Sunday, July 31, 2011

Irritating the Red Chinese

It appears that some ethnic unrest is taking place in the Xinjaing region of Red China. The Mohammedan minority is thought to be a "danger" to the cohesiveness of the country and the communist regime is intent, it seems, to put a stop to said unrest. In this particular case I will side with the followers of the Prophet, not because I really care much about the aspirations of the Uighur people, but I do take an interest in the problems they (or anyone) can cause China.

This particular region is home to the Uighur people, who are ethnically distinct from the predominant Han Chinese. The communist govt has apparently been relocating Han people to the region in a sort of Chinese version of lebensraum. A brilliant move in the social engineering department and will likely have the ultimate affect of completely displacing the minority. Now I am certainly and by no means an expert on the area, but it seems that this is the type of (again) social engineering that is practiced by the Red Chinese regime. The same type thing is reportedly being seen in Tibet.

China is intent on becoming a world power politically, economically and militarily. Anything that can cause them a problem, no matter how slight, in achieving that goal is good for the West, regional democracies, and Western allies in that part of the world.

That would be why I support the people of Tibet, the Republic of China,  and yes even this particular group of "Chinese" Mohammedans.

Containment of China is of utmost long term importance.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shocking. Just Shocking

It is being reported that another Mohammedan soldier has been implicated in an alleged plot to cause carnage at Ft. Hood.  Are we supposed to be surprised at this latest bit of news?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Is Not Rocket Science

The whole deficit is taking up a good deal of time and space on the "news networks" and the blogosphere. So far it has trumped the tragic Norway rampage and the latest congressional sex scandal. I bet Wu is a least somewhat pleased that he is not getting near as much coverage as Young Anthony. I am not denying that this country is in seriously bad trouble but I would imagine that we will all survive. One can be sure that whatever they do in DC will be bad for the average American and once you get that out of the way, it is not so hard to not worry about it. What will be will be.

If we just wanted to put a dent in the budget it would certainly not be that difficult. Anyone of us can think of a whole lot of things that the FedGov is involved in and pays for that are just not necessary. Cut those and we will be well on our way to fiscal responsibility.

Now I am no economist, political "scientist," Master" of Business or Public Administration. It 'pears to me those are the types who have utterly destroyed this great nation. That being said, here are a few of my ideas on how to get a handle on this out of control mess.

1. Defund or at least greatly reduce our contribution to the United Nations.
2. Reduce our "foreign aid" by at least seventy percent. Got a problem with AIDS in Africa? That is a  shame. Need fresh water in Central America? Boil it. So on and so forth.......
3. Demand payment for the liberation of Iraq and ridding them of Saddam. Utilize their oil resources if necessary.
4. Defund the U.S. Dept of Education.
5. Defund and disband the ATF. It is a rogue agency. It wouldn't be a great savings but it is high time for this "police" agency to go the way of the dinosaur.
6. Defund or greatly reduce expenditures for the the Dept of Agriculture.
7. Legalize and tax the use of marijuana. I don't particularly like this but, let us be honest, the "war on drugs" is an utter failure and a complete waste of resources.
8. Close the southern border immediately. There will be a cost associated with which will be more than offset by a great reduction in social programs.
9. Initiate an immediate "reduction in force" for most Federal agencies. I am not talking about throwing people out into the cold, but mandate retirement for those eligible, offer early retirement to some, and offer a buyout to the majority. Perhaps one month pay and benefits for each year of service.

There are a plethora of programs and outmoded, redundant (and often competing), and unnecessary govt. agencies that we can do without. Perhaps it is past time to quit paying for them.

It just can't be that hard and it would be at least a start in the right direction. Of course we all know that none of this will actually happen. It will be some form of business as usual and we will all pay the price.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiger Wu to Resign

It is being reported that the Asian Tiger will resign his public office. Wonder who will be next to be caught with his (or her) pants down.

South Side Slim and Little Johnny Nice Tie

I wasn't going to pay much attention to the little speech that President Obama was to give last night but just happened by when it came on. Curiosity got the better of me so I sat down to listen. Obama used the "bully pulpit" to state his case (sort of) and of course he sounded so reasonable. Just as a politician should. Mainly though what I noticed was that his hair is a good bit more gray than when he first started his little adventure of playing president. Well of course next came the Speaker of the House and as you would imagine he sounded reasonable also. It is easy to see how people fall for the nonsense that comes out of DC. As Boehner spoke, I could not help but notice that his tie was a beautiful green. Not really sure if it matched his blue shirt and suit but it was an interesting ensemble. I have gotten used to the rather odd combinations that Boehner chooses in clothing. It does seem to work well for him though. He always looks pretty natty. I'm glad he refrained from a public display of crying this time.

