Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aliens in Tampa

The Republican get together in Tampa last night was top story on most of the "news" networks. I had a little trouble understanding this as Romney's nomination was a foregone conclusion and there was a potential natural disaster bearing down on parts of the Gulf Coast. Most rational people would think a hurricane moving into the NOLA area is just a bit more important. Don't you think?

That being said, I did tune in a few times to view the Republicans in action. Pretty boring most of it, but I certainly did get a kick out of the reaction to some in the crowd when Ron Paul had delegates show up in his favor. It was interesting to see MN and I think NV. cast more ballots for Paul than Romney. I believe there were a few other states delegations did the same. The reaction? A bit of unrest it seemed to me. Why are those in the Republican mainstream so afraid of this man. Is it his ideas? He has a few good ones sure but a good many are quite frankly borderline insane. Dr. Paul is the rep in my district and he is well loved, but to me he is just about as loony as Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Even she has a good idea once in a while also.

Again, why would the middle of the road Democrats err Republicans be fearful of this man? A good question. Would it be that a substantial minority of Republicans see the mainstream folk for what they are?  Bill Clinton without the sexual peccadilloes (that we know of). Very little difference. Romney is a typical middle of the road type and is probably not too much further to the right than William Jefferson. A John McCain without the crazy perhaps.

Fact is, those who portray themselves a moderates usually (not always) win national elections. Romney may pander a bit to the Tea Party types and the "evangelicals" as required, just as Obama pandered a bit to the ultra left fruitloops of his party. Obama is probably as radical a president as we have had in living memory and even he has seen the need to move somewhat toward the center. If he should win again we likely will see him move toward his true nature.

Romney is a centrist. A fact that irritates a lot of conservative voters but he has opportunity to win. Do you for a money think that a Ron Paul would be elected to the highest office in the land? Paul is as honest as Sanders of VT. and that honesty  (no matter how loony) and integrity scares the mainstream folk. They can't handle it.

Oh what does that have to do with aliens? I have worked, as a bartender, for a least two rather large Republican events. Some of those folks actually seem like they are from another planet. Wooden, plastic, and humorless a lot of them. Like something that might abduct you and take you to the mother ship. I don't trust them any more than I trust the fruitloops of the other party.

It is a conumdrum of sorts.

Monday, August 27, 2012

College Football Begins: A few Week One Predictions

The 2012 college football season begins in a few short days and, as usual, I am looking forward to a lot of fun and a bit of bitching about the BCS system. Time is short before work so I am throwing up a few predictions for week one.

ASU vs Oregon: The Sun Belt is no longer the pushover of the past. Arkansas State lost their HC to Ole Miss (his mistake), but return most of the starters from last year. The Red Wolves (I still want to call them the Indians) will likely be in the hunt in the SBC but facing the Ducks is a pretty rough one for a starter. Oregon has an outside shot to compete for the national championship. That won't happen as the Ducks always seem to find a way to shoot themselves in the foot, but they should have enough to have a fairly easy time in the opener. It might not be the five touchdown victory that the "experts" are predicting however.

UCLA vs Rice: The Bruins come to Houston with new enthusiasm. That enthusiasm should be dampened in short order but it is doubtful that the Owls will be the team to start their downhill slide. David Bailiff needs to win at least six or seven games to keep his job at Rice but this is likely not to be. Go with UCLA. Hope not. I may slide on over and see this one. Might have to feel an illness coming on Friday morning. Oh well, it looks like I have another offer on the table. Working in a jailhouse ain't for me anyway.

TAMU vs Louisiana Tech: The Bulldogs are not the Tigers but they may have a shot at starting what may be an awful long one for the Aggie faithful. La. Tech is a good WAC team and the Aggies are on their way to year in and year out mediocrity in the SEC. This game is pretty much a toss up but I will have to go with Louisiana Tech to pull off a minor upset here. Or perhaps Kevin Sumlin can change water into wine?

Ohio Bobcats vs PSU: PSU has problems. Perhaps you have heard about it? Solich over at Ohio has done a very good job keeping his small school competitive and the team from Ohio will give the decimated Lions all they can handle. I will go out on a limb and predict an upset here. Go with the Bobcats in a close one.

