Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gas Prices Again

Have you noticed that the price at the pump has risen a bit in the past few days? There is speculation (of course) that the Iranian naval exercises and bellicose rhetoric have been contributing factors.It is always something it seems. Prices rise anytime there is some unrest near any oil exporting region. Sometimes it is just an excuse to wring wring more buck per barrel out of the world consumer. Or so I would guess.

The Persians would probably do well to keep their "navy" in port and their air on the ground. Nothing good (for them) can come out of their military equipment in such close proximity to those of the West.

Friday, December 30, 2011

This is Amusing

bAREeYEDsUN: (Not) A Message From Verizon or Verizon Wireless - YouTube

This is pretty funny.

Christmas Shoppers Float New Red Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Well the XMAS buying season has come and gone, although there are a lot of "good" deals out there now that the big rush is over. Go on down to your local evil empire and check it out if you don't believe me. It is sad that a goodly portion of the deals that can be had are produced in the PRC. It is not like most are made in China by Chinese companies mind you. Nope, most is made by American firms who chose to take advantage of slave labor at the expense of the American worker. I would wager that a good portion of the "proceeds" from the sale of their junk goes to fuel the progression of the Chinese military. Could be wrong. But I'm not.

So go ahead and riot over your Air Jordan shoes or whatever new electronic gadget is in vogue. Buy that crap and you are funding the rise of a nation that certainly does not have our best interests at heart. In fact they are likely hell bent on our demise.

This is what your hard earned dollars are paying for. It is not United States' (or even that of our allies) military equipment.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Dickweed Awards Hosted By BC with Special Musical Guests Bozo Porno Circus

It is that time of the year. Time again to take a look at some of the folk that truly deserve to be awarded a Dickweed. It is quite an honor really. From the world of sports, entertainment and politics....They are all here. Let's take a look at the recipient's.

Dick Durbin: Dick (where's your turban?) Durbin seems to be a bit of a controlling type. 'Pears that he has his hand in just about everything. Just this year alone he, along with a few other near Marxists in the Senate, pressured the Orange Bowl folk to end their relationship with a cigar company. Is this any business of those at the federal level? They sure seem to think so.
Dick also seems to have a problem with the so called "voter ID" movement that is sweeping the nation. He knows good and well that a whole lot of his "friends" in congress would not be elected if it weren't for illegal aliens, retards, and the criminal underclass. Apparently it is a problem that any one wishing to vote have some sort of state issued identification on their person.

The Orange Bowl Committee (or whatever it is called): A group can be included in the competition and these Orange Bowl folks are late inductees simply for not telling Durbin and Co. to bugger off. These folks are not only dickweeds but are pussy to boot.

Chuck Schumer: This Schumer is a problem. Most Texans and Southerners can't stand the sight of him. His lobbying to have a space shuttle on display in NYC instead of Houston is criminal. It would have been interesting had the Texas State Guard just snatched the thing and brought it home where it belongs. What fun it would have been to see this POS stamp his little feet over that one. Schumer deserves a Dickweed and no mistake.

Craig James: This "sports and broadcast legend" (in his own mind) will be running for the U.S. Senate. His past underhanded antics and meddling with the Texas Tech football program cost a good coach and decent person his job. His past activities while a player at SMU need to be investigated. Something just not right about this James.

Todd Graham: Oh yes, the well traveled football coach qualifies for a Dickweed. He is not only a dickweed but a coward to boot. He has left three programs in the last few years high and dry. The last time he did not even have the cajones to tell his players at the University of Pittsburgh that he was again moving on. In person anyway. He did it by text message. Probably afraid of an ass whoopin. That would be my guess.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms: Another group inducted? Yes. Why not? It seems that again this "police" agency has been implicated in some pretty incompetent (and horrible) deeds. The "fast and furious" episode is only the latest. Remember the foul up a few years back near Waco, TX? That was another ATF disaster. This agency seems pretty good at infiltrating inbred biker gangs but that is about it. It should be disbanded, the "agents" dismissed from service, and any duties that are legitimate shifted to other agencies.

Eric Holder: He just needs to go.

Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee: This woman is always near the top of the list when any discussion of fools commences. She may be pretty harmless (other than actually having a vote in the House) and it is often great comedy to listen to her bray about this and that, but she certainly qualifies for a Dickweed. She is, by all accounts, an insufferable person to be around and hell to work with. I have listened to her "talk" a time or two and believe her not only to be a dickweed but a "professional" racist to boot.

