Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Distraction? I Bet It Is

Apparently this Weiner wants to move on past the little "distraction" that is plaguing his life of late. I bet he does. As I have said before, I don't think this is Weiner's wiener but I could be wrong. I sort of hope it is his ding dong though. That is a bit sad I admit. The guy is a class "A" prick and screeches louder than a queen in a beauty shop. I don't like screechers much. Especially those that happen to be male.  I also don't seem to tire of that whole "Weiner's wiener" thing. A bit immature I know, but as I have before noted, my immaturity tends to run pretty deep.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jolene is Still More Interesting than Weiner's (alleged) Wiener

This will be the last I will probably post about my in depth investigation of the classic Parton hit "Jolene". I have noted earlier that I enjoy the non traditional covers of this wonderful song. You have seen Queen Adreena and Mindy Smith and now I invite you to enjoy the version by the 80's synth-pop group Strawberry Switchblade.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More on this Tart Jolene

Yesterday I posted Queen Adreena's unique (to say the least) version of the Dolly Parton hit Jolene. Today I would like to share the version by Mindy Smith. A bit more traditional to be sure but certainly not just another one trick pony "country singer" covering the classic song. I enjoy  a good many of the non traditional style covers of this tune. I mentioned also that Strawberry Switchblade and Sisters of Mercy did interesting versions which I like a good deal. The White Stripes have a rendition that I do not like, but of course that is a matter taste. As far as I can find most other covers of Jolene are mostly done by "country artists" and sorta sound pretty much alike.

More Opium? Why Not?

I really like this rendition of Scarborough Fair. Beautiful. Enjoy.

If No Charcoal is Involved You Ain't Really Grillin'

The title pretty much says it all. If you use propane to do your outdoor "grillin" than you really are just not grilling. Cooking? Yes. Grilling? No. Now my apologies to Hank Hill, some very dear friends, along with my better half who work in the propane business, but if you don't use some variety of wood when cooking outside then you are not really grilling. I think most of those folk who work in propane would have to secretly agree that charcoal is the way to go.  Now if one wants to cook outdoors on some sort of propane fueled contraption well I say have fun. Please though call it what it is; cooking outside.

Now with the official start of the grilling season for a good deal of the country, (we grill year round in my neck of the woods, although I admit I have grilled in some mighty raw weather), one must remember the freedoms we have that have been bought and paid for by many men and women in service to our nation. With Memorial Day upon us we must always remember those who paid (and will pay) the ultimate price in defense of our freedom. If not for them we would be grilling Wiener Schnitzel and perhaps sushi. Just thinking of wiener schnitzel suddenly makes me think of one Anthony Weiner who has been accused (falsely?) of "Tweeting" a pic of his wiener to someone. I find it rather funny but really doubt he actually did it. Who knows though. Stranger things have happened. You know it is kind of strange but every time I see this Weiner on the web or television I can't help but thinking of a poster I saw a while back. The poster in question shows a guy getting into a WWII vintage airplane and the caption reads something like "You! Shut the Fuck Up. We'll defend this country. Stay out of our way! Liberal pussies." I am pretty sure that is an accurate quote. I will have to look around a bit and may post the pic of the poster when I find it.

Now tomorrow being Memorial Day I find it a bit odd that I have to work. I do work for a school district and having Memorial Day off is kind of a given. Not really griping mind you. I have had numerous jobs starting with my own service to our nation where I did not have that day off. It is a tad strange for a school district in my neck of the woods to be in session on that particular day though. It  all really has to do with needing to make up a "weather day" earlier this year when we were actually predicted to have an inch of more of ice on the ground. Didn't happen but the day does have to be made up. It does irritate me a bit though.

I wish all a safe, fun, and happy Memorial Day and please take some time to remember those who paid the price for our freedoms. If you happen to see a vet or active member of the armed forces tell them thanks. Perhaps buy them a beer or invite them to share in your (hopefully) charcoal grilled fare.

The Weiner Incident

Apparently this Anthony Weiner has had some problem with some sort of photo of some briefs with a rod, allegedly his, showing through. Now I do have a problem with this. It is doubtful that this man Weiner would be stupid enough to "Tweet" a pic of his wiener, either hidden by briefs or unleashed. However I might add that stupid self destructive behavior is not out of the ordinary for those in positions of power. Happens all the time. I just don't think that Weiner is to blame here. One reason I don't believe this to be a picture of Weiner's wiener is that a man who is as big a prick as young Anthony likely has a small, well, you know. The photo that is circulating on the net is of anything but a wee wiener. Therefore it just goes to reason that the weiner in question can not be Weiner's wiener. While this man Weiner is quite a wiener the wiener in the photo is likely not his  wiener. 

