 12. Both teams are well coached (although the HC at ASU is a blithering ass and the Duke HC is a class guy), and both have pretty good squads. I will go out on a limb and pick Duke.

16. Independence Bowl: A bit more was expected out of Spurrier's squad and frankly some folks thought Miami might again begin to be a team to take seriously on the national level. This consolation game in Shreveport will be good as both teams will be out to prove they matter. Go with South Carolina in what may be one of the best games of the bowl season.

17. Pinstripe Bowl: BC vs PSU......Ho Hum. Go with BC in an upset of sorts.

18. Holiday Bowl: This game between USC and the Huskers could be good. Nebraska likely has more talent but USC will come out on top.

19. Liberty Bowl: This game in Memphis between the Mountaineers and the Aggies will be one to watch. The Aggies are in rebuild mode and WVU is among the best of the rest in the Big Twelve. Go with WVU in a close one.

20. Russell Athletic Bowl: Oklahoma should have in theory been a contender for the "big game at the end." The Sooners weren't even serious contenders in their conference. Coaching problem likely....On the other hand, Clemson does not have the coaching issue. They just don't have the talent the Sooners do. Might not matter. Go with Clemson.

21. Texas Bowl: A good one here. Arkansas is much better than their record and frankly the Longhorns are a bit lucky to be here. The Hogs smash mouth brand of football may (or may not) ultimately work well in the SEC but it should be enough to win over this year's Longhorn squad. Go with Arkansas.

22. Music City Bowl: Well Nashville is a nice town although it can get a little chilly this time of year. LSU should be able to beat a Notre Dame team that proved to be over rated after all. Unless of course Miles makes some sort of boneheaded call that snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. He is known to do such.....

23. Belk Bowl: Louisville vs Georgia is not a real interesting match up. Both teams are probably pretty even and I will toss the coin and predict that the Bulldog defense will let them down again. Go with Louisville.

24. Foster Farms Bowl: The what? Maryland vs Stanford? Go with the team from California.

25. Chick Fil-A Bowl: TCU (and Baylor) along with the rest of the Big XXII are not happy about being left out of the college football "playoff" festivities. TCU will have to guard against a let down against an Ole Miss team that is very very dangerous. TCU is quicker and better but this may (or may not) be a close one. Go with the Frogs.

26. Fiesta Bowl: When will we see a real playoff in the ranks of "big time" college ball? Guess never. Boise State, had they remained undefeated (like Marshall nearly did) still would not have been considered for entry into the elite. What a scam. Anyway this game is a home game for the Arizona team and they are the better team and will win. Not that the Broncos did not have a commendable season........

27. Orange Bowl: Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech may be good. The Bulldogs are the better team and Georgia Tech has been playing above their talent level. Go with the team from Mississippi.

28. Outback Bowl: Wisconsin was completely embarrassed in their last outing. They are a better team than that. Auburn fell off a bit but is still marginally the better squad. Go with the Tigers.

29. Cotton Bowl: Baylor (and TCU) are better  than the fourth team selected for the "playoff" and the Bears will have to guard against feeling like this is a consolation game. The Cotton is one of the premier bowl games and this will be more or less a home game for the Bears. They should be able to beat the Spartans but MSU comes in as a good, well coached football team. Go with Baylor.

30. Citrus Bowl: Missouri again proved they can compete in the SEC and the Gophers have had a pretty darn good season. The Tigers are better but MN. is scrappy. Go with the Gophers in a minor upset.

31. Rose Bowl: Are the Ducks a better team than FSU? I would say yes. Quicker. Let us be honest, FSU has had an awful lot of lucky breaks this year. Not to say they aren't a good football team. They are. The Ducks are just better and will prove it on the field.

32. Sugar Bowl: Alabama is not quite as powerful as they have been in the recent past. Still they are certainly a top four squad. Ohio State is back and no mistake although they should perhaps have not been the fourth team selected. They can prove the doubters wrong in New Orleans though. NOLA is SEC territory to be sure but the Buckeyes may have a surprise in store. I would still go with the Tide in a close one. Long and short is I predict Alabama and Oregon will vie for the "national title" after the Sugar and Rose are in the books.

33. Armed Forces Bowl: Houston has fired their head coach for some reason or other. He has done a pretty commendable job down in Cougar country......Pitt is Pitt and I predict that the Coogs will come away with a victory here.

34. Taxslayer Bowl: Iowa vs Tennessee is uninteresting. I will go with the Vols.

35. Alamo Bowl: KSU vs UCLA may or may not be good. KSU is the better team and no mistake. Look for a Wildcat win.

36. Cactus Bowl: There are far too many bowls. Washington vs Oklahoma State? Toss a coin and go with the Cowboys.

37. Birmingham Bowl: Well at least a lot of money will come to town. Die hard Florida fans will make the trip and the North Carolina ain't that far away. Go with ECU. On another note, it is a shame that UAB disbanded their football program. College sports is a business after all. What? You thought it a mere game?

38. Go Daddy Bowl: This one would be interesting if Danica Patrick did a pole dance at halftime. Other than that the Arkansas State/Toledo match up is just not something most are interested in. For the first time in a few years though the ASU squad is not the best team in Arkansas. Each of the last three Indians errr Red Wolves coaches have moved on to success. I, for one, still miss Big Tom as HC up Toledo way. Flip the coin here and go with Toledo for the victory.

39. FCS Championship: Whoever wins today (Sat 20 Dec) will find themselves fodder for a very very good  ND State team. I predict that the game will be between the Bison and New Hampshire but the Bison should win whoever they meet.

Well who will be in the big game at the end to decide the "Division I National Championship?" I am going to say it will be between the Tide and the Ducks and will go out on a limb and predict the Ducks to be the ultimate number one. We will see..............

Have a good holiday season and enjoy the games...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bartender Cabbie College Football Top 25 2014 Pre Bowl

The regular season has come to a close in "big time" college ball (the West Point/Navy game notwithstanding) and while there are some good match ups in the FCS ranks, it is pretty much a lock that ND State will take the trophy for that level (although I do like Chattanooga and SHSU). As far as the upper division, well we have pretty much the same type scam that has been run on college football fans (and schools) for years. This newfangled playoff committee has pretty much turned out to be a joke.... No news there...That being said, on to the Pre Bowl College Football Top 25 for the 2014 season...

1. Oregon: Fast. Probably the team to beat.
2. Alabama: Beatable but a dangerous team to anyone
3. FSU: Finds a way to win. There has been a lot of lucky breaks for the 'Noles this year.
4. Baylor: Quite a bit quicker than most but a one loss Big Twelve team won't get any consideration apparently. Did have a very weak non conference slate one has to admit.
5. Ohio State: May (or may not be) deserving of the spot that places them in the college football "playoff." The Bartender Cabbie System would have them on the outside looking in.
6. TCU: Perhaps should have had a bit more consideration. Near loss to the Jayhawks likely hurt their chances.
7. Kansas State: The best three loss team in the country. Can play some good ball.
8. Mississippi State: Dangerous to anyone anytime anywhere.
9. Michigan State: Perhaps, just perhaps, the best squad in the Big Ten not from Ohio.
10. Ole Miss: The Rebs have fallen off lately.
11. Arizona: Better than they showed last week.
12. Georgia Tech: Good ACC team. Very good.
13. Georgia: OK.
14. UCLA: Well coached. Will be a force in the PAC 12 shortly.
15. Arizona State: Graham knows how to win - jerk that he is.
16. Missouri: Odd that they never really did much in the Big Twelve.
17.Auburn: Good SEC team.
18. Arkansas: Arkansas? Yes. Better than their record and moving in the right direction.
19. Boise State: The best of the rather weak Mountain West. Not convinced this is quite as good as the Bronco teams we have seen in the recent past. We will see....
20. Wisconsin: What happened Badgers?
21. Clemson: A decent ACC team. Well coached.
22. LSU: A rebuild season although folks are again calling for Miles' head.
23. Louisville: OK. Petrino does know how to win.
24. Utah: Probably playing above their talent level.
25. Memphis: I would give them consideration over some of the higher profile squads. Coach Fuente has them moving in the right direction certain. Maybe he will stick around?

On the bubble in no particular order
1. Northern Illinois: Best of the MAC
2. Nebraska: Pelini fired? May or may not be a good decision. Let us be honest, Nebraska left the Big Twelve to again become a "major power." Does not seem to be happening in the marginally weaker Big Ten either.
3. Cincinnati: Good AAC team.
4. UCF: Not quite what they were last season but a dangerous squad none the less.
5. Marshall: Could surprise some top 10 squads on a good day. Well coached.
6. USC: Lane gone (inexplicably to Alabama) and that immediately improved the Trojan prospects.
7. Oklahoma: Should be a contender with all that talent. Problem must be coaching. Has to be.
8. Texas: Improving somewhat. Good coach but he might not be a long term fit in Austin. Too early to tell.
9. Texas A&M: Guess young "Johnny Football" was the team last year. Sumlin is a good coach but this is the first season in years that he has not had a stellar college QB going back to his days at UH.
10. Minnesota: Pretty darn good Big Ten team. Nice to see frankly.
11. Duke: Well coached. Not quite last year's squad but a pretty darn good team.
12. WVU: Hope Dana keeps his job. I like him and his hair.
13. Oklahoma State: Maybe. Nice job against the Sooners last week.
14. Colorado State: Commendable season.
15. Air Force: The best of the service schools this season.
16. Georgia Southern: Looked good in their first year in the "big time." Is anyone surprised?
17. East Carolina: Perhaps a bit of a stretch.
18. Stanford: Fell off this season.
19. BYU: One has the feeling that this would have been a top 25 squad had not the top notch QB gone done early.
20:  Utah State: Can be a dangerous team. It would be a team I would not schedule if I was looking for a non conference cream puff. Hear that SEC?
21. Louisiana Tech: OK - stretching things a bit. Time to stop.
22. Houston: Really time to put an end to this. Firing the coach was a stupid move on the part of the administration. Stupid. Unless they can get Sumlin or Briles back of course.....Don't go looking for the fired Gator HC. Rumors........