John McCain: While we honor his military service it is certainly to difficult to honor the remainder of his public career. He is in the same mold as the aforementioned Dick (where's your turban?) Durbin. A busybody who is part of the problem.

Ted Kennedy: What's that you say? He is no longer with us? You mean to tell me that the drunken "liberal lion," manslaughterer, and all around buffoon has gone to his reward? Well I guess it is not kosher to talk bad of the departed. So I won't. Accepting the Dickweed for the family will be the Gentleman from Massachusetts; The Honorable Barney Frank.

Keith Olbermann: Keith's platform has shrunk a bit after he lost his gig at MSNBC. He still qualifies for a Dickweed none the less. At least he does not "work" football anymore. He was more irritating to listen to than the aforementioned Craig James. If that is indeed even possible.

Bono: I suppose that BoneOn does some good charitable work. He is still a dickweed and will be so honored. His holier than thou act just tends to grate on folks nerves.

Sean Penn: Like BoneOn, Penn does some good charitable work. His need to cozy up to some unsavory folk is certainly hard to understand though. For this he will be honored with a coveted Dickweed.

Mrs. Palin: Is she going to jump in the Republican race this late in the game? She seems to have left the door open. It sure seems that the GOP is trying to give the presidency back to a very beatable Obama. With the pack of fruitloops, losers and lukewarm types they have for us to chose from, it certainly seems so. That being said it just makes sense to make room for one more nutball on the big stage. Mrs. Palin? Give it a rest will ya.  Palin certainly qualifies for a Dickweed. Very well qualified indeed.

A lot of folk fell just short this year and there are certainly those who are deserving who have been left off (mainly because I tire of this nonsense). Keep up the good work though. I award Dickweeds throughout the year. As a fact of business, I award them on a quite regular basis.

Now enjoy our rather disturbing musical guests Bozo Porno Circus. Or not.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Only Thing Good About The NBA

There is not much good about anything NBA. Unwatchable most of it. Does anyone really care that they have finally started to play basketball again? Assuming  what is played on the NBA court is really basketball at all. About the only thing good about the National Basketball Association is......well you can figure it out.

I believe in polite company they are known as "titty dancers."

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Gift For You. The Leningrad Cowboys

This is becoming a tradition it seems. 2nd year in a row that I will present some "XMAS" music for your viewing/listening pleasure. Enjoy the Leningrad Cowboys of Finland with their rendition of Whiskey in the Jar. This particular tune was made famous by the influential band Thin Lizzy and has been covered by numerous artists including Metallica. It is interesting that the authorship of the tune has never been established and it is perhaps quite old. I was thinking about putting up some old Bozo Porno Circus (now that was a band) but thought that might be taking things a bit far on a Christmas morn.

It is tradition in Western society to wish all a Merry XMAS and I do so now. 

Dick Durbin Strikes Again

 "Senator" Dick (where's your turban) Durbin is again throwing his weight around where it is not wanted or needed. Son of a bitch! Oh wait; in the spirit of Christmas, goodwill toward men and all that, I suspend the name calling. Anyway that Durbin, along with two other forgettable "me too" Democrats, have pressured those at the Orange Bowl to cancel their advertising deal with a cigar company. Of course those Orange Bowl execs (or whatever they are called) caved in.

This Durbin is a problem. Who does he think he is? Konstantin Chernenko? He wishes.......

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hair an "Independent" Now

Well it is all over the news. Hair has become an independent and ditched the Republican Party. Good for him I suppose. He is a buffoon sure but is probably the smartest and most qualified of those that are running or, as in his case, has flirted with the candidacy.

I find it humorous that most the the Republican candidates don't want Hair to moderate a debate. He is smarter than them, tougher than them, and they don't want any one who is capable of really making  those folk look foolish in a position to easily do so. We ain't talking about Palin here. We are talking about a bonafide tough guy who is no quitter and no one's fool.

It matters little that he tends to be a bit comical. If he were president this country would be taken seriously by all those who may be not be so friendly. 