I could be wrong.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jolene Makes a Trip South

What is one of the most covered songs in history? I don't know but Dolly Parton's Jolene has to be up there pretty high on the list. I really like the Mindy Smith rendition and there was an 80's dance group known as Strawberry Switchblade that does an interesting take. Of course who could forget Sisters of Mercy and their version? That is exceptional. I also like this particular version albeit a bit disturbing. Kind of like Jolene finds her self in Hades (Some folks call it Hell I call it Hades). Anyway enjoy Queen Adreena and her rendition of the classic Jolene

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Camping Fellow Should Stay Indoors

Well the "pastor" that predicted the end has seen the day come and go. Now I don't know if the Very Reverend Camping would qualify for rapture or not, but if he just wants to fly around a bit he could merely go outside on a windy day. With those ears anything is possible.

Another Veto Issued

I floated a trial balloon about my plan to get some high dollar digital video (or real film) equipment and begin a career in "adult" films. The Jerseylicous bimbos inspired me. My better half vetoed the whole thing. I tried to explain that I was henceforth to be known as Mustafa Ibrahim al Sugarlandi and, as newly minted Muslim man, would do damn well as I please. That just did not seem to work. I also mentioned that "I am a filmmaker and will never make a movie on videotape." She told me to zip it. Can you imagine?


Monday, May 23, 2011

Again With These Hookers

I again found myself again watching the incredibly stupid show Jerseylicious.  Just today I heard Michael Savage mention that one should never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. He mentioned the popularity of Oprah I think, and I just bet that he would find this show concerning New Jersey hairdressers to be a sign of the decline of our civilization. Be that as it may, I wondered if I could be included as one of the stupid Americans who enjoy tripe on television while "Rome" burns. Perhaps so. This Jerseylicious is a lot like watching some kind of train wreck. It is mesmerizing.  The women are actually orange (from tanning I suppose) and dress just like streetwalkers. I suppose they think it classy but they look cheap and ridiculous. I found the inner pornographer in me thinking how cool it would be to direct, (just like a modern day Gerard Damiano) a film starring these lovely ladies. Some guy on the show named Anthony, (of course, it is New Jersey after all), fueled the fire by telling one of the ladies how she needed a facial.......

I need to buy some professional video equipment.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

1967 Lines? Interesting

Pre 1967 lines for the state of Israel? Will that be enough to "appease and pacify" the Mohammedans. Doubtful. I suppose if I were Netanyahu I would demand that the United States revert to pre 1846 lines. Wonder how President Obama would respond to that. Of course he might just apologize to Mexico and give away the farm. That would make the hate group La Raza happy. That is important you know.

Friday, May 20, 2011

See Ya?

Want to wish the multitude of readers of this little space on the blogosphere a hearty see ya later. Just in case tomorrow.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stephen Hawking?

It appears that the brilliant Stephen Hawking has declared that there is no life after death. Interesting. He is an eminent scientist is he not? I would imagine that Mr. Hawking, while brilliant, will at some point in time in the future prove to be another very smart man who was only partially right (if even that much) about the workings of the universe. I think at one time one Aristotle had all the answers. It is likely that Hawking and his ilk have just about as much insight into the mysteries of universe as the ancient Greeks.

No life after death Mr. Hawking? Don't ya watch Ghost Hunters?

You see, we don't even have to include religion into the discussion.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Hair For President? No. I Don't Think So.

I heard (again) some speculation that the sitting Gov. of the Republic of Texas was considering a run for the Oval Office. There is apparently a good deal of support brewing from "out of state" Republicans. Interesting that I did not hear of anyone "in state" making a case for him. Now I have said before that the only thing that Good Hair has going for him is, well, his good hair. The man wears cowboy boots everywhere but he really should be shod in frufru tasseled "cocksucker shoes." Just the kind any good lawyer would wear. He is also a coward. I stand by that statement.  All hat no cattle this Good Hair. Anyone who thinks this guy is qualified for the highest office in the land is delusional. Of course I suppose it could be argued that he would be no worse than the folks we have had now for the last ten years. Those two were ineffective to say the least. Yes I know that Obama "got" Osama (interesting rhyme don't you think?) but he merely continued the job that Bush II begun. Not that I am not glad that Osama swims with the fishes...Thank Allah for that. Anyway if we want to see a repeat performance from B. Hussein, (again interesting name), let the Republicans allow Good Hair to be the nominee. That would seal the deal for South Side Slim and Co.

