Saturday, March 31, 2012

Olbermann Loses Another Gig

It appears that Keith Olbermann has lost yet another gig in broadcast "journalism." Of course it is not his fault. It never is. I would suggest Fox News give the guy a try. He would be the perfect "liberal" foil for some "conservative" talk show host or other. Likely Keith could not stand to be playing the role of the resident fruitloop though. His ego would demand that he be taken seriously (by at least someone). At some point in time a "normal" thinking person would look in the mirror and begin to realize that the problem just might be the person looking back at them. It is doubtful that Keith is capable of this type self reflection.

Frankly it doesn't matter where Keith goes as long as he forever is kept out of sports broadcasting. If you think he was/is a bombastic ass as far as political commentary is concerned, you should listen to him bray during a football game.

I hope he finds some non sports related broadcast gig. I like good comedy as much as the next guy.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sheila Jackson Lee Strikes Again (and again)

I finally got around to watching the already "old news" of the Martin Bashir (MSNBC)/Sheila Jackson Lee interview. It is causing some stir around the Houston area, which is frankly hard to understand.Sheila always jumps to conclusions, says ridiculous things, provides high comedy, etc. etc. It is customary in these parts to call Sheila, "Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee." It is well deserved. Frankly though in the interview this Bashir fruitloop was more inflammatory than Lee. I suppose that is nothing surprising. I have heard reports though that Sheila is insinuating that Zimmerman's broke his own nose. If she said this it would be rather typical of her.  She rarely disappoints.

I did agree that some of the "character assassinations" that some are leveling on this deceased young man (Martin) are unbecoming and rather odd. It is being reported that he may have been caught with suspicious (burglary?) tools at one time. It is also noted that he may have had some other items in his possession (in the past) that seemed, shall we say, out of place. It is further noted that he may have enjoyed a little herb now and then.(I would say "who doesn't" but I haven't partaken in years)  None of these things matter however. The only thing that matters is that the authorities get to the bottom of the whole episode (If they have not already). It may be hard for these same authorities to remain impartial now that what passes for the media is calling for Zimmerman's arrest though. The police have not made this arrest however, and that could lead one to believe that perhaps no crime was committed under the laws of the state of Florida. Matters not really whether the law is a "good one" or that some people find it odious. This should not play into the conversation.

It seems that the facts have been distorted and all sorts of folk have an axe to grind here. No one really knows for sure what happened. Perhaps there was (and is) no justification for arrest. Perhaps there is. I don't know and neither does the New Black Panther Party.

In other related news - did I read that Rosanne Barr has been going around "tweeting" Zimmerman's address? Apparently she "tweeted and deleted" as they say. What is wrong with this woman? I guess that is a stupid question.

Spike Lee (who?) apparently is remorseful for "tweeting" (that sounds so silly) the wrong address. Instead of Zimmerman's address he broadcast the home address of some folk by the name of McClain. Thank goodness there was not a violent episode. As it is this Lee needs to pony up some bucks for this serious error in judgement. A couple million might do for starters. Spike Lee is a forgettable fool. Nothing more.

This thing has died down somewhat (at this time) on the "news" channels. It could be that they have figured that this wasn't the case that would further inflame the populace (and jack up their ratings) after all. They shouldn't worry though. Something else will be right around the corner.

There always is.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Stripping Journalist Of Houston. Rule 5 Alert

It is being reported that one Sarah Tressler is a journalist with the Houston Comical by day and a titty dancer by night. Don't tell anyone you are a "journalist" Ms. Tressler. They might think low of you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Clown Circus Is In Full Swing

The Zimmerman/Martin incident is now getting full bore coverage in what passes for the news media these days. Non stop. As everyone figured; it has become an overblown circus.

Whether or not this "white" Hispanic (what?) Zimmerman is guilty of  any legal (or moral) wrongdoing has become moot at this point. He has been convicted in the court of "public" opinion and that is the only thing that matters apparently. He is being "hunted" by a modern day lynch mob that would like nothing more than to see him strung up. This is where we are with this and no mistake.

Some of the players......

By now everyone knows of the reward that these Panthers are offering for the capture of Zimmerman. These demi terrorists are perhaps too dumb to realize that they may be in violation of federal law in doing so. The Panthers are infuriating frankly. I wonder if they know that their para military "uniform" makes them look like so many janitors. (Any insult to custodians not intended). The country would be better off shed of this Panther posse.

It is also known that one Spike Lee (who?) has been "Tweeting" Zimmerman's address. Pretty irresponsible and, at the very least, opens him up to civil liability (should there be an "incident"). It is likely that this Lee is not quite smart enough to grasp this.

As usual His Holiness Al Sharpton is on the warpath. It doesn't matter whether or not he has his facts right, that has been past proven, but what matters is that he stirs the pot (and gets paid in the process). Nothing surprising there.

Same with the Very Reverend Jackson. He doesn't seem to have his edge anymore. Perhaps his marketing acumen is slipping somewhat? He is doing his best to stay "relevant" though. Gotta give him credit for that. He is really trying to matter. Does he still have enough in the tank to go loose women hunting? I suppose that is what we should be asking. That is what allegedly is his real specialty.

