Thursday, February 28, 2013

Car Racing, Ice Cream and Fat Bastards

Last week's NASCAR racing was pretty interesting. Not a big fan of NASCAR (I prefer open wheel) but, like the Super Bowl, it is somehow un American not to tune in to the Daytona 500 for a least a while. I actually attended the race back in 81 or 82, and watched from the infield no less. I don't remember much about the race, couldn't tell you who won, but I do remember that there were such things to be seen that rivaled some of the things I have seen the numerous time I went to Mardi Gras. Not that there is anything wrong with that mind.
The wreck that occurred in the  preliminary race the day before the big event was something. It is by the grace of God that no one, driver or spectator, was killed in that one. Pretty impressive wreck to be sure. Predictably there are now some who are wanting to make things "safer" in NASCAR. Even more predictably there are those do gooders who would really want to do away with the entire sport for various reasons. Perusing various message boards, I came across those who actually want close down racing because of the "fuel it wastes." People like that can be discounted as ignorant asses of course but I don't know how one would make car racing a risk free sport. Jayhawk points out that blocking is forbidden in Indy racing and perhaps should be banned in NASCAR also. Makes sense. Other than that I don't see what else can be done to make the sport any safer.
In just about any sport there is a least a little bit of risk to fans. Someone can get bonked in the head by a baseball or broken bat and I believe a few years back a young woman was unfortunately killed by a hockey puck that went over the partition. It is rare that these things happen but there is a slight risk of injury just rolling out of bed in the morning. Oh, almost forgot, I did once see video where a bull got loose in the stands during a bullfight somewhere and I hate to admit that I found it rather amusing. Nothing is completely safe.

I have never met a person that did not like at least some sort of ice cream or other. Never. I'm sure someone exists somewhere that dislikes the frozen dessert but I have never met them. Every part of the country it seems has some sort of regional premium brand that they tout to be the best there is. Down this way one claims to be "the best ice cream in the country." It is very good no doubt but that is a pretty big claim. Up Arkansas way there is Yarnells and I would certainly put it against Blue Bell anytime. How could I think otherwise? I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man (yes I know the Aggies are now in the SEC). In the last few years there have been some premium "store brands" that are, to me, every bit as good as the top shelf brands. At least one grocery chain has their own plant and do not contract out the manufacture of their product. Needless to say it is somewhat cheaper (not much) than their premium competitors and there no difference in the quality as far as I can tell.
It would probably be an impossible task to determine just which ice cream really holds the title of "best in the country." I wouldn't mind taking on the assignment of trying to find out though. This leads me into the next item of interest.......

They say that the United States is a nation of fat bastards. I have to agree frankly. The "American diet" is chock full of fatty and unhealthy foods, many of which have been manipulated to our detriment by "food" manufacturers. There may be more than one reason behind the explosion of heaviness that is epidemic in this country and it might have not so much to do with the type food we eat, but rather the frequency in which we eat unhealty fare. Most folk can eat pizza and burgers from time to time without any detrimental affect on their girth, but when that is the staple of the diet......Won't be long before you are a member of the fat bastard club sure.
Why then do people tend to consistently eat unhealthy foods? It could be that it is a matter of convenience which goes hand in glove with the trends that American society has taken in the past few decades. It is darn hard for most households to have anything worth a damn unless both adults are working. For the most part in the "nuclear family" (whatever that is) both the mother and father have to have some sort of income to live above the subsistence level. When mom and dad are coming home from work it is easier to stop by for a pizza, etc. than to go home and prepare a decent meal. In some homes it might be ten pm or later when everyone has finally eaten and gotten ready to wind down for the day. I would submit that the demands of society are a major cause of the the United States becoming a nation of fat bastards.

What is the solution to the girth problem? Fuck if I know. Really don't much care either. I do know that it is not "banning" fast foods and sanctioning those who are in the industry. That is truly un American and should not even an option in a free society but then those who are advocates (Michelle and Michael B) of such action can't really call themselves American.
Can they?

  Enjoy some racing and ice cream related Rule 5.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Computer Hacking and Red China

Red China's military (PLAN) has been accused by some in the U.S. of mass attacks on critical American computer networks of late. I believe that even Coca Cola alleges they have been victimized (attacked). Interesting. Is this what low intensity conflict between (developed and developing) nations has come down to? Not as violent (yet) as sending various Mohammedans to meet the virgins but.....

