Monday, January 16, 2012

Blabbering On MLK Day 2012

I won't go into what a great man Martin Luther King was (or was not) here. What is the point? There are a few things that I would like to bray about however.........

Did you notice that the state of Oklahoma was not "going to prosecute" the woman who blasted some intruders to her home? This happened a week or so back and I suppose that some in the state thought they were doing her a favor of some sort by not moving forward with some charges. Personally she should be given a medal or perhaps a Lexus for ridding the streets of some some trash. Maybe some sort of environmental honor for cleaning up a bit.  State not pressing charges? Best not.

Rick Perry has stated that the young Marines who were filmed whizzing on some dead Taliban types are "not criminals" and should not be treated as such. I agree.  People who have not been in any type of combat zone likely don't have a clue of the stress that goes along with it. Don't teach a 19 year old to kill and expect anything like normal behavior out of him. He ain't working at the Golden Arches anymore. Of course this Good Hair is nothing more than a panderer and tea leaf reader. If it would help his cause he would call for life in prison for these Marines. People have caught onto Rick by now though. I am not sure why he has just not gone away already.

There really is no other place than New Orleans to hold any major sporting event. A lot of cities' try to host events like the Super Bowl, Final Four,  BCS "Championship" Game, etc. They all fall just short and the experience pales in comparison.

Perhaps one of the most odious people in politics is Dick (where's your turban) Durbin. This one needs to be watched. He would have done well in the USSR. A danger to your freedom this Durbin. He is just one of many who are dangerous of course but he is just such an unlikable sort.......It is hard not to detest him.

College football is far better than the NFL. So is "Arena" football and the CFL for that matter. Now that the Saints and Texans are done, well, so am I. I am sure I will watch the Super Bowl though I must admit. It is somehow un American not to.

Another cruise ship mishap? Imagine that. If one feels the need to take a cruise I say "have fun." Be aware though that if there is an issue on board, one may find that the crew will abandon ship and the paying customers will be left to their own device(s).

Do you think that if Obama's poll numbers continue to slip he will initiate war with Iran? I think so. That is what politicians do. Whether that is good or bad is a question I won't tackle here. If he does decide to commence open hostilities with the Persian I urge him use the resources necessary to end it quickly and with no doubt who the victor is. Don't put "boots on the ground." Americans are sick of half measures and dead service people. Hopefully the Iranian issue will be solved by the citizens of that country. It would be fitting to see some mullahs (or whatever they are called) dancing at the end of a rope.

I guess that is about enough for one sitting.


Jayhawk said...

The thing that wierds me out on that cruise ship is that the gash which sank her is on the port side, but she is heeled over and laying on her starboard side. The gash is visible and above water. WTF?

Bartender Cabbie said...

It turns out that the Captain is a fool and there is not enough watertight integrity on this cruise ships. I am not sure how much good compartementation would have helped a ship with such a gash though. It does look like the gash is above the waterline.