Martin's mother, one Sybrina Fulton, is getting in on the act in a rather odious (but frankly quite business like way). Her grief is not to be discounted by any normal human. When one hears however that she has filed a "trademark" application on her son's name.....well, something is rather sickening about that. She wants to get paid obviously and paid she will be. It is rather certain she did not think this little trick up all by herself. That is what lawyers are for after all. As disgusting as this appears (and is), it certainly is smart business.

Now we come to the President of the United States. My God! His remarks the other day have done nothing more than fan the flames. Perhaps it was a calculated statement made for political reasons. Perhaps is was just an off the cuff comment that was stupidly made. Hard to say. Either way, the man has shown for certain that he just does not have what it takes to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. Instead of using his influence to cool this thing down, his ill timed statement has likely made the problem worse. 

A good deal has been made about this Zimmerman being a "white" Hispanic. Of course, technically, those putting out this drivel for consumption are correct. Not in the way they intend though. What they are aiming for is to show that Zimmerman is really "more of a white guy" than a Latino. His last name after all.....That makes it "fit" you see. A minority just doesn't go after another minority with evil intent in their make believe world. But a white man does (and does it for pleasure according to some of these folk). Facts don't matter.
I mention these "journalists" are technically correct though when portraying Zimmerman as "white." Contrary to popular belief there are only three racial groups; Negroid, Caucasian, and Mongoloid. Some add a fourth group that is termed Australoid. No matter. Hispanics (except those who are of mixed (real) race) fall into the Caucasian category. There you have it. Hispanic is not a "race" but rather one of various ethnic groups. This is something that the folk at La Raza and LULAC would likely disagree with but then again many of them are idiots.

One thing that will happen here is that the fedgov will begin to look into these so called "castle or "stand your ground" laws that various states have in place. Here in the Lone Star Republic we are perfectly within our right to shoot a mothafokka that trespasses with evil intent. That won't ever change here no matter which political party happens to control the governing apparatus at any given time.  One can be certain of that. A "castle" law does not mean however than one can pursue a criminal and shoot after the danger is passed. It is possible that this Zimmerman may have done just that (if indeed there was any danger at all). That is what some are accusing him of. I suppose we will find out soon enough.......or not.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan and other useless dung heaps, our service members of all races, ethnic and economic backgrounds, etc. etc. have each others (and our) back and are defending this country.

Are we worth it?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Bit More Wisdom From These Cool Cats and A Loser Tweets.

More quotes from these "Panthers" on the Zimmerman/Martin episode. It is well known now that they are offering 10,000 bucks to deliver him to "the authorities." Don't you think perhaps the authorities already know where the man is? He is in hiding, but not from the police. Is the New Black Panther Party  publicly calling for the federal crime of kidnapping? This appears to be the case. Add this to the already famous Spike Lee "Tweets" and we have a prescription for a further disaster on our hands.  One this nation can ill afford to deal with. Cool heads need to prevail here. Quickly.

We will reward that individual or group of people who take George Zimmerman into custody and we will deliver him to the authorities. They would be better off holding him than letting him out on the street because there is an angry mindset among black people," said Mikhail Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party, a black political organization that takes its name from the radical movement of the 1960s.

Did Dick Wait In Line?

Well Dick Cheney has a new heart. Without getting into the "he never had one" jokes, etc., a very serious question needs to be asked. Did he wait in line like everyone else? Did his "new" heart mean that a young person, with a whole life ahead of them, is still waiting behind this cock? I don't know. Do you? Can you guess where my money is?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

And It Begins to Spin Out of Control

It’s time for us as black men, to take justice in our own hands,” said Mikhail Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party.

Read more:

It seems that the "New" Black Panther Party is taking matters into their own hands. Or at least they would like to. What we have with these Panthers is nothing more than the Black version of The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of the Lord.  Remember them? Scum is scum and these Panthers qualify. No better than the Klan are these animals.

The Zimmerman/Martin episode has to be handled by legitimate authority. These "Panthers" are neither legitimate nor authority. This is a fact that they will likely learn the hard way.

I Fear There Will Be Blood

The Zimmerman/Martin episode grows even murkier. Despite having not been charged, it just doesn't look good for this guy. If he is guilty of a heinous crime, then he needs to be punished according to the law. He has not been charged at this point though. Are the police that stupid or corrupt to not charge a man who is likely guilty? Perhaps so. Stranger things have happened. At any rate my money says that, despite some reported possible evidence of no foul play, he will be arrested and charged formally. The outcry is just too great. Folk are after his blood and soul. They want his balls. They want his life. (Even our esteemed president has gotten in on the act, albeit in a subtle way, it seems). The pressure will be too great to not charge the man. In fact he may well deserve being subject to charges. Perhaps he doesn't. No matter. He will be in court defending his life whether well deserved or no.

This may play out as follows:

Zimmerman will be arrested and charged.
The proceedings will be a circus with real clowns such as Jackson, Sharpton, and lessor lights banging their drums and blowing their horns (with possible violence as a direct result).
If the evidence shows that this Zimmerman is innocent of criminal activity; riots and bloodshed will follow.
If evidence shows guilt; then the death penalty will be called for by those who normally are in the anti capital punshment camp. This should surprise no one.

