Friday, January 20, 2012

Gangs of Thugs?

Apparently there are some roving bands of Homeland Security "agents"  turning up here and there causing a ruckus of sorts. A couple of weeks back it is reported that one of these armed groups turned up unannounced at a Social Security office in Georgia and harassed the locals.

Something about this is a little disturbing. It sort of reminds me of a few years back when some armed FedGov law enforcement types showed up at a "gentleman's club" here in Houston and demanded entry. Apparently it was a bachelor party for one of them or something along those lines. Club security attempted to deny them entry, gunfire ensured, and the real police had to be called. Perhaps that is what should have happened in Ga. Someone should have called the real cops and had these federal types arrested for harassment and trespass.

Heavily armed and proactive federal agents stationed on the border? Sure. It is imperative. Roaming the interior of the country bothering folk? A threat to liberty.

 If they should show up in your town call the cops. The real cops.


Jayhawk said...

California passed a law legalizing the medicinal use of Marijuana and providing for local licensing of clinics to sell the stuff. The feds said that federal law trumps state law, tenth amendment be damned, and keeps raiding the clinics and arresting everyone in sight. These are federal forces and the people are tried in federal court.

It doesn't help much that San Diego County is a red county in a blue state (prior to Obama voted 100% Republican since Rooseveldt) and the the local Attorney General keeps egging the feds on.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I was actually thinking of this when I wrote the post. I remember seeing a program a while back which showed federal types raiding a medical mj clinic while local cops stood by. They did not offer the feds assistance in any way but appears they were there mainly for security.

The whole marijuana thing is out of control anyway. It is no more harmful than smokes or liquor. Probably less. I have become a proponent of controling it and then letting various govt entities waste the tax revenue generated. Just like tobacco and alcohol.