After all the political nonsense was said and done the network returned, as they say, to its' regularly scheduled programming and we joined The Bachelorette in progress. I sometimes watch this type of nonsense and again, curiosity got the better of me. The viewing public was witnessing a "break up" of one of the bachelors and the star attraction; the bachelorette. As the man was walking off, for the last time I surmise, I noticed a bunch of lit tiki torches on the set. It seems that there are always tiki torches on these silly "reality" based shows. I don't know why.
I have often thought that these "ladies" on these reality shows could easily find gainful employment in Chatsworth after their fifteen minutes is used up. Extend their showbiz career a bit perhaps. I believe I have mentioned the Jerseylicios bimbos a time or two.

Funny, I found myself thinking that it would be amusing if all the scorned "bachelors" on this show suddenly rushed the set brandishing those big sticks that martial artists spar with. I don't know what they are called but it would be interesting to see them give the winning bachelor a Rodney King style beat down with them. Perhaps one of them could wave a tiki torch around a bit and maybe one could come completely unhinged and start exposing himself to the viewing audience while yelling at the top of his lungs. That would be very much like a young officer (LTjg) of my ships' company did many years back one fine evening at a local Key West "gentleman's club" after consuming a prodigious amount of Yukon Jack. That my friends would be great television.

Television worth watching.

That Wiki Wacky Wu

It seems that another member of the esteemed body has gotten in a bit of hot water because of his ding dong. No, it is not Young Anthony this time although I bet he is grateful that David Wu is now in the spotlight. It is alleged that this Wu had some kind of sexual encounter with a (legal aged?) teenage daughter of a "family friend." I would wager that the "friend" is not feeling very kindly toward Wu at the moment.
It is also being reported that Wu had been accused in the past of "rape" quite a number of  years back.  Rape is not being alleged now, just a bit of "improper and aggressive sexual behavior." Whatever that means. I guess old habits die hard for Dave. Of course now he is "going to take care of the interests of his family." Just like an upstanding family man.

Incidentally there is a very potent drink known as the Wiki Wacky Woo. It is sure to unleash the beast in those so inclined. Might even cause an old feller to think that a bit of "improper and aggressive sexual behavior" is quite the thing. The right thing. The proper thing. There are numerous variations but the following recipe is pretty much the standard.

Wiki Wacky Woo
1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Rum
1/2 oz. Bacardi 151-proof Rum
1/2 oz. Tequila
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Cranberry Juice
Combine all ingredients with ice and pour into a hurricane or parfait glass. Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry. Some people prefer it shaken or stirred like a Martini. I don't know why.

Hopefully you have a designated driver.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fat or Thin? You be the Judge

I really hesitate to mention this but it is something that has to be done. It is for the good of the country.  There are some people who just look better "a bit portly" than skinny as a rail. Actor Jerry Ferrara comes to mind. So does Al Roker. Both of those guys looked much better with a bit of girth. Take a look at the Very "Reverend" Al Sharpton. He just looks funny.

I understand of course that one may need to lose weight for health reasons. I could spare to shed a few pounds myself. I also understand that the cultural "ideal" is, at this time, to be thin. I get all that.

I must say though that some folk who lose, in my opinion, a great deal of weight tend to look a bit like those pictures of aliens that one sees floating about the Internet. You know, little bitty body with a gigantic head. Tell me the good Reverend Sharpton does not remind you of that.  Except for the eyes of course.

Sharpton has shifty eyes while those aliens types just tend to stare.

Stocks are Down Today

The stock market is "trending lower" today on news of the "debt ceiling crisis." Really?

 That and the unfortunate news of Amy Winehouse' demise.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thar's Homasexuuls Amarryin Up Thar in New York City

Well today gay folks in New York are getting married. By the droves it seems. That is fine and good far as I am concerned. It bothers me little that gay people might find someone to love enough to spend the rest of their lives together. Good for them. I think it was Kinky Friedman who said that they should "have the right to be miserable like the rest of us." Now with that being said, I must say that if some folk  make "gay marriage" jokes at the expense of gay people, well, that's showbiz. I won't get especially worked up about that either.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bit Of Shameless Self Promotion

The college football season fast approaches. I have been doing a little bit of  "research" of late and have begun work on my college football blog for this season. Last year my won/loss record was around seventy percent. Not too bad I don't suppose. Not quite on the level of a Vegas sports book but getting there. This year I will try not to let emotion and personal likes/dislikes get in the way of my forecasts. For instance last year I picked against Ohio State quite a number of times when I should have known better. Did know better. Notre Dame also. I also picked Rice, Louisiana Lafayette, and Memphis to win some that I was pretty sure they would lose. Not real professional I know and it hurt my success rate at the end of the season.

This year if I can get above 80 percent I will be pretty happy.