Hawaii vs USC: I don't know what Hawaii has this year but I have a pretty good idea what the Trojans are about. About the only downside for the Trojans is their ridiculous head coach. If the Warriors were to pull this one out of the hat it would be one of the major upsets in the history of the game. It would eclipse the NLU (now ULM) victory in Tuscaloosa a few years back. That was one of the few times coach Nick suffered humiliation. It felt good. Still does.

Texas State vs Houston: The Cougars lost a good head coach and an excellent college QB. It remains to be seen if they will make a play in CUSA this season. The Bobcats are in their first year of D1 and have just not been a very good team of late. Franchione is back in the coaching ranks and it remains to be seen just how good (or bad) he can be. He was one of the lights of the game supposedly a few years back, but it did not take long to expose him as semi competent at best. He has character issues also. Texas State could have done much better methinks. I would go with Houston here with relative ease.

Wyoming vs Texas: I have done no research at all on the Cowboys and really very little on the Longhorns. If Mac can get his QB situation straight then he may have a team that has an outside shot at the Big Twelve. If not. Look for a seven or eight win season (something Longhorn fans will not long tolerate). I will go with the Horns here.

Oklahoma vs UTEP: The Sooners travel to El Paso. The Sun Bowl will be sold out. The Miners will be crushed. Fans will go home disappointed. End of story here.

SMU Mustangs vs Baylor: Both teams are well coached and this should be a good game. For the first time that I can remember Briles will not have a stellar man (that we know of yet) behind center. Jones is building a program and he will have some success. This one may be a toss up and I will go with Baylor in a close one.

Tulsa vs Iowa State: The battle of the tropical systems. OK pretty lame. Iowa State has trouble being competitive in the Big Twelve and the other major program in the state draws a bit better players. This is something that Tulsa should know a thing or two about with two Big Twelve teams in Oklahoma. That being said Tulsa is a contender in CUSA this year and Iowa State will likely be Iowa State. This could be close but I will go with Tulsa.

I will close with an Ayyyiiiiiiii... Go Cajuns.

Adendum: The Louisiana Tech vs TAMU contest has been postponed due to the tropical system. I will substitute that game for Michigan vs Alabama game. Michigan is ranked higher than I expected by the "experts" while Alabama will be likely in the hunt for the mythical national title. Michigan may be a top 20 team but Alabama will be a top ten team certain. Anything less than playing for the title would be considered by many a disappointment. Go with the Tide to roll by two (or more) touchdowns.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who is This Brian Wingfield? Is He An Idiot? Yes. Yes He Is

Yesterday I read an interesting opinion piece from Jayhawk over at concerning whether or not Social Security is an entitlement. He is of the opinion that it is an entitlement and that this is not necessarily a bad thing. I have to agree frankly.

Most working people have paid into the Social Security system for years and have been under the impression that funds would be available for retirement. We have been assured this is to be so. In the recent years we have been hearing much about the govt "borrowing" from this fund and and issuing an IOU. Now we hear that there will soon be no money and our gentleman's agreement with the feds may be null and void and that they will have stolen more of our money with nothing in return.

I wonder just how much of this money that is "borrowed" from the system has been earmarked for foreign aid. I chose Egypt as a random example and find that as of 2011 the U.S. gives approx 1.5 billion of dollars in aid to this particular Mohammaden nation.

What does this have to do with one Brian Wingfield? Young Brian is a journalist of sorts who has done a good bit of work with Forbes, NYT (of course), and others. Fine and good for him I suppose. Why is he an idiot? In his Jan 2011 article in Forbes he points out that our foreign aid to Egypt goes to promote "peace and security." (A lot has transpired in Egypt since Jan 2011 to be sure and it does not appear that all this aid for this "peace and security" is working out so well). He concludes that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be looked at (scrapped?) in reducing the deficit and that foreign aid should be only "scrutinized."

I don't believe him. I wager he is paying lip service to the "scrutinization" of foreign aid. Wingfield holds a degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Of course he would have a globalist outlook. Johns Hopkins in not Ivy League to be sure but I would imagine that the graduates are of the same mind.

Now, to be fair, Wingfield does point out that all foreign aid is "only" about 1.7 percent of the total budget (2010) and that the govt pump over 100 billion into propping up the banking sector in 2008, and that over half of our budget goes into various entitlements including Social Security and Medicare.
He may have a point here, but he misses the fact that most working people have no choice to pay into the Social Security system with the understanding that there would be a return at some point.

