Friday, September 30, 2011

I Will Stay a Saints Fan. Thank You For Your Concern

The other day I sort of watched the Saints/Texans match up. I rooted for the Saints. If you have to ask why, then you just don't get it.

I understand why, after having lived in the Houston area for round bout 20 years, that someone would question the validity of remaining a fan of an out of town team. I have lived in the Houston area a good deal longer than in Louisiana, much less the NOLA area. But having lived in the New Orleans area it goes without saying frankly that I would still root for the Saints. It is cultural. If one has lived in that area for any length of time, then one begins to feel a part of something. A part of true American history. One can feel the spirits, if you will, whenever one is in old New Orleans. It has a charm and something else that I can't figure out that no place else I have found, with the possible exception of San Francisco and maybe Memphis, has. It is just a feeling I suppose.

Going to watch a Saints game in the outdated Super Dome is a treat. It is something that can not be replicated in any venue in the country. Whether the Saints win or lose is often not really relevant. No one is  going to bother you if you come to the game rooting for the other team. It is just not that important. To be there and have a good time is the whole point of going to the game. It is fun of course when they win but no one in the area ever really expects much to come of any team the Saints field.

 Going to a Texans Home game in Reliant Stadium is not the same thing. No comparison. How could it be?

Not that I have anything bad to say about Houston. Nice city sure. Being downtown late in the evening is something special. It is relatively safe as such things go, although it is well to keep aware of your surroundings. A sense of quiet solitude comes over me when wandering or when, in the past, I sat in my taxi waiting for a night owl, out of town sport, to go on an adventure. There are a great many adventures to be had in Houston and any cabbie worth their salt knows just where an adventure can be experienced. All in the name of customer service you understand.

Yep Houston is a very nice place indeed but it just is not New Orleans. Something I just can't quite put my finger on is missing here that can be felt in the Crescent City. If you don't know then you just don't know. That is forgivable I guess.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Putting Criminals to Sleep is Again a Hot Button Issue

The other day one Troy Davis was "put to sleep" for the crime of being a cop killer. There is some doubt apparently (if we are to believe the "news" reports), that the man is indeed the actual killer. I suppose the point is moot now. The man is no longer with us.

There is no problem with putting vicious criminals to sleep. "Smoke em if you got em" I always say. Better make damn sure; without a doubt sure; that they are indeed guilty. If there is any doubt whatsoever then it is dead wrong (no pun intended) to apply the death penalty.

There are reports that Good Hair has allowed some to be put to sleep when there may have been evidence that guilt was in doubt. If Perry allowed this, for purely political (or any other) reasons, then he should be investigated and, if guilty, sanctioned according to the law. Now most of the fanfare comes from his political enemies including one ultra left wing Austin rag. The fact that the newspaper has a silly, ultra left, we are the world bent, does not diminish the fact that they may indeed be onto something.

If they are journalists worth their salt then they need to work their case to conclusion.

It is their job.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did I Actually Agree With Good Hair?

I am playing a bit of hooky today and just kind of hanging around. I had opportunity a couple hours back to catch Good Hair giving a speech on television. I was astounded that I actually agree with most of what he was saying this fine morning.

The topic, for the most part, was statehood for the "Palestinians." Now Perry was speaking apparently to a predominantly Jewish audience and anyone who has observed Good Hair throughout the years can point out that pandering is his strong, (perhaps his only strong), suit. It would be easy to write this off as just the latest group he panders to. I am not so sure that he was not being genuine though. He is, after all, running for the highest office in the land and not just trying to keep his figurehead job as the Governor of Texas. One would think that simple pandering would not be recommended when he is in such a position. Of course Rick is Rick and he may have just been doing what he does best.

There were very few points that Good Hair made on the "Palestinian" issue that I disagree with. Perhaps the major one is that the door is left open for some sort of recognized state of "Palestine." If I were him I would just let folk know that the very idea of statehood for the unfortunates of the region is, (as they say), a non starter. After all I just don't think that Good Hair will be getting very many Mohammedan votes anyway.

Perry also  rightfully pointed out that Israel is an allied nation and the only true democracy in the region. He pointed out the strategic importance to the United States that is Israel. He also pointed out the folly of the current administration in supporting some elements of the so called "Arab Spring." He was right. It does seem that the Obama administration has a rather naive outlook on the realities of the world. This naivety, by the way, is often a typically American trait in the realm of foreign policy. It can not be argued that leadership of this country often makes mistakes in this arena. I have thought it because we, collectively as a people, tend to seek out the good in others and act accordingly. I digress. Another topic for another time perhaps.

