Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Evening Honkage

I am not looking forward to work tomorrow particularly. I suppose I am not alone in this. Oh well....

Today I noticed on some "news" source or other that Syria may have some "weapons of mass destruction." There was speculation of course that these alleged weapons were the very same ones that were in Iraq prior to the second war. Wonder if Dubya and Dick were right about this the whole time. Did our "intelligence community" actually have the true skinny all along? Who knows.

There is also speculation that the U.S. is preparing to "intervene" in the Syrian mess. Hope not. This Assad is an evil ass of course, but he is a well known evil ass. What comes after him is the real issue. Assad does not overtly attack his neighbor but plays the game of "proxy war." That is nothing more than geopolitics 101 and it is a game played by almost every nation state at some point in history. It is better than the alternative - all out war with another nation state. Whoever may come after Assad may be more inclined to initiate open hostilities with Israel than Assad. We already see the signs of a radicalization in Egypt. Will we see radical Islamists in power in Syria before all is said and done? It is better to leave well enough alone in Syria perhaps. Let the chips fall where they may as it were.

Iran will continue to be a thorn in our side. This is perhaps a different animal than Syria. It may well become necessary to war upon the Persian nation at some point. This is the part where it would be where it might be wise to support a popular revolt of the people. Hopefully at some point the regular armed forces of Iran will initiate action against the regime and their allies. Unfortunately it is rather doubtful that the regular forces have the teeth to take on the Revolutionary Guard and their affiliates alone. Whatever happens in this sad region, you can bet it will affect our economy. Don't think we have seen even the tip of the iceberg as far as pain at the pump goes. Do you?

Wouldn't it be nice if we developed our own domestic energy and did not participate in exporting to the "world market?" Maybe wean ourselves off oil from a very hostile region of the world? Wonder if something like that is even remotely on the horizon. Fuel prices go to 6.00 bucks a gallon sustained and I would wager that there will be some radical changes in energy policy. Or not. Never underestimate the stupidity of the folk in DC.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Brayage

Thank goodness the weekend is here. Can't be long enough to suit me. I have a lot of work to do around the house and all that beats real work.

The Michael Berry (not Barry) thing is still an ongoing issue for those of us who follow local Houston ridiculousness. It seems that Berry (through his high powered and high priced attorney) has paid the guy whose car Berry (allegedly) damaged a chunk of change. OK. Case closed? Not so fast. Inquiring minds want to know why the "case" was apparently initially thrown under the rug by HPD. Why did the DA office not take action? Etc. As an unfortunate testament to the human condition; inquiring minds also want to know just what Berry was doing in a low rent club well known as a hang out for all kinds of unsavory folk. I have mentioned before that a lot of cabbies won't pick up customers from this particular spot. There is a reason for that. The saga continues.........

There has been some speculation in the left wing blogosphere that high fuel prices are all the doings of the Republicans. Something about keeping the prices high in order to defeat Obama. How is that possible? Speculation of that sort sounds like a bit of a stretch but I suppose anything is possible. Try this one on for size. Prices remain high and go even higher; Obama's poll number slip to the point the reelection seems to border on the impossible. Obama orders an attack on Iran, his poll numbers rise and he is re elected. The region is in flames and we still are paying out the nose for the necessity of driving to the green grocer. I'm getting sick of all of them. Aren't you?  Republicans, Mohammedans, and the Jackass Party are all tiresome.

Don't you think we just need to go to some sort of national sales tax and be done with it? It certainly would be more "fair" than the system we have now. Or at the very least, be less of a pain in the ass. Yes, I know that a whole lot of people are poor and end up not "owing" any taxes on their income. So? A whole bunch of "rich" people seem to find a way not to pay income taxes also. A national sales tax just seems so much simpler for the vast majority of us. There should be a way to just tax purchases. Maybe some things like prescription drugs and medical procedures could be exempt.

I hear some say that scrapping the current tax system would put a lot of people out of work? Really? Are they talking about those in the employment of the IRS? The IRS would not go away but I can see where it could certainly be downsized. This is a bad thing? Perhaps they are just talking about tax "professionals" that would find themselves in need of a career change. Again. This is a bad thing? These folk just perpetuate a ridiculously complex (and corrupt?) system anyway. Some need to become useful to society by learning to drive a truck.

That is about enough for one sitting I guess.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Super Bowl in the Books. Nothing For Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee to Become Outraged Over

I watched the Super Bowl last night. It was my duty as a proud American. As a citizen, it is simply a must to at least have the game on the telly. Kind of like catching at least one game of a World Series or rooting for the Americans in the Olympics. Even in the "sport" of  Soccer. Be that as it may, I really did not have much of a dog in the hunt and was only passively pulling for the Giants to win. I kind of like "The Quiet Manning."  The game was quite good and came right down to the wire. The way a Super Bowl should.