They would fear him and that would be good.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Public Service At XMAS

I have been drinking a good bit of late. Something I really never do. White Russians go down pretty good anytime and I must say I prefer one of the off brand coffee liqueurs to the standard. If you want something different though, a bit of Irish Cream is something one can just drink with coffee all day long. I enjoy the commercial Irish Cream but have been thinking a bit of making my own. Using the power of the Internet I have found numerous recipes and I think this one looks good to me. As soon as I drain my bottle of the commercial stuff I believe I will whip this up. H/T to

Well here you go......

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 pint whipping cream
3 eggs
3 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1/2 teaspoon coconut extract
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
10 oz. Irish whiskey (my favorite is Jameson)
  1. Mix all of the ingredients in blender and refrigerate.
  2. Shake before using
  3. Enjoy chilled over ice.
Serves 6-8.

Have fun. Drink responsibly and all that.

Yep There Is An Islamic Convention In Houston. Wish I was Still in the Taxi Business

OK the Muslims are coming to Houston. They are here in fact as their convention kicks off today at the Hilton. I have not done a whole lot of research on the matter but have noticed that the usual suspects are fearful of this event and the Muslims themselves, along with their apologists, are playing victim. I don't think it is a big deal frankly. Yes apparently there are some closet America hating type speakers on tap but I don't think that the Taliban has a booth at the event. Probably a lot a hype about nothing. Or not.

What I do know however is that this would be a money making opportunity for a cab driver of the non Muslim variety.

You see, after a hard day of kneeling on carpets and whatnot, some of these out of town sports will find themselves in "need" of some stress relief. Muslim or no. Think not? Don't delude yourself. A cabbie knows a lot more about human nature than some who call themselves "Doctors" of Psychology. There are a plethora of out of the way spots in Houston where a sporting man can go to relieve a bit of stress as it were.  It is the job of the cabbie to be of assistance. To make recommendations if required. Here and there as it might be.  All in the name of customer service.

Yes this would be one of those times that I find myself missing the taxi business. As a "retired" cabbie and semi retired bartender (still available for weddings and lawyer funerals) I can spot a money making opportunity from a mile off.

This gathering of Mohammedans would be one of them.

I Don't Always Drink Beer but when I Do....It Won't Be Mexican

Lately I have been violating my self imposed boycott of Mexican products. I will continue to drink Mexican Coke and I will, at times, partake in some coffee liqueur imported from said country. I do also like some Mexican beer and also some fruit flavored soft drinks from the land just south but I avoid them. The reasons for the preferring the Mexican variety of Coke over the American variety is pretty obvious. Anyone can tell a difference right off the bat. High fructose corn syrup (or whatever) is not the same thing as real sugar. Don't these pimps who manufacture the stuff  here get that? Guess not. Coffee liqueur, for me, is a seasonal thing only.

Now I do like some of the beer of Mexico. Besides, the "most interesting man in the world" drinks some pretty good stuff and, additionally, he is always surrounded by good looking cougars. Still I will refrain.

Indianapolis on a roll. Beats Two Texas Teams In A Row

Last night the Colts edged the Texans just a few days after their victory over the Oilers. Congrats to them I suppose. It does not seem they like Texas very much. I was much more interested in watching Boise State play nice with ASU but I was informed we would be going to eat burgers and such at a pretty decent little sports bar. Of course all televisions sets were tuned to the NFL game. Like I could give a Ramadan about either the Colts or Texans.

Who Dat? Go Saints. Other than that......just not interested.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trying to Get The Hang of This Rule Five Thing

Is this any better? Still trying to get the hang of this whole Rule 5 deal. Like everything else in life it just is not as simple as it seems.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'll Try My Hand At Rule Five

I have not done any rule five "work" before. Is this the way it is done? I don't know why multiple images occurred. Good for you I suppose. More to admire.

More On This Craig James

OK. Those who don't follow college football probably have no idea who this Craig James fellow is. He is/was an announcer on ESPN until, apparently, he resigned to pursue a run for U.S. Senate. Fine and good. What you may not know however is that he has some definite attributes that uniquely qualify him for a seat in the esteemed body.

In his college days Craig James played for Southern Methodist. Yep he was there during the "death penalty" days. He denies involvement in wrong doing (of course), but with so much money being thrown around........ C'mon Craig. Did you or did you not make a few bucks?