I am looking forward to putting out the Bowl projections here shortly and will even throw in the FCS Championship Game. Picking ND State for that but hoping Chattanooga pulls one out as this is being written to advance and/or SHSU continues to win....

Have a good week and enjoy the games (If you like lower division ball there are some good match ups on tap.)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 15 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

Time is short so onto the predictions for week 15. Some rather important games on tap..........Last week the Bartendercabbie System went 5-5 for a total on the season thus far of 91-49.....

1. NIU vs Bowling Green: 1st quarter under way already and if I were a betting man I would go with the Huskies here to become the MAC Champion.

2. Louisiana Tech vs Marshall: The Herd are the better club and will come back after their near inexplicable loss to WKU last week. Go with Marshall to take the CUSA crown.  Could be close.

3. Alabama vs Mizzou: Upset here. Go with Missouri. The Tide are beatable by many just above average teams on any given day. This season anyway. Nick and Lane are not getting along and that bodes ill at some point. What the heck were they thinking in Tuscaloosa anyway hiring that damn fool Kiffin. It reminds me of what Sherman said of Judson Kilpatrick --"I know that Kilpatrick is a hell of a damn fool, but he is just the sort of man I want to lead my cavalry." Only difference is why on earth would Saban need Kiffin. He is (Kiffin) a hell of a damn fool but who would want him to lead their offense?

4. Wisconsin vs Ohio State: Another upset? Perhaps. Toss up and I will go with the Badgers.....OSU always just seems to come up short.

5. KSU vs Baylor: The Wildcats may perhaps be one of the best in the land right now. Baylor let a TTU squad come back on them last week. Go with KSU. They are playing good ball.

6. Iowa State vs TCU: The Frogs should win this one handily but think back a couple weeks when they almost let a KU squad take them. Same could happen here but, well, probably not. Go with TCU.

7. FSU vs Georgia Tech: Oh yes this one. The Seminoles find a way to win week in and week out albeit against (at times) somewhat suspect competition. I would go with them to find another way to eek one out for the win and conference championship.

8. Fresno State vs Boise State: This is really a rather huge rivalry game. BSU used to be a near perennial threat to be a BCS buster and Fresno State was usually the best of the rest. Both have fallen off in the last couple of years but this should be a good game none the less and will decide the Mountain West winner. Go with BSU in a good, tough game.

9. Arizona vs Oregon: Oregon is the quicker team but are beatable. Will the Wildcats be able to do it. No. Go with the Ducks.

10 Houston vs Cincinnati: As pretty good AAC match up. Both are good teams for the conference and are evenly matched. Never thought much of Tuberville, no matter where he coaches, and the QB change earlier in the season has somewhat revitalized the Houston club. That being said this one is even and the coin will be flipped and land in the favor of Houston coming out on top.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 14 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

One thing we have learned from this season is that there are quite a few good teams but really no one stands out and can be considered a "great" group. Everyone except for (somehow) FSU and Marshall have at least one stain on the record and one gets the feeling that any team can be beaten on any given day by just about any opponent they schedule. What does this mean? Not much, although it does (or will directly) prove, right out of the gate, that the new "playoff" system for "big time" college ball is just as much garbage as the older system fans had to endure. Just too many squads that are perhaps deserving will be left out of the picture. Sound familiar?

Last week the Bartendercabbie group (me) inadvertently picked 11 games (blame it on a rare hangover?) and went 9-2. Let us throw out the Georgia/Chas Southern game and call it an even 8-2 for a total on the season thus far of  86-44.

On to the predictions........

1. TCU vs Texas: The Frogs are one of those teams that may find themselves on the outside looking in when all is said and done and this "playoff committee" finally has their say. Just not enough quality opponents the pundits are saying. Really? You are telling me that Ohio State (and FSU) face a quality schedule? Of course the one Frog loss came when they let the Bears come roaring back on them and the near loss to a lowly KU squad does not help their case. That being said, the Frogs have to take care of business here or the whole argument will become moot anyway.
This has the potential to be a good game. The Longhorns have improved somewhat and the Frogs are certainly beatable. Toss up perhaps and I will go with the speed of TCU to prevail.

2. LSU vs TAMU: A good game between underachievers in the SEC. Both are in somewhat of a rebuild (or reload) mode this season and the record proves it. Both are also pretty darn good football teams. Toss that coin and go with the Aggies at home.

3. Oregon vs Oregon State: The "Civil War" they call this one. Upset? Doubtful. Go with the Ducks. Don't count the Oregon out of being at the "big game at the end."

4. KSU vs KU: KSU is hands down the better team but their rivals may give them some problems. The Wildcats are far from great but seem to find a way to win consistently. Go with KSU.

5. Ohio State vs Michigan: This rivalry game could be interesting. OSU is much better of course but anything can happen here. Are the Buckeyes ripe for being on the wrong side in the W/L column here? Probably not. Go with Ohio State.

6. Ole Miss vs Mississippi State: This will be a fun one. The Rebs have imploded of late and the Bulldogs have only lost to the Tide. Go with MSU.

7. Auburn vs Alabama: The Tide are certainly beatable and Auburn does have the talent (and good coaching) to do so. This will be a good one and the winner will be a team from Alabama. Which one? Guess I will go with conventional wisdom here and pick the Tide.

8. Notre Dame vs USC: The Irish have imploded. What happened? Loads of talent up that way and a team that (finally) should have been in the top 10. USC is a pretty good PAC 12 team but certainly nothing special. Another toss up? Probably. Go with the Irish.

9. WKU vs Marshall: If the Herd prevail will they finally get some recognition from this newfangled "playoff" committee? At least enough to put them in the Top 25? At least in the ridiculous and now defunct BCS system there was a such thing occasionally as a "BCS buster." Oh the game? Go with the Herd.

10. Rice vs Louisiana Tech: The best of the rest in CUSA square off and both teams have something in common. They have each lost to a moving up from FCS into CUSA Old Dominion squad. This will be another good albeit under the radar game and I will go with the Owls for the win.

Double check the count. No hangover this time.  Yep 10 games (and 10 games only). Have a good and safe Thanksgiving week and enjoy the games.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 13 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

It has been said that the top teams always find themselves with at least one serious challenge on their hands and that often comes from a team that they least suspect capable. Such was the case yesterday when TCU was just plain lucky to eek out a win in Kansas. Sometimes things go horribly wrong and the "good" team finds themselves in the "L" column against lesser competition. Notre Dame and Arizona State come to mind...........

One thing certain, with only two undefeated schools and all the one loss (and possibly two loss) teams that should be in this newfangled "playoff," there are going to be deserving squads on the outside looking in. The new system is directly going to be exposed as garbage and not much (if any) improved over the defunct BCS system.

Last week the Bartendercabbie System was 5-5 mainly due to some "upsets" predicted that didn't quite pan out. Close though. Miami should have beaten the "Noles and MN did give the Buckeyes a lot to handle.

 Total on the year thus far is 78-42 straight up. That being said, on to the predictions for week 13....

1. Northern Illinois vs Ohio: The Huskies have shown they are the best of the MAC this season but that doesn't mean this won't be a close one. The Bobcats are well coached and never a team to count out by anyone. You can ask some Big Ten schools about the danger the Bobcats can pose on a special day. That being said, this Tuesday night match up will end with the Huskies in the "W" column.

2. Bowling Green vs Toledo: The best of the rest in the MAC face off in a toss up. Go with the Rockets at home.

3. Kansas State vs WVU: KSU, with one conference loss, is still in the  hunt in the Big Twelve. WVU is a dangerous opponent to anyone on the right day. This will be a close game between two squads who are playing (or at least can play) a bit above their talent level. I will toss the coin and go with KSU.

4. North Carolina vs Duke: Duke is having another good year and the Tar Heels were actually picked by the "experts" early to be a pretty good team. This rivalry game should be a good one and I will go with the Blue Devils. So should you.

5. UTEP vs Rice: Rice has the talent to get back on the winning track here when this West Texas bunch comes calling Friday night. Will they? We will see. I am almost tempted to put this one down as an upset of sorts but will stifle that and go with the Owls. Could be close.

6. Air Force vs SDSU: The Aztecs should have had Boise State. It was not to be.  Air Force is the best of the service academies (this season) and may perhaps be one of the best in the Mountain West (of course CSU and BSU fans would have a legitimate argument otherwise).  That being said I will go out on a limb and pick SDSU for the victory.

7. South Alabama vs South Carolina: Could say I was padding the stats again but the Jags are a pretty darn good Sun Belt squad. A decent Sun Belt team can be quite dangerous to a good many teams on any given day. Ask around. I will still go with Spurrier's bunch. It could get ugly. Or not.

8.  BC vs FSU: BC is another dangerous opponent for the Seminoles. At some point Jimbo's squad is going to lose to one of their less than stellar (aren't they all in the ACC?) in conference opponents. BC, like Louisville and Miami before them, have a shot here. The Eagles can be dangerous (ask USC) and should be up for this one. I would still go with the Seminoles but it won't be easy. They have been living on borrowed time this season. That should continue Saturday.

9.  Ole Miss vs Arkansas: This will be a good one. The bloom is off the Rebs somewhat and the Hogs have finally gotten that SEC win. This is a toss up likely. Will the Razorbacks be able to withstand the explosiveness that Ole Miss can bring (will they is another question entirely)? We will see. Go with the Rebs here in a close one.