I did not notice any advertisements that would outrage Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Remember last year? I don't know, perhaps I was missing something but I just don't think there was anything that would offend the Congresswoman from Texas. Time will tell though. She has not been in the spotlight of late and it is past time for her to be outraged and offended about something or other. Perhaps she didn't like the minstrel show that was presented during the (exceptionally long) half.

It is always something.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Braying on the Super Sabbath. With Rule Five!

Today is a (Christian) Sabbath like any other. With the exception of it being "Super Sunday" of course. Since the Saints (and I guess the Texans) were knocked out of the picture I have not paid so much attention to the goings on. I note that the big game is to be held in Indianapolis (of all places). Nice little town sure, but a "Super Bowl" city? I don't think so. It reminds me a bit of a somewhat cleaner version of Memphis.  A nice and interesting place to visit and perhaps live, but just not quite major league. Oh well, be that as it may, the game will be played there today. Frankly New Orleans is the only place to hold an event of the magnitude of the Super Bowl. No other place  knows how to to put the party on like the Crescent City. Well enough football talk I suppose. I will sort of pull for the Giants simply because the the boys from NE represent Massachusetts (mainly). Other than perhaps South Carolina, has there been any state that has caused so much damage to the nation?

Speaking of South Carolina and Massachusetts; it is a toss up which state has been the most destructive. South Carolina, as the first state  to declare "independence" from the Union, may be leading a bit but the Commonwealth is not far behind. During the War of  Northern Aggression, General McClellan noted that he would like to wage war both on South Carolina and MA. Both had caused irreparable damage to the Union (or so was his opinion at the time).
Funny, when Newt won the SC primary, I did not think it any thing out of the ordinary. I certainly did not see Newt suddenly surging to the Republican nomination. He won simply because he was in South Carolina. She (the state) has always been an oddball and certainly marches to a different drummer. Sometimes those drums have been war drums. Anyway, we will see how Newt finishes. I wager he will go away pretty soon.

What other state but Massachusetts could have continued to elect a manslaughterer and drunken philanderer to the Senate? The Commonwealth is the home of the Kennedy dynasty (which is finally  about played out). Does anything more really need to be said here? Probably not. Oh I guess we could mention that the next POTUS might be an empty suit type from that fair state. I suppose that is worth mentioning. Or not.

Let us get off politics for a moment (or at least politics of the American variety). It seems that a rather high up French official has come out and stated what we all know to be true. "Some cultures are inferior to others." He was speaking of Mohammedan culture of course (or at least the Middle Eastern variant). He has noted that France is in danger of losing her identity over a surge in immigration from those sad environs. It is probably too late for France and perhaps the whole of Western Europe.

 You know, one of the few times (perhaps the only time) I have ever agreed with Bill Mahr is when he correctly noted that our civilization was "better" than Middle Eastern Mohammedan civilization. He was right on the money and probably irritated quite a few of his fellow "we are the world" types with his astute observation.

I have recently read that some "African" Americans are fed up with the label of "African." It is about time. The only "African Americans" in this country are those that have recently gained citizenship who were born on that continent. Other Black folk are just plain old Americans. Even the recently naturalized are Americans and there should really be nothing noted in front of the name. Those among us who put something in front of the word "American" are doing themselves and this country a disservice. You are either an American or you are not. Simple as that. Me, my ancestors come from Germany, Holland and Scotland. I am not a German/Dutch/Scotch American. I am just a regular old Asshole American. Proud of it I might add.

Pink Slime (ammonium hydroxide) to be taken out of the burgers at the Golden Arches? Who knew that such crap was being pumped into the "meat" that is served at those fine establishments? We all did. Sorta. Did anyone ever feel like they were not eating some kind of chemical concoction anytime they ingested something purchased at the fast food empire? Now that they have been cold busted "treating" their "meat" with such an unappetizing substance, they have decided that it is time to discontinue such practice. Now I have said in the past that the Golden Arches (or their competitors) can be a good and sometimes rather lucrative (for a select few) career for some folk. I stand by that. People will still flock to the Arches even if it came to light that they were stretching the food with "Soylent Green." They won't hurt for business.

On another food related note; it is being reported that some "scientists" urge that sugar be treated as a controlled substance. Or at least regulated as tobacco and alcohol as it were. Hope they don't tell Michelle about their "findings." That headache we don't need.

Remember the actress who sued Amazon (and IMBD) for revealing her age? Well here she is. The lovely and talented Junie Hoang. Star of many a blockbuster. Not bad looking for an old broad. Is she?