Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama Is Probably Not Any Worse Than His Republican Challengers

Good Hair has finally bowed out of the race. All hat no cattle Rick is. Didn't take America long to figure that out. I often wonder why those in the Republic keep this guy hanging around. It can't be for laughs. He is just not that funny. Oh and some non entity named Huntsman has decided to call it quits also.

Lately I have been wondering if Obama is a bad as is popular to believe. He did after all keep after Bin Laden and now the "man" swims with the fishes. It is likely that we will see the rough side of the President when he finally has enough of the Persian (or when his poll numbers drop). I wager that the sharp edge will come through. I still can't seem to give the man any credit however. I do wonder though; who of the Republicans will be any better? As far as I can tell none of them will.

What a sad state of affairs for our country to be in at this moment in history.

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