10. Minnesota vs Nebraska: The Gophers had their chances against the Buckeyes but fell just short and Nebraska was exposed by Wisconsin (actually they were exposed early season by FCS McNeese State). Nebraska has more talent likely but MN is the all around better team. Go with MN.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bartendercabbie Top 25 College Football 11/9/2014

This newfangled college football "playoff" committee group is going to have their hands full. There will be wailing, renting of garments, and gnashing of teeth before too long......When all is said and done this playoff thing will prove to be just about as useless as the now defunct BCS system.

That being said on to the Bartendercabbie system Top 25 for the week.

1. Mississippi State: Major test coming up.

2. FSU: Schedule is slightly suspect.

3. Alabama: One loss team that will have a shot at number one directly.

4. TCU: Quick, quick and quick.

5. Oregon: As above

6. Baylor: Pummeled a decent Sooner squad.

7. Arizona State: Time to give credit where credit due.

8. Auburn: Out of the hunt for the playoff likely but still a contender in the SEC.

9. Ohio State: Getting past the loss to a below average squad early. Major victory last week...

10. Ole Miss: A good SEC team

11. Kansas State: Snyder's team is not finished yet.

12. Michigan State: Bested by the Buckeyes.

13. Nebraska: Don't count them out. A dark horse. Pelini may yet survive the season to fight another year

14. Notre Dame: Not over rated for once. Not under rated either.

15. LSU: Miles is kind of snake bit.

16. Georgia: Jayhawk is right. No defense to speak of.

17. Arizona: One of the best of the rest in the PAC 12.

18. Marshall: Keeps winning. Tough test (possibly) coming up with a good (for CUSA) Rice Owl squad.

19. Clemson: Keeps winning

20. Duke: Another dream season?

21. UCLA: OK

22. Oklahoma: Should be better than they appear. Loads of talent. Still time for redemption in the Big Twelve

23. Wisconsin: Perhaps under rated again.

24. Utah: Dangerous to anyone on the right day perhaps.

25. Colorado State: The best of the MWC?

Almost there in no particular order
Boise State: The best of the MWC?
Minnesota: Certainly better than most seasons
Mizzou: Don't rule them out to be in the SEC Championship Game. With a ( good) bit of luck, they could win the conference. The planets would have to be aligned properly......
West Virginia: Dangerous to anyone on a good day. Looked inept last week against a below average Longhorn squad
Texas A&M: Major victory last week. A rebuild for Sumlin. Would be right there in most conferences.
 Georgia Tech: Perhaps they belong. Some folk believe such.
Louisville: Ditto
Miami: May play their way in

Those with a shot in no particular order
USC: Maybe
Toledo: Good MAC team
Northern Illinois: Ditto
Nevada: Good MWC team
Utah State: And another good MWC team
Memphis: The best of the AAC? Perhaps. Will need to run the table.
Georgia Southern: Believe it. This is a good football team.
East Carolina: Will have to overcome the loss to CT. Will need to run the table.
Rice: Would need to beat Marshall, win CUSA, and win bowl game.
Louisiana Cajuns: Probably not. A good Sun Belt team though.
Stanford: A down year
Cincinnati: Could still make noise in the AAC.
UCF: Ditto
Florida: Perhaps but probably not.
Louisiana Tech: A good CUSA team. The loss to FCS Northwestern State will hurt any chances they may have.
Maryland: Doubtful
Air Force: The best of the service schools this season.
Boston College: Can look pretty good at times.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bartendercabbie System College Football Top 25 11/2/2014

The Bartendercabbie System Top 25 for 11/2/2014.

1. Mississippi State: Survived a scare against a better than their record Razorback squad.

2. FSU: Looked for a while like their undefeated season was going to come to an end.

3. Alabama: I would not count them out to be in the "big game at the end."

4. Auburn: A force in the SEC and nationally.

5. Kansas State: Snyder keeps winning with the crowd he has. Over achievers they may be, but they know how to win.

6. TCU: Exceptionally quick group but defense might be a tad suspect.

7. Oregon: Best of the PAC 12. Don't count them out to be in the final game.

8. Notre Dame: For real this time. May be tripped up before all is said and done.

9. Michigan State: The best of the Big Ten? We will soon see.

10. Baylor: Easy victory against an over matched opponent in their last outing.

11. Arizona State: Keeps winning.

12. Mississippi: A good team that has had some recent set backs. A practice game next on the schedule with an FCS opponent (just a couple years removed from D2) to work out some kinks. Typical of the SEC to schedule a "sure win" in the 2nd third of the season. Doesn't always work as planned......

13. LSU: A bit of a rebuild but a very dangerous team for anyone.

14. Ohio State: Major test coming up.

15. Utah: One of the best of the rest in the PAC 12.

16. Nebraska: Folks are not talking about this one loss team so much. Perhaps they should be.  Maybe the close call with FCS McNeese State is still weighing on folks minds. Could Pelini run the table and make it in? We will see.

17. Oklahoma: Still has a shot in the Big Twelve. A lot of football left to be played

18. Marshall: A good team that will get no consideration from the "college playoff" committee. Reminiscent of the (thankfully) now defunct BCS system?

19. Georgia: Things went horribly wrong last Saturday. An anomaly? Perhaps.

20. Arizona: Another dangerous PAC 12 squad.

21. West Virginia: Can play with anyone on a good day.

22. Clemson: A good ACC team.

23.  UCLA: OK. Perhaps. Not totally convinced they belong. Giving them the benefit of the doubt at this time.

24. Duke: Well coached and plays above talent level. Will reach a decent bowl game.

25. Wisconsin: Perhaps ranked a tad low. 

On the Brink in no particular order
Miami: Well coached. May pose FSU some problems. Under rated perhaps.
Georgia Tech: Could move up.
Colorado State: The best of the Mountain West?
Boise State: As above.
Mizzou: Can look good at times.
USC: Maybe
Louisville: Had FSU and could not close the deal.

Teams with a shot and in no particular order
East Carolina: A conference loss could be forgivable but to be embarrassed by a cellar dweller in the league? Not so much. Could have been worse. SMU could have beaten them. Capable of working their way back in however. Would need to run the table.
Memphis: Better than many think. Would need to run the table the rest of the way.
Houston: Ditto. Seemed to have gotten it together after a rocky start.
Minnesota: A dangerous team to any Big Ten opponent. Had a rough outing recently.
Stanford: A down year
Texas A&M: Perhaps. Unlikely
Florida: If they play like the did last Saturday..........Likely won't happen.
Utah State: A good MWC team.
Toledo: Are they the best of the MAC this season?
Georgia Southern: Moving up from the lower division and doing a pretty darn good job.
Louisiana Cajuns: Would have to run the table and still would probably not be enough. Very good Sun Belt team.
Nevada: Another above average MWC team.
Boston College: Can look good. Can look not so good.
Louisiana Tech: Doing well in CUSA
Rice: May be the only team capable of surprising Marshall this season in CUSA.

That should about do it. Have a good week and enjoy the games. 

Week 11 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

Last week there were some pretty good games on tap. FSU survived as an undefeated but was certainly challenged by a decent Louisville squad. Ole Miss has been exposed (sort of) and Mississippi State had their troubles with a pesky Razorback squad. What the heck happened to Georgia? Don't know. One thing is certain though - this newfangled "playoff" system will prove to be just as useless and unfair as the Bowl Championship Series system.

 Last week the Bartendercabbie System was 6-4 with a total this season of 68-32.

Week 11

1. Clemson vs Wake Forest: The Tigers are a pretty good ACC team and will have little trouble here.

2. Georgia State vs Troy: Troy has not been good in the last few seasons and Georgia State is, at this point, over matched in the upper division. Go with Troy in a close one.

3. Georgia Southern vs Texas State: GSU may be the class of the Sun Belt in their first season in the upper division. They certainly keep winning. Go with the team from Georgia here.

4. KSU vs TCU: One of the big games this week. Both of these teams are quite good with TCU perhaps being the faster of the two. KSU has the better defense. This one will be a toss up and I will go with the Wildcats for the win.

5. Ohio State vs Michigan State: The winner here will still be in contention for the college football "playoff." The loser will be on the outside looking in. Go with the team from Michigan. Could be close.

6. Alabama vs LSU: Are the Tigers capable of ruining Bama's chances in the hunt for the "national title?" Yes. Will they? Doubtful. Go with Bama.

7. Oregon vs Utah: A loss for the Ducks will take them out of "playoff contention" likely. Other than perhaps Oregon, there is a good deal of parity with the best of the rest in this conference. Oregon may be ripe for an upset here but I said the same last week and I will say so this. Go with the Utes.

8. Baylor vs Oklahoma: The Bears still have a chance of making the "playoff" Oklahoma with two losses already does not. Still this will be a good game and I will go with the Sooners here.

9. Iowa State vs Kansas: This will determine which team is really the most inept in the Big Twelve. Probably Kansas. A major rebuild at a very very hard place to be successful. Go with ISU.

10. Marshall vs Southern Mississippi: The better team will win here and that team will be the Thundering Herd. They will likely run the table in CUSA and not get so much as a nod from this "playoff committee." It is arguable perhaps that they should - they have a very easy schedule, but undefeated is undefeated. Can't argue with that.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 10 2014 College Football Predictions

Time is short today so here are the Bartendercabbie System picks for week 10 of the 2014 season. Last week "the System" was 7-3 with a 62-28 record for the year.

On to the work at hand......

1. FSU vs Louisville: This could be one that is dangerous to the Seminoles. Thursday night on the road against a team that can look good at times. Yes, might be a problem.  This, and the Miami game down the road, may be the only real challenges left for the "Noles. FSU does not face Duke this season. Go with the Florida team.

