Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Bother Playing The Game?

I watched about the first quarter of the Pro Bowl. What a waste of time. There was no real football being played and that is sure. I get it. No one wants to get hurt in a meaningless game that is just a social event for the best of the best in the NFL. Still....people pay good money to see a football game and the product they get is not worth a dime. No wonder there was booing from the crowd. A lot of booing from living rooms across this land also I would wager.

About the only thing worth watching was the National Anthem sung by one TGST Richard Vasques (Vasques?), USAF prior to the opening kick. Now that was something to see and listen to. A hell of a lot better than listening to some arrogant celeb butchering the Anthem. His performance drew a roar of appreciation from the crowd.  It was well deserved.


Jayhawk said...

You lasted longer than I did, I watched only three plays. I then switched to watch San Diego State get man handled by Colorado State. Lord, the Aztecs looked more than tired, they looked like they had been dead for about a weeek. Steve Fischer gave up screaming at them and merely buried his head in his hands.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I am not sure that I have ever watched a pro bowl game before but I am sure I won't bother tuning in again for one.