The whole thing could turn into one huge mess.

Let us hope not.

Jerry Rivers and Saint Robertson Sound Off

Pat Robertson? What can be said for this guy? Just as you think he may be (re)gaining a modicum of sanity by declaring the current "war" on marijuana to be stupid, he comes along and weighs in on the Tim Tebow "controversy." Apparently he said something to the effect that it would "serve Denver right" if Manning goes down and the Broncs are left without a QB. Really Pat? It is not like all NFL teams do not have at least marginally capable QBs' in a back up role. The real problem will be for Tim. He is entering a hot house in New York and is already being lambasted for his faith by the fruitloopery. He is not (at this time) being roasted so much for his capability (or lack thereof) as a NFL Quarterback, but for his personal beliefs.  Does he really need any more fuel to add to the fruitloop fire? Saint Pat, please, do everybody a favor and just keep quiet.

Jerry Rivers (Geraldo Rivera) has infuriated his fellow travelers it seems. For once, the man said something that makes a great deal of sense. He noted that people see young folk running around in "hoodies" and the thug meter is activated. Not a quote, but you get the meaning.  He is right on here. When I see a group of young dudes sporting such heading my way the finger switches the safety off. Why not? (If you think I don't know trouble when I see it think again. You don't drive cabs for a living for any length of time without developing a sense of the "wrong)."  Besides, some of our most vicious criminals are 16-18 years of age. Just the way it is.

Funny, even those of the extreme left (or right for that matter) can occasionally come out with some very profound truths. Remember when Bill Mahr mentioned that Islamic society was inferior to Western civilization?  Common sense of course, but perhaps some of you would like to forget that? He said it, I heard it, and I agreed with him wholeheartedly. Perhaps the only time ever.......

Friday, March 23, 2012

Here We Go Again (and again)

It seems that some guy named Zimmerman has  killed a Black kid named Trayvon Martin. This appears, at face value, to be an open and shut case of someone going way too far with tragic results. If this Zimmerman is guilty of murder then he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Perhaps the case will be tried with Capital punishment waiting if he is unlucky. It could be a well deserved punishment. That would be ironic though. I can see the fruitloops screaming for the death penalty in this case. We already know that some of the screechers are calling for the death of the soldier who went berserk in Afghanistan. That too may be a just reward for the good SGT, but it seems odd that some in the anti death penalty crowd seem just OK with the "state" applying the ultimate punishment in this particular case. They want it. Nothing less will do for them.  Strange (but typical).

This killing appears to be a tragic event and it "don't look good" (as they say) for this Zimmerman. It sure helps the likes of ole Sharpton though. Doesn't it? He (and his type) have needed something like this to (again) further stir the pot. It is what he gets paid to do. Good job if you can get it I suppose.  He is not alone though. Racism of his stripe is every bit as damaging as that of the Klan. Even our own president is not above trying to play the race card. That is sad.

Just where does this Rev. Sharpton hold services anyway? MSNBC? We know where our esteemed president attended services.

About the only thing that anyone needs to hear out of Sharpton is his weight loss secrets. That would be worth knowing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Carpenter to NY? Durbin Strikes Again?

Well the wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments has begun. Tim Tebow is going to the Jets. A whole slew of fruitloops are bellowing about this deal. As anti everything that is relatively normal; these folk are acting as if young Jesu the Carpenter has gotten the deal and moving from the sticks to the Big Apple. Whether Tebow is ever going to amount to anything in the NFL is questionable. Given time, he may (or may not). Hard to say at this point. What is ridiculous is that there are many who dislike the man simply because he is rather pious. They hate him for it. Some border on vicious. Of course if Sanchez goes down and Tim leads them to a Super Bowl....? All will be forgiven. Won't it?

Well Dick (where's your Turban) Durbin is at it again. I learned from Jayhawk over at On My Mind that this Durbin is now calling for an investigation on the the "bounty" system that may (or may not be) prevalent in the NFL. Remember recently he pressured the Orange Bowl committee into dropping a cigar sponsor. Who does this busybody think he is? He is a problem sure. In the same league as McCain, Reid, and that Schumer fellow. These guys are no friend of freedom.

They are a danger.

There is Some Powerful Dickweedery Going On Over There

About a week or so back I watched a video presented concerning the "ignorance" of those of us in the South. It seems that the fruitloop over at Driftglass wanted to inform us that we ignorant Southrons had too much say in the electoral process and were ruining the country. Some of the comments were pretty silly also as one can imagine. I would be offended if they weren't so ridiculous. True, the video did contain some pretty uneducated (sounding) folk, but I would rather deal with them any day than some Ivy League schmuck (or Windy City schmuck for that matter). Now those are the folk who may truly be ruining our nation. .

There is some powerful dickweedery going on over there at this  D r i f t g l a s s. How could I think otherwise? I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man.

Now how about some Johnny Russell. Kinda my tribute to this D r i f t g l a s s crowd and their nonsense. I thought about using the classic Weather Girls tune It's Raining Men as a tribute but just did not want to be accused of being intolerant. Or something.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silly on a Saturday Morn

Do you know if a president can really do anything about the high price of fuel? Does anyone? Remember when the prices soared under George II and the fruitloops were stamping their little feet braying about the president paying back the oil industry.  Now apparently some on the right think that the looming "oil crisis" is the fault of Obama and he can do something to help ease prices. The fruitloops of the "progressive" left are noticeably silent.  Both are right and both are wrong probably.