2. Tulsa vs Memphis: Memphis has a legitimate shot in the AAC and a (very) outside chance of finding themselves in the Top25. Tulsa is dismal. Maybe not quite SMU dismal but dismal none the less. Go with the Tigers.

3. Rice vs FIU: The Owls may be the only team in CUSA with an outside shot of taking Marshall down. They should win this one. Go with Rice.          

4. Auburn vs Ole Miss: The big game of the week likely. Ole Miss will be wanting to prove that their loss last week in Tigerland was an anomaly and Auburn is still string to prove they are the best of the best in the SEC. This could be a good one and could possibly  have "playoff" implications. Whoever loses will be on the outside looking in. Toss up and I will go with Ole Miss.

5. Arkansas vs Mississippi State: The Hogs got a much needed win Saturday albeit not a SEC victory. MSU may be the best in the land at this point although it must be noted that the Hogs are not a bad team. Just snake bit. I would pick the team from Mississippi here.

6. San Diego State vs Nevada: Toss up here. I will flip the coin and go with SDSU. Why? Hard to say.

7. Stanford vs Oregon: Oregon is a good football team and Stanford has shown themselves to be a decent group at times. Still, this is the upset of the week likely and I will pick Stanford to pretty much knock the Ducks out of contention for the college "playoff system."

8. Tennessee vs South Carolina: A lot was expected out of USC this season and it has just not panned out. These things happen to be sure. No one really expected too much out of Tennessee, they are still in "rebuild" mode I would guess. Can't use the disaster that was Kiffin as an excuse anymore though. That has been a bit ago and it is wearing thin. This game is another one of those toss ups and I will go with Spurrier's bunch.

9. Utah State vs Hawaii: These particular Aggies have shown themselves to be a pretty good Mountain West team and Hawaii has not been very good since the June Jones era. It is likely Norm will be gone after this season. Maybe they should ask Jones to come back? He sure didn't do much with the Dallas rich kids (SMU) though. Look for Utah State to take this one.

10. Houston vs South Florida: Houston seems to have turned a corner and now may prove to be a dark horse in the AAC. Or not. South Florida is just not a very good ball club although I do like the HC. He should have stayed where he was frankly. Go with Houston for the win here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

BartenderCabbie System College Football Top 25 10/19/2014

The Seminole/Irish match up yesterday was a good one and no mistake. Notre Dame lost on the back of a semi controversial call against them in the last seconds or they would have had the FSU cold. Notre Dame is for real and will  move up in the rankings despite the loss. Question is; could the Noles and/or the Fighting Irish play with and have a better than even chance against the best of the best of the SEC? Probably so. It is entirely possible that one or both of them will meet an SEC opponent in the upcoming college football "playoff." Of course there are a couple of Big Ten teams to consider along with perhaps one out of the PAC 12 and one or two out of the Big Twelve. A lot of football left to be played before we get to that.....
 However this newfangled "playoff" works out we can be sure of one thing. It will leave some deserving teams out in the cold. Probably won't be much (if any) better than the much maligned and now defunct BCS.

On to the BartenderCabbie System Top 25....

1. Ole Miss: A trouncing of a lower middle of the pack SEC opponent keeps them in the number one spot.

2. FSU: Close call with the Irish. Not much left on their schedule.

3. Mississippi State: Idle.

4. Alabama: Redemption of sorts with them absolutely destroying the Aggies. Kiffin lives to fight another day? One can bet Nick won't put up with any losing ways..........

5. Auburn: Idle.

6. Notre Dame: This team is for real. Perhaps (just perhaps) ranked a bit low.

7. Oregon: The only PAC 12 team that matters as far as the national picture goes. Well probably. The PAC 12 has a lot of parity it seems.

8. Michigan State: A good ball team. Better than Ohio State at this point? Time will tell.

9. Ohio State: Moving up. Getting past the stigma of the early season defeat at the hands of a mediocre Hokie squad.

10. TCU: Better than anyone expected. Let one get away a couple of weeks back.

11. Kansas State: Snyder has a tough schedule remaining. If they run the table?.........

12. Georgia: Best of the second tier SEC teams.

13. Baylor: A lot of people not totally surprised that WVU topped the Bears. The BartenderCabbie system picked them for the win but it was noted that they did have trouble getting their offense started a while back against the Longhorns. Of course there was the huge comeback on the Frogs.......The Bears are a good team that can play with anyone on a good day but might falter to just above average teams on a bad one.

14. Oklahoma: Still in the Big Twelve race but likely knocked out of contention for the national "playoffs."

15. Arizona: Benefit of the doubt.

16. Arizona State: Ditto

17. West Virginia: Dana may keep his job if this continues.

18. East Carolina: A dangerous squad for anyone outside the Top 10. Perhaps a problem for a few in that are in that elite bunch.

19. Nebraska: Perhaps ranked a bit high here. Time will tell.

20. Minnesota: The Gophers are having a dream season as far as such things go. Can they sustain?

21. Marshall: See East Carolina. Same thing here. Only team left on the schedule who could give them problems would be Rice. The Owls would have to have an exceptionally good day and catch the Herd on a bad one.

22. Utah: Been a while but in the PAC 12 anything seems possible

23. USC: Better than when Kiffin was there. To be sure. 

24. Clemson: Had their troubles last Saturday. Wishy washy group.

25. LSU: Had a good game against a better than average Kentucky squad. Will they be able to continue forward?

Teams right on the edge.
1. Duke: Quietly building a good season. Well coached bunch.
2. UCLA: Perhaps. Can be dangerous to anyone on a good day.
3. Colorado State: Is this the best of the Mountain West? Hard to say. Toss up likely between the Rams and the Broncos.
4. Louisville: OK. Perhaps. Petrino does know how to win.
5. BYU: I'm not counting them out to fight their way back into the Top 25. Tough one with Boise coming up.

Teams with a shot of entry -  in no particular order
1. Houston: Improving it seems. QB change seemed to do wonders. Handled a better than usual Temple squad with relative ease.
2. Oklahoma State: Can be pretty good. Can be very bad.
4. Stanford: May yet make it in.
5. Boise State: Not a major player in the national picture for a couple of seasons but a very good Mountain West team. Dangerous.
6. Memphis: Look for the Tigers to make further moves in the AAC.
7. Arkansas: If they would quit shooting themselves in the foot this would be a good team. Needs a kicking game to be sure. Dismal.
8. Mizzou: Hard to gauge. Can look good. Can look bad.
9. Kentucky: Has a tough row to hoe the remainder of the season. If they bounce back they could conceivably make it in. Might surprise some folk before all is said and done.
10. South Carolina: I would not count out Spurrier's bunch just yet.
11. Texas Agriculture: They looked terrible against the Tide. Horrific. They are not that bad. Are they?
13. North Dakota State: Would have a shot if they played in the upper division. They don't.
14. Maryland: I don't know. They got some votes. The Turtles in the Big Ten just doesn't seem right to me.
15. Miami: Could make some noise before all is said and done.
16. Arkansas State: Perhaps if they run the table in the Sun Belt and some (quite a few) folks falter. Long shot. Probably the best of the SBC. Has a tough one with the Cajuns upcoming.
17. Wisconsin: A pretty good Big Ten team.
18. Georgia Tech: Probably not.
19. UCF: Good team in the AAC. Has a shot at the top spot in that conference and reaching a pretty decent bowl game.
20. PSU: Perhaps. Franklin is a good coach. Maybe next year?
21. Temple: Unlikely.
22. Rutgers: Ditto. 
23. Georgia Southern: Unlikely to be sure but they are 4-0 in conference play. Will be a good SBC team before all is said and done.

Have a good week and enjoy the games. 


Week 9 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

The big FSU/Notre Dame game is in the books with the Seminoles coming away with a victory albeit a controversial (perhaps) penalty in the last seconds against the Irish that would have put them in the W column. Looked like a legitimate penalty but it has become somewhat of an issue. Be that as it may, the Seminoles were victorious and will likely find themselves in the first spot in some of the national polls especially since Mississippi State had the weekend off. One thing is certain though, Notre Dame is back as a force to reckon with on the national scene and for the first time in years, is not over rated. A legitimate Top 10 team and no mistake.

One can say the same probably for the Tide. The loss to Ole Miss and the close call with the Hogs were put behind them in the utter demolishing of the Aggies. I expected victory but certainly did not see that coming. The loss margin should put the Texas team just out of the Top 25 this week.

The Razorbacks just can't seem to quit shooting themselves in the foot. Week after week. There were chances to win against the Aggies and of course the Tide. Last week they came roaring back on the Bulldogs in the second half after the mostly self inflicted disaster that was the first. If I was Brett I would have an open call for tryouts in the kicking game. The Razorback kicking game is a disaster. The worst in the country I'm sure. That, at least, would be a start. The team is snake bit.

Over in the Big Twelve, Baylor fell to an under the radar and pretty darn good WVU squad. Dana needs a good season to keep his job probably and this win was needed. Oklahoma State has been exposed. Just too much inconsistency in Stillwater.
One could say the same of the Sooners perhaps (or perhaps not). They have the most talent in the conference to be sure but something is a bit off this season and their second conference loss may put them out of contention for the Big Twelve title and almost certainly drops them from consideration to be included in the college football "playoff."
KSU is right there but there is a lot of football left to be played. The Wildcats are a good team but will be challenged for the remainder of the schedule. Texas up next for them......

Last week the BartenderCabbie System was 5-5 for a total this season of 55-25. On to the predictions for Week 9.....