Now as one who knows who and what this Good Hair is, I find it rather interesting that I agree wholeheartedly with his statements today. I have hope, since he may well be the next POTUS, that he was genuine. I also wonder if he thought all of this up by himself. He did after all have a meeting with "Hair" Trump last week. A meeting of the hairs if you will.

 Say what you will about Trump but I tend to think the man "gets it."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Every Man Should Have These Things

There are a few things that any man should just have, whether they need them or not. Some guys like toys such as a boat, a Harley Davidson, or a hot rod and those are all fine and good I suppose, but those are optional equipment for a man. What follows is what every man just needs. It is a question of masculinity. 

1. A pick up truck of some sort: I sold mine recently and just feel lost.

2. A chainsaw: Whether one has any trees to cut down is not the point.

3. A stump grinder: As above.

4. A Pressure Washer: A real gasoline powered pressured washer is a must. The little electric ones do not count.

5. Cowboy Boots: Don't wear them if you don't like them, but make sure you have a pair in your closet. Snakes are not necessarily required but they are recommended.

6. An old Playboy: Keep it hidden in the closet if required but a man needs to have one laying around somewhere. If for no other reason than just to remind them of a better time.

7. A Rifle: Whether one hunts or not is not the point. A rifle or at least a shotgun is a requirement.

9. Guitar or drums: A man needs to have a guitar laying around. It does not matter in one can play or not but ownership is a must. A set of drums is a respectable substitute. If a man has a flute or clarinet then it should be out of sight. The secret kept just between a man and God as it were.  Never ever tell another man you like to play the flute. Unless of course your name is Ian Anderson or you are a member of the Marshall Tucker Band.

Now one thing a man should never own is a pair of tasseled loafers. You know what those are called don't you? You don't want to be mistaken for an interior dickorator do you?
I used to think the same about Crocs until I saw the guys on Swamp People wearing them. If they are good enough for Troy then they are good enough for me. I feel the same way about Viagra. Good enough for Rafael Palmeiro then good enough for me.

Have you ever noticed that CNN's Dana Bash looks a bit like a horse? I like that vato. I like that.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Couple Of Minor Changes

After the horrific attack by the scum on Sept, 11, 2001 this country changed. Whether for the better or worse I just don't know. Sure there were some major shifts. We, as a nation, became more security conscious. It needed to be done obviously but things things probably just got a bit out of hand. Such things generally do. The TSA was added, and frankly, I really don't see the big deal. Of course I avoid flying so the genital grab thing does not really affect me. It also seems that every time there is some sort of real or imagined threat we are treated to the spectre of uniformed cops in some major cities brandishing automatic weapons. That is really something that Americans just should not get used to seeing. It is odd and a bit scary frankly. This ain't Greece after all. JFK is not Athens International. I think sometimes this fear of Mohammedan terrorism makes us look a bit weak in the eyes of the international community. Be that as it may, there were also some minor changes that have taken place that many may have overlooked.

Anyone of the thousands who regularly read this blog know that I enjoy advertising a great deal. Jack in the Box has horrible food but brilliant advertising. Even some of the insurance commercials are pretty amusing. I wonder if the insurance industry could cut their rates a tad if they spent a good deal less on advertising. I would wager they could do so but of course they wouldn't and won't. I digress.

Did you happen to notice that the Bud Lite "Real American Heroes" campaign was quickly replaced by the "Real Men of Genius" spots after the attacks. These new advertisements were just are not as good. I suppose that it was a bit distasteful to be making light of the word "hero" when there were people who are indeed real American heroes who have lost their lives in trying to save others.

Pace Picante Sauce pulled their advertisements off the air that made fun of "sauce" that is (supposedly) made in NYC. They have recently begun to make light of that fair city in their advertisements again I have noticed. Enough time has passed since that day I suppose and there is really no real reason to not place some good natured jabs at New York (or anywhere else) in advertising if is suits marketing purposes.

These are just a couple of little things that are different in our culture after the events of 2001. The fact that this terrorist trash has caused us to change anything about the way we do things in this country is sad.

It seems awful strange to me that we have those among us who are silly enough to continue to believe in the best intentions of those in the Islamic regions of the world.