When I hear the thoughts and observe the action of our intelligentsia I almost always come to the conclusion that they would sell their fellow citizens down the river in their quest for a more perfect world. They believe they are good and right. They believe they know more than the rest of us. It is not necessarily true that they are evil people, but, they are certainly ignorant of what is good for the nation's health. Traitors many of them. They don't mean to be and would be highly offended if one points out their treasonous ideas and actions. They are traitors none the less. Whether they understand this does not matter.

Social Security? I've paid in and I want some return. This is not a "red" or "blue" issue. It is much deeper than that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are The Hogs Really That Good?

All of the polls I have seen have placed the Arkansas Razorbacks in the top 15. I am scratching my head a bit here. Now we have Pat Forde, a Yahoo Sports "expert" predicting that the Hogs will come in at number seven. He does point out that both LSU and Alabama have to pay a visit to Razorback country and that can be an unpleasant experience for the visiting team. Bama should have enough in the tank this season but there are some question marks concerning LSU.

Do the Hogs have enough to compete for the top spot in the brutally tough SEC? I rather doubt it. They do have a new coach in John L. Smith and he is a good one but the off season fiasco involving the former HC and a  woman of ill repute (well sort of) may still be a distraction. Not on the level of PSU or lower division Mankato State, but a distraction none the less.

Go Hogs Go!!

This is The Kind Of Junk They Watch

In the jailhouse the guests enjoy this kind of crap. Catchy tune no doubt but the message is stupid. We just let them watch it. Turn it off and you might have a scrape on your hands. BTW this particular tune is the "art" of SPM (South Park Mexican), a Houston based rapper who is doing a long stretch for sexual assault of a child. Of course there are a great many who want him released with him being such a great man and asset to society and all..........

It is racist you see to keep such a man down.

This Island Dispute Thing Could Get Out Of Control

Japan and China are in a dispute over some small specks of land that are situated in the general vicinity of both of nations' mainland. China also has some territorial disputes with Vietnam and the Philippines over some other small specs.

In the case of the Japanese/Chinese dispute the islands do appear to be marginally closer to Red China to be sure. Also adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the area around the island is claimed by the Republic of China (Taiwan). Interesting. Taiwan has territorial claims; as a free and independent nation does, while Red China does not recognize Republican China as an independent state.

It is doubtful that any shots will be fired in the ongoing dispute. Taiwan and Japan fear the PRC and the PRC fears Japan (and the United States). This will probably be no more than a diplomatic stand off for years to come.

It is these kinds of international tensions however that should make it clear to those in the U.S. halls of power that continued wrangling with Mohammadens is a distraction and a sideshow. Any real problem with a Middle Eastern  nation can be dealt with by a pragmatic and brutal strategy with the issue decided in short order.

The real danger and problem facing the West and our western leaning friends is not so much some sort of strike by Iran, but a resurgent and militant Russia along with a surging Red China (and her North Korean proxy).

Who do your prefer? Japan or China?

The Purple Shirts Declare Victory in Houston

A few days back the Service Employees International Union declared victory in the Houston area janitor strike. Those folks are braying a bit much about a whole lot of nothing.....

Under the new contract the janitors got a raise of 12 percent spread over 4 years. Sounds pretty good. Right? Personally I don't think it amounts to diddly squat. Union janitors now make a whopping 8.35 an hour and in four years they will be looking at 9.35 for an hourly rate.

I am not a proponent of this "living wage" that the leftists always are honking about, but custodial engineering is hard work and is certainly worth a great deal more than 9.35 an hour. If I were a dues paying member of this SEIU I would feel cheated.

It seems that Houston area janitors are being scammed by both their employers and the purple shirts over at the SEIU.

Maybe these janitors are the "vunables" that Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is always braying about.

As put upon and downtrodden as those in the cleaning industry are I am betting that not all custodial engineers are living at the poverty level. Just a guess.