1. Arkansas State vs Louisiana Cajuns: Another Tuesday night match up and it could be a good one. The Cajuns seemed to get back on track last week and the Red Wolves are probably the team to beat in the Sun Belt. Go with the team from Arkansas.

2. Miami vs Virginia Tech: Evenly matched? Hard to say. After the Hokies win over Ohio State put them on the radar early, their season has imploded. The Hurricanes may be better than some think and I will go with them for the win. Could be close. It is likely Miami will be the only team left in the ACC with a shot of knocking FSU down a peg. That one is down the road and will be one to watch.......

3. Texas vs KSU: KSU had a very good win over the Sooners and Texas found a way to knock Iowa State off in the last seconds. That one looked like it would go into overtime but, like the Hogs of the SEC, the Cyclones are snake bit. This will be a close game and KSU will come away with a victory.

4. Ole Miss vs LSU: Is this the week that the Rebs finally lose one? Probably not, but LSU is quite capable of pulling off the upset if Ole Miss falters any. That being said, go with the team from Mississippi.

5. Michigan vs Michigan State: One of the two games the Wolverines must win if Brady has any hope of keeping his job. They won't. Go with MSU here.

6. WVU vs Oklahoma State: Another good one? Depends on which OSU team shows up. Go with the team from West Virginia although the Cowboys probably won't get stomped like they did last week in their visit to Fort Worth.

7. Georgia Southern vs Georgia State: Although Arkansas State is the team to beat in the Sun Belt, Georgia Southern is right there in the mix. This team will be find success in this conference after moving up from the lower division. Go with GSU here.

8. Boise State vs BYU: This one is a toss up. The Broncos are a good Mountain West team and BYU could still, before all is said and done, find themselves back in the top 25. Well maybe not. The loss of their exceptional starting QB derailed them but they can be a pretty good team none the less. I will flip that coin and go with the Cougars.

9. FAU vs Marshall: Go with the Herd. They may well run the table in CUSA.

10. Memphis vs SMU: The Tigers need a victory to get back on track and there appears to be no better place to do so than at Southern Methodist. Go with Memphis here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Truth and Questions From The Cab #10 with Rule 5

Time is short so onto a bit of truth and a few questions. Bartendercabbie style........

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is still a dumbass. She is in the trenches now leading us in the fight against the dreaded "eboler" virus. May God be with her and weave.

2. Melissa Harris-Perry is a racist fool.

3. The only way to rid the world of the plague that is ISIS (ISIL) is extermination and yes extermination means killing every last one who spits between two shoes. You know it. I know it. Won't be done though. You know that too. The only folk who likely have the stomach for such a job are those whacky (in their own right) mullahs in Tehran. We would never allow that of course......sanctity of human life and all that....

4. Is the cat out of the bag now and the Ebola virus here to stay to one degree or another? You know the answer to that don't you? I think you do.

5. Why is the southern border still not closed to all but legitimate business and tourist traffic?

6. I heard somewhere the that the Federal Govt. main job is to defend the nation. Yes I'm positive I have heard that. At some time or other.

7. Is it stupid to send American troops to West Africa to help "combat" Ebola? I'll take the liberty of answering that one. Yes. This might be the first and only time in my life that I would not hold a service member in low esteem for simply saying "I ain't going." "Fuck you." There is no discernible benefit here. None. 

8. Remember recently when some fruitloop or other said that we had an obligation to help Liberia due to our past history?  Because we are a "guilty" country - or something.  I think he should suit up, head out, and take up permanent residence.  Put his money where his mouth is. So to speak. Go on a humanitarian quest as it were. Of course that won't happen. A pusillanimous dolt like many (but by no means all)  hardcore leftists I would wager. But should he decide to sack up I say, "Delta is ready when you are."

9. There is a guy at work who is a young "liberal." You know, first job out of college and all that. The kinda guy who might not necessarily suck on a wing wong but probably would hold one for a little bit.The other day I asked him to stop"screeching" at me. I left out the "like a queen in a beauty shop" part. Saved myself a trip to HR most likely. Sometimes ya just gotta reign it in. Here and there as it might be.

10. Nigeria can hold deaths from Ebola to about 38 percent of the people unlucky enough to become so afflicted I hear. The U.S. should be able to do much better than that. What percentage we can do so is beyond an educated wager likely. Still, this has the potential to damage the economy and cause a certain amount of death. This might (or might not) get real ugly.  Will real ugliness come to pass? Your guess is good as mine. Already some folk have held children out of school because of this thing. Over reaction? You tell me. Keep in mind however that we have quite a large number of deaths from the flu yearly and, at times, businesses and schools here and there have to close and no one thinks that over reaction. Ebola appears (is?) to be much harder to contract (or so the experts tell us) but that does not mean a panic can and will not ensue over the disease and this panic may or may not be justified.

11. The learned folk at the CDC might not really know what they are talking about concerning this whole Ebola thing. In the least. Shocked?

12. I have been beating around the bush and if you must have it, have it then. Our national government has endangered the public by not immediately closing all traffic between various nations in Africa and this country. They have put us all in danger. They have failed in the defense of this nation and should be held accountable.  Borders on treason? No. It is treason. Unintentional treason, but treason none the less.  Don't want to sound alarmist and it is a probability that the virus will go underground (so to speak) and have very little affect. That means nothing and beside the point. The cat is out of the bag, the virus is here, and it was preventable. Period. It is almost as if the Cuban Navy (all two patrol boats still operational) shelled Key West and the fedgov did nothing in the way of response. Except talk and back peddle of course. That goes without saying. Always.

13. On a happier note; There are probably at least 10 teams in the college football ranks who still have a shot of reaching the upper division "playoffs" and ultimately appearing in the "big game at the end." I am looking forward to the drama. Pretty sure ND State will again be the champ in the division just a step lower. That might should go without saying perhaps. The Bison are one good football team.

14. For the first time in years I rooted for the Cowboys the other day. Romo suddenly looks like a competent QB and it is always nice to see Pete Carroll lose. He (Carroll) is a scumbag and there should be no dispute. That is probably about the extent of my interest in the NFL so far this season.

15. Will Brady Hoke last out the season? If his squad can beat MSU and the hated Buckeyes it may be a possibility. Slight? I wager Brady will find himself employed in the FCS or a less prestigious program before too long. Nothing wrong with that. Can happen to the best of them. Michigan fans, like so many others (Florida, Georgia, LSU Nebraska, Texas, USC, Notre Dame, etc. etc.), expect no less than to be in contention for the somewhat mythical national championship of college football. Folks will raise holy hell when a few bad seasons fall upon them. It happens to most, (except Saban who has apparently sold his soul to Old Scratch), at one time or another.

Enough already. How about some rule 5? Two or three Latin honeys OK with you? Nothing too risque mind. Just enough to bring wood to a young man.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

BartenderCabbie System College Football Top 25 10/12/2014

It looks like both the AP and USA today have moved the Bulldogs of Mississippi State into the number one slot above the Seminoles. They have played a tougher schedule and no mistake. This following may look like SEC bias but believe me, it is not. The BC System picks for 10/12/2014 are as follows.....

1. Ole Miss:  Can't argue with the success here. Scratch the opinion that the Tide would take two of three against the Rebs. Maybe not this year it appears. Did have some trouble with Memphis a couple weeks back.

2. Mississippi State: This is a good football team. Hands down. Interchangeable with their rival down the road perhaps. One of them certainly deserves to be ranked number one at this point.

3. FSU: When will Winston prove to be a liability? This team is dangerous but too many distractions with this young dude may prove to be too much at some point. Or not. He is ridiculous as one "Johnny Football" with some questions on possible and alleged criminal tendencies that young Johnny did not have (the autograph "scandal" notwithstanding). Not ranked number one due to weaker schedule.

4. Alabama: Need to get offense on track and correct the special teams blunders. Could easily have lost to the Hogs. Still a team (but not the team) to beat in the SEC. Kiffin a liability already?

5. Auburn: Good football team that had an off (a very off) day. Some questions though. KSU should have beat them right out of the starting gate.

6. Oklahoma: Despite the loss to the Frogs, the Sooners are still perhaps the team to ultimately beat in the Big Twelve. Will be challenged by a pretty good KSU squad upcoming.

7. Baylor: Or perhaps the Bears are the team to beat.

8. Oregon: Very good squad but do not seem to be a great team. Still I would not completely rule them out for the "big game at the end." They can catch fire quickly.

9. Notre Dame: Survived a scare against a very beatable (by much of the upper division) NC team.  To be fair, even the top teams have their scare it seems. Happens to them all nearly every year.

10. TCU: Good win over Oklahoma a couple of weeks back. Had the Bears on the ropes. Let Baylor finally get their potentially explosive offense in gear.

11. Michigan State: Right now the class of the Big Ten. Keep it up and they might make a football team.

12. Kansas State: This week upcoming will prove if they belong or not.

13. Georgia: Loss of star RB (not QB - h/t to Jayhawk) did not seem to much matter against a fairly decent Mizzou squad.

14. Ohio State: Well they do keep winning.

15. Texas A&M: Has talent, well coached and could make a major turn around. Has a fearless young gun behind center but it is a bit of a rebuild in College Station.

16. Arizona: Could be. Perhaps not.

17. Stanford: Ditto

18. East Carolina: A "mid major" looking pretty darn good. Could they play with the Top 10? Perhaps on a good day. A very good day.

19. Marshall: Will have to settle for the lower half of the Top 25 even if the table is run. Face no teams from the so called "power" conferences this season. That is a shame. This team might surprise a lot of folk likely. Good staff. Excellent man behind center. Appears to be a well rounded team and I would be surprised if they don't run the table in CUSA.