Strange and naive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OK OK. Jeez

I have taken a lot of heat lately about my vocal distrust of the so called "Tea Party." Most of my friends and relatives are tea party types or at least subscribe to some of the philosophy of this sorta kinda evolving political party. Of course we are in Ron Paul country here and a whole lot of them subscribe to the goofy notions of Dr. Paul who is certainly no a Tea Partier but rather a sort of special case.
I am getting a bit tired of being called a "liberal" by some of those who have no real notion what a liberal actually is. I also get a bit tired of hearing about the Constitution from folk who have no idea what actually is in the Constitution of this great land. When someone  begins to throw the Constitution around I usually just ask a pointed question about it. Seldom do I get a correct answer. That does not stop anyone from talking about it though. It is funny what happens when one gets their talking points from talk radio and those on television. Educate yourselves and hold a conversation from a position of knowledge. Till then? STFU.

Funny thing. I actually believe a good deal of the time those of the Tea Party have, on some issues, a pretty good case. We all know that the federal, along with most state govts, are just way to big for the good of the country. They pretty much need to get out of the way. A good many agencies need to be disbanded and consolidated. Do we really need an FBI, DEA, ATF, etc. etc. No. Some consolidation and reduction in force is in order there I would think. Dept of Education? Is that really necessary? Seems to me they just get in the way. Yep we could reduce the federal government a great deal and get rid of a whole lot of dead weight. We could I am sure go on and on.

That being said, one does not completely gut the government and expect to have a functioning society. Next time a tornado blows away a community. a fire or flood destroys a neighborhood, or some dumbass does not evacuate from the coast during a major hurricane, I fully expect a member of this so called "Tea Party" to wave away the Coast Guard helo and announce that they will accept no assistance as they are in the Tea Party. I expect they will accept no help from a fire service that receives some federal funds. I expect that they will take no offer of government financial assistance. They will refuse social security payments when in need as they do not want any money from a "Ponzi scheme." Ponzi scheme? Something else most of them have no idea of what the definition is. Some of these folk have already been exposed as hypocrites. Cantor comes to mind. I would submit that a great many of the people who are in this Tea Party are merely frustrated folk who know damn good and well that something is not right with our country and are grasping at straws. Some of them are stupid sheeplike creatures also, but you have that in any group. You see this on the left and right. You saw it in Germany also in the 30's.  Oh don't get your panties in a knot. I am making no comparison. Just pointing out that sheep are always followers.

Now as for me being a liberal, well I think libertarian would be a better word. I admit I do have some liberal ideas on some issues but generally I just want to be left alone. Live and let live.
 For instance I do not care what gay folk are doing. If you want to get married and booty bang for as long as you are able then so be it.
Want to convert to Mohammedanism? Go for it. Just don't expect me to trust you though. In fact fully expect me to distrust you.
Want to handle snakes? Fine. Just don't expect me not to laugh and make jokes when your stupid ass gets bitten by one.
Want to drive around in a buggy, wear funny clothes, and make furniture for a living? Go for it. I know this Amish thing is pretty profitable. Perhaps I should convert and make a fortune in furniture sales and then of course retire to some exotic land and drink foofoo drinks all day.
Want to smoke a little herb on your day off? Make sure you stop by the local green grocer for snacks.
Want to drink yourself silly? Have fun. Don't drive though. If you hurt someone I care about then I will conduct a personal interview with you.
As long as someone is not endangering others then I usually just don't give a damn what they do.  This would be the part where I agree with some of the rather loony beliefs of  Dr. Paul.

If you still wish to call me a liberal perhaps you will let me explain my thoughts on how to deal with enemy Mohammedan nations such as Iran.

Let me explain to you my ideas on the true ownership of the oil in the region. Do you think for a minute that if it was required we would not take it?

 Let me explain to you how to pragmatically deal with the likely  takeover of the Suez by a coming radical regime in Egypt. (This would be the part of where I don't agree with Dr. Paul.)

 Let me explain to you how we need to support a future Kurdish bid for a nation state at the expense of Iran, Iraq and our "friend" Turkey. Ataturk will soon be rolling over in his grave on where his state is headed.

 Let me explain to you why we should not ever support the bid for nation state status of the Palestinians.

 But perhaps you don't want to hear all of the above and would rather just let me explain precisely how to deal with the situation on our southern border.