Recently he was instrumental in getting Mike Leach fired from his position as HC at Texas Tech University. His son was not getting the playing time that Craig thought was warranted I'm sure. Of course there were some allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Coach Leach, but those appear to be groundless. James did not get what he wanted (playing time for his pussy son Adam) and decided to target the coach. (This is speculation of course but I would not say it is "wild speculation.") One can't help but wonder what kind of pressure was put on the administration at Texas Tech to can a darn good coach. Perhaps James has pictures of someone with a goat?

This James has been in the vicinity of  extreme corruption at SMU during his college days. Whether he was really an innocent bystander is certainly something that should be questioned and investigated. Vigorously! He may not be corrupt but he certainly must have been very aware of what was going on around him. He is not that stupid. Is he?

James sure seems to have used his "power" in a very underhanded manner to get what he wanted (son's playing time) and was a party to  the "lynching" of Coach Leach. It is doubtful that the alleged "abuse" by Leach even occurred. Again this is all just speculation by a large number of those who follow college football...but when there is smoke there is very likely a fire somewhere. Besides, if Mike Leach was such a horrible person, why would a major school (Washington State) hire him to turn their program around? Combine this with his (James) being affiliated with a corrupt college program and one can see how red flags can be raised with this dude.

Yes this Craig James is a P.O.S. and with his resume of scumbaggery appears to be quite qualified for a senate seat. The only silver lining here is that we now don't have to listen to his silly ass at game time.

It's Not Too Late. It's Never Too Late

Apparently Mrs. Palin has mentioned that it might not be too late for someone to jump into the race quite yet. I wonder if that "someone" would not be her. She opened the door a bit with her statements. Yea! That is just what the country needs. A quitter, possible philanderer(ess), and all around nut job in the race. Don't we already have too many fools and jackasses already? Is another one needed?

Good God! Will this sad comedy never end? If this keeps up I may write in the local bartender with my vote.

No wonder a good bit of the rest of the world is laughing at us. They shouldn't laugh real loud though. We ain't above whoopin a little ass.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Well I Guess You Can Just Call Me Jesus

You can call me Jesus from now on if you are so inclined. No not the Carpenter. Of course not. I am thinking more along the line of Jesus ("Hay Soos" for the uninitiated) the bus boy.

 I guess my self imposed boycott of the products of Mexico is out the window. First it was Mexican Coke (soft drink of course. I ain't twenty years old anymore), and now this. It is the season for a bit of coffee liqueur and the best stuff comes from Mexico. I defy you to tell me otherwise. There is the old standby of course, but there are some other pretty tasty coffee liqueurs from down south that give the big boy a run for the money. Some a bit less sweet and more to my taste in fact. I have made a purchase. For this I am not proud.  I am a weak man.

Before long I suppose I will be hanging out with "The Most Interesting Man in the World" drinking a pretty decent Mexican beer. He always seems to have nice looking cougars in attendance so it can't be all bad.

You can find me by the dish washing machine if you would like to discuss this further.

Opportunity Or Danger?

It seems that the old freak King Jong Il has finally departed. Good I guess. Wonder what will happen next. Is his son to be next in line? Will the military leaders acknowledge his ascendancy to the throne? Who knows. It will be interesting.

It is doubtful that a 'revolution" of sorts will occur. At least not one sparked from the street. The people are too downtrodden and brainwashed to even think of such action I would wager.

Will North Korea continue to be Chinese puppet and be used mainly to distract and irritate her enemies in the region (along with the Western world)? It is rather doubtful that the Red Chinese would allow any reunification with the South. They fear a dagger at the heart which is exactly what a unified peninsula would represent to them. Unification would perhaps (or perhaps not) be the best scenario for the West. A militarily and economically powerful unified Korea would certainly frighten the Communist govt of China. However it would likely be a complete nightmare to drag the North Koreans out of the dark ages. Might not be worth the time and effort to do so. It would make the integration of Eastern Germany with the West look like child's play.

The evolution of human history sure is interesting.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tell Me This Ain't True

Do you know who Craig James is? No? Well he is a busybody "announcer" on ESPN who seems to be more of a "legend in his own mind" than anything else. I do not like having to endure his nonsense when watching a game. A ass and no mistake is this James. He is also the same Craig James who tried his best to ruin "The Pirate's" career because his son whined about things going on in the Texas Tech football program. The problem is likely that the son; one Adam James, was not getting the playing time that he (and daddy) thought he deserved. I noticed that James (the son) is still on the roster at TTU and was getting plenty of time on the field. I figured the students in Red Raider land would have run this whiner out of town. Oh well..........

