Thursday, January 27, 2011

Didn't This Just End The Other Day?!!

Well American Idol is back on. It seems like this just ended the other day. There are different judges this year with Randy being the only one back it seems. I must admit I, at times, watch this show. People with amazing talent do surface and lives have been changed for the better thanks to this contest. The "preliminaries" are sometimes hard to watch though. I usually skip the early shows because I just can't stomach the people that "audition" who are worse than bad. I mean the average person who sings in the shower has a better voice than some of these folk. Some of course just try to get on tv for laughs but there are those who really are so deluded that they believe themselves to have talent. It is kind of sad really.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did the Man Look Orange?

I watched the State of the Union address in its entirety evening last. It seemed to me like a pretty good speech but of course like most other SOTU addresses, it can all be taken with a grain of salt. With that being said, I just did not take anything the man said seriously. How could I? There are some things I did notice however that struck me as kind of interesting. Apparently the make up that President Obama was wearing was applied too thickly or the wrong shade was used or something. The man looked orange. Maybe it was just my television but I swear the man looked the same shade as one of those hookers on that "trash tv" show "Jerseylicious." You would think that the White House would have some competent make up artists on contract for major public appearances. Another thing of note was the (of course) appearance of that dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. She was not wearing red this time but some kind of "dress" that was a loud yellow. She, a rather unimportant member of Congress, obviously pushed her way up to the aisle to be on television for all the nation to see. She does this type of thing all the time. It is really rather amusing but at the same time, a bit sad.  The poor woman is an embarrassment to her district, the city of Houston, and all Texas. Now the most funny thing to me was Vice President Biden. The man could not resist, even for an hour, of "jacking around"  as the President spoke. Not even for an hour! Did you notice him making some silly gestures to someone as Obama spoke? For some reason Fuzzy Zoeller came to mind. Do you remember when Zoeller innocently made some kind of racist remarks about Tiger Woods after Tiger won his first Masters? Zoeller was too stupid to understand that he would be lambasted for what he said and of course he was "taken to task" for his rather insensitive remarks. I kind of get the feeling that Biden is the type guy to make some sort of dumb ass remarks in public and get himself in hot water. The Obama administration must live in fear of Biden on the loose. I guess that is about it really. The speech was typical B.S. as far as I could tell and the response(s) just about as inane. Oh wait. John Boehner did have a nice tie. That was important.

The Evil Empire's Tactical Retreat

It is being reported that Wal Mart has decided to not move forward with their planned store on or near the The Wilderness Civil War battlefield site. That is a bit surprising as the Empire is as predatory as they come. It is probably nothing more than a tactical retreat of sorts. It is likely that there will in the very near future be a "ramped up" outcry over the percentage of crap that the Empire sells that is made in Red China and other nations. Not that this is their fault per se. American business as a rule has decided to outsource jobs to foreign and often enemy nations to the detriment of our collective welfare and, dare I say, national defense. The Empire is merely taking advantage of this. However, along with their relentless drive to create a virtual monopoly and their questionable employment practices, the likely upcoming bad press on foreign made goods is something that the Empire does not want or need. Is it possible that the Empire is just cutting its' losses here in order to not have an additional "bad press" headache? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Won't Eat a Cat But That is Just Me

Apparently there is a food joint in Arizona that was to have "Lion Tacos" on the menu. It is reported that ownership changed their minds after receiving "threats." I personally find the whole "eat a lion" thing disgusting and perverted but if the said lion is raised in captivity for the purpose of being processed for food well then, so be it. Now of course if someone is killing wild African lions for the purpose of making tacos then I do have a problem sure. I really don't think that is the case however. If the "kitty" is raised in captivity for the purpose of human food then it is really not that much different I suppose than raising cattle for slaughter. Still and all I do find myself thinking "Screw you. You don't need to eat a lion."
On a sort of related note (foodwise) it is being reported that Taco Bell is being sued for advertising their "beef" as well, beef. Of course the stuff is not pure beef. How could it be so cheap if it were so?There are apparently 'additives and binders" added to stretch the product. I don't know much about the additives but whatever "binders" are they sure aren't very binding. A good prescription for being "bound up" is to go have yourself a couple of their "beef" products. Better than milk of magnesia I tell you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Your Shire Reeve Corrupt?