20. Arizona State: Graham is an ass but he does know a bit about winning.

21. Nebraska: Pelini will be gone. Mark it. The folk in Lincoln expect no less than competing for conference champion. Pine for the glory days these Great Plains people. That is why they left the Big Twelve. What? That's not the reason? Try to be honest with yourself.

22. Clemson: Clawing their way back in? Seems so.

23. Utah: Like much of the PAC 12 other than Oregon, it is hard to say whether they really belong or not. Benefit of the doubt here.

24. Arkansas: Despite the record. Lose next week though.....

25. USC: Maybe. Improved without Kiffin it seems. Funny, things are just a bit off in Lane's new home right about now. Yes, just a tad off. The whole Bama situation makes Nick mess his hair up a least twice (a la Mack Brown) on game day.

One the brink in no particular order
1. Minnesota: Seems to keep winning....
2. Wisconsin: A pretty good Big Ten team.....
3. Iowa: Another Big Ten team that could break in.
4. LSU: A rebuild year but dangerous to most on a good day.
5. Kentucky: Has done well so far. The road gets tougher. We will see what they are really made of. Directly.
6. Oklahoma State: I am just not convinced. Can be good. Can be horrific. A lot of football left to be played.
7. Washington: No one talking about these guys. Yet.

A few others that could break in - no particular order
1. Memphis: Jumped the gun a week back and ranked this squad. A tough team though and could certainly make noise in their weird conference.
2. Boise State: Run the table and they could get in.
3. Rutgers: Rutgers? Yes
4. Temple: Has a tough test coming up shortly with an apparently improving Houston team.
5. Utah State: Building a good season. Good wins against pretty good teams last two outings.
6. UCLA: Could turn things around.
7. Florida: Doubtful but possible. Coaching staff history after this season. Bet on it.
7. South Carolina: Same with the exception that Spurrier is going no where. Unless he just has had enough of course. Some of his assistants may find themselves looking for other digs though.
8. West Virginia: Might be a better team than folks suspect.
9. Colorado State: Overlooked. May be the best of the Mountain West. Or not.
10. Louisville: Petrino knows how to win before he leaves a program in shambles.
11. Duke: Good win last week.
12. Georgia Tech: Was undefeated until beaten by the above. Could make some noise in conference and find their way back in the rankings. Or not.
13. UCF: Under the radar this season. Pretty tough in conference it appears.
14. Virginia: Perhaps. Doubtful. 
15. Arkansas State: Likely the best of the Sun Belt. Run the table in conference, win a bowl game, have help from above and it is slightly possible. Well, probably not. This school seems to be the cradle of top notch coaches here of late.
16. Miami: With an ACC schedule anything is possible. Does face FSU down the road. Well coached but perhaps lacking in talent.
17. Air Force: Unlikely entry at this point but the best of the service schools this season. A tough team for a lot of squads on a good day.
19. Virginia Tech: OK. So they say. Did get some votes in the AP I believe.
20. ND State: Again best of the FCS could possibly fall into the rankings if they played in the "big time." They don't but there is more than one ranked team's coaching staff that would be wary of meeting this bunch. Maybe even a couple of three in the Top 10 who would be a bit "skeered" to face off with the Bison I would wager.
21. Mizzou: Would have to have a turn around. Well coached. 

See you next week.

Why I Like The Owls Chances in CUSA

Rice now stands at 3-3 (1-1 in conference) and has a possible (long) shot at the title in CUSA. The Owls started off the year at Notre Dame and Texas Agriculture and had somewhat commendable performances against these two Top 25 teams. True the Aggies have been exposed somewhat but still a very good team none the less. Out of the Owl's class to be sure. After these two brutal games against top notch opponents, Rice came home and was upended by a moving up from the lower division Old Dominion squad and folks began braying that this would be a losing season for the Owls. I disagree.
Truth be told, Rice was beat up after their first two outings and just were not ready for another game quite yet against anyone. The Rice squad is always undersized due mainly to the fact that the school (reportedly) does not compromise on the academic standards that all students must meet to be admitted to the university. To be blunt and honest, the dummy factor does not exist at the small university. Likely won't see much thuggishness over that way. Very few "fluff" courses at Rice to be sure.
Since the loss to ODU (which has done very little since beating the Owls) Rice has gone 3-0 for a record, thus far, of 3-3. They won't challenge Marshall, a Top 25 team, likely but it will be a shoot out between the Owls and probably Louisiana Tech for runner up. I like their chances.

Look for the Owls to appear again in the post season.

Week 8 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

There has been a lot of talk the last few years about the SEC being the dominant conference in college football. The conversation always causes a lot of hate and discontent. Why? The detractors always point out, and rightly so, the SEC tendency to schedule "cupcakes" in non conference play. The SEC, as egregious offenders as they may be, are not alone. Fact is, the SEC is the best conference in college play. Not to say that the best team in the country always resides in conference. All "power" leagues and sometimes one or more of the "mid majors" have at least one team that could challenge the top dogs in the SEC, but the southern group just always has at least 5 to 6 squads that would compete for top spot anywhere else.
 Take Arkansas for instance. If the Hogs were in say the Big Ten (ACC, PAC12, etc. etc.) they would be a contender for, if not the top spot, at least the second slot. Again this does not necessarily mean the SEC has the best team in the land. FSU may (or may not) again qualify for that position this season but the argument can be made (and is) that if FSU (Notre Dame, Ohio State, etc.) were in the SEC they would lose at least two and possibly more conference games.
If that doesn't qualify the Southeastern bunch for title of "best" in the land, I don't know what does.

Last week the BartenderCabbie System was 6-4 for a record thus far in the 2014 season of 50-20 straight up.

On to the predictions for week 7

1. Louisiana Cajuns vs Texas State: The Cajuns don't quite seem to be running on all cylinders this season while the Bobcats seem to be a fairly good Sun Belt ball club. It looks like Tuesday night Sun Belt action is with us again and I will take Texas State to win this one at home in San Marcos.

2. Temple at Houston: The Cougars had a nice win over a Memphis squad that is much better than they have been in years past. Houston made a QB change last week and it seemed to get them on track. This conference is wide open with ECU being ranked and Temple, Houston, UCF, Memphis, and perhaps Cincinnati all having a shot. This game should be a toss up between a better than expected Owl squad and a Cougar team that may (or may not) have found themselves. I will go with the Owls in a close one.

3. Baylor vs WVU: WVU is quietly building a good season and the Bears came roaring back to take one away from TCU last week. Baylor is the more talented squad but it would be a mistake to discount the Mountaineers here. Go with Baylor but it may be close. Depends really if the Bears can get their explosive offense in gear.

4. TAMU vs Alabama: The Aggies have been exposed. A lower top 25 team to be sure but certainly not what they were season last. Some would say the Tide has also been exposed but I would not quite go there. Yet.  This is certainly a "down" year for them (Kiffin strikes again?) but this "analyst" would not rule them out just right now from appearing in the big game at the end. This game could be a good one and the Tide will have to get their offense in gear and avoid the ridiculous miscues that plagued them in Fayetteville Saturday last to win. Go with the Tide in a close one.

5. Georgia vs Arkansas: The Hogs, despite their record, may well be a lower Top 25 team. Georgia is Georgia, a good team that will just not quite be there at the end. Put them in the Big Ten though and they would be "right there" but we already had that conversation I believe. At any rate the "loss" of their starting QB did not seem to be much of a bother for them last week at Mizzou and that is certainly a consideration here. That being said, this is the week that the Razorbacks will snap that SEC losing streak. Go with the Hogs.

6. Iowa State vs Texas: These teams may be pretty evenly matched if truth be told with Texas perhaps taking the edge in the talent department. Will be a good game (or at least a close one) most likely and I will go with the Longhorns for the win.

7. KSU vs Oklahoma: This one will say a lot about both teams that are right there in the hunt in the Big Twelve. The Sooners certainly had their struggles with the Longhorns but that is to be somewhat expected in that huge rivalry game. KSU had a week off to prepare and Snyder surely has his squad ready. Go with the Wildcats to pull off a minor upset here.

8. Stanford vs Arizona State: Who can figure this conference out? It appears to be a bunch of pretty good (but other than perhaps Oregon, far from really good) teams beating up on each other week after week with the outcome being utterly unpredictable. A lot of parity here it seems. This particular contest is another one of those games that looks to be a complete toss up so the coin will be flipped and I will go with the California team. Why? Don't know. The fact that Graham is a scumbag has little to do with it. The ASU kids can't help that he is the coach (until he leaves them in the lurch for "greener" pastures.)

9. Kentucky vs LSU: When was the last time the Wildcats were discussed as possible participants in the Top 25? Doesn't happen often to be sure. Don't think they will find their way in this week but they may well be on the cusp. The Tigers are having a down year (a rebuild) and of course the faithful are calling for Miles' head. I have heard Briles' name bandied around a bit......That being said, the Tigers have better talent but are reloading. The Wildcats are probably at the pinnacle and this will be their chance to make a statement of sorts in the SEC and take down the Tigers. Go with the Wildcats with the upset.

10. Notre Dame vs FSU: The "big one" they say. Don't know about that really. The Irish are somewhat over rated likely, although not grossly so as is the usual case. The Seminole schedule has been a bit weak (to say the least) and there is the ongoing Winston saga that sooner or later will prove the distraction that costs them. Will this be the week that the doubters (myself included) give the Irish the respect that the faithful believe they deserve or will it be the week that the FSU doubters get to say "told you so?" Hard to say. Notre Dame was certainly challenged by a below par North Carolina team Saturday and a couple of weeks back the 'Noles had all they could handle with, what has proven to be, a well below average Wolfpack squad. To think some of us were beginning to take NC State seriously at one point. Who will win this contest?  If I were a betting man I would go with FSU. So should you.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bimbo Harris-Perry and Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee Strike Again

I have refrained for a while about getting into anything other than my opium - college football. Love the game and my half baked, often slightly biased, and sometimes downright wrong analysis of of college teams and contests rivals that in win and loss predictions of so called "experts." Better than quite a few if truth be told. Be that as it may, that is not what I am wanting to speak of right about now.

