Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rammstein - Ich Will Live at Nimes

Some more excellent rock n roll from Northern Europe. This particular band is Rammstein from Germany. They have been around for quite a while and are second to none in my humble opinion. They do not often tour the U.S. and that is a pity. They seem to be misunderstood here in the U.S. and some ignorant swine feel compelled to compare them to something unspeakable. That is ridiculous. They are not Landser after all. Don't know who Landser is? Look it up. These guys (Rammstein members) grew up in pre unification Eastern Germany and know a thing or two about totalitarianism. I believe that is true for all members of the band. At any rate, some of the most innovative rock music seems to come from this general area of Europe. It is interesting that the lead singer, Till Lindeman, was in his younger days, an Olympic hopeful (swimmer) for the now defunct GDR. On an interesting note; Michael Savage said that this was music to invade Iran with. I could not agree more.

Rock as was Intended

There is a forever it seems debate about the merits of the rock n roll of each generation. Of course it is common for many my age to say that real rock died around 1980 with the advent of "hair bands." I myself was never a huge fan of the hair bands, preferring skinny tie and punk at that time. However I have never jumped on the "our music was better" bandwagon. If one knows where to look and does a little bit of "research" one can find quality hard music from all eras. Behold "Children of Bodom," an excellent Northern European group that knows a bit about how to play rock n roll.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Singapore and "The Stick"

Well apparently there is another American that is in danger of getting spanked over there in Singapore for violating the law of the land. It has been reported that one Kamari Kenyada Charlton may get "caned" for overstaying a visa. I hope not. Caning seems to be a rather brutal practice but one must always remember to obey the law wherever they may be. Not every place is as "enlightened" as those of us in the West. Now if we in America spanked a few asses for violating immigration laws there might be a bit less of a problem here. Hmm perhaps they are onto something on that small island nation after all.

Poor Customer Service? I Will Call You On It!

I had been trying to get a printer delivered for days. Fedex left a note on my door showing that they had made a delivery attempt and that if I wanted the article left on my porch to just sign the said note. I did so and the next day no printer; just another note. Ok perhaps they did not see my signed ticket. Friday no note or ticket was left on the doorstep. No printer either. I checked their website and saw that a third delivery had been attempted. No so fast. I think that the Fedex person did not even stop by. Probably just entered the "third attempt/no delivery info" into their little hand held thingy and kept on trucking. Perhaps the driver was late for some afternoon delight or something. Who knows? I do know that no attempt was made. I was kinda annoyed to say the least. Ok so Saturday morning gave Fedex a call. There is a facility about 20 minutes away and I figured I would go pick it up. Well turns out that the printer was being held hostage at a facility approximately an hour drive away in Webster, TX, according to the Fedex website. I knew from the block number that this was not in Webster but in Houston almost in the little town of South Houston. Hell and gone from Webster. I figured the facility to be right across the street from Ellington Field which was hosting an airshow this weekend. I envisioned a traffic nightmare. This was about 11am and I could see watching college football playing second fiddle to going to pick up a printer that should have been delivered. Real annoyed now. In the car and off I went. Stopped by a Starbucks for a mocha to clear my head and continued my journey all the while fantasizing about what I was going to say to the poor clerk at the "depot." Finally made it about 1pm or so and the airshow was getting into full swing. Traffic sucked but not as bad a I thought it might. Went in to the little office and was greeted by a very very beautiful young African American woman who took my information and got the ball rolling. A couple of minutes later she came back and told me that it would be a bit; my printer was on a trailer. I wondered where the trailer may have been headed but I had to whizz so bad that I just asked if I could borrow the facilities instead. Besides by now I was enamored with this pretty lady especially when she bent over and I saw this cutesy tattoo on her lower back. Her bottom was a pretty site also I must say. Downright pretty. The song Black Metallic by Catherine Wheel began to play in my head. Have I gone too far here? Anyway by now another man had come into the little lobby with his wife in tow. As a student of human nature I kept an eye on the guy to see if he would notice how beautiful the Fedex lady was. Of course he tried not to glance but glance he did. I caught him red handed. His wife did not seem to notice. They were an older couple and probably she did not much care anyway. "Let the old fart steal his little glances" was probably her attitude about it. Or so I would guess. It was a pretty interesting little scenario. Well after about fifteen minutes someone arrived with my printer. I was rather content now and no longer in the mood to bitch about the poor service so much. Funny how you feel much better after a good whiz.  I certainly was not going to give that lovely lady a hard time. Especially after she let me in to pee in the employee restroom. Nope I just chalked it up to another one of life's little irritations and went on my way. I also got to watch a bit of the airshow from the parking lot of the facility without paying admission to the air field. That was cool. I must say that those powers that be in Iran still do not seem to know who they are jacking with. Some of the military equipment flying around there was downright amazing. Beautiful lethality is the phrase that crossed my mind.
Well I did miss some college ball I wanted to watch and did have to take a rather long drive but all in all the day was not a total wash out. I am still calling Fedex out for poor service however. They should correct the address on their website to at least read the right city and they should probably audit their drivers performance a bit more. I know damn good and well the lazy prick (or prickess) did not attempt to make a third delivery. I also must add that I never have had this type of issue with UPS. If I have a choice in the matter, I will not use Fedex again.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nina Hagen - Ziggy Stardust [Live 1980]