Is computer espionage and "hacking" with evil intent an act of war? I would imagine that some Iranians believe it to be just that. The "worm" that did some damage to the nuclear ambitions of the Islamic Republic originated somewhere (Israel and the U.S. allegedly) and reportedly slowed down Iranian progress in the nuclear field. In this particular instance, no one rational should have had any problem with warfare conducted in this manner. Probably a rather benign prelude to real fireworks in this case but the computer assault may have delayed the inevitable for a bit. Another subject perhaps...

The Red Chinese attacks are a different matter entirely. At some point in time (perhaps even now), China may have the capability to do real damage. Not talking about stealing secrets from some under secured business' computer system (although that is damaging enough), but real damage to the American infrastructure. When the power grid and communication systems are compromised with the net result of shutting our society down (until the warrior geeks sort it out), we will then know that computer warfare is real warfare.

Actually the ball is in our court here. China needs the U.S. much much more than we need them. They are dependent on our market (and to some extent our traitorous corporate types who offshore American jobs to mainland China), and they are owed God knows how much "money" from this nation.
If push comes to shove, this political class of this country could just decide that what is owed to Communist China is so much toilet tissue and that all American manufacturers are to cease doing business in that country forthwith.

Neither will happen of course what with our political leaders being globalists and weaklings. What to do then? Turn about is fair play. It is probable anyway that the game that China is playing against us is the same game we are playing against them.

One thing of note about this (rather) new form of warfare. It can be played by those who are militarily incompetent or lack capability. It would not be a surprise if many third world nations (Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa  etc. etc.) are in the computer espionage and warfare business in a big way.

This new type of warfare has not yet led to a real shooting war. There is a first time for everything.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Common Sense Fixes to Some National Issues

It seems there is a lot of blabbering, wailing and braying about some societal problems that are easily addressed. Gun control, immigration "reform" and the complicated  tax system come to mind. For the most part these are easy fixes but I am rather certain that my plan would not pass muster with the leftists or most "conservatives."

The gun control "conversation" is not going away. Ever. The leftists want you and me disarmed and will stop at nothing. In reality there is already "gun control." Have you ever had to stand around waiting, after you filled out nonsensical paperwork, while the dealer gets "clearance" for you to actually make a purchase? Pretty sure you have. This is gun control. There are already laws on the books that are designed to prevent those who are not worthy of the right of gun ownership from actually owning a gun. Now the left wants more with the ultimate aim of depriving you of your rights under the 2nd Amd to the Constitution of the United States. This is no secret. What is the "fix" to the gun "problem?" There is none. Leave well enough alone. Enforce the laws that are already on the books. Gun shows and private sales where there is no background check? Oh well. That's showbizz hoss!

I would be remiss also if I did not mention that there is no such thing as an "assault" weapon unless it has capability to fire "full auto." What the leftists are calling assault weapons are, for the most part, nothing more than sexy looking deer rifles.

When the leftists finally get their way and attempt to disarm the populace one must be prepared. The only real fix to that problem is to have your weapons (undocumented if possible), and a stockpile of ammunition. Then of course you just ignore any federal, state or local law that deprives you of your rights as an American.

Right now "immigration reform" is the hot ticket item on the circuit. The Republicans and Democrats are bantering back and forth about the best way to "fix" the problem of "undocumented workers." They already tried amnesty back in the 80's, supposedly a one time thing, and yet they still keep coming. A complicated issue they say. Nonsense. A simple fix.

First and foremost the border must be secure. It must be closed. Very simple to do. Cost some money to be sure and would further stretch our already thin military but a national security issue is a national security issue. Legitimate trade with Mexico of course would not be interfered with, but illegal activity would be stopped forthwith.

What to do with all the illegal aliens that are already here. A bit more complicated perhaps but again this is a national security issue and hard choices should be made. I would imagine that some sort of "grace period" of say a month would be allowed for illegals (not already in custody) to get their affairs in order before heading home. Seems fair. For those who chose to stay and try to game the system? After the grace period has expired it would be time to move into the second phase of enforcement. A two year stint in prison for the first offense and a five year term for the offense of trying to return illegally. One would have to be pigheaded to try for a third time, but there will be a few.....For those a ten year sentence.
Costly? Yes. I am also not generally an advocate of more prisons. On the contrary.This "prison industry" is a real problem in this country but again we are talking about a national security issue. A great deal of the cost could be mitigated by releasing those (who are American citizens) imprisoned for minor drug (usually marijuana) offenses.