Monday, August 20, 2012

AP Top 25 College Football Poll 2012? This One Sort of Matters

USC has been voted number one by the the sports "writers" in the preseason  AP college football poll for 2012. There may be some merit here.
A possible pro level QB is staying in school and will lead the charge. A refugee from Pedophile U (sorry couldn't resist) has made the move and will add some punch to the offense. They will have a good team. When a very weak schedule is taken into consideration it is easy to see how they may be able to run the table and compete for the number one spot in the land. They do have a tough game with Oregon and possibly a couple more scary outings (Stanford and the UCLA rivalry game), but it is very likely they will be undefeated at the end of the regular season. Of course this Kiffin is the head coach......That might not be a problem this year but will prove to be so in the long term.

Bama and LSU round out the top three. This is fitting. Which of these is the better team this year.?Hard to say. The "Honey Badger" has left the team (LSU) for a "drug" problem and that leaves the Tigers with one less high profile player. They need some help at QB also. It won't be a long year for the Tigers, but I can certainly see (and expect) one SEC loss. The Tigers non conference schedule is a joke, but that has become pretty much par for the course for the major programs in every conference.

Bama has a marginally tougher non Conference schedule than the Tigers, the highlight being a visit from Michigan. No IAA schools on the slate this year. The Tide may have a slight advantage over LSU in the SEC schedule though. They have a somewhat easier road (if there is such a thing in the SEC).

Rounding out the top ten in the AP poll may be fairly accurate. Or not. I am not certain Michigan is legitimate and have doubts about Arkansas, FSU and South Carolina.
Offseason distraction and a lack of certainty about just what the Hogs have this year should have kept them out of the top 10.
FSU is always "almost there" and seems to disappoint year in and year out. This has become par for the course for them recently but playing in a fairly weak conference works to their advantage.
Spurrier may really have it together this year for South Carolina. He does a good job but will probably fall just short of a top 10 ranking when all is said and done.

The bottom 15? The teams are interchangeable. Boise State is ranked too low and Louisville likely shouldn't even be there at all. I suppose a "BCS" conference team has to have a representative. WVU and perhaps even Texas are ranked too high. Stanford? Jury is out. It is hard to see how they will match the success of last year. Kansas State is questionable but Bill seems to be able to get a lot out of a little. Perhaps the only guy who can (or ever will) be able to win there.

Ohio State is slated at 18 and Notre Dame is not even on the radar.  I guess the writers did not see fit to follow the trend and rank the Irish this year. Probably for good reason.

The season starts directly and I am looking forward to another fun year of watching games and griping about the ridiculous BCS system.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soviets Back? (They Never Went Away Really)

Didn't you find it kind of funny when Bush II referred to the Russian Bear as "partners" in the war on terror? How about when the current POTUS wanted to hit the reset button on relations. I would imagine that he (Bush) really meant "junior" partners; something that Mr. Bear was not likely to agree to for long (if at all). Yes the Bear has been wounded and lost some territory and "allies" and that is a good thing, and yet, a wounded Bear may be more dangerous and unpredictable than the old Bear that we came to know and love. Now we are hearing of an Akula sub that has been patrolling the Gulf of Mexico apparently undetected. Imagine that. Our Navy has shifted focus since the "fall" of the Soviet Union away from anti submarine warfare to some extent. A resurgent Russian submarine force is something to take seriously (not to mention a growing Red Chinese undersea warfare capability).

I understand that there are those that say that turnabout is fair play. Our forces, along with our technologically advanced allies, cruise close to the Russians all the time. No matter and irrelevant. The fact that Russian and Chinese subs have come close to our shores and fleets undetected in the recent past is a matter for concern. It is time to again take seriously the submarine forces of potential enemies. If one remembers, the Soviet era submarine force was designed to seriously hinder the resupply of our forces in Europe in the war that thankfully never came. Whether or not they would have been succesful is a matter of conjecture. Russia knows darn good and well that they can not seriously challenge Western surface forces with their rather meager surface fleet, but they can again be a problem if they continue to expand and develop their undersea warfare capability.

Perhaps it would be to our advantage to normalize relations with Cuba and thus take away the incentive for the Cuban govt to play ball with a far off resurgent power? Seems like a rational plan to me. Communism and perhaps anti Americanism in Cuba has a very limited time left on the clock anyway. Normalization of relations may be a good way to speed up the death of the communist regime. There are other advantages also.