This one brings back memories. I was introduced to Nina Hagen while in Guantanamo Bay for "RefTra" by a nameless German sailor from the FGS Rommel. This was in 82 or 83. I am a fan still. My ex wife hated her music. I got rid of her but kept Nina. It was the right choice. Who says you don't soak up a little culture in service to the nation?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alleged Cab Drivers Killers Caught

I have just been informed by Mike at that two people have been apprehended in the slayings of Houston cabbies Blaize Uzoma Nwokenaka and Mohammed Nabiil Elsyayed.  I may perhaps have met Mohammed once. I attended a class with a guy that would be about his age. Not sure if it was the same person. I did not know Blaize. Blaize was apparently shot and then his cab set on fire while he was strapped in the driver seat. Mohammed was apparently shot and his body dumped in a ditch. Horrible. I myself don't drive near as much as I used to and for good reason. Shame. It is enjoyable work (to me)for the most part. The danger is there though. Thoughts and prayers to the families of Mohammed and Blaize. While it won't bring these men back home to those that love them, I must say that I hope that the alleged vermin, one Chaz Omar Blackshear and his female accomplice, a Danielle Rene Hudson, pay the ultimate price for their senseless brutality. Rest in Peace Blaize and Mohammed.

Disturbing to Say the Least

Warning: Graphic Content.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Red Light Cameras are a Danger

In Houston there is Proposition 3 which is a referendum on the red light camera. I myself have been nabbed once at Milam and Elgin I believe, and like a good little dhimmi, I sent the seventy five bucks to some place in Phoenix. Phoenix as in Phoenix, AZ. Something wrong there.  An occasional traffic ticket is part of the cost of doing business in a cab and it is often easier to just pay rather than fight. Most disagree with me on that but I just am not wasting a day in Houston's ridiculous court system unless I have to. Now the powers that be are all stamping their little feet advising us dummies that red light cameras "save lives, fund emergency care," etc. etc. I don't know about the emergency care thing but I don't believe for a minute the save lives part. I have witnessed on numerous occasions when someone comes to a red light they tend to "gun it" for fear of getting a "red light" violation. This happens in areas that are full of foot traffic and it is a wonder that someone has not gotten run over yet. I know that these red light cameras are nothing more than a money grab by the city and of course some are howling about the possibility of them becoming a thing of the past. I don't know why they will worry though. The city "fathers" can probably just get a friendly judge to overturn any (unfavorable to them) election results and the odious things will still be with us. Take a page out of California's playbook if you will. I don't live in the city limits so I have no vote on this particular issue. Shame.

Went to the County Fair and Yes We Stunk

Returned fairly late last night from the county fair and for the first time in quite a number of years I was not totally annoyed. I just don't like the fair much. Sorry. It stinks. It is loud and everybody tries to dress up like a cowboy/girl. That is fine if you are a real cowboy but.....Plus I must add that country music is blaring all over the place and nothing will give me a headache quicker than modern country. It was not as hot as it normally is this time of year thankfully but we still came home stinking like a covey of Taliban during Ramadan. Glad it is over until next year.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stench at Louisiana Tech. Is It Still There?