The other day I was taking a bit of a break from work and went out to the car to have a smoke and drive aimlessly for a few minutes. The radio was on the local station that carries "Rush" and I had just enough time to hear him jokingly question how much money one Sheriff Dupnik (what a name) makes. He said something about his "salary and whatever he can get under the table." Now of course he was actually joking and not seriously implying that this Dupnik character is actually corrupt. Now I don't often listen to Limbaugh. I find him somewhat of a blowhard even though I probably would agree with him about 65% of the time. His innocent jest did seem to have a ring of truth to it however. I have lived in regions of this country where I would be willing to bet that the local Reeve is as corrupt as a Mafia Don. Hell in league with them in some instances. For instance, years ago in Central Louisiana there was a well known gambling establishment that was allowed to exist right in the heart of Alexandria. Damico's I believe it was called. It was likely an operation of the "Dixie Mafia" and it is also plausable that there were pay offs to the Reeve's office. It is certainly possible that old Carlos Marcello and the local Reeve were in cahoots. In Texas, casino type gaming is illegal. There is however an explosion in the number of "game rooms" that offer cash payouts to winners. Occasionally there are raids that close one of these fine establishments down while on the other side of town such operations continue as usual. Sounds like somebody missed their payment does it not? I have really never much trusted a Sheriff. Quite a number are likely nothing more than criminals.

Are Mohammedans a Sideshow?

I have long thought that for us in the United States the Mohammedans are really nothing more than a thorn in our side and kind of a sideshow issue. Granted we have been attacked on our soil with horrific results and will likely be so attacked again. We do have after all a rather open southern border and that is a huge problem. We are focused on the low level war in Mexico which will prove to be dangerous enough for our border states, but perhaps overlook the likelihood that Mohammedan terrorists could use the same route into the nation. Now Iran of course is a danger as it is a "nation state" that sponsors terror and she frankly could be fairly easily dealt with if and when our leaders summon the courage to do so.  With all that being said however, I often wonder whether we should be looking elsewhere for the main danger. It is indisputable that Red China is a danger to our nation and other nations in the region. Japan and the Republic of Korea have much to fear from her. The Chinese' North Korean proxy is enough to cause great carnage in the region that would perhaps benefit only China. What better way to tie down and further weaken the collective morale of the United States (and others) than to have Kim unleash his forces in the region. China can then of course "broker the peace" after ensuring that our morally weak populace is demoralized. A resurgent Soviet Union (it never went away; just shrunk) that is looking for friends may look toward China and form, for a time at least, a super alliance. That is speculation of course. The Soviets have good reason to fear the Red Chinese and probably look with jaded eye toward any friendly Chinese overtures. However a temporary alliance of convenience is a tactic that weak but ambitious Russian leadership has used in the past  and may yet use again. Red China and a resurgent Russia are a danger to our nation sure. It is good that both countries are surrounded by nations peopled with those who hate and fear them. That is advantageous to the West. Now our brothers in Europe (and elsewhere) do have an immediate need to deal with the problem of Islamic fundamentalism. Europe is arguably being "over run" and Israel will continue to deal with hostile Mohammedans on her lands. Our problems with Muslims, while extremely dangerous, are not quite as pressing. Our country (and continent) is not in danger of a major Mohammedan population "explosion" that will utterly alter our identity as a "Western" nation. Europe is in such danger.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Bet an Insurance Commericial Would Reveal Something Astounding

I enjoy advertising. Always have. One insurance company has, for the past few years, been the leader in comedic advertising (you know which one) and has successfully "put their name out there." That is after all what a successful ad campaign is supposed to do. One recent advertisement has grabbed my interest somewhat. The commercial where "Abraham Lincoln" is  in a pickle about whether "Mary Todd's" dress makes her look fat is brilliant. The graininess looks just like something produced in the early days of film. After watching this advertisement numerous times I could not help but wonder how many people think that they may be seeing the real Abe and Mary Todd. More than a few I would wager. That would be funny but rather sad. I just know I am right about this.