It goes without saying (or should) that our energy needs are strategic (for the prosperity of the nation). There are probably a few things that our current president (any president) can do to ensure the survival of our national economy. First and foremost would be to explore and exploit. Some folk say that doing so will harm the "environment" etc. etc. Guess what? Exploring and extracting is an inherently dirty business and yes there will be (another) major "catastrophic" accident at some time or other.  We (and the environment) will survive. Unfortunately this is a a cost of doing business more or less. Would you rather ride a horse and buggy?

Hold onto your seats. There may be another thing that could be needed to ensure the survival and prosperity of our country.  Maintaining sufficient military forces which are capable of seizing, securing, repairing and beginning operation of energy facilities in foreign lands if necessary.  Far fetched? Think again. If this nation was ever faced with a complete shutdown..........
It would be best to ramp up our own production and secure our future. There is no other real alternative than to get off the foreign oil tit as much as possible. Of course we do need to research (and utilize when possible) alternative forms of energy but for the foreseeable future there is no real viable alternative. 

It seems that the new thing in education is the "war" on bullying. It is always something. People who bully have always been with us and of course should be dealt with on a case by case basis. Instead what we have now is some sort of semi official campaign which further wastes the time a teacher has to actually teach. Usually what happens is a bully eventually gets a good sock in the nose by one that is being picked on and the problem ceases. Most kids who bully grow out of it. On the flip side we all have probably seen someone who is a bully in the real adult workforce. Unfortunately it is not so easy to knock them in the mouth with a stick without getting entangled in the legal system.

The "new" Apple Ipad is out. Wow! I won't be wasting my hard earned money like the sheep are doing? Will you? In  few months this will be old hat and something new will come along that everyone just "has" to have. Apple has good products but they (the company) are unfortunately part of the problem, Manufacture "American" products in China they do. A bit like treason. Not that they are even close to being the only "American" company that is ripping off the worker in this country by outsourcing. Oh but things will cost more if they don't take advantage of near slave labor in far off lands. Or so they all tell us.

March Madness is upon us. As usual there have been some surprises but yesterday really was a banner day to root for the underdog. Lehigh and Norfolk State, both seeded 15, knocked off Duke and Missouri. Two "sure win" teams in one day going home. Gotta love it. I like coach K over at Duke. Class guy and one helluva coach. I always root against his Blue Devils in the tournament though. Always. On a sad note, one of my favorites is going home early. The Memphis Tigers just did not play ball yesterday and the "dance" is a one and done tournament. I am looking for KSU to upset Syracuse today. Wishful thinking perhaps.

I have said before that the NCAA basketball tournament is one of the best sporting events going. Much more fair than the horrible BCS system in Division I football. That system needs to go.
How about some rule 5? Back by popular demand the lovely and talented Junie Hoang.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Wankage

Santorum was victorious in both Al and MS. One had to know that Romney's act would not play well down hyeah. The fact that Gingrich did not win in either of these two deep south states should show everyone (including him) that it is time for him to go. He is damaged goods anyway with just too much baggage. Well, I don't know, his baggage comes mainly from being a man who likes his tang. The current POTUS has some baggage far worse than that. Consorting with (ex) terrorists for one. Assuming of course there is a such thing as an "ex" terrorist. The President's familiarity with some "revolutionaries" from the hippy days is still a bit hard to swallow. I have often wondered why some of these "Weather Underground" types are  not eating their lunch in some federal facility somewhere still. Instead some have gone on to become quite successful. Living the American dream as it were.

March Madness is upon us. The best time of year for those interested in college athletics. I am a "football guy" for the most part, but it is hard to beat the intensity that is the NCAA basketball tourney. For the most part, this is a playoff system that is done the right way. Unlike the ridiculous system that is associated with college football. Oh well.......I regularly pull for the underdogs. Right now I am hoping that WKU, Lamar (or Vermont), Memphis, KSU, SDSU, LIU Brooklyn, and perhaps a few others will make some noise this year. Someone unexpected will. Happens almost every year.

I have been thinking a bit about Reagan lately. Remember him? Perhaps the most effective president this country has had in living memory. Not that he wasn't without fault. He allowed some pretty shady deals to go on under his watch. Also, as conservatives point out, he was all for less government interference in our lives. Or was he?
 Remember when Louisiana (and one of the Dakotas I think;) did not immediately raise the drinking age to 21? Louisiana finally caved on that one but I do remember at the time thinking that it would be nice if they held their ground. The political class in Louisiana was afraid of losing some federal funding if they didn't play ball (as I recall). That and the semi terror group "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" was on the warpath. Louisiana, at least the part south of Bayou Rapides, is much like a friendly foreign country. The live and let live attitude is refreshing. Some rules just aren't enforced as much as the could be down that way. The yankee portion of the state is pretty much East Texas, Southern Arkansas, or Mississippi Delta. Nice sure, but just not the same charm. Anyway Reagan was not always about "less government interference" it would seem.