Of course "my plan" would be seen as racist by a great many. So be it. At this time our country needs no more "undocumented workers." It matters not where they hail from. We have problems enough.

The tax system is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Many corporations avoiding (evading) taxes and a great number of people paying nothing at all. Something wrong there. A "fair" tax would be some sort of national sales tax that we all, not some of us, but all of us, would have no choice but to participate in. There could be few exemptions. Most staple foods, medications and housing could be exempt but not much else. A poor family or the frugal could probably get away with keeping their tax bill rather low. Of course this would also mean that the "poor" would have to pay for non staples the same as the rest of us and that won't fly with most leftists. I can already here the wailing. When you tell a welfare queen that she can't get her daily ration of Kentucky Fried there will be trouble. Restaurant food will be seen as a non staple and would be taxed of course.  Corporations? Every purchase made would be subject to the national sales tax.

What is the alternative? More of the same. The IRS will still be a dangerous power and armies of "tax professionals" will continue to lobby to keep the system as complicated as possible. Job security for them and a hosing for the rest of us. A national sales tax would be one way to clip the wings of the IRS and put the tax lawyers and other assorted scum looking for other employment. Sounds like a win.

Of course none of these things will ever come to pass. Pretty simplistic solutions but then again these problems are not likely as complex as advertised. They do however require that those with the intestinal fortitude to do what is required implement them.

Good luck with that.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silly Saturday in February

As usual there are a lot of interesting and important things going on in the country and the world in general that warrant discussion and I may or may not comment on them in this little diatribe.

I like Guy Fieri. His Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives show is pretty entertaining and often educational. During one trip to San Antonio I actually went to one of the places that was featured on his program. Not really anything special if I remember correctly, but what the hey. I do believe that T Bone Toms of Kemah, Texas was included in one segment (I could be wrong), and I have eaten there many times. Pretty nice little place. Not really a diner, drive inn or dive, but not a fancy place to be sure. Makes a pretty good chicken fried steak over there but I can certainly do a steak better on my grill at home. Thinking of steak, I used to work some with a caterer who could fuck up a rib eye like no one else. I often wondered why the word was not out on him but, as usual, I digress.
Guy Fieri is an interesting character who is owner/co owner of various restaurants. It is interesting that one of his NYC places was lambasted in the "food press" in that fair city. Typical. Most of those "foodie" scribes are probably jealous of his success and  it  just makes sense that they would savage his place. Of course the joint may indeed by horrid, I wouldn't know. Likely though it serves regular fare and these snobbish foodie fags would trash anyplace that didn't serve some minuscule weirdness on foofoo looking square plates. It just makes it more fun for them to publish drivel about a semi famous food guy's place. Effete, jealous little pricks.

It appears that Good Hair Rick Perry has invited businesses in California to take a look at relocating to Texas. Good news for us I suppose. Why anyone would open a business in the high tax climate of the Golden State is beyond me. Shame. For the most part, California is a nice place. One of my favorite areas of the country is the Russian River region.

A bit more Texas news? Why not. It seems that some judge has deemed the way schools are funded in the Lone Star State to be unconditional. Interesting. Right now the school district folk are screaming for more money to waste. Granted some needed programs are in jeopardy. Music, theatre, journalism, etc. and  vocational training programs are taking a hit. There really is no need for that. Each major (and may smaller) districts could cut 30 percent of their high salary "administrative" force without any adverse affect. Some sporting programs could be cut also. It makes no sense for schools to have 4 football teams, 3 basketball squads, etc. etc. Let those who make the "big" team make the team and have the rest of the student body deal with taking physical education. The savings would be phenomenal likely. Anyone who has been around education for any length of time knows that there is nothing more useless than coaches who are forced to actually teach a real class. Unless it is an army of "administrators." Now those folk are truly wasting a taxpayer's dime.

