Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truth From the Cab with Rule 5 #1

As usual there are a lot of things going on in the world and nation and much of it is not news of a nice nature. If you are  tired of the "experts," pundits, and the all around drivel of the chattering class (whatever that is), sit back and enjoy the down and dirty truth from this obscure blogger.

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is still a dumbass. Pills won't help.

2. Syndicated talk show host Michael Berry is usually right on the issues but there are a number of us who wonder just what he was doing a while back in that Houston rough trade gay bar. No answers have ever been forthcoming and of course it is no longer news. Something was up though. You know it. Either a blower or a blowee would be my guess. Speculation of course. It ain't the kind of establishment that one just "stops in for a beer" after a hard day at the office or some such.

3. The plane that everyone is still blabbering about is gone. Likely disintegrated on impact when it hit the water. What really happened will remain a mystery. Enough already.

4. The subhumans who were involved "allegedly" in the killing of a Houston cabbie recently were all, as they say, persons of color. Shocking! Isn't it?

5. Vlad Putin took the measure of our current president and found him lacking. Likely would not have blatantly taken the Crimea if he had not figured Obama for a pussy. Was Vladimir correct in his assessment?

6. If you work, in any capacity, for the Internal Revenue Service then you are, at heart, a scumbag. A mobile home salesman has more class and everyone knows what they are about.

7. No matter what is ever really decided about "gun control" most folks just won't be giving up their weaponry. Simple as that.

8. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not your local chamber. Not by a long shot. They are a treasonous organization.

9. In some instances organized labor can be a good thing. Others? Not so much.

10. Tool puts on one hell of a show.

11. The Muslim Brotherhood is a group of Islamists and a bad outcome for them is good for the free world.

12. There is really a war going on just south of our border. It is spilling over into this country.

13. If a business knowingly hires illegal aliens then those who did so should be sanctioned with fines and jail time.

14. If you are here illegally then you are a criminal.

15. Marijuana does have medicinal properties. If not, why would there be pain medications made with synthetic THC as an ingredient.

16. If any federal law enforcement agent should deem it necessary to "raid" a medical MJ dispensary in states where it is "legal" then these same federal law enforcement agents should be arrested for trespass, and disturbing the peace. If the agents are armed (and they will be) and arrests are actually made then charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault should be added.

17. The Syrian civil war is a brutal affair and we should not get  involved in depth although the West should be certain that one side or the other does not really get the upper hand. Let this thing last as long as necessary. The weakening of both the Syrian state and the rebel forces through sustained combat is not necessarily a bad thing.

18. John McCain is a horse ass.

19. Some folks thought that Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow was walking the straight and narrow. A tiger can't change stripes usually. Didn't he win some accolades or something from that idiot Pelosi?

20. Belle Knox, the Duke "pornstar," is not really all that attractive. Angelina Chung is another matter entirely. Fact of business so is Natalia Robles. Not sure what college they attend. Oh. Most of the time those titty dancers tell you they are paying for college, well, they're not.

21. The federal government could really make themselves useful by closing the southern border to all but legitimate business and tourist traffic.

22. The Black Sea Fleet that the Russians seem so concerned about would not have opportunity of ever exiting the area into the confines of the Mediterranean should a conflict with the West arise.

23. Red China will be a force to reckon with in coming years. The naval forces, at least, of our allies should be supported in the region to keep a growing Chinese fleet at bay. If she becomes a truly expansionist nation (and she might) she should be encouraged to look to the vastness of areas under Russian control for her version of lebensraum.

24. If Iran does really begin a sophisticated nuclear program then it will be destroyed by either the forces of the West or Israel. Can't have any more nuclear armed Mohammedan nations.

25. If our Mohammedan "allies" chose to brutally suppress Islamist elements within their borders, well...? That's showbiz. Noting for us to get in a tizz about.

26. The NCAA basketball tournament is not as interesting this year as it has been in the recent past. The last "cinderalla" has been eliminated.

27. North Korea firing a couple of her crappy missiles during the time of the Russian Crimean adventure, the hunt for the downed plane, and the naval maneuvering of the Red Chinese, could be looked at a bit as a "look at me, don't forget about me. I'm a badass too" kind of thing.

Ever seen that one insurance commercial where the pretty Asian lady sings "give me some money"? Yes? Well that lovely

young lady is one Camille Chen. Poke around a bit and one will find a few more snapshots that are, shall we say, interesting. Very interesting indeed for those of you who are interested in interesting things.

There is more available and they just aren't hard to find. This type thing could derail a future run for Senate. Or something.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

There Was A Tool Sighting and It Was Good

 There was a Tool sighting down Houston way and it was good. How could it not be?
Enjoy Schism. Tool is in a class all their own.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

McCain on Russia: More Proof He's a Horse Ass

The Honorable John McCain (R-AZ) is a fool and there is no serious dispute. His latest move calling for a path to enter NATO for Moldova and Georgia is proof that he has finally lost all sense of reality.

