Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Education Crisis In The Republic

Here is the Republic of Texas there is a crisis in education. Not enough money they say. If one looks closely there are a plethora of programs and perhaps expendable personnel that just don't serve a real purpose.

It would save untold amount of monies should each and every district superintendent take a ten percent pay cut. Some are grossly overpaid (some not) and ten percent should not send anyone of them to the poor house.

Other district "administrators" should be in line for a 7 to 9 percent cut in salary.  A very had look should be taken at some of these positions. It is quite likely that a good many are of no real use whatsoever. Those positions should be eliminated entirely.

Principals and Asst Principals should all have a 3 to 5 percent reduction in salary. Some schools have an over abundance of these assistants and perhaps a few could be "demoted" back into he classroom.

As a general rule it is not my policy to gripe about what people are paid. This goes for private sector folks only though. When it is my tax dollar we are talking about however.....I want the most bang for the buck. There are just too many of these oft overpaid administrators roaming about most districts' halls.

Cost savings such as these may only be a drop in the bucket, but some of these admin types need to find employment elsewhere long before even one (competent) classroom teacher is pounding the pavement for work.

Of course what we hear mostly about is teacher layoffs and possible salary reduction. Don't hear so much about some of those often useless folk at the districts' home offices.  Any school district of any size anywhere has a few to be sure.

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