If interested visit me at Feel free to leave comments, criticisms, etc.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Homes and a Blistered Bottom

Almost every day one hears something about "housing starts" or lack thereof. There is also quite a bit about the buying and selling trends of existing homes. Apparently "housing starts" are a major indicator of the health of the economy. Is it just possible that there are enough homes now on the market? Do we need to continue this race to mindlessly build new neighborhoods in empty fields? Perhaps not. Bad news I know for major home builders and the illegal aliens in their employ. Bad news all around really, but still, the question is valid. Are there enough homes out there now? Do we need to build more below par and overpriced "tract homes" at this time? I kind of doubt it.

You know, the whole housing thing reminds me a bit of a funny story. A few years back a friend of mine was in the market for a condo. We have all heard the funny jokes and stories concerning real estate sales and ummm sexual favors. Well my friend actually spanked (literally and by request) a fairly prominent real estate "salesperson." Hilarious. She must have been having a slow month.

He did not buy the condo. This rather odd episode must not have been that fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Condos? You Mean Rental Housing Don't You?

It seems that the only "bright" spot in the construction market is the building of "condos." I think perhaps they mean apartments. It has become more difficult to buy a house of late and, as is well known, there are a lot of foreclosures out there. Some who are considering buying a home are hesitant to take the plunge now because of an uncertainty where the economy (and home values) will finally bottom out. People have to have a place to live however so it just makes some sense (I suppose) that apartments are being built.   Won't be long before the cost of renting will be over the top. It is reported that rent is already starting to rise in many markets.

Of course the stock market is up a tad on this bit of  news. That and the Casey Anthony release.

Well I Guess I Have Just About Seen Everything Now

Last night I was watching one of the "news" networks and a small segment caught my attention. It appears that a new toy doll will be marketed in the U.S. soon. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Free market at work and all that. What is strange though about this doll is that it is a doll that breast feeds. It appears that it makes "suckling" noises and all. There is a small "bra" type thing that the kid puts on and the baby sucks. Now this is not being marketed to the teenage crowd as some sort of semi educational tool. You know sort of a "this is what you have to look forward to if you continue to ride in cars with boys" type thing. Nope it is to be marketed to pre pubescent children. I am sure there will be plenty of "enlightened" dumbass parents who will buy it.

I think I have just about seen it all now.

No wonder the Mohammedans are pissed.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vampire Law and Sharia

True Blood is back for another season and I must admit I am a fan. It sure has its' twists and turns and the whole show is outlandishly fun. To me, the show is a rarity. It is actually much better than the book series on which it is based. I found the books to be mediocre frankly. Not near the quality of anything by Anne Rice. One thing I do enjoy is that the story takes place in Louisiana; both the television series and the books. There has been a good deal of interest in Louisiana of late. Swamp People, Son of  the Gun, Billy the Exterminator, and I think one or two others are set in the Bayou State. I can appreciate that. I have a soft place in my heart for that great state. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man.

About a year back I did a little blog post concerning the best screen vampire. The "well knowns" were included of course. All the usual suspects including Tom Cruise, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt and Handsome Henry Waxman were analyzed. Lessor known artists from the various popular series were also in the running.
Long and short, I have just about decided that the vampire "Pam" (Kristin Bauer) from True Blood receives my vote for top vampire. She is evil to a fault, an utter sociopath, sexy, and beautiful. There is no "soul searching" or apology for the evil creature that she is.  I know there is a lot of disagreement on this important issue but we all have our opinion on the matter. The only drawback is perhaps her lack of foresight. She tends to act without thinking a process through.  

There is one aspect of the True Blood series that is very interesting indeed. The fictional vampires have their own law and in fact, their own  legal system. It operates alongside the prevailing "human law" but it is an entity all its own. When the law of  the humans is diametrically opposite the law of the "vampire" then the "vampire" law takes precedence. On the television series  the prevailing law of the land and the legal system of the vampire are two separate entities. The vampire legal system is, in reality, incompatible with the legal systems of the majority.

Just like Sharia.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quanell Ten Strikes Again

For those of you who don't know who Quanell X is; he is a race baiter and "professional Black" in the Houston area. I at one time thought him a pretty smart guy. Anyone that can make a decent living off the exploitation of racial issues can't be all dumb. I have since revised that assessment and now place him perhaps just a step above Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee in the smarts category.
Mr. X's latest foray into race baiting is seemingly calling for and advocating violence against the Houston Police Dept and I suppose, by extension, local cops in general. This is in response to alleged police brutality targeting the Black community. Now we all know there are rogue cops running about. There are quite a few that should not be allowed out in public much less out and about with firearms. That being said, it is quite foolish and counterproductive for Mr. X to publicly advocate an "eye for an eye."
You know, I would have a lot more respect for Mr. X if he actually lived among those who he is so quick to champion. He apparently resides out in the wilds of suburbia instead of the inner city. He could certainly put his talents to use in more productive ways than mere race baiting. You know, things like perhaps manage a halfway house. Perhaps run an after school program. Something productive.