The war in Syria still rages and there appears to be no end in site. A week or so back Israel attacked a convoy that was reported to be transporting weaponry to Hizbollah (Hezbollah, whatever). Of course there was screaming from the usual suspects but that matters little. Iran appears to be behind propping up the Assad regime (which may be around a lot longer than some initially thought). They are also a sponsor of the Hizbollah terror organization. In the meantime we are reported to be cutting our force in the Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea from two carrier groups to one. Doesn't it make more sense to just take care of the Iranian problem now rather than later? There are some who think such. At times, I find myself in that camp. There certainly is a bill that the fine folk of Hizbollah need to pay. Remember the Marine Barracks from the early 80's? Of course you don't. At some point will we just square all accounts in the region in a proactive, pragmatic, and devastating fashion? Probably not.

A while back a friend of mine said that "the world would be a better place if people quit fighting over the supremacy of their imaginary friend." Or some such. I have to agree. The world would be a better place if the various endless wars over religion would just cease. It does seem a stupid thing to fight over granted. In the real world however these conflicts have been around since the dawn of organized religion  and there is nothing on the horizon that signals change. While the West (and everybody else if truth be told) might not be at war with Islam, Islam is certainly at war with the West (and everybody else). While the whole concept of religious conflict is stupid, doesn't it make sense to be on the winning side none the less? You probably shouldn't ask me though. I am one of those who believe that the Crusades were a justified endeavour that unfortunately ended in failure.

Egypt is an interesting case. The "Arab Spring" ended up bringing a terror organization to power. Of course our administration and most leftists were cheerleaders for the fine young Arabs who would finally bring peace and democratic institutions to the most important (and powerful) Muslim nation in the region. It seems that some folk have gotten an idea of just what they have with these Muslim Brotherhood types and are crying foul. It may be a matter of time before Egypt becomes another Syria. Perhaps the Egyptian military will take control of the situation and we will see these Brotherhood types dancing at the end of a rope before the situation spins out of control. Either way, the U.S. sending advanced weaponry (and borrowed monetary aid) to Egypt is nothing less than criminally stupid. There is no other way to describe it.

The other week I was watching some show on C Span that had a "panel" of left wing types discussing various issues. There was some communist "education expert," a nurse whose main gig is being a spokeswoman for some community organization, a forgettable left of the aisle congresswoman, and, strangely enough, Newt Gingrich. Of course Gingrich was the whipping boy but he did not seem to mind much. He probably, and rightly, figured these folks were just out of touch idealists and their attacks on him mattered little. I almost forgot to mention that Dr. Cornel West was in attendance. When it was his turn to speak he typically went off on some rant in some almost incomprehensible dialect. Cornel West? Now that is one crazy fucker.

I guess I will wind up with the raging gun control "conversation." I suspect that for most of us who are gun owners our stance is that, no matter what the federal govt comes up with, we will just ignore it. Obama has turned out to be the best gun and ammunition salesman of all time. I don't think they are coming for our weapons quite yet but that is the ultimate goal for many of those on the left.

Watch and see.

A Special Kind of Dumbass

As a retired barman (still available for lawyer funerals and the occasional wedding or orgy), I have often marvelled at the concoctions that folks order. Perhaps the strangest I can recall was an Indian doctor requesting Scotch, Dr. Pepper and three olives, (no less, no more). The Dr. in question was in attendance at a venue in the Sugarland area (just south of Houston) that often hosts Indian weddings. One thing about these Indian weddings, the women are beautiful and tend to not wear any under garments with their thin traditional dress. A cop that works security at the venue regularly pointed this out to me and I kept a sharp eye to be sure. He works there every chance he gets he then did I.  Indeed!  I digress. Strange drinks? Oh yes.  Here and there someone has requested a beverage that I have never heard of (Wicky Wacky Woo) and I usually enjoyed mixing it up for them and of course putting the recipe in my little book. All in all working as a barman is a rather enjoyable "career."

One thing that I have always noticed is the number of people who tend to want diet drinks with their sugar filled adult beverage. A rum and Diet Coke is the usual request. Let's see, limit the intake of sugar when you enjoy a beverage which is basically just fermented sugar cane juice. Often people making this choice do so because of some health concern or other (usually diabetes), or perhaps they just want to keep a trim figure. I never understood that. I can't understand the stupidity of someone who actually believed that a diet drink is healthy anyway. Nothing but chemicals and they taste like vomit. I can not, will not, believe anyone who tries to tell me that they really prefer a diet soda over the real thing.