A few years ago I had friends and relatives that attended Louisiana Tech University and I was told that there is a dorm that is almost exclusively inhabited by Mohammedans. The reason for this (so I have been informed) was that the stench was so obnoxious that no one else wanted to live there. I wonder if that is still the case? Is it Islamophobic or racist of me to bring this to your attention? This matter is not about racism. It is about stench. Naked stench. Religion has nothing to do with it either. You either stink or you don't. Don't know what made me think of that on this fine afternoon. Maybe because I am about to depart for the fair. Still relatively warm down here south of Houston.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chris Mathews and "Homoerotica"

I did not see this but I have been informed that Chris Mathews, of MSNBC fame, questioned whether Rich Iott dressing up in an SS uniform (as a reenactor) was some kind of "homoerotic" thing. Of course the intent was probably to attempt to portray the man as a NAZI sympathizer which I must say is ridiculous. There are many history buffs that are reenactors. Their are literally thousands of Civil War reenactors in this country and a lot of them wear the Confederate uniform. I don't think that very many of them are advocates of slavery. Do you? I once thought seriously about joining a group that portrayed the 9th SS. I thought it would be cool and maybe even get a chance to be in a movie or something. That would have been fun. It was too far to drive for me and the cost was a pretty penny so I never did "join the SS." Probably just as well. In today's PC world it may be detrimental to have images of oneself in SS gear. No amount of explanation would suffice for the ignorant. I find it quite interesting that it would be Mathews to make some kind of connection to reenactment and "homoerotica." After all wasn't he the same guy that said Obama left him with a "thrill"(or was it chill) running up his leg? Perhaps Chris knows a bit more about "homoerotica" than he lets on. "Not that there is anything wrong with that" if I may quote one J. Seinfeld.  Those SS uniforms are pretty campy though. Aren't they Chris?

Cabbies Slain in Houston

There have been two cases of cab drivers who have been killed in Houston in the last few days. I am sure that robbery was the motive. Some cabbies carry hundreds of dollars on them at some times and that is not a wise thing. However there are some punks that will burn you down for ten bucks. One must be very careful in the taxi business. Can't rely on the cops, they are stretched thin enough. I know there are a lot of cabbies that "pack heat" as they say, even though it is "illegal" in the city of Houston for a cab driver to do so. This is even if they have a carry permit from the state. I would hate to have to challenge that in court but still I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. I hope that whoever is robbing and murdering these hard working people finds themself(ves)  down with a bullet in the face soon. Does that bother you? Sorry.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Conservatives and Leftist Social Engineers Are Close Relatives. Both are Dangerous

After following a different route heading in completely opposite directions a social conservative and a leftist social engineer meet in the same place and find that they are one in the same. They will not however recognize or admit this to be the case and each will damn the other for being a "fascist" with totalitarian and perhaps even "National Socialist" tendencies. They will both be right. For those of us that have the ability to recognize sewage when we smell it, this will be obvious, but for the "true believer" nothing could be further from the truth. How on earth could it be possible? How could a social conservative and a Marxist social engineer be closely related and often allies? How dare you Sir make such a comparison? Do you not see that my opponent is perverted and sick and has a twisted vision of America? That dialogue will be the forthcoming from both camps and all of the arguments and logic they will try to apply will still lead to the same conclusion. Social radicals from the left and right are approximately equally dangerous and totalitarian. Neither should have any place in mainstream American thought but there they are. Both at the forefront flying their flags and waving their banners and having the true unalterable belief that their way is the only way. The country will go to Hell if we believe otherwise. Their opponents are Hellbound for having an opposite view. Just ask them. They will be happy to tell you and if you are just gullible enough, you will be convinced. Then you too can fly the banners of the far right or extreme left and shout "hope and change" or scream about "the socialization of America "and the "Constitution." It is likely that you will not know what the hell kind of "hope and change" you are braying about or if you chose the opposite path, will not know what "socialism" is or the first thing about the Constitution of this great land. Why let that stop you though? You have become a part of something big. Something historic. You will gladly applaud and follow the likes of a Bloomberg or a Rev. Robertson. You will gladly keep gays from serving honorably or help secure our borders. You will be a party to misogynistic legislation or keep good people from practicing their legal habit in public places. You will be more than happy to keep gay couples second class citizens or you may become an apologist for and therefore an ally of radical Islam. It all depends on your perspective and which route you select. You can chose to be a "true believer" and follow the radicals of the left or right and therefore condone totalitarian thought and action. Or not. Your choice. Be forewarned though; if you chose the far left or the far right you have become a party to further damage to this nation. Remember when a radical leftist and radical social conservative accuse each other of being a fascist and odious both will be correct.