It wouldn't pay as much though. That would be the rub in my opinion.

Hard to afford nice digs on a mere social worker salary.

Let us Celebrate the Diversity

I was reading Gary Fouse's blog post concerning the California Gay thing that is to go into effect. The funny thing is that Gary mentioned that celebrating the accomplishments, just because a person happens to by Gay, is similar to celebrating Bill Clinton's rise to the highest office; and oh by the way he (Clinton) is a sexual predator. I found that pretty comical. Here are a few things I think we should add in text books as long as we are all going to celebrate all this diversity.

Under the heading of:

Hoormasters: Bill Clinton of course would need to be included in this section. Let us not forget JFK. I am sure there is a whole list of men who have had achievement in all fields of endeavor who would be included in this section. Remember Gary Hart? Perhaps he is too insignificant to mention. Certainly Jimmy Swaggart would need to have at least a paragraph or two.

Manslaughterer: There is absolutely no way that Edward Kennedy, the Liberal Lion, can be left out of this category. If old Teddy could do it well then....

Drunkards: Teddy gets to be included in at least two categories. There are a whole lot of others. List is too long to mention on this forum.

Wienie Waggers (both alleged and confirmed): The alleged wienie wagger Al Gore (you ole swinger you) will for certain receive top billing in this category. His work on "Global Warming" is either based on scientific evidence or not. He allegedly enjoys aiming his woody at massage "therapists." Pretty good job if you can get it.
Anthony Weiner will most certainly need to be added to this category. At this time there is an exploratory committee deciding the important issue of adding the category of "Cyber Flasher." If agreed upon, then Weiner will be placed in this category also in the upcoming edition of the text.

We could go on and on here. Why stop at merely segregating ourselves into race, gender, sexual orientation, etc?

Let us celebrate the diversity.


The Gay Blade of CalTech

There has been a lot of talk all over the Internet about the California action which, it seems, mandates the study of achievements of Gay folk in society. OK fine and good I suppose. I am just not sure that something like this is really necessary frankly. I understand and agree that at one time in was important to mandate that minorities and women be included in text books. Back in the day Booker T Washington, F. Douglas, Harriet Tubman, etc. etc. were given short shrift. Their achievements and contributions to our rich history were overlooked. I would like to think that this nation has grown past such segregation and that we can just learn about real achievement of persons from all walks of life. Of course I must be out of touch. It does seem that we continue to erect barriers that damage our cohesiveness as a nation. This is to our detriment.

Why can't we just celebrate the achievements of the human being instead of this segregation? Now a kid in California has to learn (and a teacher has to teach), that James, the eminent physicist, enjoyed inserting his penis in another man's rectum; in stark contrast to where most males like to insert theirs.  This kind of thing will, for the most part, create the reaction of sophomoric humor from students. I can absolutely guarantee that.

Why can't we just teach that James was an eminent physicist? Instead it appears his sexual preference must be heralded. This actually will serve, in my opinion, to degrade the (theoretical) man's accomplishment(s). It is almost as if we are saying that "look at what he accomplished in his life despite the fact that he was Gay." I have the same thoughts about touting race and gender as in "look at the wonderful things this person did despite the fact that he/she was a minority/female." It is degrading. It qualifies their achievement and contribution to society. It places an asterisk, if you will, on anything that they have done and it is wrong.

We, as a nation, should be beyond this.

Friday, July 15, 2011

MBA Scams

I was in a waiting room recently and found time to take a look at the latest issue of Time magazine. I have not taken the time to read one of these in years frankly. Been hearing all kinds of things of late about "biased reporting, liberal agenda," etc. etc. Did not really pay that much attention to it. It seems now everyone is accusing someone of some sort of agenda. Of course in the case of Fox and MSNBC I would have to agree.  It would be refreshing if someone just reported the news. Just the facts please.

I know that will not happen anytime soon.

Anyway back to the magazine; I did read a very interesting article by one Rana Foroohar, entitled Driven off the Road by M.B.A.'s, about the problem of American business being in the hands of those who hold an MBA. Sounds funny I know, but if one understands the curriculum of most programs and more importantly, the mindset of most "professors," then perhaps one may understand the problem. When these "Masters of Business" are unleashed in the real world, and if corporate leadership is foolish enough to give them free reign, then that becomes a problem.
Now Foroohar's magazine article for the most part concerns a Mr. Lutz who had a career in the automotive industry. Mr. Lutz apparently contends that part of the problem with the auto industry is that leadership has gone from the engineering sector to the "bean counter" sector. Of course quality fell and customer loyalty fell right along with it. I would submit that this type of thing is rampant in all facets of American business today.