K.O. Sorry to See Ya Go

I guess that the crackpot K.O. has left MSNBC. I enjoy comedy as much as the next guy and I will miss him and his borderline psychotic drivel. Hopefully Mathews (Is he a crossdresser?) and that guy Maddow stick around a while. Otherwise there would be no need to watch MSNBC. I was just kidding on the crossdresser thing. I have only heard that rumor from one or two "reputable" sources. I do find it interesting  though that Mathews seems an authority on homo erotica and well, I just kinda typed it. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Marse Robert

Today is the birthday of Robert E. Lee. Born this date in 1807, Lee had a varied career as an officer in the United States Army and when the War  broke out he chose to go with his native state of Virginia. He could have very easily had the post of United States' Army commander. It was a different time sure. Those who practice revisionist history and consider this fine, distinguished man "evil" or "racist" are foolish and ignorant. He is a figure of great importance in the history of this nation. It is disturbing that there are those who are so ignorant of American history. It is ridiculous that there are those that allow their pathetic petty prejudices get in the way of educating themselves about our country. No Master Robert was not evil. On the contrary.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tell em Like it is Ricky

I did not watch the Golden Goobs live, I preferred to watch the Military Channel to see who won WWII, but I did see Ricky Gervais' opening remarks this morning on various web sites. I also saw an op-ed that opined that Ricky was "mean" to the Hollywood types. I myself have a love/hate relationship with those folk. I enjoy movies and I appreciate the skill it takes to be a real dramatic (or comedic) actor, but I also find some of these Hollywood types to be dunces and fools. There is a sense of entitlement there under the surface with some of those people that is a bit sickening. Many seem to think that their opinions should matter more than others. After all they are sensitive artists. In reality they are nothing more than jesters. High paid and talented perhaps, but jesters none the less. I think it great that Gervais made light of them. I enjoyed watching their pasted on smiles as he joked at their expense. I wager he won't be invited back.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boogie Nights and Sniff'n the Tears. More Opium? Fill my Bowl

The Tucson thing is still the topic, non stop topic, on talk radio and "news" television. It seems just last week we were all concerned about TSA employees looking at someones cock. I suppose it is safe to say that I am nauseated now. I have before stated that as a centrist I can point fingers of blame at those exploiting this horrible tragedy to the utmost and I will so point said fingers. The "professional" (and otherwise) left in this country are beating their drums and blowing their horns to the point of insanity. I really question whether some of these folks are really as soulless as they sound. Perhaps I exaggerate. There really seems to be very little in the way of remembering the victims of this awful episode and a whole lot of vicious, sick, vitriol. Nuff said on that I suppose.

I again find myself filling my bowl with the finest opium in the way of the one hit wonder "Sniff'n the Tears" with  their classic "Driver's Seat." This song certainly brings back memories for me personally. When this tune was popular I was stranded in Alameda, Ca. in USCG basic training. Really it was not all that hard for me and I wondered at some at the pussies who had trouble adjusting to military training. What did they think was going to happen in boot camp? A birthday party? At that time Coastie basic was twelve weeks of hell. This was before it was shortened and became coed training. Ask anyone with any knowledge of such matters and they will tell you it was every bit as hard as Marine Corps basic. Who says that drill instructors didn't smack you around a bit in the late 70's basic? Who says? At any rate, the song reminds me of sitting in my "rack" during some rare time off with the barracks radio blaring this tune through the roof. Just like it was yesterday I tell you. I loved it then and I love it now. You know, this song had a resurrection somewhat in the incomparable 1997 film "Boogie Nights." The scene where "The Colonel" (Roger Ridley RIP) greets Floyd Gondolli (Phillip Baker Hall) at the big NYE party. Great Great Great. The song was playing in the soundtrack. It is interesting that Boogie Nights was a watershed film for quite a number of actors who have gone onto stardom and semi stardom. Boogie Nights resurrected the film career of Burt Reynolds somewhat. Marky Mark was propelled to stardom. Don Cheadle as "Buck" is classic as is John C. Reilly as "Reed Rothchild." Phillip Seymour Hoffman has since become a force in films also. There are more; Melora Walters has gotten some good roles and of course Thomas Jane (Todd Parker) has made inroads in the movie game. Good for them. There are still more of course. This truly was a film with an all star cast. William Macy, Heather Graham, Julianne Moore as "Amber Waves," Luis Guzman, Alfred Molina and Joanna Gleason all had a role in this film. Even some of the stars of the "adult" biz had roles. Nina Hartley, Lil Cinderella, Tony Tedeschi, Sky Blue and Summer Cummings were featured. Who can forget the lovely Veronica Hart as the "Judge?" If you remember (well maybe you don't) she was one of the darlings of the "Golden Age of Porn" prior to the video revolution. After all the "early days" of commercial pornography is what the film is really about. Why else would Ron Jeremy be a consultant? Of course he was a young man at the time portrayed and it probably would have been better to get one of the Mitchell Brothers (one is still alive I think) or Gerard Damiano (RIP) for a better view of the "business" Oh well. The things one thinks about when trying to find distraction from the craziness that has befallen our nation. Wonder what's next.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Bit More on the Evil Empire

