Thursday, January 5, 2012

Really GM? Really?

It appears that there is a move afoot over at General Motors to move some Chevy "Volt" work over to Red China. Now the Volt is useless to the American consumer but it appears  that some in the PRC are interested in the technology. There is speculation that the entire manufacturing process will be moved from this country to the communist dominion. Really GM? Really?

When it comes down to nut cutting GM is, in reality, a public corp. No I don't mean listed, I mean truly public. Taxpayer owned. At least partly so.  Our tax dollars bailed them out of a jam. Have they repaid the federal coffers (with interest) yet? I believe myself to be part owner of General Motors and I doth protest.

Perhaps some of that silly "Occupy" crowd has a point on a few issues. Maybe they should gather in front of GM HQ. Perhaps build a scaffold.......?

I won't be buying GM anyway. Not real good vehicles in my humble opinion. I recently got rid of a "Sonoma" and while I hated to get rid of a pick up truck,  I did not cry too much in my soup. The quality just was not there.

If those execs at GM feel the need to further help the PRC in any way then they could very easily be seen as committing treason. I don't think I am alone in thinking such....

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