I have known quite a number of people with an MBA. My best friend in fact holds one from a rather prestigious university. He might be the first to tell you that it really is not worth the money that is spent to obtain the "prestige" of the degree. He gets it. He understands real world business; and I think him a rarity. I have worked with people who hold business related degrees at all levels and have found most of them to be stodgy, uninventive, and arrogant. Some very basic concepts that make this country great seem to escape them. Many can not even write a lucid memo. I remember one manager, with an advanced business degree, producing in house documents so poorly written that the truck drivers at my company used to make fun of him. Not all truckers are dimwits contrary to popular belief. Of course one can't broad brush all business "educated" types by just the ignorance of some.

A lot of the problem seems to lie in the curriculum of these programs. There are some accounting classes of course, but not enough to make a graduate a real accountant. There are marketing courses but marketing is an art that can not really be taught in any school. It can be studied of course, but not taught. There are case studies of various companies but that can be done at home for free. There are legal courses but not enough to have a chance of passing the "Bar." For the most part there are few courses that teach a student real world business. Business theory perhaps, but not the nuts and bolts of running anything. I spoke recently about a local man who runs an AC/Heating outfit. He certainly has a greater understanding of the real world of business than any MBA graduate.

Problem is; these MBA types do run companies in this country. Very often into the ground. We all suffer.

Your job been "outsourced?" You can bet there are MBA grads behind it.

I would be hard pressed to put most MBA graduates in charge of a sno cone stand.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ron Paul to Leave Congress

I have noted before that Ron Paul can keep his seat until such time as he decides he has had enough. Apparently that time has come. It appears that he is serious about a run for the highest office.


I have also before referred to Dr. Paul as a "loon" and I must somewhat retract that statement. Paul has some great ideas but he does also have some that I find a bit "loony." OK. No big deal. We all have loony ideas from time to time I suppose.  I do not believe Paul to be a loon but I do not think he would be the person I would want to sit in the oval office. Not that it matters; Paul has less chance of becoming the president (or the Republican nominee), than "Hair." Remember he was contemplating a "run" until just recently. Now "Gov. Good Hair" is a different matter. He may have a chance to become the nominee of the Republicans to the detriment of the party (and nation). Be that as it may, I would submit that in the unlikely event that Dr. Paul gets any real serious traction in his run, the Republican establishment will set out to destroy him. Hacks like Hannity and Limbaugh will become useful tools and lead the charge. They fear him and his ideas. A modern Republican is really not all that much different, when it come down to it, than a Democrat. Dr. Paul is different. He means what he says and says what he means. There is no BS with this man. He is to the right what Sanders is to the left. Men who mean it. Men of conviction. One does not have to agree with them to recognize and respect this fact.

I ran across this on Yahoo News and it sums it up quite well.

"Ron Paul has long been an unorthodox politician, someone who's defied GOP politicians as well as Democrats," party spokeswoman Kirsten Gray said. "He's likely to carry that quality into the GOP presidential field, where he could cause problems for Rick Perry and other Republicans by calling them out for the hypocrisy and inconsistency within their party."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is More to Education that Writing a Good Research Paper

Yesterday I had some work done on my AC and heating units. The AC was on the fritz and the heater was tagged out as dangerous. Glad I had someone inspect it recently. It was a disaster just waiting to  happen. At any rate, I used a local crew; in fact a business owned by the father of one of my rather challenging students. This kid and I have had a couple of go rounds in the time I have worked for this school district and I have sent him off to cool his heels in the "alternative learning center"a time or three. I recall one time, after I had told him more than once to get off one of the "social networking" sites, catching him still on it. I remember almost prefacing my rant with a "listen fucker" but caught myself just in time. He and his buds probably would have thought that pretty funny but does not want that kind of attention from the "administrative staff." The group of kids that I deal with at work are a special bunch and I mean that in a good way. Challenging no doubt. Interesting and fun to be around for sure.
Anyway this kid was working with his father and another man this day and apparently has been doing so all summer. He is quite a good athlete and is missing some summer work outs for the upcoming football season but it appears his father thinks it more important to work hard. Idle hands with this lad is not a good thing. He won't be in any danger of "not making the team" I don't think, and a bit of hard work is more important than some HS football summer workout nonsense anyway.
Here is what I find interesting. What this kid is learning this summer may be more important than all the readings of Macbeth or Mr. Poe and certainly more important and useful in the real world than learning the intricacies of the prevent defense (which sucks anyway). He is learning a tangible job skill. I have never seen a destitute AC/Heating man. Have you?

Don't get me wrong. I firmly believe in a balanced education which includes a familiarity with literature, music, correct history, etc. etc. I just believe that a young person should have some sort of skill to go along with it. Some of the kids who work at the Golden Arches or one of their competitors hear a good bit of crap from their peers about it. They don't realize that they have the opportunity to learn a great deal about the real world of business in one of these places. In fact a career with Mickey D's might be pretty lucrative if one sticks with it.