 Can we afford four more years of that?

Of course this has been just an exercise in typing for the most part. Good Hair stands less chance than Ronald McDonald of being the Republican nominee. Come to think of it, perhaps Ronald should consider a run. It appears he will be soon hounded out of  his current "office" by leftist do gooders. Might have some spare time on his hands directly.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Power of the Veto Used Against Me

Was shopping just a bit ago and found myself in need of a couple of bell peppers. I noticed that the peppers were grown in Mexico instead of right here in the USA. I therefore decided that I would not buy them. My better half just wasn't having it. We brought the peppers home. Now this is the kind of thing that makes one want to change their name to Mustafa Ibrahim al Sugarlandi and go scouting for additional wives. You know, the kind of wives that actually lets one be in charge.

New Name With A Purpose

I have been thinking about expanding my stable, or to be more blunt; to increase the number of wives on duty from one to at least five. Therefore, if you have any reason to speak of me in the future please refer to me as "Mustafa Ibrahim al Sugarlandi." With a name like that I should easily be able to get away with polygamy what with "creeping Sharia" and all.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13

The superstition concerning Friday 13 is ridiculous. Why just today I broke a tooth and lost my glasses.

See Ya Later Alligator

I enjoy watching Swamp People on the television. I am after all a Southeastern Conference man. New episodes air Thursdays on the History Channel (I think). It is interesting to me that I have always thought that real men don't wear Crocs (the shoes). I would never buy a pair and would not get caught dead with them. Just thought them kinda faggy to be honest. Some of the guys on the show wear them and I just don't think I will be calling them "faggy" anytime soon. May have to reconsider my attitude. Till then -- See Ya Later Alligator.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gov. Good Hair Disses South Side Slim

The other day President Obama made his way to El Paso to speak on "immigration reform." Ok we all know the Fed Govt is not going to really make an effort to control immigration. Of course there was some lip service...

Now I don't think President Obama is a very effective president, and in fact, I believe him to be possibly causing further damage, but I do believe that the sitting governor of the Republic of Texas has the duty to greet him on arrival in the state. Any less is a disrespect to the office. It would be interesting to listen to the conversations the two might have. That would truly be a case of the arrogantly incompetent (Obama) discussing the issues of the day with the arrogantly stupid  (Good Hair).

They might find that they are two peas in a pod.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Junk from the Reds

I have found out from leticiasworld.blogspot.com that there is a push to buy American made products in the month of May. Specifically targeted (to not buy) are those products that are made in Red China. Good. I try to avoid buying anything made there anyway and for the most part do pretty well.  Have to hunt around a good bit but one can find products that are American made. Just today I purchased a little plastic funnel that was, believe it or not, American made. Usually it is the cheap plastic junk that one can be assured is made in the PRC. A couple years back I actually bought a BBQ grill, from an American company, that I found  was actually made in the PRC. I did not take it back but I did fire off an email to the "American" firm. Never got a response. Imagine that.

I try to do my best to buy products that are made in the USA (or Canada) but it is not often easy. I do not mind buying products that are made in nations that are our allies. I have no problem buying Israel, NATO (Turkey not included), Korea, ROC,  some South American nations and to some extent, Japanese. This is of course if American or Canadian products are not available.  I will not knowingly buy anything made in a Mohammedan dominant nation. Especially food products. You know, what with a Jihad going on and all.  Sorry. I also do not buy products of Mexico. Shame because I truly love most Jarritos sodas. There are some very good beers brewed in Mexico (not Corona of course) but I refrain from making a purchase.  I am not a tequila man thank goodness, but if I were, I would try some of J.B. Wagoners California Agave product. Might be hard to find and perhaps not of the same quality  (I don't know) as the "real deal" but it is a sacrifice I would make.

I just try not to buy products from a nation that is an enemy (or likely enemy) of this country. I guess that makes me a bad person. I suppose I am just not inclusive enough. Or something.