There are a plethora of major problems in the nation and the world that deserve attention. (Some deserve to be ignored by the U.S but that is another story entirely.) ISIS and other assorted Mohammedan gangs are always an issue with this ISIS (ISIL) crew (among others) perhaps posing a real danger to the Western world (not to mention their immediate neighbors, "rival" religion, etc.) The Ebola thing has become a problem, Russia flexing her muscles, the open southern border, ineptness and idiocy from the federal level of govt, etc. etc. etc. is enough to wear on the nerves. Of course the non stop blathering on what passes for "news outlets" doesn't really help matters either.

Recently the Ebola thing has taken the headlines away from the Oklahoma beheading and even our continuing war with Islam. (What's that you say? Not at war with the religion of peace? My bad, as the kids say). Yes folks right now Ebola is the hot ticket on the news and luckily for those of us interested in good comedy - Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee has spouted some priceless dumbassery on the subject.
 Her little speaking engagement at the Houston big airport on the "eboler" crises was above and beyond. Why Sheila does not have her own comedy hour somewhere is beyond me. After speaking at length about "eboler" (trying to portray herself as an expert of sorts), she then informed a grateful nation that we did not need to conduct a "witch hunt." Not quite sure what she meant there but, to give credit where credit due, at least Dumbass Lee was attempting in her own typical bizarre way to shed some light on the very serious subject of public health.

Now this Melissa Harris-Perry is something else entirely. Of all the idiots at MSNBC she wears the crown. Holds the blue ribbon so to speak. Think of one as liberal (or more) as Maddow but not endowed with near the intelligence. Think what you will about Rachel, but it would be hard for an honest person to consider her "dumb." Many do not like her but to dismiss her as stupid would be the prerogative of the blind to any objectiveness. There is no such problem when one speaks or thinks of this Harris-Perry. She is an idiot and there is no dispute. She reminds me a bit of leftist internet blogger and "podcaster" (whatever that is) D r i f t g l a s s  - a well spoken (written) fool.
Perry's latest rant dismissing the Oklahoma beheading as "workplace violence" (and nothing more) stinks of pig headedness.  She is right for certain that the incident was a case of "workplace violence" but it goes much further than that. It was a political statement by a supporter (wannabe) of ISIS. She is right up there with all the deniers that the shooting at Fort Hood a while back was a case of "workplace violence" with no pseudo religious/political overtones. Funny thing, I would imagine that this Harris-Perry garbage knows, deep down, that the attack was motivated by some sick religious fervor, but chooses to be obtuse and deny it (for ratings and notoriety likely).  Not only deny it but with her arrogance and effrontery imply (without saying it) that those who know otherwise are somehow evil and racist. Stupid woman this Harris-Perry and no mistake.

Between the ridiculous excuse for a journalist Harris- Perry and the comedic absurdities of Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee, I would actually place Harris-Perry (What's up with that hyphenated name baby?)  above Lee in the dumbass category. Far above. Lee tends to think that her blathering means something and we, collectively, want and need to hear them for our own good while Perry is nothing more than a vicious, racist, fool.

Considering Harris-Perry a mere dumbass though might be a mistake. If she had a job that mattered (such as the one Sheila holds) she would be dangerous.

Thankfully she is just a forgettable dolt. Mere toilet paper as it were.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bartender Cabbie System Top 25 College Football 10/5/2014

Last week there was a huge shake up with more than one (to say the least) of the Top 10 falling into the "L" column and even more in the Top 25 finding themselves knocked out by previously unranked teams. "Historic day" some say. I would have to agree.....
Some of the rankings following may surprise by at the Bartender Cabbie System the "would a team win two of three" rule prevails early and mid season. 

1. Auburn: The Tigers take the place of FSU due, in part, to a tougher schedule. They have only been seriously challenged by a likely better than expected Kansas State team.

2. FSU: Trouble with NC State two weeks back who turned around  and got pummeled by Clemson. There are a few question marks yet about this FSU squad. Not many granted.

3. Alabama: Here is where it gets difficult. Bama? The team beaten by the Rebs is still in the top three? Yes. Two of three times the Ole Miss would likely lose to the Tide.

4. Ole Miss: This team is for real. Chinks in the armor perhaps judging by the Memphis game two weeks back. Probably the best QB in the college ranks at this time. The field general at BYU is out for the season and that solidifies Wallace one of the best if not the best.

5. Mississippi State: Well coached and a good team. No longer under rated. Over rated? We will see.

6. Michigan State: The team to beat in the Big Ten.

7. Oklahoma: Again the rule of two out of three applies to place the Sooners over the team that beat them.

8. Notre Dame: Hard fought victory of a pretty darn good Stanford squad.

9. Baylor: Had trouble getting the offense going against the Longhorns.

10. TCU: Very good win. Can they sustain?

11. Georgia: Keeps winning. When will the fall come really come for the Bulldogs? It is what they do.

12. Oregon: Will shake off the loss and be a force in PAC12 and perhaps on the national scene.

13. Ohio State: Back on track. Still a lot of time for an implosion. It could happen.

14. KSU: Really should have defeated Auburn out of the gate. May find themselves in the Top 10 if things go right. Could just as easily drop.

15. Texas Agricultural and Mechanical: A good team but could fall further.

16. Arizona: Could be for real. Been a while. Excellent win against the Ducks. 

17. East Carolina: The best of the AAC? Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

18. Stanford: Could still make some noise in the PAC12.

19. UCLA: Ditto

20. Oklahoma State: Keeps winning. Could very well move up. Not convinced quite yet. 

21. Arkansas: Forget the record. This is a good team. They may even stay in the Top 25 with an upcoming "good" loss to the Tide. A blow out loss would likely drop them from the standings. A win? Hmmmm.

22. Georgia Tech: Undefeated. Will face a pretty tough Duke squad next.

24. Clemson: Redemption of sorts with a blow out victory over the team that gave FSU fits.

24. Marshall: Yep. A good team that should run the table in CUSA.

25. Memphis: A tough team for anyone at this point. Ask Ole Miss and UCLA.

On the bubble and in no particular order
1. Louisville: Petrino knows how to win before he destroys a program. Unfortunate I know.
2. Rutgers: Some say this is a dark horse team and better than expected.
3. Mizzou: Has talent. Not quite what they were last season but a quality team none the less that could surprise some SEC folk on a good day.
4. Northern Illinois: The best of the MAC.
5. Wisconsin: Perhaps should still be included. Could still challenge in the Big Ten.
6. Northwestern: Continues to improve it appears.
7. LSU: Can they stop the implosion?
8. USC: Ditto. Still much better than when Lane was there.
9. Boise State: May need to run the table in conference.
10. Arkansas State: Would need to run table in conference.
11. South Carolina: Would have to have a major turn around.
12. North Dakota State: OK. They play in the lower division but there is a possibility that they would be a Top 25 team if in the upper class. A strong possibility. Likely again champion of the FCS.
13. NC State: Probably not. Coach Dave may soon find that he wishes he was back at the helm at NIU. He already might.
14. Virginia: Still a better team than they have had in the recent past. A fairly good season might save the coaching staff.
15. Virginia Tech: Beamer likely still secure. No one considers them a danger to break into the Top 10 for the past few seasons. Still a dangerous team for anyone. Ask the Buckeyes.
16. Miami: Would have to have a turn around. Well coached. Talent level suspect.
17. Temple: Really? Yes. Well, probably not.
18. Arizona State: Right on the cusp.
19. Duke: We will see what they really are made of next week.
20. BYU: Can they bounce back from their loss to the Aggies of Utah State and, even more importantly, the loss of their top notch QB?
21. Kentucky: When was the last time the Wildcats were even considered a prospect for the Top 25?
22. Nebraska: Bo will likely be pounding the pavement after all is said and done.
24. Washington: We will see. PAC12 is wide open.
25. Air Force: May need to run the table in conference. Might be capable of just that.
26. Nevada: If they shake off the loss and run the table it is a possibility. Slight. 
27. WVU: Dana has to win. It is possible still to ride that dark horse in the now wide open BIG Twelve.
28. Minnesota: Only hiccup was the blow out loss to TCU. Could be a dark horse to make a major move in the Big Ten. Northwestern, another dark horse, up next. 
29. ULM: Shake off loss and run the rest of the Sun Belt table. Never mind.
30. Utah: Perhaps.

Probably forgot somebody but if that be the case, they are a long long shot for the Bartender Cabbie Top 25. Someone always moves up or down though. Tough to predict this college football.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BartenderCabbie System College Football Top 25 9/30/2014

The college football season now is going into the sixth week and, while there is a lot of question mark, some of the cream is rising to the top.

1. FSU: An escape from a better than expected NC State team nearly knocked them out of the top spot. Likely interchangeable with Oklahoma and Alabama at this point. The Bartendercabbie System will stick with the AP in this matter. For now.

2. Oklahoma: Looking like a team on the move. Could be number one. Could be number three.

3. Alabama: Could be interchangeable with number one or two.

4. Oregon: Top notch but there have been a few red flags.

5. Auburn: No reason (yet) to keep them out of the top 5.

6. Baylor: Still hard to say what they have certain. Looking good but a very weak schedule thus far.

7. Michigan State: Best of the Big Ten. Wisconsin at their heels. Ohio State? Hard to say.

8. Notre Dame: A legitimate top 10 team? Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

9. Texas Agriculture: May be ranked a bit high here. Or not.

10. UCLA: Another PAC 12 team with some question marks? You bet. Still the record shows.....

11. Mississippi: Had a good bit of trouble with Memphis last week. Thing is, the Tigers might be a top 25 team this season.