Cuba could become again a playground of sorts for those who are interested in interesting things.

I have heard some rather radical Cuban "exiles" float trial balloons in the past of Cuba becoming a U.S. dependency (if not a state) similar to Puerto Rico in lieu of independence. That has some merit perhaps but the American sugar lobby would sure stomp their little feet. Wouldn't they? I digress........

The last thing this country need is a Cuba that is a marginally allied with Russia or China (or Iran for that matter). We are already having enough temporary trouble with Venezuela.

The Russian Bear? He ain't dead yet. He has only been licking his wounds and laying low for a couple of decades. It needs to be made clear to Russia and her poential allies in Latin America that the Gulf of Mexico and by extension, the Caribbean sea, is an American lake and is to remain that way.

H/T Bill Gerts at The Washington Free Beacon and a guy who goes by the name of DANEgerus over at the tweeting place.

Sunday Night Rammstein on a Monday Afternoon

 Mutter as played live in Houston Texas.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Few Headscratchers in the Preseason Coaches Poll 2012

The preseason "Coaches Poll" is out for the upcoming 2012 college football season. There are a few things that kind of leave me scratching my head........I have not had the opportunity to "study" up much on college ball this year so I may be unqualified to comment. I don't see why that should stop me though. Most college ball "analysts" don't usually know what they are talking about either.

To start with LSU and Alabama are picked number one and two respectively. Sounds about right. The order of finish might go either way but I am rather certain one of these teams will be in the big game at the end. Perhaps a repeat of last year's match up will be seen.

There are three other SEC teams picked in the top 10. The Bulldogs of Georgia will have a good team. Not LSU or Bama good, but they will certainly be in a major bowl. The Gamecocks? Spurrier does a good job with a second tier SEC school, but South Carolina a top 10 team? Probably not.
The Hogs have just too many question marks after the off season fiasco involving the head coach and a hooker (of sorts). I might put the Hogs in the lower half of the top 25, but that is about it.

Unfortunately USC, ranked three in the poll, will make a play for the "national championship" this year. An exceptional QB along with a top PSU refugee in the backfield (and a rather weak PAC 12 schedule), will make the Spartans the team to beat in the west. If there is a way to mess things up for the school though this Kiffin is the man to do it.

Oregon is back again. A good team that is well coached but just not ready to win the big game. Perhaps this is the year? Could be.

Oklahoma finds themselves in the top ten and probably for good reason. Florida State? Conventional wisdom says this will "be the year." They have been saying that for quite a while though. FSU a top ten squad may be a bit of a stretch.

I certainly do not see why Michigan is in the top 10. I suppose that the Big 10  needs a representative. Would not Wisconsin be a better choice?

Rounding out the bottom 15 I see a few that probably should not be there. Having a little trouble understanding Notre Dame being included at all. Perhaps they are turning things around in South Bend? Probably not. We may not see the Irish in the polls at all when all is said and done.

Boise State way down at 22? They lost some good players but I would wager they will be a top ten squad before the end of the season. Or not.

West Virginia and Texas? WVU will face much stiffer competition this year and it is doubtful they will end in the top 20. They did not dominate the Big East and the Big Twelve is certainly a different animal. The Big East has a lot more in common with Conference USA on the field than arguably the second best conference in college football. It may take time to adjust. Texas? Mack Brown better hope things turn around. The Longhorn fans understand and tolerate nothing less than a conference championship.

I noted that Stanford is considered a top 25 team. Well coached team playing in a rather weak conference may have been factor in their placement. They have lost some top talent though and it remains to be seen how well they do. I wish them luck frankly.

I don't see Ohio State anywhere and yet I see Clemson. Hmmmm.

Other than Boise State I see no "non BCS" schools included. Probably a mistake here. Someone will sneak in. Last year Houston was a team to contend with and deservedly had ranking. Who will it be this time around. I wouldn't rule out one of the teams from CUSA or (believe it or not), the WAC (Louisiana Tech perhaps). Maybe a Mountain West team other than the Broncos will sneak in. Nevada may be pretty good.

I don't think the Sun Belt (or MAC) have a shot at a team sneaking into the top 25 although Arkansas State was a good team last year (and of course the staff bolted for "greener pastures"). Solich at Ohio (MAC) does a good job and Troy (along with ULL and FIU) may make noise in the SBC, It is doubtful we will see any of them ranked at the end of the season though.