 It is a shame that these marginal nation state backwaters are in the sights of the vicious and cowardly Russian Bear but they are of no strategic importance to the West and are certainly not worth fighting for. This is not appeasement but realpolitik in the modern sense.

A nation must pick and chose her battles in light of her interests vice any moral code.

As bad as our stupidly destructive, amazingly childlike, and likely treasonous current president is, it is difficult to imagine just where this idiot McCain would have led this nation.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Bear is Back and She Means Business

The Russian Bear is back in business, never went away really, and this time there is literally nothing that can really be done to stop her latest adventure outside the gate..  Oh there is some talk of economic sanctions or some such but that likely is not going to disturb the Bear just a whole bit. Won't pay much attention probably......and trust that the Bear is smart enough to not go too far.

What can a consortium of free nations do to give the Bear pause? If the Bear is roaming in her own backyard there will be some whining and maybe even some sort of "line in the sand" talk, but the reality of the situation is that the Bear is going to do what the Bear is going to do and if that means straying just a tad beyond the fence, well, the Bear is not much afraid. Especially now with a community organizer being the titular leader of the free world. The Bear is guided by one who is beyond, far beyond, a mere organizer of communities in all aspects of geopolitics. He is smarter, bolder, and more ruthless than any fellow whose claim to fame is that he won the Nobel prize before he really even started work. The Bear growls, laughs, and spits in the face of such. The Bear knows pusillanimity when the Bear sees it and will act on it in a way that may not be advantageous to the pusillanimous. Geopolitics 101.

What can be done oh what can be done before this little problem the Bear has created gets out of hand, totally out of hand, and she strays not just a bit beyond the fence but into the wood next door? There are, in actuality, quite a number of things that can be done to keep the Bear just out of reach of her former dominions.

Number one it is important to recognize that the Bear misses her old stomping grounds and may believe herself to be entitled to roam further and again taste forbidden fruit. She likely won't be quite stupid enough to attempt such but the desire is there. This is obvious. It will, unfortunately, become a matter of realpolitik that the Bear be allowed, without too much interference to have a bit of space. The Crimean peninsula serves that purpose. The Bear will never relinquish her access to warm water and Crimean naval facilities are not something that she will give up. Ever! The security of Black Sea Fleet will be safeguarded and if the Bear trumps up some sort of national security threat issue in order to gain complete control of the peninsula, then the West will have to live with it. A small price to pay frankly....Let her have some cake but don't allow her to eat too much of it.

Another issue that will have to be understood is that the Bear has an inferiority complex. The Bear is, in reality, a weakling and the Bear knows it. Her leadership is certainly stronger than the weakness we see in the land of the brave right now but that does not readily translate into real geopolitical power.

The Bear's naval forces would, in an all out conflict, be swept from the seas in a matter of days. Her Black Sea Fleet that may (or may not) be the real reason for her Crimean adventure might not even have opportunity to reach the Mediterranean.  Her ground forces would never be able to run roughshod over the forces of the West. You've seen them. Her forces have historically been easy prey in the past and only her vastness and the foolishness of her adversaries has prevented the Bear from being over run. The Wehrmacht would have eventually met up with Japanese forces (If Imperial Nippon had had the stones to go for round two with the Eastern Soviet Army) and traded good beer for rice wine had they not been overextended and led by an amateur.  Her air, while quite good, would be no match for those of the NATO alliance. Her special operations forces? Among the best in the world - however in an all out conflict with a powerful nation state the special forces are rather insignificant. To put it bluntly, special ops types don't win wars with a competent enemy. Brute force is required for that particular task. Lastly, her strategic rocket forces, if unleashed, could certainly destroy much of the Western world, but turn about would be fair play and it is unlikely that they will be used preemptively. The Bear, while historically vicious and weak is, again, not stupid.  A negotiated settlement would be undertaken rather quickly should the Bear lose control and decide to dash for the Western wood.

Of all the Bear's disadvantages one of the most glaring is that her immediate neighbors hate and fear her. For good reason. The danger to the West here is the temptation to take complete advantage of that fact and foolishly include some in her immediate vicinity in any sort of entangling military alliance. Was it really necessary to include the small Baltic states in the NATO alliance? Probably not and perhaps a dangerous blunder. The Bear should be contained certainly but it is smart money to leave her just a bit of room to maneuver. Real containment of the Russian Bear should not be that difficult a task and should be a matter of policy. Let the Bear have the illusion of real power but keep her in a cage. A large cage to be sure, with a bit of roaming room, but a cage none the less for a really powerful Bear with free reign would be a real danger.

The Bear must be made to understand that she has nothing to fear from the West as long as she makes mischief only in areas that are not of immediate strategic importance.  The impotence of the West to make much hay over the Crimean (or Georgian) affair must not be misconstrued as a license to really make a play westward.

The Russian Bear will keep the Crimea and safeguard her naval facilities. She may even secure some areas of Ukraine proper as an object lesson of sorts but she will not make a play for those that were not former "republics" in the Soviet Union. Her former Warsaw Pact neighbors are not in any real danger at this time and likely won't be in the immediate future.

Watch and see.