Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Holidays are Over. Jefferson Must Have Pictures Of Miles With A Goat

The BCS "National Championship" game has concluded. The Tide are "national champions" in D1 football and the holidays are now officially over.. One question remains however.Does Jordan Jefferson have pictures of Les Miles in some sort of compromising position? That is the only explanation I can think of for Les not replacing Jordan somewhere mid third quarter.

In a title game when the QB can not, will not, and utterly refuses to get a job done, it would seem like common sense that the QB in question be replaced by the (very capable) back up. How many times have you seen a mid game QB change energize a sluggish offense? Happens all the time.

What was Les thinking?

Geaux Tigers? Guess not.


Jayhawk said...

When I first started thinking about Jackson Lee I refuted my own argument, telling myself I had made that call before and made it wrongly. I think it was, like you, about midway through the third quarter that I was sure it would not be the wrong call.

His bad passing was by no means the worst of it, did you notice the way he was running the option? Sluggish and making the pitch so early that the guy who was on him was able to ditch him and go out and tackle the guy he pitched to. Horrible.

I saw it suggested that the coach change his name to Les Inches.

SportsNation opined that the defense was tired in the second half. Maybe so. I think they were simply demoralized by the failure of the offense to even attempt to score. And they pretty much stunk up the first half as well, so...

All of which is not to take away from Alabama, which is my third favorite team. (After Auburn) They have a very well-deserved championship.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Well I can't say I like any D1 Alabama team except for perhaps Troy.
The Tigers just rolled over. A change at QB was warranted in the second half. It seems to be no brainr but who knows what Les was thnking.