Friday, October 8, 2010

FBI vs Yassir Afifi

Just read an article where a lad, one Yassir Afifi, discovered a GPS tracking device on his car that was supposedly placed there by the FBI. Apparently Yassir was getting his oil changed when the device was discovered and removed by the technician. Whether this is a violation of Yassir's civil rights, I would not know. The fact that such a device was so easily discovered during an oil change reinforces my belief that the FBI is not staffed by real cops. I don't think I am alone in thinking this.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey It's Franklin

I have not felt like thinking on the issues of the day very deeply of  late. It is after all college football season and that is something that I do dwell a good deal on. Besides, the issues are just too depressing at times. The POTUS is a boob. We still have the Pelosi, Boxer, and Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee in positions of power and I am not truly convinced that some of these "Tea Party" types are really any better. Perhaps we will just exchange one set of loons for another after the November elections. Of course there will be some "lame duck" time for these ousted Dems and God only knows what those un American fools will attempt. I am glad the college season will last for a good while yet. Anyway as my mind wanders away from the important issues I found myself wondering a good bit about this children's show Franklin. For those of you who are not up to date on shows that interest the young ones, Franklin is a television program about a turtle who hangs out with his friends. There is always some moral lesson to be learned and of course things always work out well in the end. What is interesting about Franklin is that the main character (Franklin the turtle) is the only one that has a name. Everyone (sic) else is called by their particular species. Bear is Bear. Owl is Owl. Duck is Duck, etc. Franklin has a lot of friends and I don't remember them all. I think that "Owl" is their teacher. I may have that part confused with another show called Little Bear but they are essentially the same program with a different main character. It is quite interesting that all these animals hang around each other and everyone gets along famously.There is a total disregard for the realities of woodland creatures. For instance Owl never ever attacks Rabbit and flies off with him to enjoy a meal of fresh bunny. Fox does not try to dine on Duck. I guess that would be upsetting to the kids but it sure as hell would be amusing to adults. It is ok I think to show children that all creatures can be friends and get along. They will learn the realities of the world soon enough. Let them have their moment of innocence. Not all kids are so lucky in this world and that is unfortunate. Not too long ago I made up a nasty little song to the tune of the Franklin theme and amused myself for quite a while with it. Immature I know but my immaturity runs pretty deep I fear. I have been told that I should do stand up but I believe I lack the courage to risk "bombing" in front of a crowd. Be that as it may, I have tons of material and would be happy to hook up a "stand up guy" with some. Of course there would be a fee. Nothing is this life is free. Now with immaturity in mind; would it be considered immature to write in a candidate that is not really running for office? I have been tempted a time or two to write in Ron Jeremy or Long John (when he was still with us). Apparently there is some guy that calls himself "The Naked Cowboy" who has declared his intention to run for president. The only thing I know about him is that I heard he was going to sue someone who apparently calls herself "The Naked Cowgirl." I guess it is a trademark/copyright type of thing. That is all I know. Would a vote for him be immature? Would you be throwing away your vote to do such. Many have died to defend our right to vote in free elections and that has to be considered. Still in our country one can vote for anyone and that is good. Let us take a look at why a vote for the "Naked Cowboy" may not be such a horrible thing. It is probable that Obama will attempt to run for a second term. I can think of no credible Democrat who could challenge him except perhaps America's first "Black President." I think that Slick Willy has more sense than to go through that again though. Although I must say that Clinton (Bill) is the only Democrat that would have a prayer of winning a general election. Obama certainly will not get a second term. Now on to the Republicans. There have certainly been a lot of names bandied about. Personally the only one I like is Huckabee, but he would not stand a chance I don't think. Texas Governor Rick "Good Hair" Perry is a coward and that has been proven. Romney would be no good. Besides a man really can't trust another man with a "kiss me quick" haircut like the one he (and Perry) sport. John Bolton? You have to be kidding. Perhaps Bobby Jindal, but I doubt he would get the nomination. Palin? Can you say psychopath? Can you say phony? Look closely at her eyes and judge for yourself whether the woman is sane or not. Have I gone too far there for you? Many folks are in love with her, but I fear she is a sociopath. Nope I am not convinced that the Republicans are much better than the Democrats. Eight years under George II were not really banner years as far as I can tell. History will be the judge of that I suppose. There has been no real leader in office since Reagan. Whatever one may think of him, it is hard to deny that he had leadership qualities and brought a sense of pride back into our country. I don't see another Reagan on the horizon in either party. Do you? Of course you don't. A vote for the "Naked Cowboy" is no worse than a vote for any of these career politicians as far as I can see. They are ruining this country.