The point is a kid needs to learn something besides just the "college track" curriculum that is offered in most schools. Learn a trade. Learn to bartend, drive big trucks, AC/Heating, baking, carpet cleaning, plumbing, auto mechanics, or anything tangible and productive.

There are a good many college graduates out there who can do little more than tie their shoes. Quite a number of them are as stupid as a duck. Look at Keith Olbermann.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloody the Persian Nose

It has been reported that Iran is supplying military assistance to various extremist groups in Iraq with the sole intent of harming coalition troops. Is this news? Has this not been going on since just about day one? Wars in this age are often fought by proxy and this is what Iran is doing. We do the same. Nothing out of the ordinary there really and it is hard to fault the Persians for playing the game as it is played. With that being said however, the U.S., with or without coalition approval and assistance, should reserve the right to give the Persians a bloody nose. If for no other reason than to give tangible evidence of our displeasure with their action. No I am not talking about a long, drawn out ground war. I am certainly not talking about nation building, nor am I talking about attacks upon civilian centers.

I am talking about our strategic forces earning their pay with the utter destruction of  Pasdaran and naval facilities. Let them know for certain that it burns to touch a hot stove.

I am heartily sick of our military people getting maimed and killed with no real tangible recourse allowed them.

Aren't You?

Monday, July 11, 2011

This Might Be A Stupid Error

There are reports all over the Internet about the pending sale of our main battle tank to Egypt. What? Yes those folk. Not the rather trustworthy dictatorship but the..who they hell are they? Not really sure who really runs Egypt now or will in the future. Are you? This is a huge and stupid error from a strategic standpoint.

I do not know if the M1 is the best main battle tank out there. It does have detractors. It is unarguable that it takes a huge fleet of supply troops and equipment to keep them active in forward areas. All tanks have this drawback sure, but this one does seem to really be over the top. OK if you are fighting incompetent Arabs I suppose.  The only problem is that some of these Mohammedan regional forces may not be quite as incompetent as supposed.

It is dangerous and foolhardy to supply Egypt with any military equipment at this point; much less top of the line gear. Western forces may be facing some of this advanced weaponry when it becomes necessary to take the Suez.


Well I Want Mine

The other day I saw an advertisement from, I believe, the AARP. This commercial was telling us how Medicare and Social Security is going broke and the reason for it is none other than ridiculous government spending. The ad pointed out some sort of animal research or something; I really don't recall. I have to agree with this I am afraid. I, like most others of us, have paid into the "system" for years and if I make it long enough (Allah willing) to utilize these programs, well then I want them.
I do believe that this govt spends way more than we can possibly take in on ridiculous things. I can just off the top of my head point to many programs and agencies that should be either disbanded or downsized. Can't you? Of course these usefulness of these programs is all in the eye of the beholder I suppose. Some would be for massive military cuts, which I would oppose and others for cutting many social and foreign aid programs, which I would probably be in favor of. Unless it is a social program that I may utilize. That would make it a different story entirely.
The point is, (if there really is any), is that we do need to downsize the government a good deal. Just not things I want or believe we need.

All of us think that way I would wager.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Knew They Would Be Back

It seems that the Houston "red light cameras" will be turned back on despite the will of the people. Go figure. Easy revenue for the city will not be given up easily or gladly by the powers that be. Of course these things do not save lives and I believe that they are a danger to public safety. People know they are there and bust through a yellow at high speed to not get "caught." Real surprised that some pedestrian has not been plowed over due to this crap.

There is also a bit of a constitutional issue I do believe. Running a red light is technically a crime and every American has the right to face the accuser in a court of law. In other words if a cop gives you a ticket for running and you believe yourself to be innocent, then you can go to court and even request a jury trial. The whole works. Running a red light and getting "busted" by the camera is considered by the "city" to be a civil offense. They are wrong and they are scamming the driving public.

I suggest if one gets a red light camera ticket to just ignore the thing. There is no real consequence (yet) for not paying the extortion money.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dark Music for Dark Thoughts

The election season is fast approaching. I won't be voting for Obama for sure, but don't believe that anyone of the Republicans who are running or contemplating a run will really be any better. Do you? Whoever the next president will be I doubt anyone will see much change for the better. Do  you think we will really close the southern border? Do you believe that we will bring back American jobs that have been stolen from our citizenry and shipped overseas with, I might add, the blessing and support of our huckster political class? Do you think we will really crush terrorism and more importantly perhaps, their nation state benefactors? The list goes on and on.

Republicans? Democrats? Same thing with different rhetoric.

Enjoy Danzig's Five Finger Crawl.

Stock Market again

Today the market seems to be sliding on the "news" of a less than stellar employment picture. Are we headed for a deepening recession? The other day it was up a tick on the Casey Anthony verdict. Are we finally out of the woods? The Nigerian "rebels" may be making noise again. Is the price of oil about to skyrocket? The Saudis may be upping production? Good news for the economy?