The USS Enterprise is out on her last active duty cruise. She has been around a long time doing the job she was designed to do. Making enemies and potential enemies nervous. When an American battle group shows up off your coast you have a problem. The problem has potential to be insurmountable.

Bout enough I guess. Rule 5 anyone? In keeping with the spirit of March Madness a college cheerleading Rule 5 perhaps? A cheap trick I know, but when in Rome........

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Morning Trash Talk With Some Tarts

Well it seems that a soldier has gone off his nut and killed some innocents in Afghanistan. Horrific. Less of the ultra silly have been making hay of this than I would have imagined (guest commentator JP over at notwithstanding.) The whole thing is a tragic event that further damages our standing in the region. It is probably high time to get out of this sad land. Osama is dead and gone. Mission accomplished. Nation building is a fruitless endeavor anyway........

The other day I noticed some over the counter medication at Target that was produced in Israel. I certainly am not one who will get on the "divest from or boycott Israel" bandwagon. The contrary in fact. Still I have to wonder who is actually physically producing this particular medication. After all, much like food products, medications in pill form are ingested. Do you see where I am going here? No? Think about it. Just because something is produced in Israel does not mean that Israelis are working in the plant. Does it? You wouln't eat candy imported from Pakistan would you? The West is after all at war with Islam. "What?" "We aren't?" "Hmmmm." "My bad" (as the young folk say).

A couple of weeks back it came to light that the folk over at Northeastern University (of course)  have banned the fast food outlet Chick Fil A from campus. Something or other to do with an "anti gay bias." So we are told. I have not noted any "anti gay" activity as a corporate policy at Chick Fil A.  Have you?  Granted they probably don't want guys blowing each other in the parking lot......Anyway, if I were in management at the chicken giant I wouldn't worry much. Find a nice location just off campus and open up shop. It won't hurt for business.

It seems that the DOJ has "struck down" a voter ID law that was to come to pass in Texas. This is no surprise..  Funny; in Texas one needs a license to fish, hunt and drive. Hell you even need a license to tend bar. (Have to pay the state for the privilege too). It only makes sense that some sort of govt issued ID to be presented at the polls.
Actually Texas is one of the few states that could get away with just ignoring the ruling of the feds. It wouldn't be a good idea and it won't happen but it could sure be done. Fun to think about...

The price of fuel continues to rise. A national average of bout four bucks a gallon derailed the economy last time. It never fully recovered. Or has it? Depends on who you believe. Would I be out of line to insist (again) that we develop our own energy needs?  Might help to get our material off the world market also.

Now some fast food Rule 5.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mooing on a Monday Morn

It is being reported that members of the "religion of peace" in Iraq have been going about brutally murdering young folk who sport the "emo" look. Savages. And we thought we could tame these folk? The "occupation" of Iraq is still a hotly debated issue. Was it or was it not a good idea? History will be the judge. One thing is certain; "nation building" in this part of the world is a losing proposition. I feel for the folk in these Muslim lands who just want to be left alone and perhaps have real democracy without the influence of the more radical among them interfering with their progression out of the dark ages. Unfortunately this is a battle they themselves will have to fight. Religion of peace my ass......It does seem that the only govts this region can have are dictatorships of some sort. That is about the only way that they can coexist and do business with the rest of the world.

Israel is under attack from rocket fire. Nothing new here. It galls me when some call Israel a terrorist state. It is merely trying to survive. The history of the Jewish people has been a sad one and after centuries of being victimized they are finally in a position to say "never again." It is a precarious position sure, they are surrounded by enemies, but they are not going to go quietly into the night. Why should they? If their armed forces occasionally use "disproportionate" force (whatever that is), it is certainly understandable (albeit unfortunate) given their history and current position.

Ever watch that show called The Amazing Race ? It is sort of silly but at the same time a bit addicting. The contestants go from place to place trying to accomplish some often very difficult tasks before moving on to the next. The winners win some sort of huge monetary prize. It would be really interesting if they had a segment that was filmed in Israel. Perhaps they could be tasked with defusing dud rockets or something. Now that would be good television. Television worth watching.

I was going to get into a video posted by the fruitloop at Driftglass taking a shot a the South (Mississippi in particular). Of course the editors of the video showed us the most backwoods rednecks they could find and pawned them off as a representation of us Southrons. Some of the video appears to have been shot in front of a Wal Mart (imagine that). I may or may not get into this cheap shot at another time. If the South is so bad then why do people from the northern states continue come on down and set up shop?  Is is to teach us ignorant Johnnies some culture? Is that it? I think it is to better their own lives. But that's just me. I could be wrong.

Now a bit of vintage Rule 5. The lovely and talented Taija Rae.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Morning Soapbox. With Some Cheap Trick Traffic Building Rule 5!

Yesterday I was casually looking through the jobs available in the Houston area and came across an opening with the SEIU. You know, the the organization that Hannity says is the heart and soul of what is wrong in this country. Actually the job looked pretty interesting to me. It is advertising for an organizer for the private security industry in the area. If there ever was a group of workers who needed union representation then it is this bunch. I did not apply for the job of course but I think it would probably be pretty interesting. Fruitless and a waste of time certain, but interesting none the less.