I unfortunately found myself shopping at the Evil Empire this afternoon with the sole intent of purchasing a couple of small bottles of tempera paint for a class that I am teaching. Should be no problem right? Guess what? They did not have it. Perhaps they don't make this stuff in Red China. I don't know. Had to go to another store to make the purchase. At any rate while shopping I did need to pick up a few other grocery items as we all must do at one time or another. I try to avoid the Empire but sometimes it is convenient and it is in fact somewhat cheaper than most stores. Well as I was standing in the check out line I noticed some incense made in good old Oxford, Ohio; USA. I was a bit surprised at this as I know that a lot of smell pretty type stuff is made by borderline slaves in China. I found that rather interesting and I do know that they carry some candles made in West Monroe, Louisiana. I suppose if you look hard enough, even at the den of Evil, you can find a few items still made in the USA. Not enough though. Not near enough.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holidays Draw to a Close

The last bowl game has been played and the Saints are finished for the season. The Holidays are officially over.

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Opium for Me. You Are Welcome to Partake If You so Desire

Well things are totally out of hand with everybody trying to blame each other for the terrible incident in AZ. I have grown tired of it for sure by now. It was the work of one nut apparently and no one is sure of his political bent or motive. Not that it matters now. As a centrist I can safely and objectively say that some on the left are sad, sick little human beings. Pathetic. Hopefully those injured will recover and those killed RIP. I especially grieve with the family of the small child. Sickening. I will try some opium in the form of the incomparable band "War." Incidentally "War" still tours under the name of the "Lowrider Band." Apparently due to a copyright, trademark thing most original members can not use the name. Don't be fooled now with a band that tours as "War;" it is not the real deal.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tired of the Nonsense? Try a little Al Stewart

With all the the crazy things happening in the last couple of days I grow tired of the pundits, nuts, and pussies who are attempting to lay blame for the horrific episode in Arizona on one group or another. I find myself again watching music videos of a time gone by. Enjoy Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat."  There is a college football game on tonight also.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gerry Rafferty RIP

I have been informed that Gerry Rafferty has passed away. I love his work and hope he rests in peace. Please enjoy his classic "Baker Street"

I Knew That Was Coming

It was only a matter of time before the giant "bird kill" in Arkansas was blamed by many people of being caused by aliens (the space kind). I knew that was coming. Surprised it took so long. Guess it makes about as much sense as anything else. Wonder what's next?

Monday, January 3, 2011


Off to the dentist tomorrow. Think I may need a root canal. I hate it when that happens.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Holidays Are Still Not Over

The Holidays are not over until the last college bowl game is played. Still a ways to go yet. Happy Holidays to you.

Thank You Jimmy Carter

Here we have the Soviet err Russian Navy transiting the Panama Canal a couple of years back. So much for the Monroe Doctrine. So much for American Manifest Destiny. Yes, that is correct. I said Manifest Destiny. The Canal is of strategic importance to the United States, NATO, and our allies in Asia and it is high time to again control access.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who Dat? Go Saints

Tomorrow is a must win for the Saints when Tampa Bay comes calling. To win the division they need the ATL to lose to Carolina. An unlikely prospect but one has to have hope. Yes one does. Who Dat? Go Saints!!!

Happy New Year

At this time it is customary to wish all a Happy New Year. Do you wonder what kind of lunacy this year will bring? So do I.