Stay tuned and catch the latest on your favorite "news" network.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Could a Weiner Do?

I bet that Young Anthony wished that his little wiener exposure could have waited a month or so to rear its' ugly head. With all the hoopla surrounding that sociopath down in Florida, Anthony's ding dong would not have gotten near as much exposure. It is all about the timing you see. His luck was just bad.

Rome burns and we obsess about some guys cock and an (alleged) child murderer. Americans can really be stupid. No wonder the Mohammedans are pissed. Course personally I would trade Anthony still screeching on the House floor if the little girl was allowed to live her life.

 I don't hate Young Anthony, just find him a bit silly. I can't say the same for the Florida sociopath. I think she did it.

 Whats not to hate?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stock Market

The DOW is up a bit this morning on news of the Casey Anthony verdict.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Constitutional Issue?

In just a few hours the Texas' "No refusal weekend" will come to an end. You may ask just what this is and what it entails. I'll be happy to tell you. You see, any police officer in the Republic can pull you over for suspicion of being hammered behind the wheel and mandate that you have  your blood drawn to test for intoxicants.
OK I get it. We don't want, or need drunks and other intoxicated fools behind the wheel of an automobile. They cause havoc and cost lives. That being said, do we really want just any cop having that much authority? Not in my country. So far we are not citizens of a police state. Heading that way sure, but still a long way off.  There is a trade off living in a free society with legal protections such as "innocent until proven guilty," protection against illegal search and seizure, etc, etc. Do we need to go into what that trade off is?

Again I agree that drunks need to be taken off the road but it is going a bit far; way too far; when any cop has the legal authority to have blood drawn.

I don't like that vato. I don't like that!

4th of July

Happy Fourth. Let us hope that the powers that be can be persuaded to quit fucking us up. Doubt that will happen.

I hate to be so pessimistic about the direction we are heading. So it goes.........

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Too Much TV

I think that lately I have been watching a bit too much television. For some reason or other I found myself watching some fools chasing "BigFoot" around in the jungles of Washington State; and very serious about the matter they were too. Now I don't know if there is a such thing as BigFoot. Weird photos and impressions in the mud are not quite enough to convince me. Now I know there is a such thing as haints, but that is a different matter entirely. The evidence on that is pretty convincing.  Haints? Yes. BigFoot? Don't know. UFO's? Probably. That is about how I sum up the paranormal.
Now I forget the name of this particular BigFoot program or even what channel it aired on, but I can tell you these folk meant business. One guy tried his hand at "calling" a creature and it was a pretty hair raising sound. Of course something answered in the distance that sounded quite similar. BigFoot? Perhaps.

I think it was more likely another group of weirdos running around the forest chasing the same elusive being.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dr. Paul and Good Hair

In the Lone Star State we certainly have our fair share of loons, bozos, liars, and dumbasses among the political class. Hell, Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is enough for any state by herself. We also have Good Hair, who is perhaps the biggest bullshitter to sit on the throne in quite a while. A chameleon in cowboy boots this one. I would not put it past him to bullshit his way onto the national stage; as in the presidential nominee type setting. Don't think so but I bet it won't be from lack of trying.

Now that there is some serious discussion about Good Hair making a run for the highest office it seems that he is trying to pander to the "conservatives" in the country by becoming rather bold in a conservative "leadership" role. He backs, as I do, a "sanctuary city bill" which would hold municipalities somewhat accountable for their role in harboring illegal aliens. He has recently made noise about putting a stop to the TSA gropers; threatening them with prosecution and such. I'm not really convinced that this is a real problem or more of a bandwagon issue. I don't fly though so I have no experience with the problem. Don't like airplanes and don't like officious, badge heavy incompetents. Experienced that enough in the taxi business. But I digress.
For those of us in Texas, we know (or should know) who this Good Hair really is. He is soft on the illegal immigration issue. For an anti-Washington type; he sure is quick to point out that safeguarding the border is a "federal" responsibility. True enough, but when the fedgov does not really defend the border, then it falls to the state to take up the slack. Costly? Sure. Imperative? You bet. This Good Hair is frankly a coward on the issue.
On the same issue; Good Hair is a proponent of NAFTA and the "NAFTA Highway." Just that alone shows that he ain't "got his mind right" on what is best for Texans (or America). Just the imminent domain issue alone shows that he is not the "real deal." Why further entwine our economy with a third world, war riddled (sort of) cat box? Would we do so if Afghanistan was next door? That would be almost, (but admittedly not quite), the same thing.
Nope this Good Hair is certainly no answer to any problem that ills this great nation. Except perhaps male pattern baldness. There must be some secret behind that pretty mop he sports.

