Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just a Few Sports Things

  This has been a crazy crazy year. Don't know if it has anything to do with the election of Hair or not. Guess I could blame everything on him. Why not? Everyone else does....

  Oh well... . For starters this has been a fairly predicable and, let us be honest, just sort of interesting year in college football. Alabama is the team to beat apparently which is no surprise, the close call with Mississippi State not withstanding. It looks like Notre Dame and Miami are finally back and real contenders. That is somewhat of a surprise. I don't like the Fighting Irish, never have. I do however like the "U" and always have. Florida is dismal and LSU is just enough above average to be in the top 25. Kinds of squeaking in mind..... I don't guess that is all that much of a surprise though......Update - The beat-down the Canes handed the Irish was epic. It doesn't mean however that Notre Dame is not back. They are. Just not quite as back to relevance as Miami. Not yet.

The Astros won the World Series. I'm not sure if that was surprising or not. I had kind of lost interest after their move to the not real baseball league. Of course now it is time to bandwagon and get on board with the team. Yes I know I'm a hypocrite Oh, that reminds me.....Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee made a statement after the Series win and of course she made a fool of herself. She is the "gift that keeps on giving" as  one Houston talk show "great" observes. When she called Altuve  "Altouy" or some such well, that was Sheila at his best. Damn she is hilarious. It is doubtful that the folks in her district will vote her out so I suppose we are going to be blessed with her comedy for some time to come. Another Houston buffoon, one Al Green (not to be confused with the crooner of the same name), does not even come close to Sheila J. Lee. He does have cool hair though. Wonder what kind of grease he uses.....?

This NFL thing has somewhat cooled down I guess but it seems like the damage may have already been done. Attendance and viewership is supposedly down. At least for a time. These punks who kneel or sit during the Anthem really should be fired. Without question or recourse.

Till next time.