Just watched a bit of Jennifer Lopez doing her thing on the other nights' episode of American Idol. Pretty darn impressive. I have thought that it would be kind of cool to learn how to fag dance like those folk who were the "supporting cast" for her tune. That would be fun and a great way to get into shape. Can't wait for my copy of Darrin's Dance Grooves to come in.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Learnng about Food

Been watching the Food Network for most of the day today. One can sure learn a lot of pretty cool stuff on the various shows here. I did watch some kind of "Cookie Competition" show that I found to be pretty lame though. I guess all networks need a time filler at some point. One of the "judges" was kinda an evil little shrew I thought. She had some kind of fake British (I think) accent and was putting on airs. She is after all a baker somewhere. Nothing wrong with that. Honorable profession sure, but nothing to get all "upper crust" about.  She seemed to me to be one of those people who need to be hit in the mouth with a stick. Wish I could recall her name. I guess I could "rewind" back to that point, but that seems just a bit more trouble than it is worth.
I suppose you could say I wasted the day but it sure beat mowing the yard.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I saw two very beautiful motorcycles just an hour or two back when coming out of a store (not the Evil Empire) after a bit of grocery shopping. These bikes were eye catching to say the least. I noted that both were powered by a "V" type engine and looked very much American made. They were not. I enjoy bikes and have never once owned a Harley or one of the other American made bikes. I have always owned "go fast" machines, the last being a Honda Nighthawk 650. It has been a while as you can tell. I have always liked straight four machines and find it rather odd that Honda, Suzuki, etc. are copying the less than stellar power plant of a "Hog." I don't know, one day I may get a Harley to feed my inner Bandido, but likely if I buy another bike I will look for a restored Z1 or perhaps try to find another Nighthawk 650 (not to be confused with the 700, or any other of the "Nighthawks" that Honda put on the market). Come to think of it I wouldn't mind finding a mint two stroke RD400 Daytona Special or maybe a Kawasaki Spectre. Those were some machines.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Disagreement Here

I will preface this by saying that those of you who are anxiously awaiting (lol) my appraisal of Little Chucky Schumer will need to wait a bit longer. In the meantime keep calling his office(s) and make his staff work for their pay.

Now on to something a bit more important than the silly little "Senator" from New York...It seems that the Obama administration has, in addition to the incomprehensible burial at sea, decided against releasing any photo evidence of the death of this scum Bin Laden. OK I get it. We are not a barbaric nation (although some fools, even in our own country, would argue that point).  We are certainly a step above some backward Mohammedan nation sure. Still it is a mistake to not release some sort of evidence of  this Bin Laden's death. Already there are those who doubt that the whole episode is true. Of course there are those who doubt we went to the moon as well as those who believe the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon to be inside jobs. These type nuts are about on the same level. Be that as it may, it is, in my humble opinion, unwise to not release some sort of photographic evidence-- gruesome as it may be. I noted earlier that I would have been all for "stuffing" him and placing his body in the Smithsonian and I really don't back away from that. I realize that is the "dark side" which resides in all of us talking, but I offer no apologies. I also realize that this type of action on our part might be considered barbaric and might put us in the wrong, but I do believe that Americans and our allies who have lost loved ones due to this scourge of humanity have the right, yes the right, to see the man dead. Right or wrong it should be demanded that images of this trash be disseminated. Demanded! Immediately!!

I commend the Obama administration on the decision to have this scum killed and disregard Pakistani sovereignty in the process. Hopefully many more of his allies, affiliates and supporters "head south" soon. However I must stand by my disagreement with the decisions to bury at sea and show no "proof" of his demise. I have heard that it is to not offend and to not incite those in the Muslim world. The hell with them.

Now on to our wonderful "allies" the Pakis. It is a bit hard to believe that Bin Laden and Co. were not at least marginally protected by some in the Pakistani military or other security forces. Hard to believe. Anyone who thought that they were our allies in the first place must be pretty dumb. I suppose we need them at this time as long as we are engaged in Afghanistan and that this is probably a "cost of doing business." At some point we will need to cut them loose though. One day there will be a conflict between India and Pakistan and we will have to chose sides. Which side do you think we will pick?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Buried At Sea? WTF? Why?