Now we come to Dr. Paul. He reps the district in which I live, and nobody will be able to ever unseat him. The job is his until he has had enough. I like Dr. Paul. He is no bullshitter for sure. He says what he means and means what he says. Unfortunately some of the things he espouses are in the realm of fantasy. Many of the beliefs that Ron Paul has are not grounded in reality. They just would not work in our diverse and complicated nation. Sure, he has some great ideas and a few may be just the ticket, but overall I am afraid that Paul's ideas would lead to chaos and weakness

One thing though about Ron Paul; he is no wishy washy pansy. He scares the Republican establishment, (and a whole lot of others), and that has to be a good thing. They sure try to destroy his credibility at every opportunity and of course that means they fear him and more importantly; his ideas.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Why There is A Texas Based Reality Show. Who Knew?

Just the other day I made mention that a Texas based reality show would have to have guys featured with redneck/racecar names and of course they all would be goat roping and driving huge pick ups. Now of course I must add that driving a huge pick up can be a necessity in some parts of Texas and only if employed in some type work where some such monstrosity has a work advantage. Many in Texas, and perhaps other places, drive these things as some sort of gas guzzling status symbol. OK if you can afford it I suppose, just not my cup of tea. Sorry to get sidetracked right off the bat. It happens.

Now the Texas based reality show I just watched was called, I think, Rattlesnake Republic. It was pretty interesting. It was a good deal like the Swamp People show and in fact I believe it has the same narrator. These guys pretty much just run around in the arid regions of Texas catching rattlers. There are some real crazy characters and while I am not sure it will reach the popularity of the aforementioned Louisiana based show, it might. Some fool keeps a cobra as a pet and actually kissed the thing on top of the head.

 That kind of thing draws a crowd.

Guess What Has Begun?

The CFL season has started. It is a pretty interesting league and fun to watch. You might keep this in mind with the dildos of the NFL being in such a state. Of course I will be watching college ball. Don't care much if the NFL folds frankly. Unless of course the Saints are going to do well. That goes without saying.

It would be interesting if the owners just told the players that they all were fired but could come back at a reduced salary. I would wager that most would come crawling and begging. What else could many of them do?

Now This Is A Waste

In Texas we have something called the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) which is the agency tasked with "overseeing" liquor sales, distribution, enforcement, and God knows what else. For the most part it seems a monumental waste of money. Texas is feeling the pinch of the economy now and state coffers are running low and one would think it would be time to think about some trimming. The TABC is an agency that should certainly be looked at.
Now there are those employed by this agency who believe themselves to be police officers and technically; legally, this is so. However their main job is to try to entrap store clerks into selling liquor to underage drinkers. Also they keep "tabs" on bartenders. We all know there are bad apples who will intentionally serve or sale to anyone but for the most part people in the business obey the law. To have an entire "police force" running around investigating such nonsense is just going a bit far. The local PD or Sheriff can handle this with ease.

I would be embarrassed to be a TABC investigator. I certainly would not think myself a real cop. Not really even on the level of the local rent a cop.  I would submit that these folk need to "get a job."

Is The War On Drugs a Waste of Money?

Is the "war" on drugs a waste of money and time? It appears that it is. Just the salaries alone of the people who specialise in drug enforcement has to amount to a pretty penny. I'm talking about DEA agents all the way down to the local "narc." Has to be a huge expenditure. It does not seem that drugs are in any danger of leaving the streets though. In fact, judging by the stoned kids at my school, it seems that they are readily available anytime/anywhere. It really does seem that the "war" is lost.
There are those that bleat that MJ should be legalized. A point they do have. Taxable revenue to all levels of government and taking the power from the "drug cartels" are the prevailing arguments. Seems reasonable to some extent. There is a problem with this though.

Drug enforcement is fun.

Years back, while serving in the Coast Guard, most of my career was as a crew member on a medium endurance cutter out of Port Canaveral, Fl. For the most part, our "work" consisted of tooling along in the Caribbean, Gulf and Coastal Atlantic looking for the elusive mother ship. Back in the early 80's a large amount of MJ (and other stuff) was smuggled up this way. I remember cruising right in the middle of the Yucatan Pass or the Windward Pass on the hunt. Sometimes we made the trek down Jamaica way and the pickings were usually pretty good. Unfortunately we spent too much time in GTMO processing drug busts however. If you don't have to go to GTMO stay away. Some folk disagree there, but I digress. I can tell you one thing. When you have a big one on the line and you are "racing" darken ship for an intercept it is a very interesting feeling. Like a big fish on the line or like closing the deal with a "hoor" in the bar. Not that I would know anything about that.

 It was certainly an adrenaline rush when we came alongside brandishing Uncle Sam's weaponry at a loaded down coastal freighter crewed by disco dud wearing scumbags. No kidding. A lot of those guys seemed to always be dressed like they were in an episode of Saturday Night Fever. Those were interesting and fun days.

Is the war on drugs a waste of resources? Probably.

 But why spoil all the fun for the current crop of enforcement types?