I have said before that I am neither pro nor anti union. It all depends on the circumstance and the industry in question. If I were in a union and I saw tangible, concrete monetary results from being a member, then I would be all for it. If not? I am not interested in paying dues for nothing.

 Some groups certainly need representation. Truckers and security officers certainly are at the forefront. Yes even professionals like teachers need some representation in this day and age. It would be hard however to get on board with the SEIU simply because of what I perceive to be a radical, almost Marxist, agenda. I suppose one could separate themselves mentally from that and concentrate on just the organization of one specific industry. I don't know. Maybe I may apply after all. Funding for my current gig in the public school system is winding down. I ain't above leaving my present position early for the right job. Probably not though. What these folk at SEIU don't realize is that a security firm would have to raise their rates substantially to pay the guards in their employ a "living wage." That would mean (of course) their clients would be asked to pay a lot more for the same service. I would imagine that the  majority would just decide that on site security may not really be all that necessary after all. No one would be the winner here. Except for some criminals of course. Here and there as it might be.

What is a living wage exactly? I heard some in Tulsa tell us it is about 18 bucks an hour. Really? Can you see the local gas station being forced to pay their clerks such a wage.? There would be a few less places to fuel up and get your morning joe if that were the case. I can assure you of that. The flip side of course is that some firms are notorious for basically ripping off their employees. The Evil Empire (you know who I mean) comes to mind. I avoid shopping there(for the most part). If you spend 20 years or so of full time employ (in non management) at the Evil Empire then you may make about 13 bucks and hour. Here in this neck of the woods anyway. I would imagine there are some adjustments for the differences in the cost of living throughout the country.Is that a living wage? Perhaps for those who are very frugal. Does this mean that the Empire(or anyone else) is obligated to pay this 'living wage" to their employees. It would be nice sure but it is not (and should not be) a govt mandated requirement. The Empire would survive (and still profit) of course, but a great many "lessor" businesses would not. The Evil Empire employees are a good candidate for organization I would think.

 Good luck with that.

How about some rule 5? Remember the lovely and talented Annette Haven? No? I'm sorry. Take a gander.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

South SIde Slim, River Oaks Inbreeding, School Lunches, and Vintage Rule 5

South Side Slim made an appearance in Houston evening last for some sort of fundraiser or something. Of course he flew in right at rush hour and the traffic disaster that ensued took a full three hours to clean up.  Ridiculous! Of course after the main event there was to be a private gathering at a "River Oaks home."  Ever been to the River Oaks section of Houston? Beverly Hills has nothing on these folk. Funny thing; these River Oaks types are the very same folk that Obama and Co. want to  pay even more in taxes.  As far as I know, he never ventured over into Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee's district where he might actually be welcome. No money there I guess.  I know he did not head just south into Ron Paul country. There is some money in that neck of the woods  but most of it is tied up in big diesel pick up trucks (whether needed or not).

I have had some glimpses into the "River Oaks lifestyle" a few times in my varied career as a barman and cab driver. I have met some nice down to earth folk but I have met quite a number who are just a bit hard to deal with. Often the younger folk I have run across have an arrogant, entitled, attitude when dealing with the unwashed. The older ones keep that in check; at least outwardly.  What some of them think is classy is a bit odd also.  Now I am no interior dickorator but I do know tacky decor when I see it. Just because someone is very wealthy does not always seem to translate into a refinement in taste. Some of the homes I worked in as a barman were tacky to the extreme. When one has a full sized stuffed lion in the living room surrounded by African tribal masks, well, that is just trashy. I don't care what it costs.

One thing a lot of these River Oaks folk like to do is "fund raise" with a whole lot of heavy drinking in the process. A lot of them do not have the sense to not drink and drive but I have carted a few around who have a DWI or two under their belt.  Even they aren't that dumb to continue to drive around hammered after that legal nightmare.