Now we learn that this James (Craig) is thinking about a run for the Senate. After all he is infinitely qualified; being a loudmouth know nothing P.O.S and all.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Athens, Texas: Battleground

I have lived in Texas for about 20 years or so and count myself no Texan. I agree with some that a whole lot of "Texans" can tend to be pretty silly about things. I find the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University grads and supporters to be somewhat of a cult and I find the way deer are "hunt" in Texas to be a bit, shall we say, pussy. It ain't huntin if you are feeding the deer. May as well shoot a cow at the trough. How could I think otherwise about Texas? I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. Yes I know those silly Aggies have jumped from the frying pan into the SEC fire, but that is because they lean a bit toward stupidity. Not to get sidetracked here.....

Now with all that being said there are a few things about Texas that I do like. One is the whole "don't mess with Texas" thing is a "real deal." I have learned from (you should check out his "rule 5" postings)  that some fruitloop group that goes by the name of The Freedom From Religion Foundation has threatened court action if a nativity scene in front of the county courthouse, in the little Texas town of Athens, be removed. Also they are demanding some sort of new age asinine banner be placed in the vicinity also. Don't think either will happen. Funny, just yesterday or the day before I made mention that the "war" on Christmas has subsided a bit. Guess I was wrong.

In this country we do have freedom of religion along with freedom from religion and that is an excellent concept (and policy). Be that as it may, in this nation we are predominately Christian folk and a little nativity scene hurts no one. Be it in front of a courthouse or on private property.

I would rather doubt that the nativity scene in front of the courthouse in Athens will be coming down anytime soon. It would be my guess that it  really will not matter what any court somewhere rules on the issue. I say if the folk at this "Freedom from religion" group are that adamant about the whole thing then they should just come on down and try to dismantle the offending decorations.

Wonder how that will work out for them.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rush The Righteous Blabbers A Bit Too Much

I am no fan of Ron Paul. He is a loon and no mistake. Yes, he is a pretty decent Congressman I admit and he does represent the district in which I reside but as a potential president.....? I don't think so. The man is just too much of a squirrel.
Now with that being said, today I was driving home from work and Rush was on the air. He was making fun of Dr. Paul with quite a bit of vitriol. That means one thing and one thing only. The Republicans (and Rush) are afraid of this man. That is OK in my book. I wouldn't support Paul any more than I would support that nut Palin, but it is nice that he frightens the "establishment." I am more a a Cain or Trump man myself. Yes Yes I know..Cain is a horndog and Trump is somewhat a clown. I understand and, for the most part, agree. I still think that either/or would be much better than any of the current cast of characters that we have now.

Let us be honest about the radio talking heads though. Rush, Hannity, and a slew of others, are nothing more than cheerleaders and jock sniffers.


Did President Obama really ask the Mohammedans for our captured drone to be returned? Please tell me he is not that obtuse. All is fair in love and war they say.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

War "Over"

Supposedly the war in Iraq has ended. Troops are coming home and for that I am thankful. Now is the time to mourn those American and allied troops who paid the ultimate price in that sad, useless, land.  There are those who say the mission in Iraq is already a failure. There are others that say that it was a horrible, almost criminal, decision to get involved there anyway. It is hard to say who is right or wrong.

I suspect that the only ones who will benefit will be the Iranians. If allowed to do so, they will dominate their weak neighbor and perhaps the whole Gulf region. Geopolitics 101.  The desert "kingdoms" fear this to be the case and it will likely prove to be so. Unless the Iranian regime is contained, marginalized, and/or destroyed of course.

One can imagine that plans for the quick and total destruction of Iran have been long dusted off and are being refined daily. That is, after all, what we pay our nation's military for.

By The Stench of Dumbass Sheila Jackon Lee's Crown Weave; I Will See This Band

Rammstein is coming to Houston. By the stench of Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee's crown weave.......I will see this band!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"We Wish You a Happy Holidays?" Bugger Off!

The other day my daughter informed me that her school library book had different words for the old We Wish You a Merry Christmas tune. You can guess what the "new" version is of course. Yep that's right. We Wish You a Happy Holidays is the new way brothers and sisters. Of course I just told her that the old way was the real way and not to pay any attention to the "new lyrics." I did not mention of course that the "new tune" was something that bimbos, bozos, and buggers came up with to make everyone feel "included" (or something). I just left all that alone.