It has come out recently that diet soda is every bit as bad for your health as the real deal. Perhaps more so. The artificial sweeteners are recognized by the body as sugar anyway and the same (or similar) internal processes are triggered. It is now reported that these same diet drinks tend to increase the "need" for eating sweet foods in many people. Most regular sodas in this country are made with high fructose corn syrup and that is not a good thing either. That is why I violate my "no Mexican products" policy and purchase the occasional Mexican Coke, but I would certainly introduce high fructose corn syrup based drinks into my body before I would ever drink any sort of aspartame laced diet drink. (On a different but related subject I don't used maple flavored corn syrup when the real, albeit it pricey, deal is available for purchase.....).

In my humble opinion if one orders a diet soda with their adult beverage they are a special kind of dumbass and should be hit with a stick and condemned to the fires of Hades.

For some reason Indian hotties are on my mind......Don't know why.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blabbering After the 2013 Super Bowl about Mohammedans and Leftists.

The Super Bowl Sunday last was a pretty good one. It looked as if the Browns (err Ravens) were going to run away with it until the "power surge" took the Dome's lighting system off line for a bit. Needless to say this break may have changed the character of the game and allowed the 49ers to regroup and make a game of it.
The power surge? I am probably not the only one in the country who said "hmmmm" when it became apparent there was a problem. It is a testament to the paranoia that still runs rampant in this country after the attacks of Sept 11, 2011 to at least have thoughts of a possible terrorist attack (Mohammedan or otherwise) when there is an anomaly. If anyone thinks that such an action is beyond the realm then I will certainly and gladly sell them a bridge............A major sporting event would be, I imagine, a prime target to strike, at the least, a psychological blow to the country. There is no bigger sporting event than the Super Bowl.

Well it appears that there was no terrorist action from AQ, Hamas, Hezbollah, leftists, rightists, etc. etc. (Speaking of Hezbollah, there is a bill due from this fine organization from the early 80's that needs to thoroughly be paid. In full!! At some point perhaps ....). Nope, it just appears that there was just a regular old outage that came at an inopportune time.

If we discount Mohammedans for a moment, and consider an attack from some sort of home grown organization, it would be interesting to see how the mainstream media and the leftists in this country would verbally respond. I would imagine if it was some redneck group it would be branded "right wing" ie conservative terrorism. That would be wrong. Any nutty group that comes from the "right" is in no way conservative. The flip side? It would be hard to imagine what the lefties would say about some avowedly communist(ic) type group.  I would wager that some would "sympathize with the cause but condemn the action." Or some such.

The rest of us would brand a socialist minded terror group a "left wing" group. Rightly so. While a redneck criminal group has nothing to do with conservative(ism), a group that is polar opposite has everything to do with what is commonly referred to as "left wing."

An example? OK. Timothy McVeigh had nothing in common with conservatives, while a modern Weather Underground type organization members would have very much in common with the thought processes of those from the left.

This is plain as day.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday Blabbering 2013 with Banned Cheerleader Rule 5

Today the Baltimore Browns (err Ravens) face off with the team from the Bay Area in what has the potential to be a good game. My money is on the team from Baltimore. They seem to be a more well rounded club. That being said, I really have no interest in the game but I am sure I will watch. It seems somehow un American not to do so.  Whatever the outcome, it will be nice to finally be shed of the Ray Lewis worship that has dominated much of the "coverage" leading up to the game, and perhaps we will no longer have to see that  woman say "game day bucket go boom" on the KFC commercial.  That spot alone would send me to a competitor to buy my chicken if I was indeed in the market for greasy, heartburn producing fare this day. I'm not.

The Super Bowl is a time honored American distraction and many tend to take our thoughts off crap at work, problems in the country, etc. etc. for a few brief moments.  Often the games themselves are unwatchable and all the silliness associated with it can certainly get old but once in a while there is a contest worth watching. We will see how this one turns out..............

Another thought on these recurrent Super Bowls......It appears to me that the only place that really knows how do put on the party for an event of such magnitude is New Orleans. Houston did a commendable job a few years back, but there is just one New Orleans. I believe that the game will be held in NY in the near future and that may be borderline ridiculous. A friend of mine says that he hopes it will be about 18 degrees and miserable weather. I wouldn't go that far myself, but I do question why the NFL would make such a boneheaded move........

Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz made the "news" of late for being left off the squad that will be going to the game. There are those that allege it is due to some weight gain and that she is being discriminated against. Hell I guess she should sue. Why not? It's another American pastime.