There is no Big East team in the top 25 pre season (coaches) poll. Probably for good reason.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Israel Matzav: Tanzania deflagging Iranian ships

Israel Matzav: Tanzania deflagging Iranian ships

Now if we could only get American shippers to quit flagging their vessels in Panama and Liberia (to avoid American crews and American wages).

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Quick Rundown of Aggie Chances in Year One of the SEC

Kevin Sumlin will lead the Aggies in their first year in what is not seriously disputed to be the best football conference in college ball. He will not have a Case Keenum behind center as he did over at U of H. If you recall, Cougar football was quite good with Keenum on the field and mediocre at best when he was injured. The brilliance of Sumlin as a head college football coach has yet to be proven. Win with an average squad and then we might anoint his head with oil. Till then? Jury is still out.

Here are some thoughts on Aggie chances this year.

1. TAMU vs La. Tech: May be a good game. La. Tech is a good under the radar squad. The Aggies will have some trouble here and likely will fall just short in what will be the start of a very long season.

2. TAMU vs Florida: Florida has been down a bit the last couple seasons. It is doubtful that the Aggies will be able to play long on the same field though. If they do it will be a long season for Gator fans.

3. TAMU vs SMU: June Jones is coaching at SMU and he may actually be one who can be considered "brilliant" in the college ranks. This may be a close game and the Pony's may well "upset" them.

4. vs South Carolina State: This may be the first victory of the Aggie season. They should be able to beat IAA SCSU.

5. vs Arkansas: This all depends on just how much the off season problems in Razorback country will affect the Hogs. If there is lingering problems then the Aggies may prevail. Probably not though.

6. vs Ole Miss: This may possibly be the first SEC (maybe only) victory of the season for the Aggies. Ole Miss' program is in shambles.

7. vs LSU: lol! No.

8. vs Auburn: unlikely. Highly unlikely.

9. Mississippi State: a possible victory for the Aggies. It will likely be a complete toss up.

10. Alabama: Good Lord!

11. Sam Houston State: You may think this one would be another easy one against a IAA opponent. Not so fast. SHSU was one of the top teams in IAA last season. We will see how they do this year. If they are playing good ball then they may be more than ready to take on (and defeat) the Aggies.

12. vs Mizzou: Another SEC victory for the Aggies? Maybe. Maybe not.

It looks to me like there is only one sure win (if there is such a thing) in the Aggies SEC schedule. They may have a decent shot at a few others. For the Aggie faithful it is unfortunate that Vandy and Kentucky are not on the slate this year. Not that the Aggies would necessarily be victorious in those contests, but TAMU has way more in common with those two programs than with the the tougher football schools in conference.

Their non conference schedule is tougher than some might think. They have only one "sure win" here as far as I can tell. They may pick off one or two of the others but at least one of the non conference foes will take them to the woodshed. I imagine that the Aggies will be 2-2 in non conference play.

So to round this all out, a five win season would be a huge success. If they get to six wins the Aggie folks should  (but won't) be orgiastic. If Sumlin gets above six wins then perhaps we might need to take all this "brilliance" talk seriously.

Let the games begin!!!!!

Wasting Time In America

The other day, on a whim, I signed up for this Twitter thing. I don't know why. My friend is a social media guy and said I should. Well it is about as ridiculous as some of the other time wasting media fads probably but it does seem rather interesting. I hardly have time for this blogging thing (which I enjoy), so I really don't think I will have much time for tweeting (or whatever). I did follow some folk though. It will be interesting to see just what Sasquatch (R. Barr) has to say on any given subject and I might just follow another female of the species (O'Donnell) also. She says goofy things quite often also. It could be fun.