It appears that the nameless scum has been "put to rest" at sea. Not sure I get it. Supposedly it was to not offend Mohammedan sensibilities. That is kind of silly. Should we give a damn about such? I don't think so. As it is some "Islamic Scholars" are pointing out that this at sea "burial" is really an affront. Again I ask "Should we give a damn?" It matters very little if the "Muslim street" or these so called "scholars" are offended about anything. It just does not matter.

One thing that does matter though is that this "burial at sea" will begin to fuel a whole "they are lying to us" movement. Might make the whole birth certificate thing seem pretty tame. I for one believe that he is dead and gone (thankfully) but there are those who will want to see proof. I think that the American people deserved to view his body (if one so desired). Might sound barbaric but I would have been for taking him to the local taxidermist and then on to the Smithsonian. That would be a win/win for everyone except those who would be offended. I believe I have already noted that their feelings are of no consequence.

Political Scumbags

It did not take long for both some Democrats and Republicans to start playing politics over the death of that scum. That is despicable. I don't care what party the president happens to be affiliated with. I am just glad our forces finally, after all these years, killed that lanky bastard. Shame on those who are playing politics here. They are pathetic and have no business being in a position of authority.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adios Mofo

Bin Laden is dead! Rejoice and Jubilation!! Adios. Motherfucker!!!

A Day to Remember

Today we pause to remember those who died in the Holocaust. "Never again" we hear some say. The only way to prevent such from happening again is vigilance. Have there been other instances of "Holocaust like" behavior on the part of our fellow human beings? Cambodia and Rwanda are fairly recent examples. The historical evidence of genocide is found in all parts of the world. So when we hear scum like Ahmedidajad deny the accuracy of The Holocaust and issue thinly veiled threats to commit genocide on the Jewish people; we must take him at his word and prepare to crush the threat. Anything less is foolhardy.

Casino Tips from the Cab

I thankfully live at least three hours from the nearest (legal) casino and I hope it stays that way. There are those here in the Republic of Texas who have been braying for years about allowing some sort of casino gaming here. They want to keep the money from leaving the state and landing in the coffers of our neighboring states. Fine and good but as a Southeastern Conference man I like it that the money goes east to Louisiana and to a much lessor extent, Arkansas. Now if the cash just went to Oklahoma or New Mexico (which a lot does) I would be in favor of casino gambling in Texas. Don't care much about the Mtn West or "Big Twelve." It would kind of be nice to have gaming in Galveston I suppose. There is a history of gambling in that fair city, but as of now I must stay in the opposition camp on the issue. Be that all as it may, I have some techniques that have served me well on my trips to a casino. Hate to say sure fire but pretty darn close.

Let me preface this by saying that I have no interest in a casino. None. If I am not winning I am more than ready to leave in about 1/2 hour. I don't play table games (video poker is a different cat), and all the lights and noise get annoying after a brief period. I have found that casinos are not really all that good for poon gazing either. One might think they would be but they really just are not. Not near as good as an Astros game. Now that is prime gazing ground.......At any rate, here is how I almost always come out ahead on my infrequent jaunts to gamble. I bring no more than 200 dollars to play with and usually less than that. I go right to either a five dollar or perhaps a one dollar slot machine. If playing dollar slots I usually play max bet, which is either two or three dollars. If playing five dollar slots, I will start off with minimum bet. By the time one spends one hundred dollars there is usually a payout which often doubles the money. Now of course this does not work all the time and I have walked out broke, but it is rare that I don't (at least) double my money. Honest Injun.( One has to have the willpower to walk away with the winnings instead of feeding them back into the machine. That is how they get ya. I admit I have done this a time or two.)  There have been more than a few times that I have done real well and had to "see the man" in the "tax office" before collecting my winnings. It is unfortunate that the IRS gets a chunk of that, but so it goes. Of course there is a way around that. Cash out just under the limit required to get a 1099.  That does indeed work, but it also can destroy the "karma" of the game. I have experienced this first hand.

Now I also enjoy video poker. Don't care for the table games so much, but really like the video variety. The good thing about that is that if one is waiting on their better half to finish up and lose all his/her money, you can play video poker for hours on twenty bucks. Probably won't come out ahead (although I have done quite well a time or two), but you can sure kill a lot of time and drink for free to boot. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon if one finds themselves trapped in a casino.

Most people charge for advice like this. I'm just a benevolent soul I guess.