I vividly recall one fine evening picking up a couple of these pampered young River Oaks fellows who, after a night of heavy drinking, were interested in interesting things. They asked me for my advice on the matter and as a man who is customer service oriented, I recommended a couple spots for them. After some discussion, they decided on what would be of interest to them and away we went. They asked me to "leave the meter running" and wait a bit until they return. It is usually a professional error in judgement to do so. The reason is simple. After recommending a certain type of "gentlemens' establishment" to customers they are grateful at first. After their affairs are concluded, buyers remorse may set in, as they may be hundreds of dollars lighter in the wallet. They may feel stupid and be looking to blame anyone but themselves. The cabbie who recommended the spot is an easy target. It is best really to just drop a customer, get paid, wait a few minutes and go get your "finders fee" from the fine establishment and then boogie on to the next call. Let the sporting man find another cab to bring him to the hotel or home (or wherever). At any rate on this particular occasion I violated the "rule" and waited on these guys. In no more than ten minutes both came literally running out of the business and begged to get into my locked cab. Behind them was a very large Black man with a 9mm plainly visible  tucked into his pants. What these boys did to rile up the bouncer was beyond me but they were not getting into my cab. Luckily for them the issue was decided after some very harsh words from the bouncer (and another 50 bucks from the bouncer given to yours truly). I let the lads in and took them back home. They were rather subdued and I did not ever find out just what these boys did in the hoorhouse to nearly get shot over. Must have been something really really stupid. The whole episode made me wonder if the rumors of inbreeding among the River Oaks community are true.
This is reminding me of another little episode that was kinda funny, A few years back I mistakenly picked up some crazy old dude at a low rent hotel who wanted to go here and there. For whatever reason I decided to do so. It became apparent pretty soon that he was crazy as hell and had very little money. Apparently he was a direct descendant of gunslinger John Wesley Hardin also. I told him that his cab ride was nearing an end and he needed to get out pdq. He chose a very very fancy and upscale eating establishment that caters to the River Oaks crowd. I dropped him right at the door and was beginning to see the humor in the situation and I found my irritation (at him and myself)  slipping away.  He gave me a dollar and a lighter, and then told me to come back in one hour and he would pay the rest of the fare "in gold." I got out, opened the door for him just like he was a rear admiral or something and thanked him for allowing me to be of service. I was trying to keep a straight face as I could see restaurant staff and customers beginning to gawk. I watched him enter the place and then drove on as our business was concluded. I shortly got a call from the office about dropping this "bum" off at this fancy joint. I explained that this is where he wanted to go and I was just doing my job and offering excellent customer service in the process. No one could argue with me there. If a bum wants to get dropped off at a fancy place or if a Michael Berry wants to be dropped off at a rough trade Gay club; what concern is it of mine? A cabbie's job is to deliver customers to their desired destination is it not? At any rate that whole affair still amuses me a bit and I still have the lighter that the guy gave me. A little memento of the experience........I guess that is about enough talk about these River Oaks pests.

It is being reported now that whole milk is to be taken off the "menu" in public schools. Ever eat the tripe that is being forced on kids? Ammonium hydroxide (pink slime) is still allowable to be added to meat products apparently but whole milk is poison or something? Another example of government interference into even the most mundane facets of our lives. I remember the school lunches at the "reform school" where I (finally) matriculated. Good down home southern cooking which on any given day might include biscuits or rolls from scratch, real fried chicken with mashed taters and gravy and yes even whole milk. Afterwords we could go outside and have a smoke in the "smoking area." They did frown on the use of marijuana though. Best not get caught with that substance  or you were in for a  bad day. A very bad day indeed.

I know a person who has an autoimmune disorder that will likely eventually kill her. More often than not she is in great pain and has to rely on strong prescription painkillers to remain somewhat comfortable. These drugs tend to make her completely stoned. Often to the point of incoherence. I might mention also that these "medications" are prohibitively expensive. Often she goes without because of the cost. I would recommend that she try a little pot frankly. Medicinal MJ is not legal in the Republic but I certainly would not let that stop me. If I or one of my family members was in need then I would "score" it. Hell even that utterly sane and pious Christian man Pat Robertson sees the ridiculousness of the the "war" on Marijuana. Yes, Yes I know that foreign narco terrorists control some of the MJ trade, but that could easily be rectified by some sort of legalization policy. That and some Hellfire missiles fired at Mexican kingpins.

Now enjoy some vintage rule 5....A stoned hippy no less.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wailing on A Wednesday

John McCain has again been out and about talking stupidly. It is time for him to go and no mistake. Part of the problem is John. His latest has been some statements concerning the opposition in Syria. He seems to be in favor of some air strikes to keep Assad's forces a bay and give the opposition time to get their act together. I have spoken before of leaving some of these Mohammedan dictators well enough alone. Evil to the core all of them; but a well known and rather predictable evil. Is it really worth putting Americans at risk over a people who will love us only momentarily? I often wonder if we are actually lucky that this dude did not sit in the oval office. I know.......

Speaking of presidential politics....did I not hear that Palin is still "leaving the door open?" Is that even possible?  I guess this deranged media hound has not been in the news enough of late to suit her. Stay in Alaska and borrow more moose chili from your neighbors please madam and leave the rest of us alone.

I seems that Sarkozy has finally come out and said that there are "too many foreigners in" France. This is really something to watch. Extreme French nationalism? There is no telling where that may lead. It is easy to make jokes about the French, but if one looks just below the surface it is likely one will find a proud and touchy native population that is fed up with their  nation being over run by those who have no interest in anything French; except the hand outs that the French govt. will give them. I don't want to sound alarmist here, but if I were a North African living in France I would start to look elsewhere.

Rush is losing advertisers over his untimely and ill thought out remarks the other day. Likely he won't be down for long though. He is probably not in any danger of losing his gig. Rush can certainly be a cad and really is nothing more than a Republican Party cheerleader but one does have to somewhat admire his cajones. He tells it like he sees it.

This Fluke is now fair game by putting herself out there for all to see. . She has gone public with her "needs" and has also been exposed as a "ringer" of sorts in the culture wars. Your average college coed she ain't. She has crossed the line from regular old private citizen into the realm of celebrity and therefore it is quite fair to ask if she is indeed a "slut." People might want to know the skinny on such an important matter as this. She should not be outraged.  This type thing comes with the territory. It is a bit like the local Houston talk show "legend" Michael Berry thing. Folk want to know why he (allegedly) was involved in hit and run and just why he was seen drinking in a rough trade gay bar.