I was also "blocked" by one Robert Crawford of the Massachussetts People's Republic. Don't know who he is? Not to worry. Few do (and that little fact gets under his skin. Some folk just need their fifteen minutes it seems). It is interesting that Crawford would be one of the first to whine about being "blocked" by someone I'm sure. Of course he whines quite a bit. If interested check out Crawford at Or not. On a side note I did follow a fellow that goes by the moniker of D R I F T G L A S S. This dude is a Midwestern ultra leftist who seems to have a very skewed view of us Southrons. One of my regular readers called me out for commenting on Driftglass' place in the sun once. If I recall he called him the "prince of buffoonery." Apt description. I can't help but wonder how Crawford's and Driftglass' real job search is going. No, not blogging and tweeting or, in the case of Driftglass, "pod casting." That doesn't count boys. I do understand fully that chronic able bodied unemployment is a badge of honor among some on the far left though. It proves some sort of point I suppose?

Oh have I gone to far? Sorry. Feeling quite bastardly this morning. It happens. I probably shouldn't be blogging. Things could get nasty. Oh well let me stop here and make it up to you with some rule 5. One of the Sasquatch twins perhaps?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sumlin and Briles

We will now see just how good Kevin Sumlin and Art Briles really are. Both have had the benefit of coaching exceptional talent behind center for their college football coaching careers. Briles at both the Univeristy of Houston and Baylor and Sumlin at U of H. Each coach has always had a defense that was certainly suspect. Now that Sumlin has (foolishly) gone to off to Aggieland to lead them to SEC glory (lol), and Briles does not have RGIII.......We will see.

I predict that Baylor will revert to Bear football that we are all familiar with and the Sumlin will lead his team to about five or six victories a year (at best). The Aggies will probably have to settle for no more than 3 or 4 in conference wins.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Night Rammstein

A couple of months back the most excellent German group Rammstein made their way to Houston. At first some of the videos were below par but I snooped around a bit and found a pretty decent "film" of Mann Gegen Mann. I earlier posted this tune as was played in the Double A town of San Antonio. Check out the big league Houston rendition.

I Must Be Out Of Touch. I (Sort OF) Like the Post Office

The USPS has been in huge trouble for years. The latest boondoggle is the looming default on over 5 billion of dollars that is to be set aside for "future retirees." The organization has been operating in the red and lost 5 billion in FY 2011. Yes, if the USPS was a real business it would have been closed long ago and these retirees that everyone is braying about would be up a creek. They may be yet......

That being said, I must be one of the few remaining Americans that actually like the Post Office. It is not that they do such a wonderful job or anything. I, like most of us, have had things lost in the mail. Important stuff! I have also had the same problem with both Fedex and UPS. A little episode a couple years back with Fedex raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels I'm sure. The only thing that saved that day was talking with an exceptionally beautiful woman of African descent at the Fedex "depot." I digress.....

I like the USPS, or at least the idea of a postal service, because of the history. It is part of the American landscape as it were. A postal service was even deemed a necessity in the defunct Confederate States. It is as American as apple pie, type 2 diabetes, and the Golden Arches.

Am I the only one who thinks that the USPS should actually be a "real" govt agency instead of some sort of quasi business/govt hybrid that it has become? Yes, yes I know that I have brayed on numerous occasions about the bloated fedgov but I am going to stand by my guns here.

I want the post office to survive. I am probably out of touch.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Bull Corn

Ted Cruz won the Republican runoff for Senate against Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, which is to say he won the seat. The Democrats are wasting time and money to even put up an opponent. Cruz is the darling of the partiers but I doubt that he is any great shakes. A corporate lawyer hack it appears, and reportedly just a bit shady to boot. Nothing more. We will see though............

The Chick Fil A distraction is out of control. Chick Fil A "appreciation day" was yesterday and it seems that turnout was somewhat just north of unbelievable. This is tangible evidence that Americans have finally had just about enough of the bellowing of fringe groups (and idiot leftist politicians). The whole thing has become beyond ridiculous but one thing is certain. If  you are the proud owner of a Colonel or "New Orleans style" (whatever that is)  franchise and a Chick Fil A opens across the street, then you have a problem. It is likely insurmountable.

Am I the only one who has had just about enough of Michael Phelps mania? He is one of the best athletes in Olympic history but for some reason I just grow tired of listening to television sports analysts' brayage about the greatness that is young Michael. It is as if the Carpenter had made an appearance and walked (rather than swam) on water. Give it a rest.

I do know one thing though; London ain't the place to have summer Olympics. Ever. Have you seen the non revealing get up the female beach volleyball players are wearing? Shameful. May as well have held the games in the Yukon.

Busy day. Gotta go.