 I could go on and on and on.

Liberal? Most folk don't know the true meaning of the word and by the way, I still think that most members of the Tea Party are on the fringe of society. Not quite the lunatic fringe, but fringe none the less.

 Just a guess. Could be wrong.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Nightmare Scenario

I have been wondering who on earth I would vote for if the presidential race was between H. Clinton and S. Palin. That would be a nightmare. Can you imagine? A possibly psychotic self promoter versus a leftist. I would probably just write someone in but if I absolutely was forced to vote for either "young ladies" I would probably have to chose Clinton. I would disagree with almost everything she stands for, but I think her just ornery enough to handle the job.  When has Palin ever completed anything?  If she could not handle the heat in Juneau, then how would she handle the heat in DC?

How bout you? What would you do in that situtation?

Thankfully the question is moot.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Which Hair Is The Better Man?

The Republican debate occurred last night and it was as absurd as advertised. The show seemed to be mainly between Good Hair and Good Hair Jr. They chattering class largely proclaimed Mitt to be the clear winner over the man with the better hair. Rick may not be the brightest crayon in the box but he sure does have pretty hair. Be that as it may,  I just don't think that either of these Good Hairs' are fit to run the country. How can you trust a man with a kiss me quick haircut like those two sport?

 I actually would like to see Ridiculous Hair get in the race. I believe this man has real world knowledge and experience on creating jobs. His views on on how to deal with the Mohammedans are simply Machiavellian. As well they should be. He just seems to have an overall view of the world the way it really is. I like that Ridiculous Hair. Yes I know he is a self important ass and narcissist. Can you point to a candidate for public office who is not?  Why Ridiculous Hair feels the need to star in some sort of "reality" show is beyond me. Think about it though. He would be better than the buffoons of the political class that this nation has been forced to endure for the last twenty some odd years. I would vote for Ridiculous Hair. If he does not get in the race (which he won't) I may just cast my vote for him anyway with a write in.

 I will not vote for either Governor Good Hair or the Massachusetts pretender. I have seen this Good Hair and I know who he is. I suspect that Good Hair Jr. is just more of the same. The rest of the Republican field is just wasting time. Beating off as it were.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Loudmouths Everywhere

There has been a good bit of blather on the "news" networks of late about the cost of the tropical system that blew through the NE over the weekend. There are those who think that the non stop coverage was just a bit over the top. I would have to agree. Part of the problem in this country is media hype. There are numerous competing organizations and they are all in the business of getting the "news" out. In reality they are in the entertainment business. It is not like the old days when there was a nightly news report and the rest of the programming was some true entertainment. Now the "news" is entertainment. It is probably just a bit unhealthy. When screechers like this Nancy Grace can scream on and on and on about the Casey Anthony trial, well, things are going just a bit too far. That particular affair was, at best, a regional news story. Non stop news and commentary by such jerk offs as Olbermann, Hannity, etc. etc. seem to have the effect of polarizing the populace. Don't get me wrong. We need a free press. I just don't think we need weeks of coverage of some guy's cock. It just goes too far at times. A journalists jobs is to inform and investigate. It is not to entertain.

With all that being said, one issue that has come up is about the so called Tea Party. Would these folk accept govt aid if their area was struck by disaster? Would FEMA and the federal fast response agencies' (ie Coast Guard) help be rejected. Probably not. You see what you have in this Tea Party, is for the most part, the loudmouth fringe. Don't get me wrong. I am for a reduction in the size of the FedGov but I understand the need for a government that is not completely hamstrung. It amuses me when these Tea Party folks get on their horse and cry about wanting to totally gut U.S. government. It is hard to take them seriously. They are just another flash in the pan movement that will go the way of the Perot bunch. Hypocrites many of them. This Cantor has just been recently exposed with great fanfare.  Don't worry though, those of the far far left are perhaps even more silly. Most of then really seem to live on some sort of Utopian fantasy island.

It just seems silly that the fringe on either side of the political spectrum seem to get the most play on these various "news" networks. We see the spectre of Maxine Waters braying about this or that and of course Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee being "outraged" about something or other. Then we are forced to see Palin wandering around talking (and looking) like some sort of deranged soccer mom. The media is in love it seems with her "playing hard to get' in the upcoming Republican race. Extremists and fringe loons just seem to get most of the play.

That is a shame.