Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silly on a Saturday Morn

Do you know if a president can really do anything about the high price of fuel? Does anyone? Remember when the prices soared under George II and the fruitloops were stamping their little feet braying about the president paying back the oil industry.  Now apparently some on the right think that the looming "oil crisis" is the fault of Obama and he can do something to help ease prices. The fruitloops of the "progressive" left are noticeably silent.  Both are right and both are wrong probably.

It goes without saying (or should) that our energy needs are strategic (for the prosperity of the nation). There are probably a few things that our current president (any president) can do to ensure the survival of our national economy. First and foremost would be to explore and exploit. Some folk say that doing so will harm the "environment" etc. etc. Guess what? Exploring and extracting is an inherently dirty business and yes there will be (another) major "catastrophic" accident at some time or other.  We (and the environment) will survive. Unfortunately this is a a cost of doing business more or less. Would you rather ride a horse and buggy?

Hold onto your seats. There may be another thing that could be needed to ensure the survival and prosperity of our country.  Maintaining sufficient military forces which are capable of seizing, securing, repairing and beginning operation of energy facilities in foreign lands if necessary.  Far fetched? Think again. If this nation was ever faced with a complete shutdown..........
It would be best to ramp up our own production and secure our future. There is no other real alternative than to get off the foreign oil tit as much as possible. Of course we do need to research (and utilize when possible) alternative forms of energy but for the foreseeable future there is no real viable alternative. 

It seems that the new thing in education is the "war" on bullying. It is always something. People who bully have always been with us and of course should be dealt with on a case by case basis. Instead what we have now is some sort of semi official campaign which further wastes the time a teacher has to actually teach. Usually what happens is a bully eventually gets a good sock in the nose by one that is being picked on and the problem ceases. Most kids who bully grow out of it. On the flip side we all have probably seen someone who is a bully in the real adult workforce. Unfortunately it is not so easy to knock them in the mouth with a stick without getting entangled in the legal system.

The "new" Apple Ipad is out. Wow! I won't be wasting my hard earned money like the sheep are doing? Will you? In  few months this will be old hat and something new will come along that everyone just "has" to have. Apple has good products but they (the company) are unfortunately part of the problem, Manufacture "American" products in China they do. A bit like treason. Not that they are even close to being the only "American" company that is ripping off the worker in this country by outsourcing. Oh but things will cost more if they don't take advantage of near slave labor in far off lands. Or so they all tell us.

March Madness is upon us. As usual there have been some surprises but yesterday really was a banner day to root for the underdog. Lehigh and Norfolk State, both seeded 15, knocked off Duke and Missouri. Two "sure win" teams in one day going home. Gotta love it. I like coach K over at Duke. Class guy and one helluva coach. I always root against his Blue Devils in the tournament though. Always. On a sad note, one of my favorites is going home early. The Memphis Tigers just did not play ball yesterday and the "dance" is a one and done tournament. I am looking for KSU to upset Syracuse today. Wishful thinking perhaps.

I have said before that the NCAA basketball tournament is one of the best sporting events going. Much more fair than the horrible BCS system in Division I football. That system needs to go.
How about some rule 5? Back by popular demand the lovely and talented Junie Hoang.


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