12. Mississippi State: Good team. Perhaps under rated what with them being Mississippi State and all.

13. Wisconsin: Up and coming. Could challenge in the Big Ten.

14. LSU: Yeah. Maybe.

15. Georgia: Have probably reached the pinnacle of success in the polls.

16. Stanford: Off a tad. We will see what they (and Notre Dame) are really made of directly.

17. BYU: A dangerous team for anyone at this point.

18. USC: A legitimate top 25 squad this season. What a difference a year makes.

19. Kansas State: Snyder will do more with a little. It is what he (usually) does.

20. North Carolina State: Really? Yep.  Perhaps a team on the move. Had FSU on the ropes. What happened?

21. Arkansas: The Hogs? Yes. Their run oriented offense will bother some folk in the SEC. Their defense will need to step up. Thrown the record out the window. For now.

22. Nebraska: The McNeese State near loss sticks out with this team. They are capable of dismal play. Perhaps ranked a bit high.

23. Ohio State: Have a lot to prove yet. Coaching staff may be the problem here. Loads of talent.

24. Oklahoma State: Not sure what they have yet really. Appear to be deserving. At this point.

25. East Carolina: Could be for real. Well coached.

On the brink in no particular order.
1. Missouri: May deserve to be in. Excellent win over a fairly decent South Carolina squad.
2. Memphis: This team should make some noise as conference play opens. Tough group. Much better than your standard Tiger squad.
3. Duke: Well coached group who could sneak in.
4. Miami: Ditto
5. Northern Illinois: Best of the MAC. Would likely need to run the conference schedule.
6. South Carolina: I would not count Spurrier out quite yet.
7. Arizona State: On the brink. Coached by an ass who does know how to get things done.
8. Arizona: Probably not after this upcoming Thursday night.
9. Maryland: Looks like they might be able to compete in the Big Ten after all.
10. TCU: Have played a very weak schedule. We will see what they really have pretty quick when they meet the Sooners. A good performance (even a "good" loss) will propel them into the bottom section of the Top 25. A win? Who knows.
11. Air Force: Perhaps. Will need to beat their Academy foes and pretty much run the table the rest of the way. They looked pretty good the other day.
12. Boise State: Will need to run the table the rest of the way. New coach has his work cut out for him. They were down a good bit even before Peterson split for "greener pastures."
13. Clemson: Still a slight possibility. Well coached. Little depth it seems.
14. Louisville: Not convinced. Coach is a proven winner though (along with being a horse ass).
15. Cincinnati: Fairly commendable performance against the Buckeyes. Not a fan of coach T.
16. Georgia Tech: Good record thus far. A team to keep an eye on. Could work their way in shortly.
17. West Virginia: Has a shot at the Top 25. Coach is likely on the hot seat at this point.
18. Marshall: Probably the best of CUSA. Could conceivably run the table in conference play.
19. Washington: Would have to improve. Well coached, but is that coach in the right place?
20 Temple: Better than anyone would expect at this point. Wouldn't that be something?
21. Nevada: Hmmm. Worth watching. Perhaps.
22. ULM: Could be if they run the Sun Belt. Unlikely proposition. A lot of parity probably among some of the old guard (Cajuns, Arkansas State), and perhaps one of the newcomers (Georgia Southern). A real long shot.

May have forgotten someone who is on the brink or has a legitimate shot. UVA perhaps?

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 6 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

There were a number of good games yesterday with a minor upset in the SEC and another near upset. Florida State was, for a good while, in jeopardy of losing their number one ranking when they called on a pesky (and better than most expected) Wolfpack squad. There were not really a lot of stellar match ups (as far as media hype goes), but there was some good football played regardless. Last week the Bartendercabbie System was 6-4 for a total thus far of 39-11. There are a number of top notch match ups on tap upcoming so on to the predictions for week 6.

1. Arizona vs Oregon: This Thursday night match up should show the Ducks come out on the long end of the stick. It could be a blow out. Go with Oregon.

2. San Diego State vs Fresno State: I have not watched either of these teams this season but they appear pretty evenly matched just going by records. If the Walrus was still in charge up Fresno way I might go with them. He is not. I will blindly pick the Aztecs. I'm sure Fresno State is missing Pat Hill and his mustache right about now and I am also thinking the Aztecs are missing Hoke. I bet Hoke is missing his days in San Diego too. Just a guess mind. 

3. Ohio State vs Maryland: The "experts" have said that Maryland would not be able to compete in the Big Ten. I call bullshit on that. The Big Ten has some pretty good teams but maybe not one that will finish in the Top 10. The Turtles may not (or may) have quite what it takes to upend Ohio State at this point but it could be very close. Go with the Buckeyes.

4. Stanford vs Notre Dame: This one is always interesting and this year the Irish may (or may not) be for real. They certainly appear to be. Stanford might be just a tad off from their recent past but they do have talent and should be up for the game. Go with the team from California in an upset of sorts.

5. Oklahoma vs TCU: The Frogs have been flying under the radar thus far and haven't really played a challenging team. The Sooners may well compete for top spot in the land and certainly are the favorite in the Big Twelve with only Baylor looking like a major challenge. Go with the team from Oklahoma.

6. USM vs MTSU: Southern Mississippi used to be a team that anyone should fear. What happened? MTSU is a pretty good CUSA football team and should win here although it could be close.

7. Bama vs Ole Miss: The Rebs had a heck of a time with Memphis and only pulled away in the fourth. Their offense could not get going with the swarming Tiger defense dogging them every step. The Tide have had a really easy time thus far, playing a fairly typical SEC non conference schedule along with a down Florida, (although WVU did give them some problems for quite a while), and have to talent to wear down Ole Miss. Go with Alabama.

8. Navy vs Air Force: Have the Midshipmen finally fallen from the best (by far) of the service academies to now second best? Appears so thus far this season. The Falcons looked like a rather competent team yesterday with their handling of a fairly decent Boise State squad. These games can be hard to predict but I will go with the team with the better record. Take Air Force for the win.

9. TAMU vs Mississippi State: A toss up here and no mistake. The Aggies had really more than they could handle when they met the Hogs on "neutral" ground in Arlington. The Razorbacks beat themselves more than the Aggies beat them. (Let me be clear here. Despite the loss, the Razorbacks are marginally the better team). The Texas team certainly had trouble with the punishing running game that Arkansas brought to the table. The Hogs have brought some old school, pound the ground football to the table in the SEC certain. That being said, Mississippi State had a signature win two weeks back over the Louisiana Tigers and will be up for this one. This could go either way and I will flip that coin and go with the team from Mississippi.

10. Georgia State vs Louisiana: There does not appear to be a Sun Belt team this season that could come close to breaking into the Top 25. Arkansas State and the Cajuns have knocked on that door quite a bit the last few seasons. Quite a number of  SBC schools have moved onto CUSA and the Sun Belt has taken in some teams moving up from the IAA err FCS ranks and brought back Idaho (that stalwart of southern football). In other words it is almost a complete rebuild of the conference. The old guard remains intact in Troy, ULM, ASU, and Louisiana (Lafayette) however. This game has one of the newcomers calling on the old guard. Both come in with a 1-3 record but the Cajuns have played a pretty tough non conference schedule (Boise State and Ole Miss). Their blow out loss to Louisiana Tech is somewhat of a mystery is doubtful that GSU has what it takes to win here. I expect the Cajuns to again be a force in Sun Belt action as Arkansas State does not appear to be what they have been recently, ULM lost one of the best recent college QBs you never heard of to graduation, and Troy has been a downright bad team for two or three seasons, and none of the newcomers looks like they will step right up (with the possible exception of Georgia Southern). All that being said, pick the team from Louisiana in this one over the Georgia boys. 

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 5 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

Last week the Bartendercabbie System had an 8-2 record for a total of 33-7 in this still young season. On to the predictions for week 5. Kind of SEC heavy this week but this is perhaps one of the least interesting weeks for match ups of the season.

1. UTEP vs KSU: The Wildcats are a good team and UTEP is UTEP. Go with KSU.

2. W Michigan vs VA. Tech: The bloom is off the rose early after the Hokies signature win over the Buckeyes. They should have no problem here though. Go with the team from Virginia.

3. Arkansas vs TAMU: This could be a good one. The Hogs are vastly improved and the Aggies will have another chance to prove they are for real. I smell upset here and will go with the Razorbacks.

4. Duke vs Miami (FL): This could be a good one between a couple of teams with some major bowl aspirations. A toss up here and I will go with Duke.

5. Memphis vs Ole Miss: We will see if the Tigers have improved as much as some say. This could be close but it would be wise to go with the Rebs.

6. Louisiana Tech vs Auburn: Go with the Tigers. Wouldn't it be great though?.......

7. Texas vs Kansas: Texas has a long way to go before anyone can call them a good team. The starting QB wisely decided to call it quits before concussion issues catch up with him. I would still go with the Longhorns here although it may be closer than some expect.

8. Mizzou vs South Carolina: Mizzou will be looking to rebound after their loss and prove they are going to be again a force in the SEC. Perhaps they have just lost too many players from the group that performed so well season last. I would go with Spurrier's bunch.

9. New Mexico State vs LSU: Again the SEC choses to schedule "sure wins." They should have little trouble with this particular bunch of Aggies.

10. Vanderbilt vs Kentucky: Which team will ride the cellar in the SEC this season? It will be one of these two certain. I go with Vanderbilt to edge the Wildcats but the game is, in reality, a toss up.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.