 It is not important whether or not Fluke is a tart or Berry has (or has not) some rather unexpected tastes but when one is in the public eye they are fair game. Celebrity certainly has its' drawbacks.

'Bout enough I suppose for a Wednesday evening.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Crush Your Spine?

The 'Aints are in trouble with the No Football League. It seems that there have been some episodes of players being offered a "bounty" of sorts to knock fool out of certain troublesome opponents. So? This is a problem? I would wager that this type thing goes on to some degree or another with all professional football teams in any and all professional leagues. I am sure that on other sports teams' there are some similar under the table type deals going on. (Hockey comes to mind).  Kind of like a "spiff" added to a sales commission it seems to me. A bit of incentive.

The NFL has become so concerned with player "safety" that the game is becoming more and more unrecognizable. Pay the players well and if some get tar knocked out of them with a career ending hit, well, that is (or should be) part of the game. As long as the hit is legal and not a cheap shot. If the defenseman earns a little "dip out of the old gravy boat" in the be it.

Soon all NFL games will look like the recent Pro Bowl. Not worth watching and not real football. May as well watch soccer.

More on This Flukeing Fluke

It is being reported that this Sandra Fluke is not a starry eyed coed who became incensed that "contraception" was not included in Georgetown's insurance policy. It is reported that she is a 30 year old hard core activist who went to Georgetown expressively to go to war on the contraception issue. Kind of a plant as it were. Whether accurate or not......hard to say. At any rate this would not surprise me much.

Well she is getting her 15 minutes sure. She reminds me a bit of the "ugly duckling" who is an anti porn crusader. You know the type. Mean, shrill, and just not real easy on the eyes. They are only in the anti porn business because one much would be interested in seeing them in the nudie movies. Or so they think. This bothers them a little bit.  This Fluke is in this "demanding birth control" business for much the same reason I betcha. In order to need birth control, well, there must be someone willing to do the evil deed with her (so to speak). Probably not a whole lot of fellas willing to go that far. At least while sober. Yes Yes I understand she admits to being well sexed; but could that just be a little smidgen of wishful thinking? Something in the realm of fantasy perhaps?

Just a guess. Could be wrong. Anyway a guy can float wild psychological theories if he so desires. Can't he?

H/T to Gary Fouse

This Flukeing Flukeity Fluke Thing

Everybody is in an uproar. I guess Rush stuck his willy in his mouth again. He called some little pampered  shrew a "slut." What for you did that Rush? Now all the fruitloops are in a tizz and the right leaning folk are screeching "damn right she's a slut." I wouldn't know either way of course, (although I did have an affinity for sluts in my younger days and am quite adept at spotting one). She sure is getting her fifteen minutes out of the whole thing.

What is the crux of the matter anyway? Is this Fluke whining because paid"birth control" is not on an option at Georgetown.  Perhaps she should have picked another place to go for an "education." I, as usual, have not been paying attention to this whole episode a whole lot because it frankly is just not worth paying attention to. Just another episode in the so called "culture wars."  It is funny though, every time Rush says something crazy, he is labeled an "entertainer" by those who have some to lose by publicly agreeing with him. When he is lucid? Well then he a a great man who is "leading the discussion." Which is he? A minstrel or a well respected commentator? It just depends on the day it seems.

This Fluke is getting her fifteen minutes by being outraged because paid birth control is not an option at Georgetown. Is that it?  She is a hero and a darling of the left for the moment. I think she may be at least somewhat right frankly. I am willing to pay for a bit of birth control instead of paying for more career welfare recipients. Not that this would likely be a problem in the case of this Fluke. If she can afford to go to Georgetown she can afford a little one (or at least someone in her network can. She probably couldn't be inconvenienced by raising a child. Just a guess of course.).  As for those who keeping dropping foals who can't afford it.....? Here take a couple bucks for an IUD. Let me buy you a box of dick rubber to give to your friend boys. Please.

Reminds me a bit of the old Fram Oil Filter commercials. Pay me now or pay me later. Paying now might be cheaper in the long run.

Did Someone Do Andy Dirty? C'mon

Well now there are those who seriously are discussing whether or not this Brietbart was "whacked" by official sanction (or otherwise). That didn't take long did it? I won't buy it for a minute. This reminds me a bit of back in the day when some folk who were "close" to the Clintons ended up on the wrong side of the sod. There was speculation then to. Some of it serious.

Let's be honest. The guy just up and died. Happens all the time to "young" folk. If not - well then we live in a much more corrupt country then I thought possible. I know, I know.........

I don't know which is worse - folk rejoicing Andy's demise or those trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

What a ridiculous people we have become. No wonder the Mohammedans are pissed.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Breitbart Up and Died

It appears that one Andrew Breitbart has up and died. I don't really know a whole lot about this Breitbart fellow but I do know that he has made enemies of many a fruitloop. I have heard words like "journalistic terrorist," "scumbag." etc. etc. thrown about. I might point out that one man's "journalistic terrorist" may be another man's investigative journalist. Judging by some of the idiots who are (morbidly) dancing in the aisle, I would wager the man was not all bad.