I think the whole "attack" thing on Christmas has sort of blown over anyway. I could be wrong there but I have not heard so much about a "holiday tree" this year.

This PC is ridiculous and if you are a practitioner of such nonsense, well, I wish you a very hearty and heartfelt "fuck off."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Age Nonsense

I took a "Special Education Certification" test yesterday afternoon. Pretty sure I did OK.  I will know in a few days. I studied quite a bit of course and I should soon have another teacher "certification" under my belt. Not that it really matters. Very few good teaching jobs left in Texas. Unless you know or blow someone. Be that as it may, I was warned by a number of colleagues that the "common sense" answers on this particular exam are usually the wrong ones. Of course they are. These tests are devised by over "educated" Utopian dickweeds who don't know what they are about. Anyone with even half a brain can see this.........Divorced from reality is that crew.

Part of the problem with our country it seems. Common sense is thrown out the window for "feel good" solutions in all walks of life. How is that going to work out for us when we find ourselves in a real shooting war?

What a bunch of poseys we have become.

Was There Some Sort Of Debate Last Night?

Apparently there was some sort of presidential candidate debate evening last. I watched RGIII win the big trophy instead. A movie was next on the agenda. Both more interesting than watching a bunch of jackasses. One of them may get the opportunity to drag our country even further down the drain.

It is funny how both major political organizations in this land seem to put up nothing but loons (Paul), dunces (Obama, Perry),  corrupt criminals (Newt), and  horndogs, both proven and alleged(Cain, W.J Clinton) as choices. Hard to understand frankly.

When the time comes, I will likely "write in" my choice. I don't want to hear "a write in vote or a 3rd party candidate vote only helps Obama." Perhaps so, but do you really think any of the current crop of Republicans will be any better? Don't delude yourself.  We are all in a sinking ship and whether it is a Dem or Republican in office won't much matter. You can take that to the bank.

There is no one in the current crop who has the intestinal fortitude to do what is right by our country. No Lincoln, Reagan, or even JFK among the lot of them. Where is Alexander Haig when you need him?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm Feeling Girlish Today. Think I Will Use the Ladies Dressing Room

Apparently Macy's has fired one Natalie Johnson for not allowing a cross dressing man into the dressing area reserved for women. The nerve of that woman. Perhaps she did not get the memo on political correctness. This little episode has the usual suspects blowing their horns and banging their drums about "inclusion" and "discrimination," etc. etc.  Of course they are applauding the release of Ms. Johnson from employment.

I got news for ya pal. If you sport cock n balls then you are a male. You might want to be a women and you might even think that you really are a women. No matter. Your plumbing settles the question. Have a wing wong? The men's dressing room for you. You can wear a skirt if you like.

You know, on second thought, instead of feeling girlish, I feel like a Black man today. I want to be Black. I think I am so. I know I really should be. Therefore, despite all evidence to the contrary, I am a Black man. With all rights and privileges........

In a sane world Ms. Johnson would be right and Macy's wrong.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Mohammedans are Coming. The Mohammedans are Coming.

It is being reported that some Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations are to have a "convention" of sorts at the Hilton Americas in beautiful downtown Houston.  Sneaking in at Christmas also it seems (if the reporting is correct). I will research this a bit further and just see if this is some crapola or the real deal. We know the Mohammedans are coming but just who these Muslims are is the question. A bit of investigative reporting perhaps is in order.  Of course anyone who makes such inquiries will be accused of not being "inclusive."

Or something.

Pearl Harbor and USCGC Taney

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It was apparent on Sept 11, 2001 that we did not learn the lesson from Dec 7, 1941. Have we yet? Probably not. Be that as it may, today we honor the service people who fought and died on that fateful day 70 years back.

 As a veteran of both the "Coastie" service and Naval Reserve I would point out that the Coast Guard was also in action that day. The USCGC Taney was moored at nearby Honolulu Harbor and participated in the defensive action. Today she is moored in Baltimore as a museum ship. A relic and a reminder.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lady Gag Gag

I guess that Lady Gaga (Ga Ga? whatever) is naked in a music video. She is not the most attractive woman I have ever seen. By a long shot. I wish someone would just say "Please keep your clothes on." "For the sake of us all."

This is what our society has come to. Butt ugly babes "gettin nekkid" on TV.

No wonder the Mohammedans are pissed.